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Petition to Indian Medical Association, Delhi Medical Association, Press Council of India, Commissioner of Police, Delhi Police, National Human Rights Commission, National Medical commission, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Ministry of Health Government of India

Save Doctors : They too are Human

When children in India dream of becoming a doctor and saving lives, little do they know about the cruelty and hatred that is waiting to fill their life with misery and regret. With increasing mob violence and harassment of doctors, both physical as well as mental (via social media), the day is not far when doctors will avoid tending to even slightly complicated cases, out of fear for their lives. The essence of the profession, that is, to try and take care of the patient no matter how grave the disease, will be lost. And many lives, that doctors now try saving by taking risks with difficult cases, will also be lost. Sometimes, doctors are treating patients in highly stressful condition, fighting not just death, but also time. And despite their best efforts, sometimes the results are not what they strived for. Because medicine is not a science of black and white, it has tons of ifs and buts, and exceptions and complications; events that may have never happened before, and events that have no explanation so far. Yet, doctors take care of patients in spite of all of that. Isn’t it truly admirable! In their lifetime, doctors spend years not only learning the science of Medicine but, more importantly, the art of patient care. After all, this profession deals with human lives, and doctors take an oath to always remember that in every action they take. Sadly, the same doctors are assaulted, and harassed, and defamed without proper knowledge and understanding. False criminal cases are filed against the doctors with the purpose of blackmailing and extorting large sums of money from them.And as if that is not enough, a quickly rising trend of "social media trials" against doctors has also begun, wherein, false news is posted online to gain public sympathy. The masses are misled, while the doctors are unable to defend themselves as they are bound by laws and rules, that they dutifully abide by. This is a violation of human rights of doctors as well. It is a question mark on the doctors' integrity and morals, and is equivalent to public defamation and instigating hatred among the masses. It is clear that such acts are performed not for justice, but for mere contempt and molestation. While there is no denying the fact that due process of law may take place in such cases, the attempts to defame, assault, extort, intimidate and blackmail need to be discouraged and made punishable. The investigating officer and courts should take note of such attempts by the complainants. Through this petition, it is attempted to highlight the apathy towards the medical practitioners. The medical profession can only bloom, and benefit all lives when it is practiced in an environment free of fear for such unnecessary humiliation and defamation. It is a sincere plea to all concerned authorities to take action against such malpractices, and initiate efforts to safeguard the medical fraternity of such ill deeds. If a fake social media post can reach thousands of views and shares, I request that this petition, an earnest cry for help, for a profession in perils, also be read, signed and shared to the masses. Your views are valuable, and the support we get here is a reflection of how much the country cares about its caregivers. After all, doctors are humans too; they are humans who have dedicated their lives to the well being of fellow humans. We request you to help safeguard doctors by signing this petition and please share this petition among your friends so no doctor has to face such undeserved harassment in future. By signing this petition you'll not only save doctors but also save the general public.

Save Doctors
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Petition to Narendra Modi, PM of India, Chief Justice of India, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Devendra Fadnavis, DGP (MS), Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Theresa May MP, Mark Zuckerberg, chairman NHRC


We are narrating a horrible and inhuman attitude of Mr. Chetan Ramanand Sharma of Benevolent AW, self-styled Animal Activist in forcibly and illegally taking custody of Dr. Virinder Pal Singh Bedi's 9 dogs, shifted from farmhouse at Murbad to residence at Kalyan due to epidemic of deadly tick disease. Without prior notice or warning he raided his house along with local police, with media already sitting at the Khadakpada Police station. He mercilessly loaded all 9 dogs( 3 were frail and bony due to tick disease,old age and veg food other 6 were healthy) in a small, narrowed & congested tempo & mercilessly hanged them on the wall of the police station in a barbarous manner for long 6 hrs with their necks noosed that could have caused death by choking , he took the photographs, shot the video and flashed on social,electronic and print media to get media hipe and to mint money from public, terming that dogs were kept starved without food & water for 1 month forcing them to eat their own poop to survive. IS IT PLAUSIBLE ?? If he is an Animal Welfare Activist, Y doesn't he adopt stray dogs of India instead of torturing Soft Target Doctor and tarnishing his public image, who happens to be a General Surgeon and respected person, to extort money which he demanded but Dr. Bedi denied.In his criminal conspiracy certain other animal activists also joined his malicious campaign to malign,defame, humiliate the owner Dr. by continuous attempts of CHARACTER ASSASINATION including Mumbai Mirror junior reporter Vinay Dalvi who went on to the extent of flashing his photograph as if he was a wanted or hardened criminal, forcing the victim to live a Fugitive life and his scared sons to abstain from attending school for fear of kidnapping.The Wicked CHETAN SHARMA fired his last shot to lodge fake FIR u/s 429 IPC applicable only in the case of killing an animal by influencing the police & media misusing the name of Mrs Maneka Gandhi, Honourable Union Minister of India for Woman & Child Welfare.He himself inflicted injuries on the innocent dogs especially on the tail of St. Bernard to falsely implicate Dr. Bedi in the case of maiming u/s 429 IPC with the nexus of an Animal Shelter & unauthorized private vet doctor.And now his negligence/ill-treatment has taken a toll on the life of Melli(Dogo Argentino female).CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is humbly requested to delete the vulgar & derogatory Facebook posts being used to poison,provoke & instigate the Facebook users. Now the matter is in the court of public domain to introspect and deliver their verdict impartially, without fear & favour.  #SAVE THE INNOCENT DOCTOR & HIS DOGS                     #JUSTICE FOR MELLI

D. R. Singh
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Petition to Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi

Blacklist the persons from All Medical Treatments who Brutally Assault Doctors

"Doctors can guarantee best treatment, but doctors cannot guarantee 100% results." India is struggling to meet the goals of reducing infant mortality and maternal mortality. There is gross lack of Emergency and Intensive Care facilities in smaller towns and cities alike. All critical patients are referred to tertiary government hospitals where the standard of care obviously diminishes if patients flow in numbers many times more than handling capacity of doctors there. Even tertiary private institutes are overburdened. Government medical colleges in smaller towns refer the patient indiscriminately. This is increasing the cost of healthcare immensely. There is a need that indiscriminate referring be stopped. There is a need that the cases that can be handled at medical colleges in smaller towns be managed there. There is a need that smaller government or private hospitals and nursing homes become well equipped to deal with critical situations.  But neither the doctors nor the hospitals are responsible for this current situation. The reason for this is that doctors are afraid to treat critical patients, nursing homes don't want to create facilities for intensive care and no one wants to admit critical patients.  Reason is simple. In spite of best efforts of doctors, nurses, nursing homes, hospitals and medical colleges; a patient may die. After all, doctors are Doctors and not God. But, in an event of death of a patient, no one will save the doctor. In the event of death of a critical patient, nursing homes are vandalized. In the event of death of patients, angry relatives beat duty doctors black and blue like they did to Dr Amle in Parel, Mumbai and Dr Rohan of GMC, Dhule. In the event of death of patients, even specialists like Dr Rohit Gupta of Allahabad are not spared. This fear has created a terror in the minds of doctors. It is becoming impossible for doctors to work under so much fear. People who attack doctors should be banned from all health treatments only then they can know the value of doctors. They are disrupting peace and harmony of the nation. It is increasing the economic burden on the Indian society, thus threatening economic security of the nation. Stringent laws should be made to save the doctor from these unruly elements and banned and blacklist them from all medical facilities and treatment. “Doctors can guarantee best treatment, but doctors cannot guarantee 100% results." To become a doctor is not easy. Doctor has to sacrifice his sleep – the time he/she spends caring for patients he barely knows; to sacrifice his/her youth – the time spend with books; sacrifice his family – the time spend away from home for education. But a doctor lives like an ordinary citizen.He does not demand subsidized groceries. He pays his electricity bills and phone bills. He buys all services at market rates.   There is only one thing that a doctor demands. And that is my humble request to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi "SAVE THE DOCTOR… GIVE JUSTICE TO EVERY DOCTOR WHO HAS BEEN ASSAULTED.... AND THE DOCTOR WILL SAVE MANY MORE LIVES FOR THIS NATION"    Dr Abhay Daga Pune

Abhay Daga
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