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Petition to Andrew Cuomo, New York State House, New York State Senate, Sue Serino, Didi Barrett, Carl Heastie, Jeffrey Dinowitz, Aileen Gunther, Angelo Santabarbara, Latoya Joyner, James Skoufis

Bailey’s Law now! Hold criminals accountable for victimizing the developmentally disabled!

 Please Support the Passage of #BaileysLaw We cannot allow criminals to get away with the death of their victims. My 19 year old autistic son, Bailey, committed suicide on 7-31-17, my birthday of all days. After nearly 20 years of complete family devotion and cultivating our lives in support, contemplation and preparation of his each new life phase, new stage, new challenge, and new triumph our lives were completely and irrevocably upended in the span of 8 minutes. Bailey had many friends. He was kind, funny, caring, generous, gentle, down to earth, and creative. He was an artist, a lover of history, and had compassion for all living things. He was a teacher his whole life as much as he was a student of it. Bailey made me stronger, made me determined, made me timely, made me adjustable, made me more understanding...and it was Bailey that made me an advocate for kids with special needs for all these years. Of course, his 3 siblings also helped make me, and him, over the years...we all made each other. Our family has always been very tight. Being a single mom the last 16 years enabled me to make my children my world, and show them we are a team. I’ve tried to give them everything I am and everything I have within me, with intention. But despite everything I’d, we’d, put in over the years my son, their brother, is gone...less then 8 minutes after leaving my side. Bailey resorted to suicide 7 days after being a victim of a financial crime, 4 days after I realized he was victimized, and less than 5 hours of being asked to ID one of the perpetrators. He was preyed upon, betrayed, and taken advantage of by a girl he knew for years and had recently befriended him. This girl connected her male friend to my son under the guise of helping them cash a check. From what I’ve been told by State Police, Bailey was hesitant to help them, unsure of whether or not the request was legitimate, and she assured my son that the request was fine and then promised him, I believe, $200 from the proceeds for his assistance. I suspect Bailey provided them with his bank card and his PIN number. On 7-24-17 the male deposited a $1675.00 fraudulent check at an atm in Highland, NY and then immediately withdrew $200 (the amount fronted with a check hold); this was caught on atm bank video. I realized there was a problem on Thursday the 27th when I noted on our joint account both the deposit and withdrawal as well as the $200 withdrawal ultimately being pulled from my separate account. Bailey was learning banking and I would transfer his disability money to the joint account so he would learn about money management, budgeting, grocery shopping, etc. Bailey was devastated over the loss. We connected with local police on the 27th, who then directed us to the nearest state troopers on the 28th, who in turn directed us to State Troopers in Highland on 7-29-17 where we filed a complaint. Later on that Saturday, my youngest son told me he overheard his brother Bailey on the phone after hearing of the banking problem on Thursday, extremely upset over the financial loss and insisting on the return of funds. On Monday, 7-31-17 the investigator came to our house at 12:30 to see if Bailey could ID the male in the bank video. Bailey claimed he did not know the person and by his reaction I believe he didn’t. At 5:16pm he left our home stating he was going for a walk to draw; this was not unlike him as his executive processing speed is slower than many and he’d use walks or drawing to manage stresses. By 5:30 I heard the emergency response sirens and ran down our street, because I never wanted my kids around the chaos when EMS was in the area, and of course I wanted to count the safety of my chicks. The area they were responding to is a nuisance area that has had more than it’s fair share of fires....but there was no fire truck, only medical response. My son had hung himself in the woods less than a block from our home. The next day I was presented with a note he’d written; he clearly believed he’d done something very wrong in trusting the wrong person. No law enforcement involved in this case believes that Bailey had the faculty to understand what was happening, or the complexities that he was a victim, and neither does any of his family nor his longstanding therapist. There is no doubt in my mind that he merely thought he was helping someone. Both accused, at this point, will only be charged minimally; one with grand larceny 4th and the other with Endangering a disabled person 1st, both class E non violent felonies. Theoretically they could each get probation. They have each since been arrested for other crimes; her on drug charges in October 2017 and him for killing a 16 year old with his car after an argument in Yonkers in December 2017. The male is being held without bail in Westchester and has yet to be charged for our case. The female was arrested and arraigned for this case but was granted release on $2000 cash/$4000 bond. I am sickened over what may be obvious to you at this point, that the charges do not reflect their role in the death of my son. People with disabilities, including autism, are among our most vulnerable community members. It seems so unjust that a charge of endangering specifically relates to affecting the mental well-being of a vulnerable person yet they are not charged with the actual consequences of this criminal action. I’m currently working with our local representatives to start the process of pushing for new legislation in the state to hold perpetrators fully accountable for the consequences of their actions. The law for Endangering in NY currently states: “Under our law, a person is guilty of Endangering the Welfare of an Incompetent or Physically Disabled Person in the First Degree when he or she knowingly acts in a manner likely to be injurious to the physical, mental or moral welfare of a person who is unable to care for himself or herself because of physical disability, mental disease or defect. The term "knowingly” has its own special meaning in our law. I will now give you the meaning of that term. A person KNOWINGLY acts in a manner likely to be injurious to the physical, mental or moral welfare of a person who is unable to care for himself or herself because of physical disability, mental disease or defect when that person is aware that he or she is acting in such manner. Actual harm to the incompetent or physically disabled person need not result.” Currently under our criminal laws culpability for a persons suicide rests on the aspect of “aiding and abetting”, or, in practical terms, specifically aiding, directing or encouraging the suicide. This MUST change. Those that would intentionally cultivate an environment and/or circumstances specifically to use people with disabilities to commit a crime, need to be held accountable for the full range of actual damages they cause, including the death of their victim. We need #BaileysLaw to firmly establish... If a defendant is charged with endangering in the first degree, or another crime related and/or connected to a charge of endangering in the first degree (as in coconspirators/codefendant), whereby the events result in the victim’s suicide within reasonable proximity of the crime, defendants should be criminally charged for the victim’s death. This area of law, as it specifically relates to endangering, also needs to be updated to incorporate the disability standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Social Security Administration in trials. As it stands, the question of a successful trial seems tied to whether or not the victim has an IQ over 40, and can dress and feed oneself. This is an extremely low threshold for a successful trial against a perpetrator charged with endangering and is not in line with current state and federal laws to protect the disabled. There are an enormous number of people with autism, and other disabilities, who have a high IQ and can feed and clothe themselves but cannot fully meet their own needs in a manner that could be characterized as independent living. Bailey’s Law should protect anyone that can be considered a vulnerable person by including the state and federal standards of disability.   I urge you to support Bailey’s Law. It will not help my family but it will help many others. PLEASE, sign this petition to help me get it passed!  To view or VOTE YES on the #BaileysLaw bill (NY S.8541) you can visit  To learn more about my beloved Bailey you can visit the guestbook at To follow our journey, visit  Sincerely, Gae Marie Cannon, Poughkeepsie, NY

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Petition to United States Congress, President Donald Trump, Rear Admiral Ronny Lynn Jackson

Petition to Grant Nike Radar System Veterans VA Disability Before We All Die.

My name is Larry Francis. I am a Nike Ajax/Hercules radar system veteran. I worked on one like this one for 3 years and 2 months in the Navy. I am quite sick from my time in the Navy. I have found many studies that have been completed in the last 20 years that contradict the VA's assumption that large, long duration, repeated doses of microwave radiation from a military radar, like the Nike Radar system, has been proven to cause many diseases in humans. The largest study is listed at: on the U.S. National Library of Medicine's website. (This is one of our countries premier peer reviewed medical research study publishing organizations, where every medical study is rigorously screened by MD's and graduate degreed researchers for accuracy and experimental methodology and the researchers have to be well educated, to get their medical research studies published). It is a meta study and references 128 separate studies that affirm that large, repeated doses of microwave radiation are not only very harmful in many ways, but can be deadly. Also, please read Dr. Cherry's study also:  Please read this meta study and Dr. Cherry's study and change the regulations that the VA uses to decide disability claims for those of us many veterans that have worked on these radar systems and are suffering, have suffered and have died for simply wanting to serve our country. Right now our diseases are not being recognized as being caused by our service in the military and many deserving veterans and being abandoned by our country to suffer in poverty. There were over 2000 Nike Radar sites all over the world and 300 here in the United States with as many as half a million veterans who worked at these bases. We all have the same diseases.  This petition matters to me also, because I have 24 of the diseases that are listed in the 128 separate studies in the PMC5607572 study. Do you have depression, OCD, glaucoma, sleep apnea, thyroid issues, hearing issues (tinnitus), recurrent sinus infections, GERD, diabetic or pre diabetic, pituitary gland issues, recurrent bronchitis, spinal issues (like having to has a laminectomy), due to the radar softening your bones, (osteomalacia), scarring of the lungs, or partial collapse of the lungs (bilaterial atelectasis), all of these cause recurrent bronchitis and sinus infections, the radar damages the Alveoli in the lungs, low testosterone, low sperm count, ED, degenerative skeletal disease, arthritis, and the list goes on. Think about this, the radar especially if your radar van was closer than 124 feet from the LOPAR and the HIPAR danger zone was even farther. Did you work on any of the radars, when they were up and running? The vans are made from magnesium and are not a Fadaday shield,  like in your microwave oven at home and therefore offered NO protection from the microwave radiation. Think about a job where you have your left hand in a hole in a microwave oven that comes on every 5 seconds for 1 second (the rotation rate most of the time for the LOPAR was 15 rotations a minute) and you kept your hand in that microwave oven all day, every day , 5 days a week for over three years. Do you really think at the end of the three years your left hand is going to be just like your right hand? No one with any common sense will believe that their left hand would have remained unchanged. But as you know the VA does not deal in common sense. Actually they do deal in common since, their common sense, their common sense which is to same the US government money over your health a veteran. That is more important to them than you or me are.  The VA's job is to provide cover for the sins of the DOD. Think, Atomic veterans, Agent Orange veterans, this is not the first time that the VA refuses to provide disability to veterans who have been on a large scale hurt by what the DOD did to us and they are unwilling to admit it. Right now, the microwave radiation regulations at the VA ( who make those policies that are then turned in to USC code (administrative law) are based on two 20 year old DOD studies that say there is no harmful effects of large power (the LOPAR antenna puts out 1 MILLION WATTS, your household microwave oven puts out 1000 watts of microwave radiation), short repeated duration, (LOPAR rotating) microwave radiation doses. That just defies both common sense, the attached study above and the facts. There have already been over 200 Nike microwave radiation syndrome cases that have made it all the way to a VA law judges and have been turned down by the VA law judges (they have to do by the USC code). I am trying to get the US Code changed, just like for the Camp Lejune, Atomic vets and the Agent Orange vets did. This will take a congressional law to be passed. It will cost the federal government a lot of money, but right now there is a lot of positive sentiment to help veterans at the federal level. We will see if President Trump and Congress is willing to put their actions where there mouths are.           Larry Francis, PhD student, MPA, BAIS P.S. My PhD is in Public Administration, so I have a fair idea how this game is played. It is played with massive veteran social media support and it starts with this petition. Once I get 2000 signatures I will send it to every congressman that is on the VA disability committee and my senators and representatives and President Trump. I have their actual fax numbers. Please sign the petition and get every person you know to sign it. PLEASE FOR ALL OF US!!!  

Larry Francis
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Petition to Staci Ross-Morrison, Josue Diaz, Jr.

Help students with cognitive disabilities get equal opportunities Oakland Tech

Hello, we are students at Oakland Technical high school trying to create positive change in our school! We are creating a petition directed towards the principles of OT(Oakland Tech), Stacy Ross-Morrison and Josue Diaz Jr., that will create a one hour meeting in the monthly staff meeting with special ed teachers that will teach or inform general ed teachers at Oakland Tech about dealing with cognitive disabilities. Our action addresses the problem because teachers will be more prepared and trained to support disabled students in a cognitive matter by meeting with a special ed teacher to learn more about how to support students with disabilities so they can be set up for success. Our target audience is going to be the teachers at Oakland Tech. They are an appropriate audience because they are teaching the students in a way that may be effective to general ed students but, is failing students with cognitive disabilities. By educating teachers they will be able to properly support and set disabled students up for a successful path. The impact we hope our action will have is more disabled students graduating and getting the education they deserve. Our “ask” is for our school to implement one meeting a month educating general ed teachers at tech about cognitive disabilities. General ed teachers need to learn and start to understand the cognitive side of disabled students because the  past teaching methods have failed to be effective for disabled students. Our action addresses the systemic root causes such as insufficient accommodations social barriers, cycle of unemployment, and failure to prepare teachers, for disabled students.  

Maxwell Hinkley
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Petition to Mary Beth Sheffield, Governor Rick Scott, acha, AHCA COMMUNICATIONS, Brad Piepenbrink

Florida Medicaid Coverage Stalled for ABA Services for our Most Vulnerable People

Dear Inspector General Mary Beth Kidder, Governor Scott & Brad Piepenbrink: Please intervene and allow Behavior Analysis Services authorizations to be released to ABA providers with no further delay. Services cannot effectively be maintained without a continuity of care. The inability to obtain authorizations creates harm for our most vulnerable population - our children with special needs, developmental disabilities, ASD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, and others.  We work with children with significant behavior issues ... which in lite of the recent incident in South Florida is a top priority for our State, at this time, as this population possibly ends up endangering themselves or others... If they do not receive intensive behavior analysis services. On 3/1/18 Florida Medicaid stopped authorizing behavior analysis services stating: “technical difficulties”. We waited patiently.  On 3/15/18 We received a statewide notice indicating Medicaid is changing how ABA services are authorized. For the last year we have been working with Beacon and now it has been indicated we are to work with eQHealth to obtain ABA authorizations. Although there is literally no information on what this means. eQHealth here: Note: on May 1, 2018 eQHealth did provide additional information and documentation on their website. The message we received from Medicaid, EQHealth, Beacon, and ACHA was to simply wait until 3/21/18 for a webinar and 3/26/18 processing authorizations. We have authorizations in limbo, clients’ services on-hold, staff on hold. And no clear understanding about services that were already reviewed by Beacon and whether eQHealth / Medicaid will honor approvals already received. We implore you, ACHA’s Beth Kidder and Governor Scott, to facilitate a cohesive transition for behavior services and to assure your constituents that you will not leave them without the care they need. Shelly Lynn Henry, MS, BCBA Trinity ABA, LLC | | | 727-809-1328 STATEWIDE ALERT SYSTEM MESSAGE: ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration <> Date: Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 9:27 AM Subject: This Replaces Alert Titled: Immediate Changes to Prior Authorization of Behavior Analysis Services (3/15/2018) To:   RICK SCOTT, GOVERNOR JUSTIN M. SENIOR, SECRETARY Home | About Us | Medicaid | Licensure & Regulation | Report Fraud | Report Medicaid Issue/Complaint   FLORIDA MEDICAID A Division of the Agency for Health Care Administration Florida Medicaid Health Care Alert March 16, 2018 Provider Type(s): 39 This Replaces Alert Titled: Immediate Changes to Prior Authorization of Behavior Analysis Services (3/15/2018) The Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) will contract with eQHealth Solutions to administer an authorization review program for Behavior Analysis (BA) services and anticipates that this will be implemented by March 26, 2018.  Effective immediately, providers should no longer submit prior authorization requests to Beacon Health Solutions. Providers can continue to provide medically necessary BA services under authorizations approved by Beacon. For questions, contact eQHealth at 1-855-444-3747 and via the web at During this transition period, the Agency will continue to update providers on impending changes through mailed letters and Provider Alerts. QUESTIONS? FLMedicaidManagedCare@ahca. COMPLAINTS OR ISSUES? ON LINE https://apps.ahca  |  CALL 1-877-254-1055 The Agency for Health Care Administration is committed to its mission of providing "Better Health Care for All Floridians." The Agency administers Florida’s Medicaid program, licenses and regulates more than 45,000 health care facilities and 37 health maintenance organizations, and publishes health care data and statistics at  Additional information about Agency initiatives is available via Facebook (AHCAFlorida), Twitter (@AHCA_FL) and YouTube (/AHCAFlorida). Agency for Health Care Administration  |  2727 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32308  |      

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