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Petition to animal activists association of tripatiur, streetdogshelter , petloversassocoiationoftn

Stop Inhuman treatment of dogs! What's happening inside the patiswar shelter !

A week ago we received a complaint from a local activist that there is animal shelter near his native (patiswar) where dogs are being abused and mistreated,so we had sent a team of two of our members to visit and collect information about that shelter in a friendly manner ,but they where shocked to see the happenings there. Yes,what they saw there is completely inhumane,the shelter contained more than 200 dogs,most of them looks starving and ill ,there are only 2 workers there to take care of 200 dogs and no volunteers or vets.also it's really sad to see that the dogs where being locked inside cages which are made for hatchers and locked 5 dogs per cage,and so much of suffering.As per the municipality records that shelter was run by Ragu who was a certified architect with a life full of love for dogs,after getting ragu's contact details from the minicip we hurried to him but soon a sad news ,yes Ragu was no more and died a year ago,and now we got the point as ragu is no more his family have to take care of the shelter,his passion,his love. so they appointed to staff to look after that shelter and without proper governance and the love of Ragu these little 200 voiceless suffered a lot  After,some discussion with our team and Guru, we had decided to take over the shelter under SDS care ,so we had directly approached Ragu's family to talk about this but they refused to do so saying that it was ragu's love and passion to take care of dog's and shelter so they don't have any idea  to leave it and they will continue to run the shelter ,we explained that this is inhuman and illegal but they refused,so finally we had decided to go in legal way and filed a complaint with the municip about the condition of the shelter and inhumane activity of the shelter,so please sign and share this petition with your friends and family to get the news out and save the 200 dogs from ill treatment 

Vanesa gowdekar
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Petition to H.E. Mr. Koro Bessho

United Nations Declare a World Dog Day

Even before I come to the main text, I urge people to sign and share this petition because if it succeeds, it will go a long way in ending cruelty to dogs. This petition impacts not just one dog but all the dogs of the world so please see the BIG picture. Despite protests all over the world, dogs are still killed in barbaric ways and their meat is eaten in many parts of the world such as Yulin in China, Korea, etc. Unless a petition like this succeeds, cruelty to dogs will continue. A dog is truly man's best friend. Unconditional love is just one of the gifts dogs give us and teach us. The relationship between humans and dogs goes back to almost 32000 years. Dogs have helped humans not only as pets but also as guide dogs for the handicapped, police dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, war dogs and much more. It is high time a truly global day (declared by the United Nations) is declared for them and hence I request as many people as possible to sign this petition and urge H.E Mr. Koro Bessho (the permanent ambassador of Japan to the UN) to place a proposal before the United Nations to declare Nov 10 (Hachiko's birthday) as the World Dog Day. Hachiko was one of the most loyal dogs to have lived and his story has been shown in films, the most recent one being 'Hachiko - A Dog's Tale' starring Richard Gere. Hachiko waited for his dead master at the railway station for almost ten years after the latter's death. Hachiko was a legendary dog and lived in Japan and hence it is only fit to have a Japanese representative place a proposal before the UN. The UN World Dog Day will not only create greater awareness and understanding about dogs and their rights but also reduce cruelty towards them such as in the Yulin Dog Meat festival and elsewhere. The success of this petition will force countries to strengthen dog protection laws (in fact animal protection laws in general) so it is important for all animal lovers (not just dog lovers) to sign this petition. The World Dog Day declared by the UN will be at par with other important days such as the Labor Day, Women's Day, etc. Dogs (in fact all animals) will get greater respectability not just from dog lovers but also from those who do not like dogs or are indifferent to them. This will be the first time that the United Nations will have dedicated a day for a particular animal. No animal lover can deny that of all animals, dogs truly deserve this honor.  I urge as many people as possible from different countries to sign this petition. PS - Some countries such as the US do have their National Dog Days, however those 'days' are not truly global but are country specific only. The fact is, unless a day has been declared by the United Nations (such Labor/Women's,etc.) it is not truly global, hence, signing this petition is important. The photo in the petition is of the statue of Hachiko in front of the train station of Shibuya, Tokyo, where he waited for ten years for his master. People can be seen paying homage to this wonderful and loyal dog.   Manish  

Manish Jaitly
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Petition to priyasakini hospitals, reshmi healthcare, sayeera scans

Save raju who fall down from crane while rescuing a stray dog from a abounded well

        Raju was 32 years old male from bengaluru who was working in a food court and volunteering in SDS (Street dog shelter) as a part-time service ,he was married and has 2 beautiful girl children, raju led a happy  and peacefull life with his family untill that day came, last month (16-01-2019) we had received a call from a rural shelter that they need our help in rescuing a dog who was found drowning inside a well, so in order to help them a team fro SDS along with raju reported to the location they given ,the dog there was fighting for his life by holding a root inside the well and seems to be tired of fighting ,and our team tried some simple and possible ways to rescue the dog but nothing helped ,we had put a rope inside the well so that the dog can hold it and we can take him up, bu as he was so tired he can't hold the rope and even can't hold the root which is saving his life so we had arranged a crane fro the nearby region and decided to get into the well , as raju had trekking experience before he came front to go in ,with some hicking equipment we had managed to create a nest (to hold the dog ) and now raju was set down into the well with the help of a rope and crane soon raju reached the bottom of the well and reached the dog and successfully taken him in the temporary nest we had created everything was fine and we are happy to see raju coming out from the well with that baby but we don't know what happened to him and he started to shake or something like swing in the rope attached with the crane when we signaled the crane operator he stopped the crane and went to look for the problem and he said that there is problem with the safety hook and so the rope is unstable soon he started to swing rapidly and went down faster as he have trekking experience he managed to stop motion by placing his legs on the rock around the well but its for a short time suddenly the hook broke into two and they were thrown again into the well but wise raju managed a tight grip on the dog he trying to rescue after several crashes against the well they landed in a thick rock in the near bottom of the well  everything happened in a fraction of second we had given signals and tried to communicate with raju but he cant move muscle  another crane was arranged ,and with the help of some locals we had managed to take them both out ,first of all we had assumed that raju will have some little scratches and he will be fine but we are shocked to see him unconscious when we took him out from the well at the same time Raju the hero save the stray without any single scratch  immediately the emergency was  called and he was taken to the nearby hospital (it's 10:30 pm there is only Duty doctors in that hospital) they took our case as emergency and went for first aid and tried hard to diagnose what happened  to him he was alive, breathing, swelling but still unconscious the doctors had decided to go for an MRI (now it was 1:am) we had waited outside the emergency ward for the doctors to come out now the Duty doctor came and said that during the fall (when he was crashing against the wall and rash landing against the rock ) he met with several fractures, some of them are severe and having 2 major fractures on his spine and that's why he was unconscious  and then the doctors had advised us to go for a nearby multi specialty hospital so that he had to be put in life support (condition will get worse by time) without any delay we had taken him to a multi specialty hospital 30 m away immediately they had admitted him and put him on ventilator (as per the letter from ye previous hospital) (now 5am  morning) when the chief doctor came we had discussed about his situation what he said is shocking he said that raju was temporally paralyzed and having several blood clots in head but what he said next is relaxing ,yes he said that nothing to worry it's curable ,so we agreed with him and admitted him there ,he said that first of all they have to clear all the blood clots to make him conscious and till that he have to be life support it's one month gone they are trying to dissolve the clots by using iv fluids we had spent upto 2 lakhs in his treatment but till now we are away a mile from his recovery as he was a ordinary worker working for his daily wages his family can't spend for his surgery so we had managed to spend for his medical expenses yesterday when the chief doctor call me to discuss about his condition he said that Raju was improving in health and soon he will be back to conscious  and he will be ready for his surgery, yes Raju will have a major spine surgery as soon as he will be back into consciousness and told that it may cost up-to 6.5 lakhs or  $7000 and advised us to prepare for that otherwise he will remain paralyzed  we where confused when he said like this because we are a small organisation run by group of students and volunteers hence its a big amount for us to give in a single payment at the same time we have to take care of our shelter also there are 450 dogs to take care of so we are placing this request before all the animal lovers around the world to help us  save raju and make him walk again so please sign, amd share to spread raju's story and his needs all over the world and Donate if you can even a single Penny helps Donation url (SDS) _     

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