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Petition to Tim Scott, James E. Clyburn, Jay (James) Richardson

Justice and a Chance for Krista. Hop Krista's Law.

Krista was born with two brain malformations. Cerebellar Atrophy is atrophy of the cerebellum portion of her brain, the command center for balance and motor skills. Microcephally is tiny head and smaller brain. She is intellectually disabled, with accompanying diagnoses- such as processing disorder - as a result of her brain malformations. Krista also has physical limitations, including suffering from motor dyspraxia.   This petition seeks to win federal mandate to afford disabled individuals an opportunity, a chance, and a healthy, safe life out of poverty and/or state-run facilities. The same opportunities - that we take for granted -afforded to all typical-abled individuals  My former husband, Krista's biological father, abandoned us in 2011 for a different life.  Although I filed for divorce and it is admitted in the courtroom (public records) that her father got caught up in this different life, which included paying for prostitutes, my daughter and  I left the court room with no alimony, NO child support. The lack of alimony after 25 years of marriage was devastating since I am and have always been Krista's caregiver. A court of U.S. law though ordering no/ZERO child support for Krista is, well - I do not have the words. We were invited by the judge to re-petition the court - this after borrowing 22,000 for this 5 year battle - for child support and that he MAY reconsider the issue. How would I re-file when the court (explained below) awarded Krista's father everything??      I couldn't/can not re-file. Krista has struggled, since birth, with developmental delays, low/weak immune system, and non-stop infections. She overcame battles with pneumonia and cellulitis (a deadly infection) that near cost Krista her life. She fought through numerous other illnesses, physical differences - such as a leg-length discrepancy, etc., etc. Her and I fought to pick her posture up (a symptom of the atrophied cerebellum), we fought to gain words, we fought to help her take that first step. Krista has had occupational and physical therapy her entire life. Although, she is still unable to match her motor skill movement with what her mind wants and she still may jump in front of a vehicle instead of away from it, look at her now...Look at Krista perform her dance in front of the large crowd.   Krista has come so far, please help her and all of those like her thrive. Krista deserves a solid chance to be as healthy and successful as she can be.    Myself with Bi-Lateral Meniere's and my daughter with multiple disabilities, left the courtroom with no monetary award/compensation, no asset division, no health insurance.  This occurred due to Krista's father's financial status and clout in the county we resided.  My daughter, Krista, is disabled by state, federal and medical guidelines.  Proof of disability was introduced and produced in the courtroom.  These documents included "disability" findings from the federal government.  Krista's father was able to dismiss these documents by simply uttering, "she is not disabled".  His statement was allowed to trump and/or dismiss federal documentation of her disabilities.  Her documents were ignored and thrown out. Krista was NOT allowed to speak or even present herself to the court.   Krista's father (my former husband) has assets totaling over 1.5 million, owns multiple homes (including beach home) AND is president and owner of a very successful oil company (that I helped grow) with multiple locations. Krista should not be without. Without appropriate support from Krista's father, Krista loses out on medical advancement opportunities, therapies, enrichment opportunities - to name a few, and if my disease continues to worsen, we do not know what the future holds.   Although Krista (post family court) now receives SSI benefits from the government, it is VERY limited.  It is substantially,  WELL below poverty level assistance. The court system should not have the right to oppress individuals in order to give in to power, money, bias and prejudice.  A disabled individual's livelihood should not depend on the arrogance of one judge. No one should have the right to intentionally oppress any human being, by imposing - via court order - poverty on her/him. Please help Krista and others like her gain the support they need to live. Help bring change to a faulty - often purchased -judicial and family court system.   We are on Instagram:,4078  

Karola Richardson
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Petition to Elizabeth Warren, Cory A. Booker, Richard J. Durbin, Patty Murray, Richard Blumenthal, Maxine Waters, Charles E. Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Adam B. Schiff

Civil Rights - Voting - Health Care Voter

Allow me to introduce myself. I was one of several in a NW, Springdale AR town hall of 2,200 people, speaking reality of our lives and asking hard questions to our elected AR US Senator Tom Cotton. I am the lady in blue whose husband was very ill.  We the People were not attending this Town Hall to hear the talking points we already knew that were misleading, completely ignore tactic, and outright lies. We were not there for Senator Cotton to be given permission to ignore life and death health care issues and any issue pertaining to the well being for our country. AR's We the People demonstrated a powerful delivery on multiple issues USA people. and beyond our borders, were facing with this one Party ruling. AR's We the People did so with no words or deeds of violence or lies or little white lies or omissions of truth. Borrowing part of a written phrase worn on our country's First Lady Melanie Trump's back, "I really do not care.": AR USA Senator Tom Cotton demonstrated in expertise words and actions "I really don't care" --- in part, that is.  At least, our First Lady offered the question: "Do you?' Senator Cotton failed, on that night of February 22, 2018, his elected job requirement duties. What he has shown since that night is his consistency to fail in performance and productivity in fulfilling his job description as an elected AR US Senator.  Senator Cotton's unwavering loyalty to President Trump and his Administration has brought, not only AR We the People, but USA We the People in danger and harms way. Democracy is not in AR US Senator Tom Cotton's personal and elected official portfolios. In fact, the ruling now Party does not have it in their personal or elected officials' portfolios.Their voter base is supportive for the democracy of governing be markedly absent from whom they cast their ballot vote in ALL elections. This is transparent in this ruling Party's words and deeds. We know it. They know, we know it.  AR US Senator Tom Cotton, an elected official serving in our People's nation's Capitol, has shown, by his words and deeds, where his loyalty lies. He has been successful in fulfilling this for his Party Voting Base. Senator Cotton is loyal to President Donald Trump and with his Administration, especially as a Team Player with the White Nationalist believer, Stephen Miller. I assume he is also a Team Player with Steve Bannon, who encourages White Nationalists to wear the Racist name as a badge of honor. In fact, Senator Cotton and Stephen Miller were a writing team on immigration policy. Of course, these two men were appointed by President Donald Trump, with the highest of praises for both of them. Remember when President Donald Trump made the specific verbal announcement he was a Nationalist? Remember when he did so?  The ruling Party has presented their words and actions to be synonyms for White Nationalists/Internationalists/Judeo-Christian Identity beliefs. Please note below about an important court date coming up next Tuesday, December 17, 2018 With Utmost Respect For Democracy, Of the People. By the People. For the People.  With the People.  Sincerely, Deborah Joyce Goodwin #DemocracyWarrior #RTLIB #RedTheLadyInBlue E-Mail: Debby Washington Goodwin:--  FB personal page. Administrator, with son, for two FB groups:  1.) Keys To Awareness where People Passionate About Compassion 2.) U. N. 4. U. Me (United Nations For You and Me) Humanity Around Our World For You and Me. SCAN: My late husband and I -- as The Outlaw and The Lady (Mike T and Debby Washington Goodwin, Springdale, AR, Keys To Awareness) were so honored to be a guests on Blog Radio Talk Program: SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now). Please note: My husband I spoke about on February 22, 2017, passed away on May 4th of this year. Mike T (The Outlaw) had been encouraged by his medical specialists to begin his writings of his "Living Life". Mike T had a title he shared with many: "From The Cradle", along with  my complimentary writing, I too have had my title and have shared with many "To Remember For A Loved One." Two "Living LIfe Titles" may say it all for so many others to be able to find his or her "Living LIfe Voice". Mike T (The Outlaw) will be present inside the Court Room next Tuesday, December 17, 2018. His heat, mind, and soul will be heard and felt. I know. For I am keeping a promise for Mike T.and "The Outlaw" and my promise to myself -- Debby Washington Goodwin and "The Lady" will not allow our stories to end. For we have  unlimited and non-dictated script blank pages in his "LIving Life" book and my complimentary "Living LIfe" book for those who do not want their stories to end.  Please I need your helping hand. I admit I am scared for the coming Tuesday. No, I am terrified.  I, as the Plaintiff, may be standing alone in that court room, with the defendant's representative: The U.S. Department of Justice -- U.S. Western District Court of Arkansas and AR US Senator Tom Cotton, plus, the Magistrate Judge presiding over this Civil Right -- Voting case.  But my son will be there. Mike T (The Outlaw) words will be strong in my mind, heart, and soul: "I have no more spunk left in me." "Deborah is naive in her own sweet way. But no one should ever underestimate her." "My spunk has spunked out. Deborah, giv;em hell your way because my way has been shown not as good and powerful as yours. My way has always gotten me into trouble. So, my Lady, giv'em hell your way. And Deb, make my day." This was the last voice message he said to me.. Then few days later -- Mike T passed away - May 4, 2018. Please listen to the SCAN Blog Radio Talk Program. You will hear Mike T"s Voice. And my Voice. Our Voices Living Life on that specific occasion.  Our "Voice Living Life" stories will never end. For there is no end when hope is present. My hope for all who reads this petition is the read will lift your spirits. Your #DemocrayWarrior spirits. Sign the petition if you choose to do so. Comment, too. Help me, Help you. Help in anyway that you feel is appropriate for you to help. My spirits are uplifted with more courage for next Tuesday by just writing this democracy warrior petition. Mike is smiling and saying to me once again, "There is only one thing I would change in you. Stop underestimating yourself. Go for it. Do it. Just do it. Stop talking about it. But for sure, my Lady, never stop being you." So. So. So... Here I go Mike T. I am doing a petition that you so often begged me to do ever since February 22, 2017. I will say this to end this democracy warrior petition. No signature needed. I signed off already. And now, as Mike T would say, "Do your sound off with the compassion that only you can show. And what is amazing, no one has to agree with your sound off. But many listen and take with them a thought. A "Living Life Thought". How do you do that?" And I have always replied back, "I don't know. If I knew, I would be really money wealthy right now. Correction, "Outlaw" -- We would be really money wealthy." And off to the next medical specialist appointment or hospital admission.(Just trying to figure out which one of the hospitals we needed to go to, which specialists, which ER, and which one helps us out with our pocket books and gives the quality health care needed. Whoops, Not that one. They do not accept the Medicare Advantage plan you have. They stopped a few months ago.) AR We the People were on February 22, 2018, and still are, armed with education on a diversity of issues. Our questions were hard-lined facts of our lives, with hard-lined questions to the elected AR official. AR's We the People needed to hear and feel from this elected AR official's mind, heart, and soul to be revealed as "Passionate About Compassion" for the common good of all. He failed. Mike T passed away knowing Senator Cotton failed him and his family. But then...Mike T is saying, with a shake of his head and a twinkle in his eyes, "I feel sorry for (him/her/them). Hey, this has worked me up an appetite. Let's go eat before you pounce." :"Sound Off. One, Two, One.Two. Three. Sound Off. Do It Again." Alright, Mike T. hush up, stop marching. You are not now in your military academy. Everyone is watching. Stop. Stop. Let's get out of here and go eat. Now. oh, please stop." If I could hear and see him do that just once again. Just one more time.

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Petition to Matt Hancock MP, Damian Hinds MP, David Gauke MP, Theresa May MP, Tulip Siddiq, MP Norman Lamb, Dawn Butler

Add PDA to ICD-11 urgently so the school refusal can be dealt with appropriately

My four-year-old son has been off nursery since the beginning of May due to nursery refusal and very irregular attendance ( once or twice a fortnight ) has been achieved with me being present at all times since the beginning of October with the use of strategies centred around his interests. Underpinning his avoidance is a high anxiety about conforming to everyday demands and of not being in control of the situation, even the mention of nursery would send his anxiety levels off the scale.  My son's EHC plan is not fit for its purpose as it does not accurately reflect his level of need, and this is a reflection of me not being listened to and my son's needs not being understood. My son was supposed to start a mainstream school this Sep that was named on his EHC plan against my wishes and after it was confirmed that the school could not meet his needs. The LA has originally rejected my request for deferment saying that it was not in my son's best interest not to start the school this September although there was no plan in place on how to resume his attendance at nursery or the importance of a transition to school if his attendance at the nursery could be resumed. At the TAC meeting, I have requested the network to watch the video footage of difficulties dropping my son at nursery, and his nursery refusal which was also witnessed by the Speech and Language Therapist at nursery at the end of April. As the CDT - Child Development Team refused to provide an information about my son's nursery refusal or failure of ASD interventions applied to LA despite all my efforts to communicate this EHC Coordinator made an assumption that my son is simply refusing to attend because he is 'bored'. When I set on a quest to obtain a differential diagnosis for PDA also known as Pathological Demand Avoidance ( autism sub-type ) for my son as 'typical' ASD interventions were having more of an adverse effect on him, my son already has a diagnosis of ASD since Mar last year I had no idea about the challenges that were to follow. I was puzzled by my son's autism as children with ASD I saw at special needs nurseries were nothing like him. I had a light bulb moment when I came across the PDA profile in children with autism. As a result, I have attended the PDA conference in Reading and parental program for PDA in Norwich. The CDT disagreed that my son may have PDA and refused to engage further, instead, I was asked to go back to my son's GP and pursue the PDA assessment myself. After a year of waiting and chasing my son's GP, a request for an assessment has finally been approved via IFR, however, I was told that my son can only be assessed at South London and Maudsley which has no specific policy for PDA, therefore cannot assess or diagnose PDA. While in the middle of a complaint to NHS about their services and after I have submitted letters about my son's nursery refusal and failure of ASD interventions applied by the Early Years Coordinator, the clinicians made a referral to social care. The professionals meeting was held without my knowledge and with the select few where other professionals involved in my son's case were excluded from attending, three out of four of these professionals were involved in the referral to social care in the middle of my complaint about their services. Based on this "professionals meeting" my son's case has been escalated to the Child Protection Conference as my son is apparently at risk of a serious harm ( "We are concerned that the child's needs are not being met appropriately due to the mother not acknowledging the diagnosis given. Mother's unwillingness to move away from her views regarding PDA despite professional advice. The mother may begin to find S behaviour unmanageable if the appropriate parenting strategies are not put into place. S does not attend nursery regularly and therefore is missing out on key learning and developmental opportunities." )  The joint plan on how to resume my son's attendance was put in place with my son's nursery back in September based on recommendations from PDA Society and National Autistic Society and revised when needed where my son's response to a variety of situations would be the main indicator. The most recent revision also includes recommendations from the latest SALT report. I am still unsure whether school environment can work for my very inquisitive son loves to spend time outdoors or on the public transport and who thrives on novelty and variety, I haven't been unable to obtain an assessment for PDA as yet and the Tribunal Hearing is taking place mid-January. After joining several ASD, PDA and school refusal groups on Facebook I was horrified to see that school refusal is an ASD issue and not just a PDA issue however 70% of PDA children are out of school (the highest number in comparison to other ASD profiles). Not only parents struggle to obtain ASD diagnosis or EHC plans for their children, but they are also pressurised into imposing the attendance on their autistic children ( diagnosed or undiagnosed ) which negatively impacts their mental health.  The 2018 survey conducted by the PDA Society highlights that the school environment does not work for many children with PDA. If this is the case then both children and parents should be supported appropriately and not ignored, dismissed, penalised, reported to social care or sent to attend parenting courses that do not work for children with PDA as PDA is not a parenting issue and most importantly left without support because they've reached the ultimate avoidance - nursery/ school refusal. After consulting with IPSEA - Independent Parental Special Education Advice I understand that education does not necessarily need to take place in the school setting as incorrectly advised by LA if the child's high anxiety and demand avoidant behaviour is preventing them from attending the setting as LA has a duty to provide Education Otherwise than at School under s61 Children and Families Act 2014 for such children. Thank you Dagmar I would like to thank Sidings Early Years ( my son's nursery), PDA Society, National Autistic Society and IPSEA for all their support and advice and everyone who signed this petition, much appreciated. Essential Reading: Fears vulnerable children with rare form of autism are being left behind by NHS Being MisunderstoodExperiences of the Pathological Demand Avoidance Profile of ASD Teachers Guide to Understanding PDA Education: Stories of PDA New global diagnostic manual mirrors U.S. autism criteria ( NO MENTION OF PDA ) The £70 million council costs of fighting – and losing – against parents at the SEND Tribunal Image Courtesy of PDA Bookletfile:///C:/Users/HP/Desktop/PDA_Booklet.pdf

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