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Stop harrassment of medical professionals for unavailability of oxygen or other equipment

Both of my parents are doctors and I've never seen them crack even a bit under patient load for the past 20+ years that they have been doctors, but this is proving back breaking to them too. We are all going through tough times , but we are all on the same boat. I understand that it's difficult seeing a loved one suffer or fighting for their life, believe me, I know how it feels. The main point is that if the hospital you or your loved one is being treated at runs out of oxygen or other equipment at this point of time, don't blame or shout at them. Don't harass the very person who tried to help you. I understand the frustration and helplessness that builds up and threatens to overpower the rational and loving mind,but don't let it. Pause and think and TRY to understand if it's really the fault of your caretaker. I don't ask for much, but please understand that your doctor or medical professional is not at fault. If you don't want to thank them or even like them, it's ok, just don't blame the person who is not at fault. Shortage of equipment is something no medical professional should be held accountable for.I have a few questions and I want my dear reader to ask these to himself/herself( I mean this in the most respectful way and never wish to say that my opinion is superior to anyone else.):-                             1.) Are doctors actually responsible for the manufacturing of oxygen?                                                2.) Would a doctor who barely has enough time to feed himself/herself during the day , waste time by  DENYING you treatment and arguing with you ?          3.) Would you blame a labourer to run out of bricks? No. All he/she can do is use those bricks and build something you wish,not manufacture the supplies.   In the same way, why do you want to blame a doctor who runs out of equipment which he/she only knows how to use and not manufacture?  I know how hard it gets when you hope that you'll be treated and the hospital runs out of a crucial supply , telling you that your hope was for nothing. All I can really do is just ask you to still trust your caretaker and not let anger and frustration get the better of you. I cannot read your mind , but I believe that there's love and trust in everybody, your frustration and anger is genuine , but, still let your inner goodness win. Still hope,stay strong and fight with your frustration!  Everybody appreciates support and if you want to help, a 'thank you' or just a smile works. All in all , though gratitude is appreciated, all they want is your understanding and trust. One thing I believe in is , " If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". Remember, if our medical professionals win.....we win.     

Shiddatpreet Kaur
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Petition to Dr Harsh Vardhan, Shri Ashwini Kumar Chaubey, Ms. Kavita Singh, Ms. Preeti Sudan, Ms. Shanta Negi, Shri Manoj Jhalani, Sadaf Jafar, Veena George, Rajesh Tope, Shri. A. L. Hek, Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Ensure timely and increased Incentives and PPEs for ASHA Workers

Is the value of an ASHA worker just Rs33/day? Vardhini( name changed)  is an ASHA(Accredited Social Health Activist) worker from a rural district in Odisha. She delivers food, medicine, and emergency medicines to rural families. She also conducts door to door surveys and educates people about necessary precautions. She works tirelessly to render essential health services in the district despite being vulnerable from the corona outbreak. Sometimes she and her friends spend money from their own pockets to buy masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc as they don’t receive these essential protective gear from the government. But what does she get in return? A meager remuneration of approximately Rs 1000 for corona virus-related work. This amounts to a meager amount of  Rs 30-33/day.  Sometimes, there is a delay in receiving this incentive. And the monthly honorarium(wage) of Rs 2000 that she receives is inadequate for managing the expenses of her family. This is the plight of an ASHA worker in a single district. There are around 9 lakhs ASHA workers in India who are discharging their duties and working tirelessly for the wellbeing of the rural people. But in these dire circumstances of the corona pandemic, they are underpaid and overworked. The struggles of the ASHA workers have been overlooked by the government and there has been persistent institutional neglect towards their problems. Our Prime Minister recently announced an economic package to assist the economy and our workers. Since ASHA workers are a crucial interface between the community and the health system, I would want the following demands of ASHA workers to be taken into consideration: 1)      Increase in honorarium and incentives of ASHA workers 2)      Timely disbursement of incentives 3)      Adequate provision of masks, gloves, and PPE. Given, that we have expressed our gratitude to our frontline health workers, it’s time to express our gratitude to our real wonder-women as well. And the way to do that is through ensuring that their concerns get their much-needed recognition. Sign my petition asking the government to take Suo moto cognizance of the concerns of ASHA workers as they are not only contributing to our nation as health activists but play a vital role in ensuring the rural health mission runs smoothly.  Let's get together by signing and sharing this petition because  #ASHAkiAsha matters! (23/06/2021) UPDATE:  ASHA Workers across the country continue to be on strike asking for better incentives. Here are a few more demands of ASHA workers that require immediate attention.  - Defined and proper working hours- Recognition as government workers- Planned leaves Picture credits: The Indian Express

Afrin Shakeel
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Petition to Dhanbad Council, Prime Minister of India, PMO office, Jharkhand State government, World Health Organisation, HURL

Hospital For Sindri - With more than 1 lakh residents, Sindri has no hospital yet.

With more than 1 lakh residents, Sindri has no hospital in the near vicinity. The 500 bed FCIL hospital was closed in 2003. Even for basic needs, a patient has to travel at least 30kms to obtain ordinary Healthcare help. To put things into perspective, this is not even a case in some of the deep villages of the so called present modern India. There already have been numerous cases, where people have lost their lives because of simple illness or minor accidents, just because they could not reach the nearest hospital in time. People are dying year after year and even then, there is absolutely nothing being done! Sindri as a town has always had a very rich heritage and a glorious past. Residents of this town are now well placed at every nook and corner of the world. They also occupy prestigious positions both in the corporate and in Government dispositions. Considering the ongoing pandemic and the disastrous effect it has already had on the entire world, having basic Healthcare services is the least this beautiful town can get.  Kindly note, we are not asking for an adventure park, a swimming pool, or a shopping mall; we simply need a hospital, and we need it badly.  This petition calls out every present and past resident of Sindri to understand the gravity of the situation and to help us meet a basic requirement of a hospital. We need your help & support! 

Rishabh Sharma
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Petition to Prime Minister of India, The President of India, Cheif justice of the Indian supreme court

A demand for a separate cadre of health professionals in line with IAS, IFS, IPS etc

As early as in 1961, the Mudaliar Committee in its report had also recommended to the government for the formation of a central healthcare cadre. IMS would provide efficient health care managers to enhance the success of health projects and formulate policy, and the course of action for fighting diseases. COVID has exposed the lack of coordination and collaboration between the public and private sector in view of the inadequacy of health facilities. IMS could be a game-changer. It is a matter of record that such a service exited in British India. IMS would bridge the gap between decision-making and delivery. IMS cadre could hold health-related administrative responsibilities at the district level, state and national level. IMS will be responsible for holding the administrative responsibilities pertaining to the district medical officers, project officers of various disease control programmes, and the various ranks of secretaries in the Union health ministry and the state health departments and the heads of all other areas in the health sector.  Basic qualification to be eligible for the IMS examination should be MBBS, and the exams can be conducted like other UPSC exams. Terms of service conditions, posting, recruitment, and other criteria can be similar to those applicable to the IAS and IPS. It is not that the government is not seized of the issue. In fact, successive governments have looked at this issue, but there has not been much progress on this front so far. The plight of individual doctors in India though is not hidden from anybody. While the government has not been able to improve its public sector hospitals, it is trying to pin all responsibilities on doctors. Successive governments have been ignoring public health due to a deficiency of doctors in government hospitals. Instead of improving the public health sector, the governments have been trying to put the responsibility of public health on shoulders of private doctors. For these reasons, an exodus of doctors to other countries is taking place, which is further deepening the crisis of brain drain. IMS can help in curbing many ill-factors such as policy-implementation gap, brain drain, violence against healthcare professionals, and medical education by helping formulate guidelines and laws to curtail many of these ill-factors.  

Raghu Yelavarthi
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