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auto enrollment to Social Security for Veterans who are 100% unemployable by Dept. VA

Currently VETERANS that are deemed 100% Unemployable (THEY CANNOT WORK) through the Department of Veterans Affairs (a Federal Department) must apply, prove, be evaluated, ALL OVER AGAIN for Social Security (another federal department). Also, once on social security the state department can and will inform you that you’re ready to return to work at any given moment and stop your payments when your STILL Unemployable by the Department Of Veterans Affairs. Most Veterans that are 100% unemployable have been to countless doctors, specialist, evaluations, for years. Veterans are losing money, vehicles, going in dept., losing homes, and can’t feed their family. This makes no sense! They must appeal this process and start over while already unemployable. If you are a military veteran and deemed 100% Unemployable by the Department of Veterans Affairs (federal Department) You should be AUTOMATICALLY enrolled into Social Security (federal Department) without claim and it should remain in place while unemployable. Why should a veteran have to go back and forth to doctors and do the entire process over and over when already proven unemployable by another federal department? We need a law to change this…it is broken. Please sign this petition to make it an automatic enrollment to Social Security for veterans who are 100% unemployable by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Also, ensure they stay on without fear of losing their benefits by them being revoked from social security the remainder they are deemed unemployable.

Tim Thurman
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