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Petition to Equalities Minister Amber Rudd @Govt_Equality

Open civil partnerships to all

We’re Rebecca and Charles, we have a toddler called Eden, a baby called Ariel, and we want to cement and celebrate our relationship by having a civil partnership. But we can’t because the Civil Partnership Act 2004 states: ‘Two people are not eligible to register as civil partners of each other if … they are not of the same sex.’ We met in 2010, became engaged in 2013, and together we were involved in the fight for same-sex marriage within our community. It is fantastic social progress that couples can now marry regardless of sex or sexual orientation. We’ve been left, however, with a hangover from this important reform: Civil partnerships are still only available to same-sex couples. This limits the choice for mixed-sex couples, like us, who want to form a civil partnership - a modern institution that provides similar legal status and financial protections as marriage. The current system doesn’t make sense and needs to be brought into line with places such as Holland and New Zealand where couples can choose between marriage and civil partnership. Opening civil partnerships to all would bring the law up to date with the reality of family life: 3 million cohabiting couples with 2 million dependent children, all of whom currently lack the protection of marriage and choice of civil partnership. From a personal perspective, the legacy of marriage – that it treated women as property for centuries, excluded same-sex couples until 2014, and still leaves room only for fathers’ names on marriage certificates – means that marriage is not an option for us. We want to raise our children as equal partners and feel that a civil partnership – a modern, symmetrical institution – sets the best example for them. Sadly, the government has taken a different view. But with your support, we've mounted a legal challenge to their position: Our case will be heard in the Supreme Court on 15th and 16th May 2018.  We're also fighting on the political front. We've generated extensive cross-party parliamentary support with politicians from every major party now backing our cause. The London Assembly unanimously passed a motion supporting mixed-sex civil partnerships, and the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is in favour of opening civil partnerships to all. Conservative MP Tim Loughton’s private members’ bill to give mixed-sex couples the right to a civil partnership has also received cross-party backing. The forces in favour of reform now significantly outnumber those who remain opposed. The tide turned some time ago and there is only so long that the government can continue to swim against it. We won’t rest until the government recognises that opening civil partnerships to mixed-sex couples is fair and popular, and good for families and children. We are confident that it will, eventually, recognise this clear logic. To help us make #equalcivilpartnerships a reality, we ask you to please do the following: 1. Write to your MP and ask them to attend the second reading of Tim Loughton’s private members’ bill on Friday 2nd February 2018. Loughton's bill, entitled Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill 2017-19, would give mixed-sex couples the right to a civil partnership, as well as including mother's names on marriage certificates.   2.     Please sign and share this petition, telling the Minister for Women and Equalities that you support opening up civil partnerships to all: 3.     Please donate: We'll keep you updated with our progress.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for all your support. We literally could never have gotten this far without the incredible support from tens of thousands of people, like you, who, like us, desperately want to see civil partnerships made available to all couples.  Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan ---------------------------- Like our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter:  @EqualCPs Use #equalcivilpartnerships #equallove    

Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld
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Petition to Gateway Housing, Gateway Housing Association

Prevent Pat Shaw Residential Home from clousure

Pat Shaw House is a lovely registered residential care home with 38 bedroom and flat style living spaces  It is facing closure and will leave the residents uprooted and unsettled. I felt compelled to fight against the establishment because I truly believe the community will suffer from this closure. I have written to Gateway Housing Assocoation,  the owners of the property of Pat Shaw House voicing my concerns, but so far have been ignored. The home is less than 10 mins away from Mile End Hospital which provides outside care to residents who get discharged due to the nature of their illness, Pat Shaw House provides an excellent location for patients who fall ill.   Due to illness and the need for 24 hour care, My mother has had to be recommended for residential care. She has recently taken  residence here after a long stay in hospital, she found it very difficult to settle due to the state of care in other residential homes. At Pat Shaw House, the staff treat residents like members of their own family. In previous residential homes, I used to receive calls from my mum crying as she was terrified of how the staff treated her and other residents. But at Pat Shaw House her life has drastically  improved to a remarkable state which I thought I would never see in my mother again. My mother is so much happier and is no longer scared to sleep.  Visiting regularly I am met by friendly staff who always have the time to talk to me about my mums condition. But it’s not just the staff which speak volumes, when I speak to other residents I see healthy and alert people. Unlike past care homes, I felt fear and neglect, but at Pat Shaw House the atmosphere is happy and most of all safe. I cannot tell you how surprised I have been to witness that not all care homes are frightening places. My fear is that, all these vulnerable residents including my mother will suffer the consequences of the clousure of Pat Shaw House. We need to stand up for these people, because they have rights too, but they just don’t have a voice. And so therefore are treated like their lives do not matter to society. But they do matter. We all too will become vulnerable one day, and I just hope that someone will also fight for my existence. Please help me keep Pat Shaw House open and sign the petition, for the present residents but also for the residents of the future. Thank you so much 

Felicity Erebeguono
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Petition to Andy Mellor, Rt Hon Justine Greening MP, Rt Hon Gordon Marsden

End discrimination against children who attend essential appointments

To The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equality, and Andy Mellor, NAHT Vice President  I am writing to you to ask that you reconsider the current policy of rewarding children for 100% attendance. While I appreciate the sentiment behind this policy, I feel it is discriminatory. Please allow me to explain. I am the mother of 9 year old twins, Emily and Ben. Emily and Ben both adore going to school, and this is reflected in their academic record – in recent assessments both children proved to have a reading age of 12 ¾ years, 3 years above their chronological age. Ben is in the top set for Maths, and frequently astounds his teachers with his interest in and retention of facts from non-fiction books. Emily is consistently described as a “joy to teach”, “a credit to the class” and is often appointed to look after new students because of her kind and sensible nature. I am, naturally, very proud of my children and it saddens me that they will never, through no fault of their own, achieve 100% attendance. Emily and Ben both have Phenylketonuria (PKU) – this is a metabolic condition which essentially means their bodies cannot break down the amino acid phenylalanine (phe). If high levels of phe build up in their system, the twins would suffer brain damage resulting in learning difficulties, sensory difficulties and seizures. At the moment the only treatment available is rigorous dietary control of protein intake, daily taking of supplements and frequent blood tests. Emily and Ben are amazing – they rarely complain about the fact that their food is so different from that of their peers, and they even cope with the fortnightly blood tests which are required to ensure their phe levels are within the prescribed limits. Given that my children cope so admirably with this disability on a day to day basis, it saddens me that they will always miss out in the rewards, parties and prizes given to children who achieve 100% attendance. As part of their treatment the twins have to attend quarterly appointments at the specialist metabolic clinic at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. These clinics do not run at weekends, and travelling from Blackpool to Manchester, waiting in a clinic and then travelling back means they often miss a whole day of school. Attendance at these clinics is essential to ensure that the children stay well, and that their dietary control is monitored, and yet they are “punished” because they miss out on the 100% attendance certificates and parties that other children are awarded with. My children do not have a choice, they have to attend these clinics and so making them miss out on a treat seems, at best, unfair and at worst, discriminatory.  The children are very aware that they miss out on these treats. Since I have raised this issue I have met many parents who are also concerned about the "100% attendance" policy and reward scheme implemented by most schools.  Many of these parents have children who have additional needs or long-term medical issues.  These parents are doing the best they can for their children – they take them to Speech Therapy appointments, or consultant appointments, or Physiotherapy appointments – none of which are offered outside of school time, and all of which are essential for a child’s growth and development. As well as a mother, I am a Senior Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, with 17 years of experience. Until recently I worked for the NHS.  As a professional from the NHS I am aware that there is simply not enough time in the working week to see everyone outside of school hours, and yet those children who attend these essential appointments in school time are unfairly penalised. Again, this seems discriminatory.   Surely we should be encouraging schools and their pupils to value achievements, effort and everyone's well-being over "just being there all the time".  Many parents report being encouraged to send children to school ill, thus increasing the risk to others - especially those children who may have lowered immunity.   I would ask that: * The attendance policy is revised so that children who attend essential appointments within school hours are not penalised, or made to feel any more different from their peers. It would be easy for parents to provide evidence that their child is indeed attending a hospital or therapy appointment with a letter, appointment card or text message and if these were discounted from the child’s overall attendance it would allow children and their parents to attend essential appointments without fear of being penalised. * The antiquated idea of "100% attendance" is reviewed - instead, a more modern and inclusive policy of rewarding achievements, effort and behaviour is considered.   I look forward to hearing your reply on this matter.Yours sincerely, Corrina Lunn

Corrina Lunn
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