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Petition to Theresa May MP, UK Parliament

Make disability pushchairs classed same as wheel chair priority on public transport

Special needs buggies are given to children with disabilities mainly the ones that are hidden.  Many times whilst being on public transport mainly busses ,I have been told to take my disabled child out the buggy, even after showing her disabled ID badge and bus pass given by local council. in response I've been told my child does not look disabled . Our buggy was supplied too us through Wiltshire wheelchair services via  the ooccupational therapist.  But at present is not classed as a wheel chair.  My daughter is 5 years old and has Hypermobility Global developmental delay  autism  seperation anxiety disorder  genetic problems  and much more.    I believe in rights for children with hidden disabilities.   these special needs pushchairs do look like a Normal buggy but are clearly wider and bigger   In general it comes in many parts. You have to take the footplate off to fold the buggy down. If raining you have the hood that's seperate and the rain cover.  If have to take this down on a bus with a child  with special needs can lead to an unsafe journey and a child having a meltdown. A child with special needs tend to be much calmer and happier  in this buggy then being taken out and placed on the seat also much safer, it is also best for the whole bus and saves the glares and stares from the public who think your child is being naughty when having a meltdown. this is just and example of one of the makes  of buggies out there.    please help me get signatures to ensure our children with special needs that require these buggies get treated much better and given the rights they so much deserve. 

Christina Alder
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Petition to Robert Goodwill MP, Department of Health, Justine Greening MP, Anne Longfield Children's Commissioner

#theseareourchildren - We must unite our voice, We will be heard, Stand with us for them.

#TheseAreOurChildren ‘My child experienced the 'system' at its worst. I couldn't prevent her pain and horrific experience. It’s 2017. It’s time for real change in the system. It’s outdated and it’s failing on every level. Our exceptional children deserve a modern education that encompasses all of their needs. Every child matters (or did we forget that) and every child has equal worth and has a right to a life with real purpose without fear of maltreatment or ‘babysitting’. It’s time our children were heard’. Elly, Ella’s Mum ‘My child deserves to thrive….What matters most is listening to what she can't say’. Jane, Holly’s Mum 'We are our children's voice, all of our children. For those who cannot speak, those who aren't heard and those who face uncertainty daily. We have to be courageous and stand together'  Mark, Harvey’s Dad We have listened and read so many stories from parents about their Exceptional Children and what is happening daily in our country, a first world country. Parents of children with additional needs are expected to be Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, EHCP experts and expert in many more roles daily. We are expected to have endless funds and have the equivalent of SAS training in sleep deprivation. We are then ignored; bullied and intimidated when things go wrong or don’t work because the system didn’t listen to us or our children. The broken system shuts down or around us, our children suffer and our hearts break over and over again.  Eleanor King spoke for our children, thank you Eleanor for your amazing words, clarity of understanding and support: Under Lock and Key Spoken Word We ask the following of our petitioned parties: We want to know why is it acceptable to use restraint or methods of force with our children in schools both residential and non-residential and have improper or no investigation of their injuries or mental distress. Our children's challenging behaviour is a COMMUNICATION. It is not an invitation to strip them of their self-worth and dignity. Where is the guidance on Restrictive Interventions and why is there no mandatory guidance to ensure Positive Behaviour Support and training/standards across the UK? It is 2017 not 1907. We want a whistle blowing service for parents and families. Those in employment to 'support' our children have one so why are we discriminated against? Why do we have to go through years of 'complaint processes' when things go wrong, and the outcome leaves our children no better off? We want a mandatory level of qualification/skill to be able to work with and educate our exceptional children. We want further mandatory training for all those working with our exceptional children at every level, relevant to specific disability or need. Would you employ a gardener to do specialised welding work? No, you wouldn't and the HSE wouldn't allow it either. We are made accountable for everything, every day for our children – WE WANT accountability from the system. No More Excuses…we will not allow our children to continue to bear the brunt of the failing system, be hurt or mentally scarred by their experience or blamed for rising social care costs because they haven’t been Respected, Listened to or Educated when they have every right to be a part of society and learn and develop like any other child. We do not accept low levels of unskilled support and lack of accountability as an excuse anymore. We don’t accept that Joint Commissioning isn’t working; we don’t accept that EHCPs are in the mess they are, we don’t accept that the UNCRC recommendations are ignored. And we DO NOT accept that our children can be maltreated in ANY way. We demand change and that we as the experts in our children are strategically involved to deliver such change. We cannot remain silent and we ask you to stand with us and ensure that this changes. #TheseAreOurChildren - all of our children.  

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Petition to lorraine belmonte, fibromyalgia organisation, doctors

Recognise fibromyalgia as a disbilitating illness

We fibro suffers are unable to find jobs due to our illness we are NOT faking it and (i know personally) can not find employment as we can not be trusted to get to work every day whether part time or full time...  But at the same time are unable to claim any disabilty rewards or proper health care and medication   I myself am a 42 year old woman with two small children and it tugs badly at my heart that I can not be the same parent for them as most small children have   5 mins of running around and thats me out for the rest of the day may even several ...picking my son up from school always tires me out and i just collapse once home    I hardly sleep due to the pain im in at night  which makes me groggy the next day My short term memory has just disappeared to the point i am now having to write EVERYTHING down so as not to forget...and yes sometimes i even forget where that book has gone to...   I wish to go to work as sitting around in doors can sometimes be a lil bit boring  and get out and make new freinds...but as soon as you tell employers about your illness they politley say NO and who can blame them..   I just want more help with my medication I want it to be recognised as an actual illness and disibilty I want help to make my live better to live in for ME but most of all my FAMILY    Please sign this potition for me and 10's of other sufferes in the UK  help give us a voice   help us to be heard a little lOUDER xx   We need this to be seen as bad as it is like they do in AMERICA 

lorraine belmonte
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