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Petition to Director General Police (DGP Punjab), Capt. Amarinder Singh, Kaptan Singh Solanki, Karan Avtar Singh


Undercover investigations by animal activists from NGO Fauna  Police reveal shocking results- In the state of Punjab, a brutal and inhumane bloodsport is carried out in plain sight – Gambling on fighting dogs as they bleed to death! As dogs bred and trained to be vicious and attack each other are set at each other’s throats to fight, a gory, painful and horrific sight unfolds! Gamblers, Dog owners and spectators take a perverted thrill in watching blood fly, cheering the winning dogs on, the blood lust amply evident, having laid bets worth inordinate amounts of money on their victory. A victory that comes at the cost of the 'losing' dog - throat and tongue torn out, eyes gouged out, heart punctured, dislocated limbs flailing, kicked aside by its owner as too worthless to save. The lives of these dogs are stories of horror and pain, brutal training and abuse from the time they are tiny, helpless puppies. Those puppies that do not have the right temperament for the fight ring are killed or left to die, the rest are trained to be ruthless killers, the fear of a grotesque and painful death pushes them to monstrous fights for survival against stronger dogs, tearing each other apart in the ring aware of punishments that await them should they not perform, a jeering crowd egging them on and fueling their frenzy. Needless to say, several dogs lose their lives and die painful deaths.  The culture of violence that is bred with these dogs is shocking. Only the most unfeeling, psychopathic, perverted person would encourage & take pleasure in a sport that exploits a helpless animal. Please help ban dog fighting by joining Fauna Police and Friendicoes SECA in requesting the Chief Minister of Punjab to immediately end this cruel and illegal practice and punish those caught indulging in this blood sport.

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Petition to Kerala Government, Human Society International, UK Government, European Union, The United States of America Government, The United Kingdom Government, goverment of japan, PETA, Blue Cross, paws

Stop Culling of Stray Dogs in Kerala, India.

Dogs are strangled, poisoned and beaten to death every day in Kerala, India!!! It is the most literate state in India and is famous for tourism and welcoming people. There have been a few isolated incidents in the last 1 year, where 2 humans were attacked by strays and they died from wounds. But these incidents have led to mass culling and indiscriminate killing of all stray dogs in the most inhumane way and continues daily. See media links. It is heart wrenching! Dog corpses piled up by the road, paraded by politicians and used as an opportunity to appear on media. This petition is to urge the government to stop this brutal killing of dogs and set up a system which focuses on neutering and getting these animals a home. We care about the human casualties and agree that dangerous dogs need to be destroyed but killing every dog on the street is wrong and needs to stop. Help us get this petition to reach the Kerala government and international animal rights organisations. We need millions of signatures from folks who still has a heart! We want Kerala to be welcoming and famous for tourism, not for animal cruelty like it is today!  Media Links

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