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Petition to Atlus West, SEGA

Translate Persona 5 Royal in Multi5

On December 3rd, 2019, Atlus West released the trailer for the release of Persona 5 Royal in the West. Many people, including myself, loved the original game but were disappointed with the fact that there was no European languages included but it was understandable, the Persona franchise wasn't that popular at the time. But after the massive success of P5 (more than 3 million copies sold), the European translation of the dancing games for Persona 5 and 3, the publication of the Persona mangas in Europe (or at least, in France), the trend of Sega (who owns Atlus) to now translate and release more than just Sonic, and finally the rebranding of Atlus USA to Atlus West, we were expecting a Multi5 translation for this game. But nope. Just after the trailer came the information that P5Royal will only contain English and Japanese voices and text. This is a huge disappointement, especially after the success of the original game. It's even more disappointing when you see that Yakuza, a series that didn't see any european localization for more than 10 years after the first one bombed, tried again with the release of Judgment, and it was the most successful game in the franchise. We want Atlus and Sega to release a Multi5 translation of Persona 5 Royal. They should treat their European customers right, especially after a success like this. Otherwise, they should not be surprised to see that the game will not have reached the sales they had hoped for.

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