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Petition to Keith London, Michelle Lazarow, Anabelle Lima-Taub, Mike Butler, Richard Dally, Rabbi Leibel Kudan

Make Hallandale Beach Inclusive & Welcoming for Jewish Residents by Approving the Eruv

Dear Mayor, Vice Mayor and Commissioners, We are grateful, as residents and homeowners of Hallandale Beach, for all you do for our beautiful city, especially given the intricacies in assuring the needs of all its citizens. This gathering of signatures is to bring to your attention a pressing concern affecting many of the residents and homeowners of Hallandale Beach’s growing Jewish community, to shed light on and request your assistance in its resolution. For the Jewish community the practices of observing the Sabbath are self-managed, without any municipal assistance, with one subtle exception.  For families with small children, those who are physically challenged, residents hoping to host Sabbath observant relatives, future business and home owners and tourists, an Eruv serves a unique and crucial need. The Eruv is basically a sight unseen, symbolic perimeter of a community. While the presence of our Eruv will be 99 percent invisible to those who don’t use it, it is crucial for us. Only with the existence of an Eruv can a person who needs to carry or push anything leave the house (for any reason). Its absence impacts everyone who observes the Sabbath; those with physical limitations are the demographic most critically in need.  Until the Eruv is installed, physically challenged individuals who are dependent on walkers, wheelchairs, canes and other aids, who are Sabbath observant, must remain home bound, unable to go outside for fresh air, visit the park or attend synagogue services. For families with small children who need to be carried or pushed in a stroller, the same limitation applies. As Hallandale Beach enjoys a growing number of young families, this simple accommodation bespeaks value and inclusivity.   Many of us, the undersigned, may not personally observe the Sabbath, yet we applaud our city’s steps to accommodate all its residents. Some of us have relatives or friends who do observe the Sabbath; having an Eruv is the only way we will be able to host them over the weekend. Increased land valuations because of enclosed Eruvs are well documented. South Florida beachfront communities like Miami Beach, Surfside and Bal Harbor have all experienced tremendous positive growth in their communities by accommodating the needs of their growing orthodox constituents. We therefore request your assistance and approval of the Hallandale Beach Eruv as submitted by the Shabbat Committee of the Beaches. We again express our gratitude to the Commissioners for understanding this important request and giving its approval for the implementation of the Hallandale Beach Eruv.  

Shabbos Committee of the Beaches
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Petition to Vogue , Anna Wintour, Conde Nast


Dear Editor(s) of Vogue,    2018 marks your one hundredth and twenty- six years of fashion in American, congratulations.  The only question I have for you is after one hundred and twenty-six years of fashion why have you not had a solo Asian cover star in American Vogue. You can argue that in 2016 you had an “Asian Cover Star,” in the March issue, but the fact is Lui Wen was tokenized. In this age of diversity why does is feel like Vogue is stuck in the past?    Fashion is what inspires people, defines an era, and even predicts the future, but fashion has turned from a way of self-expression into a conservative commercial environment where people are more focused on reproducing “trends” than creating something entirely new. It makes me disappointed that you claim inclusivity, but in truth, you still only represent the mainstream idea of fashion and modeling fall into the traps of your predecessors. For example the 2017 shoot with Karlie Kloss which was clearly stated that it was inspired by Richard Avedon pictures of the famous German model Veruschka von Lehndorff. I understand that it can be difficult to believe that this “Asian” inspired shoot was thought of as not offensive because it was inspired by photos taken by a famous photographer, but a lot of events have caused change since the 60’s, for example, the Civil Rights movement. Or for example out of the thirteen covers of Vogue Kendall Jenner has appeared on it was voted that one of her best covers was an Indian inspired shoot for Vogue India; this issue was criticized because it reinforced a negative connotation to girls of color, and it didn’t give the opportunity to a woman of her country to represent beauty.    Creating and curating a magazine is incredibly difficult and over the past year Vogue has changed, but it needs to change more. It needs to stop depicting Asian culture as a mirage of exotic romanticism that has been associated with Asia for centuries. American Vogue needs an Asian cover star, not in a group cover, or placed in an “Asian fantasy shoot,” but as herself finally in a place where she belongs. America needs an Asian cover star because many Asian people feel forgotten in this “New Age of Diversity,” and have forgotten to speak up hoping one day that they will open a magazine and finally feel included. Sincerely, Katlyn Le Leal Fashion Student, Parsons School of Design. BFA expected 2021. Please help put an Asian Woman on the Cover of American Vogue by emailing this letter to, signing this petition, and/or sharing with friends. Together we can make the fashion industry more inclusive.     

Katlyn Le Leal
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