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Petition to Carlsbad City Council, Chris Hazeltine

Save Poinsettia Park

The City of Carlsbad has approved a reckless plan that overbuilds Poinsettia Park.  It adds "Pickleball" Courts, A "Speed Soccer" Arena, an elaborate playground and a Dog run in the middle of the whole park. None of these have been demanded by the nearby residents.  The City has NOT sufficiently gauged the desires of the neighboring residents and is misappropriating the funds.  Residents will be impacted as there is ALREADY a parking shortage that will only get worse with these changes.  Also, the noise will dramatically increase with the new activities(barking, fighting, pickleball racket).   Finally, the proposed dog park  is planned for the center of the park.  This will consume that the last area where you can just relax is the true sense of a "park".  People of all ages cherish this space because every other area is already designated for a specific activity.   We demand the City reconsider the whole plan, including putting the dog park on the periphery so people won't have to walk as far and cross over the park.  Please immediately share your feelings with the council members by contacting them at the information below.  If they don't respond, do it again, and again: Mayor Matt Hall             760-801-8055 Mayor Pro Tem Lorraine Wood* 760-434-2830 Councilman Mark Packard 760-473-7388760-729-2668 Councilman Keith Blackburn* 760-420-0279 Councilman Michael Schumacher 760-930-2050 Carlsbad Planning Department 760-602-4600 Carlsbad Planning Department 760-434-2830 *Running for re-election on the ballot November 8.If you want to help contact

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