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Real estate attorney taking family home from his disabled brother

Hi my name is Marcus Forman. I am a disabled adult living in my family home of 40 years. I'm writing this with the assistance of my direct support staff but all thoughts are my own.  My parents have always planned to support me to remain in the house for the rest of my life and pass this house to their grandchildren after I die. Suddenly, under the influence of my brother Jason (who is a real estate attorney), my father Stuart filed to take the house away and force the sale of the house through divorce action after over 50 years of marriage. My father would never do this to me on his own. My father is 75 years old and has self admitted to not being able to make his own decisions. I know he still loves me and would never allow me to be homeless and I know he would not want my mother to be homeless either but my brother is manipulating my father for ownership of the house. My mother and I will be kicked out of our home based on the decision made on August 7th by Judge Smith because if my mother and father don't come to an agreement on their own then Maryland law requires sale of the house. My brother Jason is forbidding my father to come to an agreement. My father wants to sign an agreement to allow us to stay in the house but he is afraid he will be kicked out of my brother's condo, where he now stays rent free at the beach, if he signs the agreement. My brother wants the money from the house for himself. I have been estranged and afraid of my brother for years and have not talked to him since then. He would never support me after my mother dies and does not care for my well being. In fact he would just hurt me. My mother's plans to afford to keep me in the house for the rest of my life will be ruined if the judge forces the sale of the house. I'm not capable of living on my own because of my disabilities, social and medical, and without a home to live in I will lose the support staff provided through my Medicaid waiver disability program. Due to my intrusive behaviors I cannot live in an apartment or townhouse community so I must have my support staff with me 1:1 at all times to protect me from being victimized and to make sure I don't bother people too much with my silly questions and attention seeking behaviors. Also, my support staff drives me around because I have a seizure disorder and cannot drive. I cannot go anywhere successfully on my own.  Without my family home or support staff I cannot continue my non-profit landscaping that I've been doing for 25 years. If I don't have any work to do to make people's houses look pretty I will, in addition to losing my home, also lose my job and have no more funding from my disability program to pay for my support staff. What am I going to do with myself? I hope you can help me in keeping me in my family home so I can have the safety of the police who know me, my neighbors who are accepting of me, the doctors who treat me with respect, the hospitals who take me in when my chest pains become unbearable, and most importantly the security of my house so I can live and play all year long without threat of being victimized from strangers. Please help stop me from becoming homeless by signing my petition. Your signature could help save my life. Thank you.  

Marcus Forman
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Dont penalize Child eligibility for SSI benefits for parents doing what's right & working!

My son's disability SSI benefits were terminated after I got married to his Stepdad! Saying we as the two parents had to much earned income. However, if my husband were to adopt my son, it would release the biology father from all financial responsibility. Because when adopting "you take on financial responsibility"  So how does this even make sense! If step dad isnt financially responsible until adoption. How can the government use his income when calculating SSI benefits??? I was told he can reapply when hes 18. Cause parents income would not be a factor then.  Disabled children should get their benefits regardless of income anyhow. At least a portion. Make a max and min. Not disqualification all together. I'm sure each family would be thankful for the help even if it was a minimal amount. At least it doesn't feel like they are saying our child needs arent important. And the struggle we have financially doesn't matter. One of my sons medications is over 1500-2000 a month! This is more than I make a month. Someone needs to make a change. These children shouldn't have to be penalized because we as parents want to set good examples and do the right thing by being honest and making a living to support our family's instead of lie to get around the system or not work to collect off the government!  

Tamara Carmichael
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