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Petition to Theresa Griffin, Julie Ward, Wajid Khan, Lucy Powell MP, Ann Coffey MP

NORTH WEST COUNCILS: Make it mandatory for changing places facilities!

Because of my daughter I see the world through different eyes, she does not speak but she has plenty to say. I am her support. I am her voice. Together we can help make a change.  Starting with Changing places toilets being added to large establishments, Eventually making them mandatory.  Stockport. A town where 18.64% are disabled and 8.44% classed as severely limited. A town where there are 41 public toilets but only ONE changing places facility.  My daughter Olivia, is almost five years old and has Perivntricular Luekomalacia a severe form of brain damage which has resulted in Quadriplegic cerebral palsy. As a result of this she's a full time wheelchair user, she can not sit unaided walk unaided or support herself in anyway. The world needs to be brought to her for her to fully enjoy it. Sadly as she's getting older it's becoming more and more difficult for this to happen. Certain places we would love to take her we simply can not because of something so simple, inadequate toilet facilities. All that stands between her and enjoying days out with her family is a suitable toilet, hoist and changing bench. She's not alone, in fact 1/4 of the uk population require the same facilities yet there not available. I want her future to be as bright as any parent wants for their child. Despite her disabilities and health she is one of the happiest little girls I know, however I see a dark cloud on her journey through life. She's unable to tell me when she needs the toilet therefore she's still in nappies. When I need to change her I am faced with an accessible disabled toilet which is great for size but not for equipment we need. I am faced with Nothing to change her on my ONLY option is the floor.  As well as the floor being unsanitary, unhygienic it's incredibly undignified. It's completely unacceptable I wouldn't Lay down on it, would you? What about severely disabled teenagers & adults? Changing places association launched its campaign in 2006 on behalf of people who can not use standard accessible toilets. Over 1/4 million people require these facilities despite this there are only 1070 across the UK. It shouldn’t be a matter of cost when it comes to providing facilities for disabled people but it is.  CHANGING PLACES TOILETS SHOULD BE EVERYWHERE ABLE-BODIED PEOPLE EXPECT TO USE THE TOILET PLEASE HELP ME & THOUSANDS OF DISABLED PEOPLE ACROSS THE UK.

Nicole McClean
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Petition to Redditch Borough Council

Reinstate free swimming for disabled people in Redditch

We the undersigned recognise the health benefits of swimming for disabled citizens and therefore call upon Redditch Borough Council to reverse its plans to introduce charges for disabled people, including injured veterans. BACKGROUND The Labour Party in Redditch voted in favour of a range of cuts and changes to the Reddicard scheme on 12th September 2017. These include the introduction of affordability-based charges for disabled users. It will be done by bringing in a new 'Active Redditch' card, scrapping the Reddicard scheme from January 2018. The option the Labour Party voted for is known as 'Option 2' in the report from Council officers. Option 2 includes: A provision that: "Disabled users of the service that currently access free of charge will be subject to an affordability based charge." (Page 12) The above provision is concerning in regards to veterans who have left the Armed Forces and have acquired a disability following their service to our country. It is not clear if they will be subjected to the means testing described above.  Removal of free swimming for some over-60s based on affordability. Those deemed able to pay will be charged £2.10. It is suggested some form of means testing may be carried out to understand which pensioners can afford to pay £2.10 or not. Removal of the Reddicard scheme from January 2018, meaning those people who currently qualify for a Reddicard may have to pay for a new 'Active Redditch' card. The Conservative Party in Redditch voted against these measures. Whilst the Conservative Party in Redditch recognises the need to balance the books it has never supported any proposal that would remove free swimming for disabled people.  The report that provides full details is here: The provision relating to disabled users is buried on Page 12. It says: "Disabled users of the service that currently access free of charge will be subject to an affordability based charge." Coverage in the local press has focussed only on the over-60s element. The press (present at the meeting) has not reported on the provisions related to disabled people.   

Mike Rouse
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