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Petition to Don Davis

Vehicles for the Vulnerable

Like many families with disabled family members, transportation is a struggle with my son Jayden and me.  A wheelchair accessible van would alleviate our issues, but the cost is too high for a working mother with student loan debt and other expenses that come with daily life. Medicaid can help, but their policies make it nearly impossible to get what families need. They help with accessible vehicles in two ways. They will either pay to add modifications to an unmodified vehicle, or they will help with the purchase of a previously modified vehicle by paying the cost of the conversion toward the total price of the vehicle. Recently, I requested an already modified vehicle, and was approved but only for $7,175.00. A conversion costs upwards of $20,000. I learned that for unmodified vehicles, Medicaid pays for nearly 20 conversion items, but will only cover four items on a previously modified vehicle. Many conversion items on previously modified vehicles are necessary for even the most basic conversion. For example, any vehicle with a ramp needs a lowered floor, but that item isn't covered by Medicaid for previously modified vehicles, though it IS covered on unmodified vehicles. If Medicaid would cover the same conversion items on a previously modified vehicle as they do on unmodified vehicles, I would be able to purchase the vehicle and finance the remaining cost. I don't want to buy an unmodified vehicle because there is no guarantee modifications would be approved, and the conversion process itself takes eight to ten weeks. I have already been battling Medicaid for over three months. Please sign this petition to require Medicaid to cover the same conversion items on a previously modified vehicle that they cover on a modified vehicle. My child should not have to be confined to our home over a policy which can be revised to work in favor of our disabled children, rather than against them. ********* While I'm fighting this policy, I still need adequate transportation for my son. Therefore, I am posting the link to a GoFundMe Campaign to raise the money to purchase a vehicle in the meantime. Any money raised will be applied to the cost of the vehicle, whether Medicaid helps or not. Thanks again!********

Rebecca Fontes
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Petition to Brian Sandoval, Ben Kieckhefer, Philip “P.K.” O’Neill, Dean Heller, Harry Reid, Mark Amodei, Robert Crowell

Mental Health Facility Funding = Safe Neighborhoods

Due to a lack of funding caused by major state budget cuts, people suffering from severe mental health disabilities in Nevada are at risk of being released into the general population. This is unsafe for everyone. According to, in the state of Nevada, residents with severe mental illness are 91% more likely to be incarcerated and have only a 9% chance of hospitalization. Where they experience a cycle of release and incarceration. This means that by far the largest mental health facilities in the state are detention centers that are not equipped to manage the requirements of this population. Patients need secure facilities that provide medications, doctor supervision, counseling to work towards self-sufficiency, and professional assessment. We demand that our representatives find a solution to the immediate crisis in Carson City, Nevada caused by the potential release of Oscar Lee Aimon an autistic teen, who is legally incompetent and currently in the custody of Carson City Sheriff’s Department. Due to funding reductions there are no beds available for Oscar in a state mental health facility. Oscar has the mental capacity of a 3 year old. He requires 24 aid. No one wants Oscar on the streets, but that’s where he will end up if Medicare continues to refuse to authorize his care and if no one can find a bed for him at a state facility. You can’t incarcerate someone indefinitely unless they’ve committed a horrible crime. Why do we continue to roll the dice that it won’t be our loved one who is the victim? We have a solution. Demand more beds in mental health facilities where the severely mentally ill can be cared for until they are assessed safe. Instead of demonizing the person who is ill, let’s fix the system that puts both the healthy and the ill at risk. We also implore: The Carson City Sheriff's Department not to release Oscar on to the streets of our cityThe Department of Aging and Disability to immediately find space for Oscar at a mental health facility either in or out of state, so that the sheriff doesn’t have to release himOur Representatives to commit to finding permanent solutions to support the severely disabled in our community to ensure the safety of all Nevada residentsMedicaid to protect our communities by supporting inpatient treatment over incarceration because incarceration leads to eventual release and solves nothing.  

Becca Martinez
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