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Petition to Department for Communities NI


Perianal Abscess & Fistula Disease is a severely life limiting, ongoing and incredibly difficult to cure condition. It is not well known about as sufferers do not talk about it due to the embarrassing nature of it. As the name suggests it is an acutely painful abscess in the soft tissue around the anus. It is NOT the same as a tooth abscess. Once you get it once in most cases it reoccurs over and over due to damaged tissue or the formation of a fistula. The abscesses may cause sepsis and can be fatal.Treatment is by antibiotics and surgery but these are only a temporary fix and within weeks it reoccurs.Many people like myself will be on prescription laxatives for life, it can cause incontinence and some people have had multiple surgeries without success or cure. It can result in having a permanent drain or as a worst case scenario a proctocolectomy. The symptoms are acute pain, difficulty sitting or walking, high fevers, nausea and fatigue  but there are no visible symptoms yet here in the UK The Department of Communities do not recognise it as a disability entitling you to any of the benefits that go along with that. The companies Capita for PIP and MSS for ESA that assess have never even heard of the condition. It is time for change. We cannot let our embarrassment of our condition prevent us from having our disease properly listed and recognised

Amanda Sparrow Large
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Petition to House of Parliment, Theresa May MP, Secratary of education

Better support & echp funding in school & home..for children with disablities extra needs

Children and families of children with extra needs are not only battling every day to keep life flowing the best they can and to work and provide the best they can for their children.. but they also if their child is in need of extra support at home, school and in the community and ..They are having to continuously fight a system where although schools know that child needs more help and support and is struggling and in a lot if cases an ECHP .. and a support teacher in place there hands are tied because the lack of funding .. It's the same with the health care in the community and support with mental health which is common with poorly supported children or disabled  and/or extra needs children or adults .. doctors know that family or the person, or child needs more help ...and in this day and age we should have funding in place supporting families raising a child or young adult or even an adult with extra needs .. there is limited to no support and no funding foe the person.. school.or families struggling  .. It's disgusting it's wrong and things need to change ... if a child or person with an extra needs support they should receive it and if a family with that child adult need the extra support it should be given families and me being onr of them have resorted to home schoolonh because schools are failing children emotionally... socially and educationally and healthcare services ain't they and are  are failing families due to cuts... curse and more cures to services that desperately need to be there .. invested in and built upon  .. funding for this is a must and things need to change before the only  future ahead will be  the mental health rate rising ... full of worn out families and children.. then young adults struggling and poor mental health because of it and the just being left to get on with it without  support or any help.toward improving the bleak outlook so many parents feel whilst going through this cycle and battle that to them never feels like it's getting better or ending ....  Children are the future we need to invest in them  and encourage difference .. diversity and support all children no matter what abilities they have as they are precious ibdividuals that need norishment and a rile model in us adults to look up to not one that gave up caring or helping 

Emmq Lardner
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Petition to Google Inc., Google Maps, Google

Create Wheelchair Friendly Routes on Google Maps

For most, Google Maps is an essential app used for navigation and travel. It’s revolutionised people’s daily lives - that is if you don’t have a disability. If you do it’s a very different story.   Despite providing different options for all modes of personal and public transport, there are no alternative routes that support those who are disabled or in need of assistance, the main example of this being a lack of wheelchair friendly options. Over the last year, I attempted to travel around London with people who have a range of disabilities, including my mum, who relies on a wheelchair for some journeys. However, we found that all routes provided by Google Maps demanded stairs, bumpy paths, small hills, foot bridges, crossings without slopes and many times there was no room on the pavement for the chair. Most tube services aren't disabled friendly and ruled out yet another option of easy transport. Even if we did want to rely on other forms of public transport, we found that taxi companies struggled to accommodate the chair and buses were too full. Sometimes we’ve been forced to travel along bikes lanes (highly dangerous) or were just walking in opposite directions until it was safe to continue on normal paths. As an alternative, we sought out other maps like Citymapper but this provided us with no relief either. We're constantly trying to make cities and travel accessible, however this seems to be a highly discriminating factor. It's bad enough that only 70 out of 270 tube stations are step-free but by not providing these alternative routes, we're restricting those not as able. We should be advancing and making sure everyone has equal opportunities to be independent. This would not only benefit those who need extra support but families with pushchairs and those reliant on other forms of help like a walking frame. It should be easy for everyone to get around, no matter who you are! Please sign and support this petition to create wheelchair friendly routes available on Google Maps.  

Belinda Bradley
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Petition to John Horan, Tom Ryan, Alan Milton

Stop unlawful discrimination in the GAA: boycott their Sponsors

My Dad is a loyal Tyrone GAA supporter.  The kind of fan you will see at the side of a pitch in the depths of winter cheering on club and county.  He is a GAA season ticket holder.  He is also a blue badge holder. On 12th July, we received an email from GAA season tickets to say that he, along with all other loyal season ticket holders, would not be seated at their fixture on 21st July rather that they were to be sent to the terraces without any consideration of the GAA’s statutory obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. I contacted the GAA via Twitter and email without response: I contacted their Sponsors via Twitter to highlight the issue without response: This petition is not about my Dad:  This petition is about the GAA complying with their statutory obligations; This petition is about the GAA having respect for their loyal supporters; This petition is about all of us! I will, therefore, be boycotting the goods and services provided by their Sponsors until such times as they do the right thing and #givehughieaseat AIB Bank of Ireland BBC NI Sport Deep River Rock Discover Northern Ireland Donnelly Group Eir The GAA Store  LCC Group McAleer & Rushe  MCS Group  O’Neill’s Subway SuperValu Translink Tughans UTV I would ask that you join with me and do the same. Please show your support, sign this petition and share on your social media to encourage the GAA to do the right thing.  Thank you.

Claire Sullivan
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