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Petition to President Jae-In Moon, Mayor Park Won Soon 서울특별시 박원순 시장, Kang Dae-Ho, Kang Dong-Gil, Kyung Man-Sun, Ko Byeong-Guk, Kwon Su-Jeong, Kwong Soon-Sun, Kwon Young-Hee, Kim Kyung, Kim Kyung-Young, Kim Kyung-Woo, Kim Kwang-Soo, Kim Ki-Dae, Kim Ki-Deok, Kim Dal-Ho, Kim Dong-Sik, Kim Sang-Jin, Kim Sang-Hoon, Kim Sang-Hwan, Kim So-Yang, Kim So-Young, Kim Su-Kyu, Kim Yong-Seok, Kim Yong-Yeon, Kim In-Jae, Kim In-Ho, Kim Jae-Hyung, Kim Jeong-Tae, Kim Jeong-Hwan, Kim Jae-Ree, Kim Jong-Moo, Kim Jin-Soo, Kim Chang-Won, Kim Choon-Ryae, Kim Tae-Soo, Kim Tae-Ho, Kim Pyeong-Nam, Kim Hae-Ryeon, Kim Ho-Jin, Kim Ho-Pyeong, Kim Hwa-Sook, Kim Hee-Gyeol, Noh Seung-Jae, Noh Sik-Ryae, Moon Byeong-Hoon, Moon Young-Min, Moon Jang-Gil, Park Gi-Yeol, Park Gi-Jae, Park Sang-Gu, Park Soon-Kyu, Bong Yang-Soon, Seo Yoon-Ki, Sung Jung-Ki, Sung Heum-Jae, Song Do-Ho, Song Myung-Hwa, Song Ah-Ryang, Song Jae-Hyeok, Song Jeong-Bin, Shin Won-Cheol, Shin Jeong-Ho, Ahn Kwang-Seok, Yang Min-Kyu, Yeo Myung, Oh Joong-Seok, Oh Han-Ah, Oh Hyung-Jeong, Woo Hyung-Chan, Yoo Yong, Yoo Jeong-Hee, Lee Kyung-Sun, Lee Kwang-Sung, Lee Kwang-ho, Lee Dong-Hyun, Lee Byung-Do, Lee Sang-Hoon, Lee Seok-Ju, Lee Seong-Bae, Lee Sae-Yeol, Lee Seung-Mi, Lee Young-Sil, Lee Eun-Ju, Lee Jeong-in, Lee Jun-Hyung, Lee Tae-Sung, Lee Hyun-Chan, Lee Ho-Dae, Im Man-Kyun, Im Jong-Guk, Jang Sang-Ki, Jang In-Hong, Jun Byung-Ju, Jun Seok-Ki, Jeong Jae-Woong, Jeong Ji-Kwon, Jeong Jin-Sool, Jeong Jin-Cheol, Cho Sang-ho, Chae Yu-Mi, Chae In-muk, Choi Gi-chan, Choi Sun, Choi Young-Ju, Choi Woong-Sik, Choi Jeong-Soon, Chu Seung-Woo, Han Gi-Young, Hong Seong-Ryong, Hwang Kyu-Bok, Hwang In-Gu

Seoul, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.

Seoul, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.  Click here for more actions you can take: In Seoul there are countless dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants where the dogs, who are tortured their entire lives, end up being slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, hanging or beating; and then thrown into boiling water – sometimes while they are still alive. In many places, dogs are being killed in full view of other terrified, caged dogs; and this takes place in public and in broad daylight. In addition, many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this industry, and are subjected to the same cruelty. There are plentiful evidences that the illegal dog meat industry exists in Seoul. Shown below are two search results on Naver (the most popular search engine in Korea) – the first one was for so-called “Health Food Shops” which commonly sell dog elixirs and cat elixirs (also known as dog soju and cat soju); and the second one was for “dog meat restaurants”. The searches resulted in: 933 Health Food Shops; and 578 restaurants in and around Seoul. Even if half of these ‘Health’ Food Shops and restaurants serve dog and cat ‘ingredients’ in one form or another, just imagine how many dog/cat slaughterhouses must be present in and around Seoul in order to supply all of these outlets. South Korea is the home to global companies, such as Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, LG, Daewoo, SK and POSCO, which is why it is so shocking that an estimated 2.5 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered every year within South Korea, because of the greed of dog eaters and the dog meat industry; while the majority of those Koreans, who don’t actually participate in this offensive trade, show a profound indifference by doing nothing at all to stop it. We know how loyal and faithful our dogs across the world are; and we all ask a lot of them - they serve us in innumerable ways: farm work, war work, police and guard duties, search and rescue, help for the disabled, guiding and guardianship, and, of course, as our loving and trusting companions. Dogs were first domesticated many thousands of years ago, and so much do they want to be part of our ‘human’ family that they have learned to understand our gestures and our language - the language of another species, which shows remarkable willingness and intelligence. Please watch this undercover video by animal rights activists in South Korea: There are laws in South Korea against selling dogs and cats for human consumption yet these laws are routinely and blatantly ignored. Dear Mayor Park Won-Soon and the members of the Seoul Metropolitan Council, We ask you to take immediate action to crack down on the illegal dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants that serve dog meat in your city. We request that an official document be issued, mandating that the following existing Korean laws be enforced by its government officials, police and judges: Unauthorized processing of food waste fed to dogs in the meat trade is a violation of the Wastes Control Act, Article 15-2, Article 25, Section 3.  Suppliers of food waste and transporters of food waste to dog meat farms are violating this regulation. Food waste fed to dogs in the dog meat trade is a violation of the Control of Livestock and Fish Feed Act, Article 14, Section 1 & 2.  Unauthorized collection of food waste and the act of feeding it to dogs in the meat trade is in violation of this regulation. Excrement and resulting environmental damage produced as a by-product of the illegal dog meat farm is a violation of the Act on the Management and Use of Livestock Excreta Article 11.  The excrement produced at dog meat farms causes environmental damage to the immediate and surrounding area. The act of the slaughtering of dogs for human consumption is a violation of the Animal Protection Act Article 8, Section 1, Clause 4. The act of the slaughtering of a dog, without justifiable ground – such as out of necessity for veterinary treatment, or in circumstances of immediate threat, harm or damage to human life or property, is a violation. The slaughter of dogs by electrocution is a violation of the Animal Protection Act, Article 8, Section 1, Clause 1.  Inflicting injury or death to any animal by the following means: battery by tools, exposure to drugs, exposure to extreme heat or fire, electrocution and drowning is subject to legal punishment. Therefore, the routine slaughter of dogs by butchers and farmers by these methods is in violation of the Act. Further, electrocution as a method of slaughter is internationally recognized as an inherently cruel method of slaughter and banned globally. The slaughter of dogs from an unauthorized slaughterhouse is a violation of Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, Article 7 Section 1.  The Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, states that dogs are officially recognized and classified as “animals” that are “prohibited from being slaughtered and distributed as food for human consumption”. Therefore, those vendors operating dog slaughterhouses are operating outside of the parameters of the law and in violation of the law. The slaughter of dogs for his/her own consumption is a violation of the Animal Protection Act, Article 10.  The intent of the Act is to ensure that no animal is slaughtered in a cruel or revolting manner, and shall be free from unnecessary pain, fear, or stress during the process of slaughter. Therefore, the only humane way of slaughtering dogs would be by euthanasia (lethal injection). All currently practiced methods of slaughter by butchers, farmers and traders excludes euthanasia as a method of slaughter, therefore they are all in breach of this Act.  This is also a violation of the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act Article 7 Section 1 Clause 2.  According to the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, the slaughter of animals for his/her own consumption is allowed only for the livestock animals that are publically announced as classification of livestock in the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act and dogs are not classified here. The display and sale of dog carcasses in traditional outdoor markets is a violation of the Food Sanitation Act, Article 4, 5.  Violation of laws banning the sale of harmful food due to the contamination from unsanitary and illegal slaughter of the animal and display of the dog carcass. For example, dog carcasses are routinely contaminated by microorganisms that cause human diseases and food poisoning; this can lead to serious and life threatening health complications.  There are also strict laws that ban the sale of meat from sick animals, due to the fact that there is no quality control or formal monitoring of slaughter practices in the dog meat trade it is very likely that violation of these laws is happening routinely. Dog meat restaurants’ sale of dog meat soup made with dog carcasses from an unknown source is a violation of Food Sanitation Act Article 44 Section 1 Clause 1. Uninspected livestock products must not be transported, stored, displayed, sold or used for manufacturing or processing of food for human consumption. Please refer to the legal information regarding the dog meat consumption in South Korea published by KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates): The United States House of Representatives has formally passed H.Res. 401, " Calls for an end to the dog and cat meat industry and urges all nations to outlaw the dog and cat meat trade." ( International coverage of the brutal dog and cat meat trade in South Korea has stained your city’s image.  The time to end this tragedy is now.  The favor of your reply is requested.

Isabel S. Han
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Petition to Minister of Justice Park Sang-Ki

Enforce your laws to protect all of Korea’s companion animals from horrendous meat-trades.

Minister of Justice Mr. Park Sang-Ki: please enforce your laws to protect all of Korea’s companion animals from the horrendous meat-trades and cruelty. Dear Minister Park Sang-Ki, We would like to ask you as justice administrators and enforcers of South Korean law, to actively respond to the brutal dog and cat meat trade.  This barbaric trade breeds, tortures and slaughters dogs and cats daily in South Korea by the hundreds of thousands despite the fact that there are currently laws in Korea that makes these cruel trades illegal. You stated that you will “strive to root out crimes targeting the vulnerable and make sure that all individuals, especially the disadvantaged and the vulnerable people within our society feel that they are receiving concrete support from their government.”  How about including the vulnerable dogs and cats of your nation, who are completely voiceless to these crimes committed against them on a daily basis? We implore you to study this currently horrendous situation for dogs and cats, and develop proactive policies to ensure that this gruesome and illegal trade is stopped, and never allowed to operate on any legal grounds whatsoever in South Korea. They need your voice, your administrative legal powers, and your ethos of justice.  These animals cannot speak about the cruelty, deprivation, torture and trauma that is inflicted upon them by the dog and cat meat traders and all their respective suppliers in South Korea. Please speak for them also!  Thank you.

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Petition to YuLin Government, Ambassador Cui Tiankai

Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival!

Dear Ambassador Cui Tiankai, China's rich cultural and traditional history spans thousands of years and now China is fast becoming a recognized and dominating super economic power, with its citizens enjoying a high standard of living as the result of economic and social progress.  However, with great success comes great responsibility, and as a global citizen, I am truly shocked and appalled to learn about the cruelty and suffering currently being inflicted upon the helpless companion animals, namely dogs and cats, of Yulin, killed during the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival. This medieval way of treating animals sits at complete odds with how China has progressed as a society in recent years.  This is not about cultural differences this is about the most basic of ethics and about treating animals with compassion. It's plain to see that the practices carried out at Yulin represent a new low for China. Those animals we choose to be our working companions, our eyes when we are blind, our guardians of the family home, to share our food and to be our best friends for hundreds of years are suffering and are being slaughtered in the most monstrous of ways. There are many videos on YouTube to evidence this, although they are not easy to watch. Despite how you feel about eating any animal, no living, sentient being should be abused or tortured for any reason, and no right-minded person can rationally argue otherwise.  Dogs and cats suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of farmers, traders and butchers - beaten, torched with fire, boiled alive, etc.  Not all these animals are "farmed" - many are beloved, stolen pets.  The medieval treatment of companion animals in Yulin provides a cruel contrast to the slick, sophisticated, modern image that China tries so hard to portray to the outside world.  Until Yulin and the Chinese government officials begin to legitimately and aggressively police, enact and enforce the companion animal protection laws as a first step in ending this shameful industry, I will be protesting for the tens of thousands of suffering, neglected and abused companion animals living lives of utter misery and pain unto death throughout Yulin and other cities that supply these animals to Yulin. ---------------------------------- To learn more and take action, please visit: English: Ambassador Cui TiankaiEmbassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States of America3505 International Place, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20008 U.S.A.Tel: +1-202-495-2266Fax: +1-202-495-2138E-mail: Consulate General Luo LinquanConsulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco1450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94115Tel: 415-852-5924 City of Yulin: Italian:  FERMIAMO LO YULIN DOG MEAT FESTIVAL  Spettabile Governo Cinese, La Cina, con la sua ricca storia di cultura e tradizioni millenarie, è ormai anche un paese dichiaratamente annoverato tra le superpotenze economiche mondiali, con una popolazione ad un alto tenore di vita frutto di un raggiunto benessere sociale ed economico.  Tuttavia, con il grande successo arrivano anche le grandi responsabilità e in quanto cittadino del mondo, sono scioccato e disgustato dalla crudeltà e delle sofferenze inflitte su inermi animali da compagnia, i cani e gatti di Yulin, uccisi durante l’annuale Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Questo barbaro modo di trattare gli animali si scontra fortemente con il progresso sociale raggiunto dalla Cina in questi ultimi anni. Le differenze culturali non c’entrano, c’entra la necessità di trovare modi eticamente corretti e compassionevoli di interagire col mondo animale. E’ sotto gli occhi di tutti che le inumane torture perpetrate a Yulin rappresentano una vera e propria macchia indelebile nella storia recente della Cina. Gli stessi animali che abbiamo scelto come compagni di lavoro, come nostri occhi quando non siamo in grado di vedere, come guardiani delle nostre case e delle nostre famiglie, con cui condividiamo il nostro cibo e che sono i nostri migliori amici da centinaia di anni vengono massacrati nei modi più mostruosi. Esistono molti video su Youtube, a testimonianza di ciò, che non sono facili da guardare. E indipendentemente da come la si pensi in merito al consumo di qualsiasi animale, nessun essere vivente senziente dovrebbe essere in alcun modo costretto a sottostare ad abusi e torture e nessuna persona dotata di logica e raziocinio potrà mai dire il contrario. Cani e gatti patiscono sofferenze indicibili per mano di contadini, mercanti e macellai venendo bastonati, bruciati e bolliti ancora vivi. E non tutti questi animali vengono “allevati” a questo scopo, molti sono animali domestici rubati alle loro disperate famiglie.  Il trattamento barbaro degli animali da compagnia di Yulin si pone in netta contrapposizione con l’immagine elegante, sofisticata e moderna che la Cina cerca da tempo di mostrare al resto del mondo.  Finché Yulin e i rappresentanti del governo cinese non cominceranno a combattere questa pratica con forza e decisione implementando una legge per la protezione degli animali da compagnia come primo passo per porre termine a questa pratica vergognosa, io protesterò per le decine di migliaia di animali da compagnia negletti, abusati e torturati, costretti ad una vita miserrima e pene indicibili e letali in tutta Yulin e in tutte le altre città che forniscono animali a Yulin. Distinti saluti,

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Petition to President Moon Jae-In, Mayor Park Won Soon

Boycott South Korea! Dogs are part of family. Not Food!

For more actions you can take please visit: Please watch this video: To the South Korean Government : I am extremely upset about the torture and consumption of companion animals in South Korea. Even though Korea has established an Animal Protection Law for companion animals, dogs are still beaten, hung, electrocuted, and treated brutally by farmers and slaughters. Also, dogs and cats are still being beaten and boiled alive for so-called elixirs, which do not have medical properties except in the minds of ignorant and gullible customers. These practices have no place in the modern world. Other Asian countries have banned the eating of dog meat and the cruel industry that goes with it, such as Taiwan and the Philippines. Why does Korea persist in lagging behind these countries and other civilized societies? It’s the responsibility of the Korean government to once and for all end the cruel dog meat and cat medicine industries in Korea. It is time to dismiss the childish myths and propaganda surrounding these industries and their vile products. It is time to leave behind backward and unnecessary traditions. And it is time for Korea to start taking animal welfare seriously and showing that it really does have a compassionate and ethical society. That means it is time for the Korean government to start better educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering, about not abandoning pets, and about treating animals in a proper manner. Until these things are done, Korea’s reputation in the international community will continue to suffer. Its citizens will continue to face shame and embarrassment. And Korea will continue to be regarded as “third world,” despite its modernization and attempts at globalized thinking. From now on, I will boycott Korean products, and I will not support Korean companies or visit Korea until the abuse of cats and dogs has finally ended. Signed, Caring citizens of the world Activists
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