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Petition to Videoconferencing Participants, Everyone

Pledge to make Videoconferencing more Inclusive

With much of the world and workforce shifting to digital-only during the Coronavirus pandemic, meetings over video conferencing platforms (Skype, Zoom, Cisco Webex, etc.) have become the norm.  This drastic change has created unique challenges for the hard-of-hearing and deaf communities. For instance: Users who rely on lipreading find it difficult to do so when the speaker has their camera off, the speaker is not looking at the camera, or if multiple people are talking at once. For those who use automated live captioning, speaking too fast or unclearly can make the captions unintelligible (“craptions”). Additionally, captions can be unintelligible when the conversation includes a lot of technical jargon. While distorted audio and background noise make it harder for many people to understand a speaker, this is especially a challenge for those who are hard of hearing. By signing this pledge, you pledge to: Keep your camera on while speaking in group video-conferences:  Without being able to see the speaker, participants who use lip-reading may have a harder time understanding you. #CamerasOn! If you’re concerned about your home internet bandwidth, try changing the quality of the video you are sending. Mute your microphone when you are not speaking. Background noise, even if quite, can make it harder to hear the main speaker.  (If you have control over the platform) Use platforms that provide auto-generated live captioning. For instance, Zoom and Google Meet both offer live-captioning features. Zoom also allows for a manual captioner, which can be useful when there will be a lot of Jargon that live captioning may not pick up on. Send out links to relevant accessibility feature instructions in advance when hosting. If you are giving a large webinar to an external audience, don’t assume that participants know how to use accessibility features!  Consider using ‘Raise Hand’ feature to ensure only one person is speaking at a time: For example, Zoom offers a “Raise Hand” feature directly in the platform. If you’re not using Zoom, consider a simple spreadsheet where people can add themselves to a queue! Your actions can make a difference! Thanks for signing our pledge and please share :) 

Inclusive Video Conferencing
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Petition to Pinetop-Lakeside Planning & Zoning Commission, Pinetop-Lakeside City Council, Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce, * Adam Staley, * Larry Agan, * David Orris, * John Salskov, * Alison Stewart, * Timothy Williams, Richard Smith, Carla Bowen, Kathy Dahnk, Mazie Hastings, Stephanie Irwin, Lynn Krigbaum, Jerry Smith, Jim Snitzer, Keith Johnson, Shannon Purcell, Cody Blake

Save White Mountains From Developers

Arizona’s White Mountains Community is tired of having our tall pines, hiking trails and beautiful views interrupted by shoppings malls and RV parks. Thoughtful, local-sensitive commerce can be an asset for our community, but too often companies with money from the valley come in to cut down our trees and tear up our landscape.  The commission and city council just passed a rezoning plan to allow for a 40 acre shopping mall (2 big box stores we're told) to be placed in one of the most beautiful areas in our community! Now, there is a 2nd plan to grab 26 acres for an RV park— near one of the most beautiful views of the rim and the disability services property, Camp Tatiyee. We're concerned about the effect this will have on the camp experience, its youth services and on those who frequent the surrounding trails! Word has it that Camp Tatiyee is being pressured to sell their land and move! Is that what we want for Pinetop-Lakeside? Big box stores displacing historic lands and valuable services in our nonprofit community?  Join us Thursday, December 12, to encourage the Pinetop-Lakeside Planning and Zoning Commission to respect what makes this land and our community special! We can also encourage Pinetop-Lakeside City Council change back the recent commercial zoning to open space! Council Chambers 325 W White Mtn Blvd. 928-368-8696 Also join the White Mountain Preservation Facebook page to stay informed and voice your opinion! We should ALL have a voice, not just the out-of-state/town investors!Before this land was made available for private use the US Forest Service and US Department of Agriculture completed an environmental impact study. It states "The intent of the proponent is to continue operating the Camp Tatiyee youth camp at its current site on the parcel if the land is conveyed." The strong language used throughout this document makes it clear that this land would not become available unless the integrity of Camp Tatiyee, the public trails and view of the White Mountains are all maintained and protected. Please sign the petition if you believe youth camps, especially ones as special as Tatiyee (and their next door neighbor Camp Grace), need a significant buffer. If you believe eco-friendly development is critical, and if you wish to maintain the unique characteristics of our White Mountains community, please sign and share! 

White Mountain Preservation
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Petition to Teresa Jacobs, Angela Gallo, Johanna Lopez, Linda Kobert, Pamela Gould, Kathleen Gordon;, Karen Castor Dentel, Melissa Byrd, Ian Gesundheit, John Mina, Jerry Deming, Barbara Jenkins; Chad Poppell

Protecting our children in the classroom....OCPS & DCF fail.

My son is in a self-contained autism spectrum disorder classroom.  Yesterday was supposed to be a celebration of the completion of another school year.  However, it was anything but.  A parent in my son's classroom witnessed her son being mistreated by a teacher's assistant.  Not only did she witness it, but other parents did as well.   As the mother of a nonverbal child, this disturbing and frightening to me.  My worst nightmare. What is happening to our children when we are not present? Earlier this year I reached out to the school, district, school board and Department of Education regarding what training was conducted for those who are in the classroom with our children. I had grown concerned as my son was displaying behaviors we have never seen and he is non-verbal so behavior is his way of communicating.   What happened yesterday alarms me and it appears to be a national issue. Berkeley, West Virginia, Okalalossa County, Broward County, Marathon, Florida, classroom everywhere. It is happening right here in a Orange County. Are our children safe? How can I send my non-verbal child to school and know that he is not being mistreated or abused? Who is the children's CHAMPION? Who is protecting the children? Are we making the stance of being REACTIVE instead of PROACTIVE? And at the cost of what?  Our Children? Or does willful blindness trump children safety?    Orange County Public Schools and Department of Children and Families, the community of children with disabilities and their parents need an answer now. Mandatory Behavioral Instructional Support Training & Classroom Cameras  

Kila Murphey
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