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Have Haunted Mansion Characters do Meet & Greets for future MNSSHPs (Disney)

Every year for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) guests can go into the Magic Kingdom park (dressed up as their favorite Disney character) and do Halloween stuff Go Trick or Treating, Boogie at dance parties, eat snacks and ride their favorite rides, one particular fan favorite Disney attraction- The Haunted Mansion becomes even spookier during the party with scary lighting, a little fog, two Ghostly female residents named, Lady Carlotta and her sister Lady Renata sit outside The Mansion and chat/heckle with guests, even the Cast Members go all-out on spookiness! But wouldn't be better if Disney had characters from The Haunted Mansion do Meet & Greets somewhere in front of the ride? Wouldn't be awesome to have characters like The Hitchhiking Ghosts or The Hatbox Ghost make actual appearances somewhere in the Magic Kingdom park, and have them do spooky and comedic interactions with guests and sign their autograph books? Wouldn't it be much more fun for Haunted Mansion fans and Disney fans alike to have Haunted Mansion characters actually come out for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and not just for special "Limited Time Magic" events or ride Anniversary's or Special shows or Promotion of upcoming movies? I think it would be awesome! sign this petition if you wanna see Haunted Mansion characters (The Hitchhiking Ghosts, The Hatbox Ghost, Constance (The Bride), The Ghost Host etc.) for future Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parties.

Claire Price
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Invite Buckethead to Perform at the Disney California Adventure Park

Buckethead has been a lifelong fan and supporter of the DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE PARK. He has been quoted to say "I like Disneyland. I want to be buried there - parts of me in It's a Small World, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean, plus parts in Tokyo Disneyland, Euro Disneyland, and Florida Disney World. There are enough bones to go around."  Buckethead has made multiple references to the park in his giant catalog of work. Buckethead is also working on an album entitled "Buckethead Plays Disney" for years. He cares so much about the park that he is waiting for the album to be perfect prior to releasing it. As we know , Buckethead has the perfect aesthetic for be a part of Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort and or the Haunted Mansion. We're not asking for a permanent residency , just more of a special performance during the month of October. This performance can either be as a musician playing a concert or becoming an honorary Disney cast member for the day. Buckethead supporters would fly from all over the world to attend such an event. Buckethead recently did an interview in which he divulged information about a medical issue quote- “Well really recently, I have a heart problem where my heart beats out of rhythm. It’s been doing it for a long time, but recently it just really kicked up and became really intense. I really didn’t know what was going on, I just tried to deal with it, and let it do what it did, and eventually it would stop, but it got really intense so I went to the doctor and they said, ‘You’re on the verge of having a stroke.’  The sense of urgency to make this dream come true is more dire than ever. With your support and the support of all the fellow "Slunkers" Lets get Big B to perform at Disney!!!!!  Buckethead's Website  

Low Tron
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