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Petition to elaine whittaker

Let milo come home!

Milo is a 3 and a half year old staffy x shar pei he is my best friend we have been through so much together. 2 months ago milo bit our builder on the arm and yes he bite was pretty bad, however the builder was off work for 4 weeks and we paid him the money for the time he would be off. The police came round a week after to see what had happened at this time milo went to stay with my grandad as we still had builders around our house and we didn't want this to happen again, milo has never done anything like this he was nervous and scared because the builder was talking and waking his hands around he then got up out of his seat a bit quickly and shook my boyfriends hand at the point milo had come out from my boyfriends legs and latched on to his arm. Anyway the police came round and was happy the dog had been taken away while people were still on site he said he was been in touch. Today 8 weeks later 4 police cars turn up at our house with no warning and no time to say goodbye to milo he was put in a police car and taken off. They told us that because of the law change even tho it had happened in his own home they now have the right to take us to court and take milo. We are petitioning for our milo because he's not just a dog he's part of our family and has been for the last 3 and a  half years. He make one mistake because he was nervous and its unfair for him to just be taken anyway with us waiting for someone to make a decision on whether his life is "destroyed" or not.His favourite thing is running around in the garden with his ball. If your sat inside he will bring it in and drop it right next to you so you would have to throw it for him he does this nearly all day everyday. He would be grateful for anyone who signs this and anyone who has a dog especially a staffy would hopefully understand. Thank you 

Elaine Whittaker
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Petition to Theresa May MP

Give dogs more rights to more then just food water and shelter

Many people who have a pet look at them as part of the family not a possession in the eyes of the law dogs are possessions but have hardly any rights. So think now about your pet how do you feel about knowing as long as they have food water and shelter nothing else matters in the eyes of the law would you say that's fair?  Recently a dog was found by myself as required by law I reported I found it to the police and council and tried to find owners. But due to the fact on how shy and nervous she wouldn't of lasted in kennels so everyone said she could stay at mine.  On tuesday a owner had come forward but it was his mother who admitted he was in and out of a mental institution and at times he wouldn't look after her properly and she was 74 and struggled to do. She also said how she had got out before and when they where told to get her chipped by the dog warden but they ignored it and didn't.  When she was found she was on a busy road and would of easily got hit by a car. when the relevant people where informed about the situation know one actually cared about the dog getting out multiple times me and a friend who was helping try sort this out where past pillow to post and we hit brick walls every where we went. know one cared as long as a dog has food water and shelter and they haven't whitnessed any violence towards the dog they won't get involved  they didn't even what to get owners to pay the fine for not being chipped and tagged. so what I want to do is get tougher rules in place to help protect dogs as much as possible  rules being: if a dog is found straying the warden who returns the dog has to see the garden and be shown that they have done everything they could for dog not to get out. If a dog is found straying the dog has to be returned to the owner not a family member and if person is in hospital (due to ill health not mental health)  if owner of animal is under the mental health team dog warden has to work with the social worker to ensure they are well enough to look after a dog. one phone number know to the public that they can call directly not going through the concil as they don't communicate properly. any dog owner has to provide exercise as well as food water and shelter. stricker rules with breeding and neutering.  As I said above we look at our pets as part of your family. Would you stand by and let a 3 year old who gets out of the house multiple times who nearly gets hit by a car go back to there mum and dad who gets away with it as food water and shelter is supplied?  No of course not but we allow that to happen to dogs.... Please sign this to change how people view dogs rights and put more in place to protect them as they are just as defenceless as a toddler

Georgia Simpson
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