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Reform Social Security Disability in America

Social Security’s disability determination program's been broken for decades. Everyone knows somebody who’s endured this tragedy. I wrote a bipartisan bill to fix the problem called the Eastman Disability Reform Act—the most substantial disability reform in the history of Social Security. This Act restores the public's trust in the agency and Congress, while this petition is asking the 16 members of both the Social Security subcommittees in the House and Senate to take action. Between 800,000 and 1.2 million people file disability appeals yearly—over half of them later win, taking up to 3 years. During this time, many of these honest Americans declare bankruptcy and become homeless. Tragically, 1 in 6 men (and 1 in 7 women) die within 5 years of receiving disability benefits.  The rejection of all disability claims is mandated by the agency at a level of 85% (or more) of all applications. This objective's cryptically disguised as the National Agree Rate. The agency has been operating without accountability or impunity for two decades, while 10,000 died awaiting benefits this year! The SSD trust fund will be exhausted in 2023, according to a 2017 Congressional Budget Office report. "Baby Boomers" born between 1946 and 1964 have been postponing retirement, with many becoming disabled; causing extra strain to the SSD determination process. The agency is reluctant to add staff because they project this shortfall ending in 2025...two years after the disability trust fund's exhausted!  A former college roommate (who was born legally blind) was denied in 1994 when he applied at 18. He had to appeal and has the same "horror story" echoed by so many today. I have 8 qualifying conditions and am currently in my second year of appeal. This issue has occurred with the agencies knowledge for two decades, and, without congressional intervention. We must improve the access and availability of medical records used for determinations by ensuring they're in a usable file format all applicants can securely access. Sending .TIFF picture format files to applicants with encryption software which must be installed on a Windows computer with an optical drive makes it impossible for many to see the records in their agency file.  Agency contracted physicians examining claimants will finally see relief from extreme patient caseloads. This will allow for vastly better patient evaluations and less unecessary appeals. Please help a million honest people each year who cannot work and have paid into disability their entire career. We must end the "disability impossibility" so future generations don't assume it's an acceptable part of being disabled in America. Click here to download a summary and full text of the bill. Click here to ask your Senator to support this bill. Click here to ask your House member to support this bill.

Darren Eastman
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Remove the Marriage penalty against couples with Disabilities

People with disabilities may have to do things differently than non disabled people, and may look and act differently, but we are alike in so many ways . We all want to have love and our own families.  We want to experience life and how it feels to fall in love . We want to experience how it feels to love someone who loves us in return. Finding love with someone that understands our medical needs can be challenging at times but not impossible. But a lot people with disabilities depend on financial support from the supplemental security for income and getting married makes things more challenging for people with disabilities because they would lose so much by getting married .Like for a couple who are both disabled and both receive help from one of the government programs, they will receive 25% less income (than two individuals living together or separately) if they get married . There is another problem that both disabled and non disabled couples are fighting to change and that is the fact that people are not always allowed to see their loved ones in the hospital for surgery if we are not legally related to the patient .  If you get married in order to have those rights, if you are also disabled, you could be giving up necessary financial help.  When rules prevent people with disabilities from having normal couple and life relationships, those rules need to be changed. We just want to have the same rights as our other non disabled friends and family. Please take a look at this petition and Please consider signing and sharing this petition . This is a problem that needs to be corrected. We can't do this alone . We need all the support we can get . Thank you

Lara Pfeiler
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Petition to Gary Farmer

Stop state of Florida DMV from targeting disabled individuals for license suspension

Florida's new license system now requires you have to appear at a DMV office for the initial renewal. The DMV has been targeting individuals with visible disabilities even if they have a clean driving record and threatening to suspend your license. Five years ago I got nerve damage to my right lower arm but I have been driving that way for five years without any issues. When I went to renew my license this week the clerk immediately said she had concerns about my ability to drive safely and started talking about suspending my license. At first they tried to bully me into surrendering my license voluntarily. When I objected to this they told me I would have to take the skills test that same day. I later found out even if you have to retake the test you are supposed to be given a minimum of five days notice. They also have to allow for adaptions when you take the test under ADA rules. I believe the DMV is discriminating against disabled individuals and basing their decisions solely on the fact the person has a disability regardless of how safe their driving record is.    Taking away a disabled person's ability to drive should be done only when absolutely necessary and with due process. For many people, losing the ability to drive means losing their independence or even employment if they work. At the very least, DMV should be made to follow their own protocol and should be made to allow the disabled person to have a fair chance to retain or get a driver's license. So far I have talked to two other people who have had similar experiences at Florida DMV. I believe targeting people based solely on their disability rather than driving record is a violation of ADA. Florida DMV workers currently have carte blanc to intimidate people and label them as "unsafe" drivers.  I appeal to Mr. Farmer and other members of the Florida legislature to introduce a bill that would at least give disabled people due process rights and protect them from this type of harassment. I understand there are some unsafe drivers on the road that need to stop driving; However Florida DMV has to stop this current witch hunt. There needs to be a balance between the duty of the state to remove unsafe drivers and the rights of disabled Florida citizens to be subject to harassment and unwarranted threats to lose their license.            

Janice Ellery
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