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Petition to animal activists association of tripatiur, streetdogshelter , petloversassocoiationoftn

Stop Inhuman treatment of dogs! What's happening inside the patiswar shelter !

A week ago we received a complaint from a local activist that there is animal shelter near his native (patiswar) where dogs are being abused and mistreated,so we had sent a team of two of our members to visit and collect information about that shelter in a friendly manner ,but they where shocked to see the happenings there. Yes,what they saw there is completely inhumane,the shelter contained more than 200 dogs,most of them looks starving and ill ,there are only 2 workers there to take care of 200 dogs and no volunteers or vets.also it's really sad to see that the dogs where being locked inside cages which are made for hatchers and locked 5 dogs per cage,and so much of suffering.As per the municipality records that shelter was run by Ragu who was a certified architect with a life full of love for dogs,after getting ragu's contact details from the minicip we hurried to him but soon a sad news ,yes Ragu was no more and died a year ago,and now we got the point as ragu is no more his family have to take care of the shelter,his passion,his love. so they appointed to staff to look after that shelter and without proper governance and the love of Ragu these little 200 voiceless suffered a lot  After,some discussion with our team and Guru, we had decided to take over the shelter under SDS care ,so we had directly approached Ragu's family to talk about this but they refused to do so saying that it was ragu's love and passion to take care of dog's and shelter so they don't have any idea  to leave it and they will continue to run the shelter ,we explained that this is inhuman and illegal but they refused,so finally we had decided to go in legal way and filed a complaint with the municip about the condition of the shelter and inhumane activity of the shelter,so please sign and share this petition with your friends and family to get the news out and save the 200 dogs from ill treatment 

Vanesa gowdekar
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Petition to Narendra Modi, PM of India, Chief Justice of India, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Devendra Fadnavis, DGP (MS), Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Theresa May MP, Mark Zuckerberg, chairman NHRC


We are narrating a horrible and inhuman attitude of Mr. Chetan Ramanand Sharma of Benevolent AW, self-styled Animal Activist in forcibly and illegally taking custody of Dr. Virinder Pal Singh Bedi's 9 dogs, shifted from farmhouse at Murbad to residence at Kalyan due to epidemic of deadly tick disease. Without prior notice or warning he raided his house along with local police, with media already sitting at the Khadakpada Police station. He mercilessly loaded all 9 dogs( 3 were frail and bony due to tick disease,old age and veg food other 6 were healthy) in a small, narrowed & congested tempo & mercilessly hanged them on the wall of the police station in a barbarous manner for long 6 hrs with their necks noosed that could have caused death by choking , he took the photographs, shot the video and flashed on social,electronic and print media to get media hipe and to mint money from public, terming that dogs were kept starved without food & water for 1 month forcing them to eat their own poop to survive. IS IT PLAUSIBLE ?? If he is an Animal Welfare Activist, Y doesn't he adopt stray dogs of India instead of torturing Soft Target Doctor and tarnishing his public image, who happens to be a General Surgeon and respected person, to extort money which he demanded but Dr. Bedi denied.In his criminal conspiracy certain other animal activists also joined his malicious campaign to malign,defame, humiliate the owner Dr. by continuous attempts of CHARACTER ASSASINATION including Mumbai Mirror junior reporter Vinay Dalvi who went on to the extent of flashing his photograph as if he was a wanted or hardened criminal, forcing the victim to live a Fugitive life and his scared sons to abstain from attending school for fear of kidnapping.The Wicked CHETAN SHARMA fired his last shot to lodge fake FIR u/s 429 IPC applicable only in the case of killing an animal by influencing the police & media misusing the name of Mrs Maneka Gandhi, Honourable Union Minister of India for Woman & Child Welfare.He himself inflicted injuries on the innocent dogs especially on the tail of St. Bernard to falsely implicate Dr. Bedi in the case of maiming u/s 429 IPC with the nexus of an Animal Shelter & unauthorized private vet doctor.And now his negligence/ill-treatment has taken a toll on the life of Melli(Dogo Argentino female).CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is humbly requested to delete the vulgar & derogatory Facebook posts being used to poison,provoke & instigate the Facebook users. Now the matter is in the court of public domain to introspect and deliver their verdict impartially, without fear & favour.  #SAVE THE INNOCENT DOCTOR & HIS DOGS                     #JUSTICE FOR MELLI

D. R. Singh
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Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Maneka Gandhi

Stop RWAs from banning dogs in public spaces

URGING ALL DOG PARENTS TO STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS! Dog parents cannot be disallowed by RWA from taking their dogs to a society parkLaw abiding, peaceful members of the society, those who contribute to maintenance of the society to the RWA, are being harassed daily only because of being PET PARENTS. While the Government of India's "Animal Welfare Board Of India" states in all of it's circulars that the RWA cannot ban the entry of dogs in public spaces (parks/lifts), I, Nayani Tandon, and my family, a resident of Janakpuri, New Delhi are being treated as outcasts daily, and our dogs are being banned from our neighbourhood park. Today without any notice circulation, a biased decision was taken and all parks were LOCKED and a notice board was put outside saying "Parks will remain open from 10 AM to 8 PM ; please do not bring your dogs inside the park". I want to contest this decision publicly. How is the RWA taking decisions in their own hand, and how are they banning dogs inside parks, when the government has CLEAR RULES that the RWA CANNOT DO SO?  We live on the first floor and we take our dogs on a leash to a gated 200 sq ft park which is just 25 m from our house gate. We pick up their faeces. We pick timings to take the dogs for a walk when none of the residents are around, that is 7 AM and 10 PM. We are following all rules, must we be treated this way? Do our pets, our members of the family, not have access to public spaces as much as we do? Almost every dog parent faces the same level of harassment, but its now time to stand up against this injustice and discrimination. I would like to please get a petition signed by all dog parents and dog lovers, and stand up for our rights. Please help us find a voice. If you're a dog parent who's faced similar injustice, PLEASE COMMENT below.

Nayani Tandon
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Petition to Street Dog shelter

Even a single $ with lot of prayers can help Mandy recover from his nightmare

  We named him Mandy, as we couldn’t wait to watch him rise from the ashes of the only life he had known — a life of suffering and cruel neglect. We couldn’t wait to see what his coat would look like as it grew back in, since his skin is so diseased we can’t s even tell what kind of dog he is. We couldn't wait to see him run, play, and feel a cool breeze blowing through the beautiful for he would have. We were so excited for his future. Unfortunately, our dreams were quickly dashed! As Mandy’s treatment got underway, his condition rapidly declined. When I arrived to the clinic Saturday to rush him to the 24-hr emergency vet, Mandy appeared to be half dead. I was floored. But he raised his head in the van , trying to sit up, and I knew he wanted to live. When we arrived to the Emergency ward ,Mandy’s temperature was too low to read, his blood pressure had completely tanked, his blood glucose level was on the floor, and his leg had swelled up with infection. Blood work showed he had gone septic, and his prognosis was extremely grim. The doctor suggested I revise his CPR to a DNR. She told me if his heart stops, he won’t likely come back. We were devastated. Since they couldn’t let us stay with Mandy,we drove around the hospital bawling my eyes out and begging God to deliver him into the new life we so badly wanted Phoenix to have. He can’t go out like this! we started praying. And thank God, Mandy is a fighter and a downright champ! Over the next 12 hours of aggressive medical treatment and fervent prayers, Mandy’s temperature rose. His BP rose. His blood sugar finally stayed up. The ER doctor called us last night, and for the very first time, said “we actually have hope.” The problem that he presented us with is that saving Mandy’s life “is going to be very expensive.” We are looking at an estimated $2,800 - $4,000 for the first 72 hours of critical care. Mandy has a urinary catheter since he can’t or won’t walk yet, and exposure to his skin of his own urine could be very dangerous. He has a constant ECG to monitor his blood pressure. He’s on an IV drip full of a complex, lifesaving cocktail of drugs catered to his condition. And he needs pretty much his own dedicated nurse, monitoring and working with him around the clock. For anyone who says one dog is not worth this kind of money, you have not met Mandy. He has a strong and beautiful soul. He deserves every opportunity to be delivered from his cruel start to life—no matter the cost—and to find out what it’s like to be be part of a know joy! I think Mandy’s life is worth more than the average cost of a used sedan, or a potato salad recipe. We must raise the necessary funds immediately in order to continue Mandy’s treatment. This is a "Emergency", and needs to be spread far and wide to anyone who loves dogs, or simply hates suffering. We need anyone who can't donate to please share! You never know who will see it, who can help Mandy. Please donate and help us "Save Mandy" Please know the doctor will inform us if Mandy decides he’s too tired to continue this journey. For now, he has shown he’s willing to fight, and we want to do everything in our power to help him battle. Please help us help him!  

Street Dog shelter
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