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Dog Park in Spanish Lake

Our mission is to contribute to the health and well-being of people and domestic dogs through advocating for the inclusion, design, construction, maintenance and safe operation of an enclosed off-leash recreation area in Spanish Lake, MO.  We hope to establish a dog park within the confines of Spanish Lake Park.  Pawtastic Treats will organize the maintenance and operational aspect as 100% volunteer status from the community (minus lawn care) and will be modeled after other dog parks locally.   We seek to work with our current volunteers, the City of Spanish Lake, and neighboring residents, and other agreeable strategic alliances, as opportunity and time yield, to fund, maintain, and operate an off-leash recreation space for dog owners and their dogs fully funded by dog park membership fees and supplemental fundraisers when necessary.  There are so many benefits gained by the area and its community members from a dog park and garden. With many multi-family dwellings in Spanish Lake, many people will be searching for places to exercise their dogs. Thus, this amenity is no longer a luxury but is now a necessity. A new audience of park enthusiast would be created through their participation in parks through the dog park and garden. Neighborly connections will be made.  A dog park provides an area for exercise and interaction socially with other dogs.  A dog park provides a good space for good social interaction increasing the number of dogs with good public conduct. A dog park is an attractive amenity for prospective residents of Spanish Lake. Risk Analysis The risk to build, operate and maintain a dog park and garden in Spanish Lake would be minimal: Funds required to build, maintain, or operate the dog park and garden will come from the member base, residents, and other agreeable strategic alliances. Each dog park member will also be required to sign a waiver of liability and agreement to dog park use rules for themselves and their dogs. Gate security will be in place to permit members entry into the dog park.  Community Service We envision a park that builds strong relationships between residents, well-socialized dogs, business and service providers.  Community learning, education, and awareness. Most dog parks contain these basic forms: 1.     A fenced area for small/less active dogs. 2.     A fenced area for large dogs 3.     Double gated entry and keypad entry, This makes for a safe and fun environment for the dogs and resident’s needs.

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