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Petition to 김연아, Yuna kim (,

Pyeongchang 2018 - South Korean Gold Medalist Yuna Kim To Join The Fight Against Dog Meat

Yuna Kim (김연아) is the most famous athlete in South Korea's Olympic history and face of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games. Ms. Kim has an outstanding record of compassion and been named a UNICEF International Goodwill Ambassador, Special Olympic Global Ambassador, Winter Youth Olympic Games Ambassador and dog owner as shown in this tour of her home. TIME has also named her one of their Top 100 Influential People. We would like to petition Ms. Kim to take an active stance in the fight against dog meat and animal cruelty in South Korea and help us officially ban dog meat there forever. We acknowledges that Yuna Kim has no part in dog meat consumption but we hope with her help, she can be a voice for animals in Korea and Asia. 김연아씨에게청원합니다: 대한민국금메달리스트김연아씨에게개고기반대운동에동참해주시기를청원합니다. 김연아씨는대한민국올림픽역사상가장주목받은선수이자 2018 평창동계올림픽의대표얼굴입니다. 김연아씨는남다른연민으로유니세프굿윌대사, 스페셜올림픽글로벌대사, 동계청소년올림픽대사로임명된바있으며, 자택이공개되었을때집에서개를기른다는사실이알려졌습니다. 타임지또한김연아씨를세계에서가장영향력있는 100인중 1인으로지정하였습니다. 저희는김연아씨가개고기를거래하거나먹는행위, 그리고남한의동물학대를반대하는운동에동참하여대한민국에서개고기가금지되는그날까지저희와함께해주시기를청원합니다. 저희 #bandogmeat 에서는김연아씨가개고기소비에전혀관련되지않았다는것을알고있습니다. 하지만김연아씨가이심각한문제에대해한국뿐아니라아시아의목소리가되어주셨으면하는바람입니다. 개고기를금지하는법이통과되기전에현재개양식장에서구조된수천마리의개와강아지들이지낼가정이필요합니다. 이동물들이안전하고따뜻한집을찾을수있게도와주세요.   J'ai demandé à la médaillée d'or Sud Coréenne, Yuna Kim, de se joindre au Combat contre la consommation de viande de chien. Yuna Kim est l'athlète la plus célèbre de l'histoire olympique de la Corée du Sud et elle prendra part au Jeux d'hivers de Pyeongchang en 2018. Mme Kim a une réputation remarquable de compassion et a été nommé Ambassadrice International de Bonne Volonté par l'UNICEF, ambassadrice mondiale des Jeux Olympiques Spéciaux et ambassadrice des Jeux Olympiques de la Jeunesse et elle est aussi propriétaire d'un chien comme on pu le constater lors de la visite de sa demeure. Le magasine TIME l'a également inscrite dans son Top 100 des personnes les plus influentes.  Nous aimerions demander Mme Kim de prendre une position active dans la lutte contre la consommation de viande de chien et de la cruauté envers les animaux en Corée du Sud, et de nous aider à faire interdire officiellement la consommation de viande de chien. #bandogmeat reconnaît que Yuna Kim n'est pas une consommatrice de viande de chien et nous espérons que, grâce à son aide, elle peut être une voix pour les animaux de la Corée et de l'Asie.   Contact: atcostaff [at]

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Petition to Donald Trump

President Trump: Please Tie Any Agreement with China to Ending Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Between 1,000 to 15,000 dogs are tortured and killed during the annual Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, Guangxi China. The region also is a dog meat livestock producer contributing to the 10 to 20 million dogs killed for meat in China each year.   The consumption of dog meat is said to have a cooling effect on the body (it doesn't) during the hot summer solstice. Many falsely believe that the more pain that is felt by the dog, the better the effects of the meat. Others contend that the pain inflicted is the result of convenience in slaughtering.  Dogs are killed by means of bludgeoning, bleeding out, stabbing, blowtorching, hanging, boiling alive, among other methods, and often in front of other dogs or puppies.  An estimated 97,000 tons of dog meat sold per year generates 30 billion yuan ($448 million U.S. dollars) annually through this practice. The World Health Organization has linked this to the spread of cholera and rabies. And more and more politicians in the U.S. are condemning it. See H.Res.752 — 114th Congress (2015-2016). But, yet, the ten day festival is still on for this June of 2017.  ​International Agreements with China:  We call for signatories to a petition to ask United States President Donald Trump to tie any international agreements with China to ending this barbarism. This petition was initiated by Attorney Michelle Hubbard of Boston.

Michelle Hubbard, Esq.
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Petition to Humane Society International, Last chance for animals, Gurdians of Animal Protection, Duo Duo Project, Animal Equality


Every year at the summer solstice, thousands and thousands of dogs becomes food to Yulin, Guangxi locals. These locals claim that these dogs are killed humanely as they said "eating dog is no different from eating pork or beef"  However, campaigners beg to differ, they strongly claimed that the dogs are killed brutally and abominably. Some are being boiled, skinned and burned alive without mercy. Not only they kill dogs and eat them as dinner or lunch, they also steal other people's pet dog even if it's inside their owner's compound so that they could satisfy their pleasure in killing and having the guts to eat these dogs without conscience. This fact is supported by various pictures on the internet of dogs with collars in their necks clearly showing ownership. Just imagine if your pet is taken away from you, a pet you treasure like your own and these horrid, torturous ways of butchery is done to them? Would you just sit still and watch it happen? Won't you step forward and stop this inhumane tradition? DOGS ARE PETS NOT FOOD!! These practices are not only harmful and painful to dogs, but also humans, dog meat is not meant to be eaten because of various diseases, viruses and worms. They might be immune to these, but how would you feel if not only you, but your kids or nephew or niece or maybe your siblings or simply your whole family caught such diseases? By signing this petition you won't only stop Yulin Festival but also save countless dogs that are in danger as well as families and children that are at risk. HELP US ERADICATE YULIN FESTIVAL AND SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOGS!    

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