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Petition to Nevada District Attorney Steven Wolfson, Tom Collins, Larry Brown, Lawrence Weekly, Mary Beth Scow, Chris Giunchigliani, Catherine M Cortez, Steven Wolson, Steve Sisolak

Allow DNA Testing for Kirstin Blaise Lobato

Kirstin Blaise Lobato is an innocent woman stuck in prison while evidence in her case goes untested for DNA. In 2002 at 19 years old, Kirstin was convicted for the murder and sexual assault of a homeless man named Duran Bailey in Las Vegas. But there was no physical evidence tying Kirstin to the crime and the evidence that was tested for DNA actually excluded her. There were four identifiable crime scene fingerprints - none matched Kirstin’s. A bloody shoe print was found next to the body and a footprint expert testified that it came from a “U.S. men’s size 9 athletic shoe.” Pubic hair found on the victim was tested for DNA and the results excluded both Blaise and the victim as the hair’s source. Multiple people testified that Kirstin was nearly 200 miles away from Las Vegas at the time of the crime. What happened to Kirstin could happen to anyone. But now, Kirstin has the opportunity to prove her innocence if Clark County District Attorney Stephen Wolfson makes two very reasonable decisions: to allow DNA testing of crime scene evidence and to not file any opposition to Kirstin’s appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court. The Innocence Project, an organization whose DNA testing work has freed 292 innocent people from prison, has offered to pay to test and re-test 13 pieces of evidence related to the crime using the latest in DNA technology and Wolfson still won’t allow it. In addition to the DNA evidence, Kirstin has proven her innocence by way of her Habeas Corpus petition's new evidence grounds. If the State of Nevada District Attorney doesn't oppose her Appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, justice will finally be served and she can regain her life.Clark County District Attorney Stephen Wolfson has a chance to do the right thing and to seek true justice in the murder of Duran Bailey. Please sign this petition and ask District Attorney Wolfson to allow DNA testing of crime scene evidence and to not file any opposition to Kirstin’s appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Michelle Ravell
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Petition to Jason Chambers

Allow DNA testing that could prove innocence

Jamie Snow was wrongfully convicted in 2000 of a 1991 “cold case” murder and armed robbery of a gas station attendant in Bloomington, Illinois. Since his conviction, witnesses have recanted their testimony, his original lawyer went to jail for fraud, the first cop on the scene has discredited the “star witness” testimony, and an investigating detective has said Jamie’s Snow’s indictment was a mistake. While an innocent man remains in prison, there is DNA evidence from the case that has gone untested. For nearly 8 years, the McLean County State’s Attorney’s Office has fought DNA testing in this case. The University of Chicago’s Exoneration Project has agreed to pay for all the DNA testing at no cost to McLean County taxpayers, but the State Attorney still refuses. Allow the Exoneration Project to pay for it, save the tax payer dollars, and let’s put an end to the cloud of doubt surrounding this case. If this crime had occurred today, there is no doubt the state would test every single piece of physical evidence collected from the crime scene. To date, there have been 337 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States – and Illinois has one of the highest DNA exoneration rates in the nation. Yet McLean County continues to show a pattern of opposing DNA testing. Many of these are cases were prosecuted under the same State Attorneys Office as Jamie Snow’s case and resulted in questionable convictions. At the time of the crime, fingerprints, blood evidence, and bullets were collected at the scene. To this day, these items have never been tested for DNA. We are asking Jason Chambers to allow testing for the following items: Fingerprints: Fingerprints were collected from the crime scene, none matched Jamie Snow. Today, the fingerprints can not only be run through the FBI fingerprint database, they can be tested for DNA. Bullets: Two bullets were retrieved from the victim. They should be tested not only for DNA, but can also be run through the FBI ballistics database in an effort to determine if they were linked to another crime. Clothing: There was a clear sign of struggle. We are asking that touch DNA testing be performed on the victim’s clothing to determine who struggled with him. Blood: In line with the signs of a struggle, there was blood evidence found underneath the counter that was identified as human blood. We would like to know the source of that “human blood.” Additional Discovery: We are also asking for additional discovery so that an expert can give further insight to the crime scene and the meaning of the physical evidence. Snow’s conviction was solely on the testimony of witnesses who have since been discredited, and jailhouse informants – who we now know were either under extreme pressure by police, or were seeking deals to testify. Snow’s original trial attorney would later go to prison for bilking an elderly woman of her life savings. Appellate Court Judge Knecht even admitted during oral arguments that Snow’s trial attorney was impaired: “this guy is a, is a alcoholic who has basically lost his life, lost his practice, and was mentally impaired. Not only is he an alcoholic, he has mental illness issues, and that these go back to dates preceding the trial.” We are asking you to please support Jamie Snow’s petition to test the DNA, and to join us in asking Mr. Chambers to discontinue using McLean County tax dollars to fight DNA testing. McLean County State’s Attorney Jason Chambers has an opportunity to grant DNA testing. Please join us in asking Mr. Chambers to do the right thing. Thank you for signing. Please JOIN THE FIGHT TO FREE JAMIE SNOW! CFJS Website: http://www.FreeJamieSnow.comCFJS Facebook Site: Twitter: YouTube:

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Petition to Wisconsin Supreme Court, Wisconsin Circuit Court

Wrongfully Convicted

I was wrongful convicted and after 11 years I am still fighting for the Truth and for my Freedom!! Please sign this petition to the WI Courts requesting them to overturn my sexual assault conviction based on the new DNA evidence. If you would like to see more information on the details of my case, I have started a Facebook page to shed light on some of the issues in my case. I am 35 years old, I was born March 26, 1981 in Chicago, IL, on the far Southside in a neighborhood called the Jeffrey Manor. My Mother and Father were barely teenagers when they had me so they didn’t know much about raising a new born child with them being children themselves. Around 5 years old my Mother sent me to go live with my Father cause she thought it would be best for my Father to raise me. My Mother was dealing with a drug addiction so she felt my Father could care for me best. I remember my Mother doing her best to take care of me. I hated when she would lick her thumb and use the saliva to clean something from my face. My Father was married and had a new family with his wife. My Father was a workaholic at a young age so I never got to hang out with him much. I remember a time my Father taught me how to box with boxing gloves. That was the only thing he ever taught me cause a few days after that he shipped me out his house to my Grandmother with my one brown paper bag, social security card and birth certificate. That’s where I called home for most of my life. My grandma wasn’t no joke! She was smart and wise with it. Everybody came to her if they needed a place to stay or just her advice. Granny was the only person in the world that truly loved me and had my back. Sadly she died April 15, 2008 while I was in prison so I never got to say goodbye. My heart still hurts from her loss. I am mad at myself because I couldn’t be there for her in her time of need as she was always right there for me no matter the situation. With all her love and prayers she couldn’t keep me from running the streets with gangs and selling drugs and doing what I wanted to do cause I thought couldn’t nobody tell me nothing. Thinking back, if I would have stayed in school and out them streets, I am sure I would have been somebody boss. I am now in prison with 37 years for a crime I didn’t commit. I’ve done all kinds of things in my life but I did not commit the crime that I am in prison for right now. I think God is punishing me for everything I didn’t get caught for in my past. That may sound crazy but that’s my theory. I met a young lady walking down the street in Chicago who turned out to be 17 years old and a runaway prostitute, prostituting on the street for the past 3 months. At the time, she told me that she was 22 years old and needed a fresh start because she was sick of some pimp dude taking her money. I ended up getting a hotel room and we had sex then later that night we drove to Wisconsin. During that time we engaged in a lot of sex with each other and in group sex. Drugs were being used as well. I was a drug dealer so I kept a lot of it around. After having group sex with the 2 women on my case I left to make a run to sell some drugs. I left both women alone in my apartment for almost 3 hours. When I returned home, I went to look for my drugs and found that it was gone so I beat up one of the girls until she told me what she did with it. She finally told me what she did with it and after that I put both women out of my apartment. They both left and came back at different times. I allowed the 17 year old to use the bathroom and I told her she had to go after she was done. When she left she went to call the police and told them I held her for 2 weeks and raped her repeatedly and that I beat her for stealing my drugs. The other woman who engaged in drug use and group sex with us came back to my apartment while the police were there and she told them she had the wrong apartment. She left and called me to let me know the police were there. Fast forward… I was charged with 3 counts of sexual assault, 1 count of child abuse, 2 counts of false imprisonment, 1 count of intimidating a victim and 1 count misdemeanor battery. I NEVER RAPED ANYBODY. I did however beat up one of the women until she told me where my drugs were at. I would like all of you to view the records of my trial and you see if I received a fair trial and please share your opinion. I want young people to read my story because my situation could re-direct them from going down the wrong path, and hopefully by sharing my story, I can help them make a better decision in their lives. I am trying everything in my power to get my case overturned so that I can move forward in life and make my Grandmother proud. Again, I take full responsibility for my actions when it comes down to the beating of the young lady. It’s never cool for a man to put his hands on a woman or anyone for that matter. I have a young daughter that is 10 years old and I don’t want no man putting his hands on her, period. I am on appeal right now awaiting a decision on my case.   Thank you, Anthony Wallace

Anthony Wallace
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