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Petition to Tesco , Sainsburys , Morrisons , Marks and Spencers, Asda , Waitrose

Supermarkets To Commit To Providing Changing Places Toilets In Stores Within 18 Months

Between Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose there are over 2600 large supermarkets across the UK. All of these supermarkets provide toilets for their customers.  However, only 9 of those 2600+ stores currently offer changing places style toilets. We want a commitment from all these retailers that they will roll out changing places toilets across their whole network of stores within the next 18 months. People with profound disabilities cannot use a regular toilet or a so called 'accessible' toilet.  When they need to use the toilet, or be changed, parents or carers need to hoist them on to a large changing bed. A changing places facility needs to be large enough to allow for a wheelchair user and 2 carers, it should have a height adjustable bed and a hoist which can be used to lift the user out of their wheelchair. There are many times when parents and carers have to resort to changing disabled children and young people on a cramped and often dirty toilet floor or in a baby changing room on a baby changing unit which is unsafe for their size and weight. Adults with profound disabilities are resorting to wearing pads even if they are not incontinent and have to relieve themselves in their wheelchair.  They have nowhere to be cleaned and changed until they can leave the store and return home and are left sitting in a soiled pad. Many disabled adults are resorting to with-holding fluids or even having surgery to stop them from needing the toilet when out in their communities. There are a quarter of a million disabled people across the country who need the facilities a changing places toilet offers.   How many stores provide changing places toilets in the UK?Asda - 4 (1 opening 2018)Tesco - 3 Sainsburys - 1Morrisons - 1Waitrose (& John Lewis) 0M&S - 0  None of these chains have committed to providing these facilities in all their stores despite knowing the conditions faced by customers when they do not have them. They all provide toilets for their other customers in their stores and many provide a variety of facilities including ladies toilets, gents toilets, disabled / accessible toilet, ambulant disabled toilets, baby changing rooms and even baby feeding rooms.   Things need to change urgently before a disabled person is injured in a supermarket toilet. There are currently no specific building regulations which require a changing places toilet within these stores, although they are required if businesses wish to meet British Standards.  However, these businesses are all bound by the Equality Act 2010 which requires reasonable adjustments for disabled people. We would hope that seeing an image of a disabled child on a toilet floor would be enough to make them want to make a change within their stores on moral and ethical grounds. We don't want to hear any more excuses of trials, lack of customer feedback or not enough space.  The time has passed for vague promises that they might try to install one when they refurbish.  These facilities are essential to many people.  They take up less space than one car parking place, there are many ways to integrate them into existing spaces or even in a prefab arrangement.  These facilities are needed now, there is no need to wait for a reason to refurbish, this is a reason in itself.    We want a commitment from all these retailers that they will roll out changing places toilets across their whole network of stores over the next 18 months.

Laura Moore
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Petition to Moto, Welcome Break, Roadchef , Paul Maynard MP

Have accessible changing facilities at every motorway service station in the UK

My name is Zack and I’m 22 years old. That's me in the picture above. I have cerebral palsy which affects the use of all my four limbs and my speech. I am tube fed, use a touch screen speech machine to communicate and an electric wheelchair to get around. I am campaigning to get accessible changing room facilities installed at all UK motorway service stations. There are many disabled children and adults who, like me are wheelchair users and require suitable spaces and the assistance of a carer when needing toilet and changing facilities during long journeys. At the moment there are very few appropriate facilities on UK motorway routes. I cannot use a regular toilet so when I need to be changed my parents or carers need to hoist me on to a bed. A changing places room needs to be large enough, have a height adjustable bed and a hoist which can be used to lift me out of my wheelchair. There are many times when my parents have to resort to changing me on a cramped and often dirty toilet floor or in a baby changing room. I’m not the only one in this situation, there are a quarter of a million disabled people across the country, many of who, are in need of these services too. Over 1000 facilities are now in operation at tourist attractions, restaurants, museums and leisure centres in the UK, but hardly any exist on major travel routes and so far, all of them are in the Midlands or south of England. Moto are the largest operator of service stations in the U.K. with 60 stations, but so far they only have 5 with changing place rooms with a further 2 planned in 2018. Welcome Break also have 6 such changing rooms. The operators at Moto claim to be "committed to the cause of providing accessible changing rooms", but in reality they say that the cost of installing such facilities is prohibitive and compared to the popularity of coffee shop and food outlets, it is not justified for the number of people who would use them. It would mean a lot of to me if they led the way by introducing accessible changing places in all their service stations and readdressed the balance in providing accessible facilities for all travellers regardless of their needs and abilities. Please support my campaign to improve these basic needs for all disabled travellers. Thank you

Zack Kerr
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Petition to Jeremy Corbyn, Justine Greening

Stop the Deputy Director of Children Services from abusing her powers.

My son Yakeem has been denied an education for the last 3 years by Waltham Forest Local Authority because I made a complaint that they were discriminating against him due to his disability. A background to my story can be found in the Voice newspaper which was published on 14th June 2014. A copy to the link can be found here: Since that complaint my family and I have been institutionally bullied by a total of 17 social workers and Waltham Forest police officers who are abusing their powers. My passion to get my son into school then led to a social worker named Avril Robertson making false allegations against me which led to my arrest on 17th September 2015 where I was falsely charged with child neglect. On the 2nd August 2016 I was found not guilty in Snaresbrook Crown Court within 5 minutes of a 4 day trial. The LA and the police will do anything to protect their reputation such as wasting tax payers money to hire barristers to represent them in court for their unlawful acts. The Chief Executive Mr Martin Esom is responsible for the actions of the social workers and the police who are abusing his position and wasting public money. My son is nearly 17 years old and he has been detained in a children's home and social services have prevented me from having any contact. My son has the right to go to school and he should not be denied this because of his disability. He is very intelligent and deserves to receive an education like all other children. I would like to ask the Prime Minister to ask the Chief Executive to discarge the care order that was imposed on them when the LA made a false application to the family court on the 17th September 2015. They are punishing my son by detaining him and not providing him with any education. My son has the right to go to school and his has the right to a family life without the interference of public authority.  I no longer live in the borough of Waltham Forest and will not be returning and I want my son to be returned to my care so that he can go to school.          

Jennifer Kazley
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Petition to Google Maps, Google

Create Wheelchair Friendly Routes on Google Maps

For most, Google Maps is an essential app used for navigation and travel. It’s revolutionised people’s daily lives - that is if you don’t have a disability. If you do it’s a very different story.   Despite providing different options for all modes of personal and public transport, there are no alternative routes that support those who are disabled or in need of assistance, the main example of this being a lack of wheelchair friendly options. Over the last year, I attempted to travel around London with people who have a range of disabilities, including my mum, who relies on a wheelchair for some journeys. However, we found that all routes provided by Google Maps demanded stairs, bumpy paths, small hills, foot bridges, crossings without slopes and many times there was no room on the pavement for the chair. Most tube services aren't disabled friendly and ruled out yet another option of easy transport. Even if we did want to rely on other forms of public transport, we found that taxi companies struggled to accommodate the chair and buses were too full. Sometimes we’ve been forced to travel along bikes lanes (highly dangerous) or were just walking in opposite directions until it was safe to continue on normal paths. As an alternative, we sought out other maps like Citymapper but this provided us with no relief either. We're constantly trying to make cities and travel accessible, however this seems to be a highly discriminating factor. It's bad enough that only 70 out of 270 tube stations are step-free but by not providing these alternative routes, we're restricting those not as able. We should be advancing and making sure everyone has equal opportunities to be independent. This would not only benefit those who need extra support but families with pushchairs and those reliant on other forms of help like a walking frame. It should be easy for everyone to get around, no matter who you are! Please sign and support this petition to create wheelchair friendly routes available on Google Maps.  

Belinda Bradley
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