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Petition to Embassy- , Jeremy Hunt, U.S. Senate, UK Parliament

Possible Prejudice Against Child For Life Changing Treatment

An appeal to all - WE ONLY HAVE 7 DAYS.  To the U.K Parliament, U.S Embassy in London, U.S Senate! Help!! Ayden is a sweet, innocent little boy who was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy - a genetic disorder- which has meant that all his life he has been unable to stand or walk. To his parents disbelief, he was recently invited by U.S doctors to participate in a 12-month clinical trial in Florida from the 20th of July, which could stop the relentless progression of this disease. An opportunity any loving parent would grab in order to help their child's life, or at least, to ease their pain. However, their application for a B2 medical visa was rejected yesterday by the U.S embassy in London and placed under review, which could take months! His parents are both upstanding British nationals, and have traveled frequently to the USA on ESTA's leaving little room to understand why they are being denied this precious chance to save their child, other than who they may be. They left everything here in Kenya where they had recently moved to, so they could pursue this treatment...and are devastated by the current outcome. As a story I've gotten to know more of through mutual friends, it breaks my heart. I must support them, and can only hope for the kindness of strangers.  Please all! Lets come together and save Ayden's life! Let us get this to the right people! and help save a child's future! In number we are strong. Bless you all!

Melissa-Marie Waithera
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Petition to Deputy District Judge Lewis

Help Raurie end discrimination in the workplace.

In October 2017 I was dismissed from employment on the grounds of gross misconduct due to an incident that occurred within the workplace. An incident in which I provoked into. I had attempted to submit my resignation due to mistreatment at work but my employer knew the impact this would have on their reputation so instead attempted to dismiss me because of my social media content. Social media content that was making people laugh and bringing inspiration to those in need. My employer were always aware of my social media and it had never been a problem however, in this instance they used it as an excuse to get rid of me. At the time I was severely mentally ill and was subject to discriminant behaviour from my employer towards my mental health and my sexuality within the workplace. The employer in question took out an injunction to prevent me from speaking out about them upon my dismissal. They claimed that this was to protect their employees and business interests however the truth is, the injunction only prevents free speech and prevents me from speaking out about the way I was mistreated. I would interpret this as a breach of my human rights. The employer have attempted to block me from speaking out about this because they know the damage this can cause to their reputation and rightly so. They are a leading housing provider and work with lots of vulnerable people who also suffer from mental health conditions so it is in the public interest that my story be shared so that others can reach their own conclusion based on two sides of the story and not just one. The employer in question are using the injunction to cover up their mistreatment of me. It is in the public interest that my story is heard. This is only the beginning of my fight but by being able to speak out about my experience, I will be able to bring about a change that will prevent others from experiencing what I had to endure. I understand I did not always act professional but in comparison, my behaviour was down the fact I was being mistreated and standing up for myself. I have now submitted paperwork to the county court to have the injunction overturned so I can name and shame this employer. In addition I have lodged paperwork with the employment and tribunal service to have my case heard for unfair dismissal. Should I not be successful, I intend to take my fight all the way to the Supreme Court. I will not stop fighting until I bring a change that prevents others from being discriminated against for ANYTHING. Everyone is individual and equal. Everyone has a voice. Everyone deserves to be heard. I intend to change the way people are treated in the workplace. Have you ever been the victim of discrimination? Do you know someone who has? Would you like it to happen to a family member or a friend? I don't think you would. We are all given an education at school so we are in the best position to go out and work. It's the only way most of us can survive. Why would we be subject to this behaviour? We are in this together and we need to stop this from happening. Please sign my petition and show your support. Together, we can bring a change that needs to happen. 

Raurie Williams
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Petition to Minister for Women and Equalities Penny Mordaunt MP, Minister for Women Victoria Atkins MP

Open civil partnerships to all

We’re Rebecca and Charles, we have a toddler called Eden, a baby called Ariel, and we want to cement and celebrate our relationship by having a civil partnership. But we can’t because the Civil Partnership Act 2004 states: ‘Two people are not eligible to register as civil partners of each other if … they are not of the same sex.’ We met in 2010, became engaged in 2013, and together we were involved in the fight for same-sex marriage within our community. It is fantastic social progress that couples can now marry regardless of sex or sexual orientation. We’ve been left, however, with a hangover from this important reform: Civil partnerships are still only available to same-sex couples. This limits the choice for mixed-sex couples, like us, who want to form a civil partnership - a modern institution that provides similar legal status and financial protections as marriage. The current system doesn’t make sense and needs to be brought into line with places such as Holland and New Zealand where couples can choose between marriage and civil partnership. Opening civil partnerships to all would bring the law up to date with the reality of family life: 3 million cohabiting couples with 2 million dependent children, all of whom currently lack the protection of marriage and choice of civil partnership. From a personal perspective, the legacy of marriage – that it treated women as property for centuries, excluded same-sex couples until 2014, and still leaves room only for fathers’ names on marriage certificates – means that marriage is not an option for us. We want to raise our children as equal partners and feel that a civil partnership – a modern, symmetrical institution – sets the best example for them. Sadly, the government has taken a different view. But with your support, we mounted a successful legal challenge to their position. In June 2018, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the current situation is discriminatory, cannot be justified, and is therefore unlawful. Consequently, the judges made a 'Declaration of Incompatibility,' giving the Government both the duty and the power to equalise civil partnerships.  Now we need to turn our legal win into a political win. The Minister for Women and Equalities, Penny Mordant MP, has already publicly assured the UK’s leading LGBT organisation, Stonewall, that civil partnerships will be retained for same-sex couples.  Therefore, there is only one option to answer the Supreme Court's call for equality: to extend civil partnerships to all. So we're pressing Ms. Mordaunt to open civil partnerships to all either by introducing fast-track legislation or by supporting Conservative MP Tim Loughton’s private members’ bill. We've already generated extensive cross-party parliamentary support for our cause. The London Assembly unanimously passed a motion supporting mixed-sex civil partnerships, and the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is in favour of opening civil partnerships to all.  The forces in favour of reform now significantly outnumber those who remain opposed. The tide turned some time ago and there is only so long that the government can continue to swim against it. We won’t rest until the government recognises that opening civil partnerships to mixed-sex couples is fair and popular, and good for families and children. We are confident that it will, eventually, recognise this clear logic. To help us make #equalcivilpartnerships a reality, we ask you to please do the following: 1. Please sign and share this petition, telling the Minister for Women and Equalities that you support opening up civil partnerships to all: 2. Write to your MP and ask them to support Tim Loughton’s private members’ bill, entitled Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill 2017-19, which would give mixed-sex couples the right to a civil partnership, as well as including mother's names on marriage certificates. 3. Please support our efforts by making a financial contribution to the campaign: We'll keep you updated with our progress.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for all your support. We literally could never have gotten this far without the incredible support from tens of thousands of people, like you, who, like us, desperately want to see civil partnerships made available to all couples.  Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan ---------------------------- Like our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter:  @EqualCPs Use #equalcivilpartnerships #equallove    

Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld
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