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Petition to Endeavor Real Estate Group

Keep Domain Central Park Off-Leash and Dog Friendly!

Domain and nearby community dog owners have been bringing their dogs to Domain Central Park for off-leash play for nearly two years. It is visited every single day of the year by responsible dog owners who want their dogs to enjoy off-leash play and socialization with other dogs. The dogs can engage in extended and vigorous physical activity through free running, ball play and chase activities with other dogs and dog owners. For many the park, as advertised by leasing agents and apartments in the Domain, is a place for off-leash play and a big factor for living directly in the community. Recently Endeavor Real Estate Group is trying to re-designate the park's status to an on-leash park, after years of the status quo being off-leash. Taking away this freedom for our pets is affecting and upsetting many who responsibly take their dogs to this park. Many, including elderly, are unable to vigorously exercise their pets on a leash and rely on this space to allow their dogs to get the exercise needed.  The purpose of this petition is to document support for keeping Domain Central Park an off-leash area for our dogs, throughout the day, at least until the said 'dog park' has been completed. By signing this petition you agree: 1. That you would like Domain Central Park to remain an off-leash play area for dogs.2. That you are open to sharing the area with other patrons who enjoy the area.   

Kelsey Coburn
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Petition to Sharon Bulova, Kathy L. Smith

To bring a water source, power source, and mobile bathroom to Rock Hill Dog Park.

Many different dog owners that frequent the Rock Hill Dog Park in Centreville, VA have expressed the utmost need for a water source, a power source, and a bathroom set up while they are there with their dogs. A water source: - Great for refilling dog bowls for hydration, and provides a way to clean said bowls to eliminate water-borne diseases that lie in dormant water. - A dog pool can be brought up and filled for every dog's enjoyment, keeping the dogs clean and cool during the warmer months. - Great for washing dogs and other things that get dirty at the park, eliminating most messes that occur. A power source: - Provides the option to install lighting around the park for when it gets darker. - Provides the option to bring a heater during the cold weather so owners can be more comfortable being outdoors for a few hours. - Provides a way to bring a blower to dry wet dogs off, eliminating sickness from being wet and cold. A bathroom service: - Provides much needed relief to owners who need to use the restroom, eliminating having to pick everything up and leave, just to come right back.  ______ All of these items are very essential to a good experience at Rock Hill and will serve to bring more people to the park. People and dogs alike will be much more satisfied, and can take satisfaction that FCPA is a friend of the dogs, and a friend of the people!   Thank you for your time!

James Finnegan
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