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Raise Special Needs Awareness,Victimised By Social Services&Their Legal Child Trafficking!

Hi my name is Sherrie Chapman.I am the mother to my beautiful 2 year old son Boy L ( Cannot disclose names for Legal purposes . ) I am grieving for my son along with thousands of other British families that are grieving for a child which is still alive . Boy L has special needs he has limited language so partially non verbal and hearing difficulties. Boy L says 3 words but communicates in other ways. Please help me raise awareness for SEN and special needs children and the importance of referring them onto courses such as MAKATON to help parents and children communicate. It should not be acceptable for society to discriminate against disability and young children not meeting their communication milestone threshold. Why should the children be punished for not meeting mainstream threshold? I refer to the process as legalised human trafficking . Thousands of children run away each year from abusive foster families each year and forcefully taken back to the abusive establishments or another home . The children are cut off from family and friends and many are abused in the system that claims they ' safeguard ' children. I'm not saying all carers are bad but the business is corrupt and money orientated . Social services bully,victimise and discriminate vulnerable families .  Thousands of people including myself felt obligated to communicate with Social services but eventually it gets to the point you cannot meet all the appointments announced / unannounced . We are brainwashed to see the authority as a 'friend' but really the day you accept any help even if you didn't ask for it they have their foot in the door and begin to twist and fabricate reports . They can make the most compliant , respected human appear to be a reckless unstable danger and then your child's fate really is in the governments fate. Reports from one family are often used to  grade a totally different family . Thoughts and feelings aren't apart of the care proceedings process which is why the courts are referred to as 'silent courts ' not only my own experience has made me question the quality of service given but other people's stories. The police need a warrant to enter a private property  yet we allow social workers to enter our home to take our children so freely. Social workers bully , victimise and play families off against one another in order to take the child against the will of the parents in order to reach targets and make money. The child's wishes and feelings are rarely taken into account even if they are an age to say what they want. Abuse that happens in a looked after placement is often played down or projected back onto the parents by claiming it's their fault. They will never admit to any harm being caused which is why you must record everything and document everything .  Social services can't be sure of my sons special needs despite seeing copies of his disability paperwork and have unfairly accused me of neglecting Boy L I have been fighting for months to keep Boy L with me and had been successful until Thursday 26th October I lost the fight. Boy L was separated from me for the first time since his birth Spring 2015 ( cannot give exact date to avoid being in contempt. ) His violent father wanted him to go into the system but I'm not backing down. I want Boy L  to be reunited with family at home in January with his family. I need your support to make this happen. Please read the page and share this petition, I will be eternally grateful for any help towards this cause. My little boy was discriminated for not meeting his communication milestones. I have mild depression that's under the GP's control. I do not even receive the maximum dose of medication. Social services exaggerated this stating I had attachment issues and that Boy L may turn out like me if he was to stay with me. I was unfairly labelled as having BPD and yet receive no medication for this illness no referrals elsewhere and nothing on my records to prove I have BPD. There were slanderous comments made by social workers to only be told that I was an attention seeker and exaggerating Boy L's special needs. Social Services refused to let me say goodbye to my son nor did they ask about his medicals, his red book, allergies, appointments etc. They didn't take any of his clothes nor his belongings from home to help him settle the day he was removed from me. After I left court I was under the impression I'd be involved in the handover of my son to make this less stressful for him but when I went to the nursery to see him I was told by two women I was not allowed to say goodbye and was to stand outside (in the rain) and wait for the social worker to come. (I was not told when this would be) I was not allowed to enter the premises and was treated like a criminal. I waited at home with his bags packed but the social worker didn't collect it. The following day I brought the bag to contact. Boy L was crying and screaming before entering the room. He rushed to me when he saw me and clung on to me. It was clear he hadn't eaten or drank anything. He ate the packed lunch I made him and was even eating the crumbs out the carpet. He's anxious and scared. He has little understanding of what's going on. It breaks my heart. Since in care he's had bruises and cuts. Different stories were told and the social worker did not make it his priority to check that day the marks on Boy L's face . Coincidently the camera was not working but I got evidence of this despite the camera not working .  The court process causes emotional harm and breaks families apart . It causes adults and children emotional trauma and can impact the results on a child's health and wellbeing. This is often not taken into account.  My son has been to countless nurseries and medical examinations. The Authority place families in emergency accommodations that are full of alcoholics and drugs users. They ask if you can sofa surf with children at friends or family addresses . Like this would be healthy for a new family ? When you wait to finally get a settled permanent place of your own they take your children for no good reason other than ' potential risks.'  These past few months have been the worst of my life . I have been called a child abuser by professionals and in one report read that I should not be around my god child as I'm unstable and the LA need to find out the details of that child immediately. I am ashamed to call myself a British citezen. I love and adore my little man. I'm  fighting for him day and night.  I dedicate all my time to the case and advising others in the same situation in hope we will be reunited again . 

Sherrie Chapman
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Petition to United Nations

Offer Charlotte Fien position at UN human rights council

A few weeks ago, UN human rights expert Mr Ben Achour declared that one should not accept to let a disabled fetus live, and used the exemple of Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) to illustrate disabilities that should be prevented by abortion. Here is a translation of part of his speech : "I myself am an ardent defender of the handicapped and I understand very well that society and the State have to do everything possible to protect handicapped, help them, and ensure they have a life, a possible living. But that does not mean that we have to accept to let a disabled foetus live. This is a preventive measure. If you tell a woman “Your child has Dow… ” — what is it called? Down syndrome, dawn syndrome — if you tell her that, isn’t it, or that he may have a handicap forever, for the rest of his life, you should make this woman… it should be possible for her to resort to abortion to avoid the handicap as a preventive measure." In response, Ms Charlotte Fien, self avocate with Down Syndrome, pleaded for her right to live and the right of her community to live. She rightfully demanded an apology from Mr Ben Achour for his discriminatory comment, and offered her services to the UN as an expert on Down Syndrome to replace Mr Ben Achour. "Dear Mr. Ben-Achour, I have seen you, Mr. Ben-Achour. A member of the Human Rights Council suggest that people like me should be aborted up to birth. Mr. Ben-Achour, your comments about people with Down syndrome deeply offended me. I felt you attacked me for being who I am. Who am I, Mr. Ben-Achour? I’m a human being just like you. Our only difference is an extra chromosome. My extra chromosome makes me far more tolerant than you, sir. I want to speak to you about the world’s goal to eradicate people like me. Around the world, more than 90% of babies known to have Down syndrome are being aborted. Aborted up to the day they are due to be born, in many cases. A test that can check for hundreds of things including gender is being used to search and destroy for Down syndrome. In many countries where female babies are considered undesirable, they’re aborted. The world is concerned about this issue and think it’s horrible. But you are not concerned about targeting Down syndrome for eradication? Why is that, Mr. Ben-Achour? If any other heritable traits like skin colour were used to eradicate a group of people, the world would cry out. Why are you not crying out when people like me are being made extinct? What have WE done to make you want us to disappear? As far as I know my community doesn’t hate, discriminate, or commit crimes. I keep hearing you use the word suffering in relation to Down syndrome. I don’t know anyone with Down syndrome that is suffering. The ONLY thing we have to suffer are horrible people who want to make us extinct. I have a brilliant life. I have a family that loves me. I have great friends. I have an active social life. I’m studying at University and have goals to become a writer. I want to get married one day and maybe even have a baby. Mr. Ben-Achour, if you have your way those goals will NEVER happen. What you are suggesting is eugenics. It’s disgusting and EVIL. You need to apologise for your horrible comments. You should also be removed from the Human Rights Council as an expert. You are not an expert about Down syndrome. You sir, do not speak for my community. The Human Rights Council needs people who will genuinely fight for the rights of others who are being oppressed. I suggest that the Human Rights Council appoint me as an expert. I will fight for our right to exist for the rest of my life." I support Ms Fien's application to be employed by the UN human rights council as an expert on disability and on the rights of people with disabilities to replace the current, grossly underqualified, expert.

Marie R
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Petition to Robert Goodwill MP, Department of Health, Justine Greening MP, Anne Longfield Children's Commissioner

#theseareourchildren We must unite our voice, They will be heard, Stand with us for them.

#TheseAreOurChildren - Asking for a cross party agreement for Education for our Children and their Rights ‘My child experienced the 'system' at its worst. I couldn't prevent her pain and horrific experience. It’s 2017. It’s time for real change in the system. It’s outdated and it’s failing on every level. Our exceptional children deserve a modern education that encompasses all of their needs. Every child matters (or did we forget that) and every child has equal worth and has a right to a life with real purpose without fear of maltreatment or ‘babysitting’. It’s time our children were heard’. Elly, Ella’s Mum ‘My child deserves to thrive….What matters most is listening to what she can't say’. Jane, Holly’s Mum 'We are our children's voice, all of our children. For those who cannot speak, those who aren't heard and those who face uncertainty daily. We have to be courageous and stand together'  Mark, Harvey’s Dad We have listened and read so many stories from parents about their Exceptional Children and what is happening daily in our country, a first world country. Parents of children with additional needs are expected to be Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, EHCP experts and expert in many more roles daily. We are expected to have endless funds and have the equivalent of SAS training in sleep deprivation. We are then ignored; bullied and intimidated when things go wrong or don’t work because the system didn’t listen to us or our children. The broken system shuts down or around us, our children suffer and our hearts break over and over again.  Eleanor King spoke for our children, thank you Eleanor for your amazing words, clarity of understanding and support: Under Lock and Key Spoken Word We ask the following of our petitioned parties: We want to know why is it acceptable to use restraint or methods of force with our children in schools both residential and non-residential and have improper or no investigation of their injuries or mental distress. Our children's challenging behaviour is a COMMUNICATION. It is not an invitation to strip them of their self-worth and dignity. Where is the guidance on Restrictive Interventions and why is there no mandatory guidance to ensure Positive Behaviour Support and training/standards across the UK? It is 2017 not 1907. We want a whistle blowing service for parents and families. Those in employment to 'support' our children have one so why are we discriminated against? Why do we have to go through years of 'complaint processes' when things go wrong, and the outcome leaves our children no better off? We want a mandatory level of qualification/skill to be able to work with and educate our exceptional children. We want further mandatory training for all those working with our exceptional children at every level, relevant to specific disability or need. Would you employ a gardener to do specialised welding work? No, you wouldn't and the HSE wouldn't allow it either. We are made accountable for everything, every day for our children – WE WANT accountability from the system. No More Excuses…we will not allow our children to continue to bear the brunt of the failing system, be hurt or mentally scarred by their experience or blamed for rising social care costs because they haven’t been Respected, Listened to or Educated when they have every right to be a part of society and learn and develop like any other child. We do not accept low levels of unskilled support and lack of accountability as an excuse anymore. We don’t accept that Joint Commissioning isn’t working; we don’t accept that EHCPs are in the mess they are, we don’t accept that the UNCRC recommendations are ignored. And we DO NOT accept that our children can be maltreated in ANY way. We demand change and that we as the experts in our children are strategically involved to deliver such change. We ask for cross party agreement for our Children's Education and Rights to enable longevity in solution to the current failing system.  #TheseAreOurChildren - all of our children.  

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Petition to Theresa Griffin, Julie Ward, Wajid Khan, Lucy Powell MP, Ann Coffey MP

NORTH WEST COUNCILS: Make it mandatory for changing places facilities!

Because of my daughter I see the world through different eyes, she does not speak but she has plenty to say. I am her support. I am her voice. Together we can help make a change.  Starting with Changing places toilets being added to large establishments, Eventually making them mandatory.  Stockport. A town where 18.64% are disabled and 8.44% classed as severely limited. A town where there are 41 public toilets but only ONE changing places facility.  My daughter Olivia, is almost five years old and has Perivntricular Luekomalacia a severe form of brain damage which has resulted in Quadriplegic cerebral palsy. As a result of this she's a full time wheelchair user, she can not sit unaided walk unaided or support herself in anyway. The world needs to be brought to her for her to fully enjoy it. Sadly as she's getting older it's becoming more and more difficult for this to happen. Certain places we would love to take her we simply can not because of something so simple, inadequate toilet facilities. All that stands between her and enjoying days out with her family is a suitable toilet, hoist and changing bench. She's not alone, in fact 1/4 of the uk population require the same facilities yet there not available. I want her future to be as bright as any parent wants for their child. Despite her disabilities and health she is one of the happiest little girls I know, however I see a dark cloud on her journey through life. She's unable to tell me when she needs the toilet therefore she's still in nappies. When I need to change her I am faced with an accessible disabled toilet which is great for size but not for equipment we need. I am faced with Nothing to change her on my ONLY option is the floor.  As well as the floor being unsanitary, unhygienic it's incredibly undignified. It's completely unacceptable I wouldn't Lay down on it, would you? What about severely disabled teenagers & adults? Changing places association launched its campaign in 2006 on behalf of people who can not use standard accessible toilets. Over 1/4 million people require these facilities despite this there are only 1070 across the UK. It shouldn’t be a matter of cost when it comes to providing facilities for disabled people but it is.  CHANGING PLACES TOILETS SHOULD BE EVERYWHERE ABLE-BODIED PEOPLE EXPECT TO USE THE TOILET PLEASE HELP ME & THOUSANDS OF DISABLED PEOPLE ACROSS THE UK.

Nicole McClean
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