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Petition to Elizabeth Warren, Charles Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Pat Toomey, President of the United States, U.S. Department of State, Robert Casey

Temporary ease of sanctions on Iran to aid earthquake survivors

A terrible earthquake hit a large area on the Iran-Iraq border on November 12, 2017 around 21:48PM local time. More than a hundred aftershock tremors are still striking the area, preventing people from traveling back home, entering their homes, or moving inside the towns. In particular, the town of Sarpol e-Zahab, a locality of about 36,000 inhabitants, was one of the most affected areas. Here, the death toll rose to 236 people, and thousands of injured people continue to need medical attention 24 hours later. Rescue teams are still unearthing bodies. Among the casualties are innocent children, whose access to medical care is precarious and who cannot return to school in the near future, as schools have been severely damaged. Many inhabitants lost their home, and their children are forced to sleep in cars and in tents in a weather bordering on winter. While international NGOs are on the ground in Iraq offering relief to those affected, it is very difficult to get into Iran and help in the areas mostly damaged by the trembler. The US sanctions placed on Iran prevent much aid from being sent to where it is most needed right now. While the US Department of State issued a message of sympathy on November 13, 2017, ( much more can be done. The US has the ability to help. Many people want and can help, but sending aid to Iran is nearly impossible without a temporary ease of sanctions on humanitarian aid. Former US President, Barack Obama and his administration temporarily eased the sanctions in 2012 for 45 days, when a deadly earthquake hit Iran on August 11. Under the lift, NGOs were able to transfer up to $300,000 in funds to Iran at that time to help those affected. We ask President Donald Trump and the US Senate to please allow a similar ease of sanctions to help the children of Iran who lost homes and family in the earthquake. Mr. President, Senators Casey and Toomey, please support humanitarianism. Please allow aid to be sent to Iran. Thank you.

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Petition to Everyone who listens to music;

If everyone who listened to "Despacito" donated $5, we could give more help to Puerto Rico

Sign, Donate, Share! For anyone who’s ever listened to the widely popular song, “Despacito,” you’re in good company. About 4.2 billion people have viewed this song on YouTube. That’s more than HALF of the world’s ENTIRE population. This song was created by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee (remix with Justin Bieber). Luis Fonsi was born in Puerto Rico (1). Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, was devastated by Category 4 Hurricane Maria on September 20th. Despite FEMA, the National Guard and federal aid, Puerto Ricans are still suffering AND dying. About 86% of the people are still without power (as of October 16th) (2). This has affected businesses, homes, and schools, limiting people’s ability to live and work. People are relying on generators, including hospitals (3). The New York Times reports, getting power back on the island “will be daunting and expensive” (4). Donate $5 to Puerto Rico - that's cheaper than eating ONE meal To make matters worse, 85% of cellphone towers and phone/internet cables were knocked out (5). This made personal and relief communication very difficult (6). About 60,000 people on the island were already without power before Hurricane Maria hit (7). This is because Puerto Rico was hit by Category 5 Hurricane Irma earlier on September 7th. Hurricane Maria was the 5th strongest hurricane to ever hit the U.S. (8). Donate $5 to Puerto Rico - that's cheaper than popcorn at the movie theater Donate via Paypal For Americans reading this, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. This means that its 3.4 million inhabitants are U.S. citizens. However, only about 54% of Americans knew that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens (9). These U.S. citizens deserve the same humanitarian and federal response as Texas and Florida.  There is a simple and effective way you can help! If anyone who’s ever listened to “Despacito” donated at least $1, we would be able to raise billions of dollars for relief aid to Puerto Rico That's the cost of one, fast food meal! Less than the cost of medium popcorn at the movie theater! Think about how you love the talent and song from Puerto Rico. La Perla is where the magic of Despacito was born and it is TOTALLY destroyed. They have NO WATER, NO FOOD.   This is your way to give back in a meaningful way. All proceeds directly go to Puerto Rico Rises ( These volunteers are ON the ground, collecting food and water to distribute directly to neighborhoods throughout Puerto Rico. They work with national and international partners.  Sign the petition, share with your friends, and donate! Donate $5 to Puerto Rico  Donate via Paypal @PuertoRicoRises ***This idea came from Trevor Noah at the Daily Show (10).  1. sis-at-puerto-ricos-hospitals/ 541131/4. to-rico-power.html?hp&action= click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSou rce=story-heading&module= first-column-region&region= top-news&WT.nav=top-news5. t-communicate-in-puerto-rico? source=twitter&via=desktop7. /puerto-rico-hurricane-maria- electricity-relief-dam- breaking8. linkId=425607849. americans-dont-know-people-in- puerto-ricoans-are-fellow-citi zens.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smty p=cur&_r=010. -trevor-noah-it-s-time-to-pay- back-puerto-rico  

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