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Petition to Israeli parlament, our jewish supporters in USA and the world and the population in Israel

A disabled person is not a half of a person. Disabled people in Israel live in misery !!!!

Disabled people in Israel live for about 15 years without a raise on the pension they get after they worked and payed enshorance all their working life about 600$ per month, sum wich is impossible to live from. For most of them this sum doesn't cover their rent even. Those people live in continuously misery, poorly, always thinking a few times what to do with the money: to pay the rent, taxes, to buy food, medicine or pay for their treatments...because all those are impossible to reach...not in a dream even. People live in fealty places because their unability to clean, they are some we can see more and at some you can't even see (cancer, depression, CFS, etc...can't be seen but are disabeling not less then physical disability)...if they decide to pay the rent they'll die of hunger or without their medicine. If they will buy their medicine and some money is invested in food, they are risking to live on the streets because not paying the rent will get you out on the streets. PLEASE SIGN AND SUPORT PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. They deserve a propper raise...THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE...wich should be equaled with minimum salary on the market, not like they are trying to do now less then 100$ add wich will help with almost nothing. That should happen imediately and AT ONCE...not parted like a loan to be payed along the years. People need to live NOW, many of them won't survive "along the years".

Rozalia Robin
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Petition to Nicosia Municipal Council, Nicosia Mayor's Office

Pedestrianise Xanthis Xenierou Street in Old Nicosia

Summary in Greek follows. Xanthis Xenierou Street is a historic road within the walls of old Nicosia. It is gaining a well-deserved reputation as an arts and music street, adding to the capital's cultural profile and reputation.  As residents and the owners of Sarah's Jazz Club on number 35 Xanthis Xenierou, we are concerned about the safety of pedestrians and the disabled because the road is only about the size of a driveway. It is unusually narrow, just five meters wide, and the sidewalks are almost non-existent, barely 0.5 meters wide. This is because the road is very old. To update the sidewalks to the regulation 1.5 meters wide would leave only two meters travel path, making it impossible for cars to access. As any access road must be at least three meters wide, you can see the problem. There is too much traffic for such a small road and at the same time, residents and other drivers use the road for parking, making it even more narrow. Theoretically the zone allows for this but the old yellow lines haven't been erased yet. As the best solution, we propose pedestrianising the road up to Areos Street with a barrier at the top of the road where it offshoots from OXI roundabout and up to the end of the block at Areos. It would be accessible by car only for residents and the local businesses with pre-paid access cards from the Municipality. There would be no need for extensive and expensive roadworks, a simple access barrier would do.  This would beautify the neighborhood and reduce pollution in an area with many protected houses. It would raise money for the municipality at the same time.  Once pedestrianised, the road is easily replaced for drivers going into the old city by immediate alternate routes via Tricoupi. This would also help the disabled access the cultural and social events held on a frequent basis on Xanthis Xenierou. Currently, the Nicosia traffic wardens force Sarah's Jazz Club to remove the disabled access, claiming it extends into the road. This contradicts the regulation that all public places must have a ramp for the disabled. Pedestrianising the road would resolve the resident's parking, disabled access and safety issues fully, given there is a large municipal parking lot at OXI and anyone visiting the area would be able to park there and not randomly on this narrow street.  Adding to the benefits of pedestrianising the road, pollution would be reduced. The Canyon Effect is what happens in narrow streets with buildings. The car fumes get trapped in the space between the buildings and hang there, damaging the house facades and the residents' health.  If you agree with the logic of our proposal, please sign our petition which will then be sent to the Municipal Council for approval of our proposal. Thank you! Αυτή η ράμπα πρέπει να παραμείνει έξω από την είσοδο του Sarah's Jazz Club, επειδή οι ανάπηροι χρειάζονται πρόσβαση για να απολαύσουν τα πολιτιστικά γεγονότα. Ο δρόμος είναι πολύ στενός για να είναι ασφαλής για τους πεζούς και τα άτομα με ειδικές ανάγκες επειδή τα αυτοκίνητα επιταχύνουν εδώ, υπογράψτε την αίτησή μας για την οδό Ξάνθης Ξενιέρου για να γίνει πεζοδρομημένη περιοχή.

Sarah Fenwick
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Petition to Edinboro University

Save the Attendant Care Program

My email written to Interim President Hannan of Edinboro University: This email is being written in regards to the rash decision made by executive staff at Edinboro University. First, I would like to give you a little background information about myself. My name is Alyssa Briglio, I’m 20 years old, and I’m attending Edinboro University to complete my bachelors degree in biology. I am slightly different than traditional college students since I am wheelchair bound due to a progressive form of muscular dystrophy. I’ve required extensive personal care my whole life and will continue to require it as my disease progresses. Yet, the one thing unaffected by my disease is my brain and I hope to put it to the test by becoming a pediatric neurologist. Edinboro University, for at least the past 30 years, has been known around the country for their 24/7 personal care staff and other disability related services. This service is vital to my success as a student, and if nothing else, to my existence. Yet beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, this service will be terminated. We will be left with an outside agency to cover around 36 students needs. I can say from personal experience that this is not effective. This decision was made without the input from the students and senior staff members directly involved in the program. Edinboro University should realize that taking this program away is equivalent to taking the students’ independence away. They should realize that there is no correlation between the functionality of our legs and the functionality of our brains. They should realize that although we may need to be lifted out of bed, or need help picking something up off the floor, or need medication placed on our tongues because we simply can’t reach our mouths, we deserve a fair chance at getting an education in a place where we feel safe. If Edinboro prides themselves on their diverse campus and numerous disability services, why would they want to abolish it? I live with 35 students who fear that their degrees will never be completed because of this change. I know staff who have put in 30+ years of work into this program and got handed their notices while on duty today. I know Edinboro University is better than this and I will not give up until my voice and all of the other affected voices are heard. Help us keep the ability to attend college without worry of being stranded in bed. Sincerely, Alyssa Briglio

Sitting Scots
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