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Petition to Walter Robb, John Mackey

One Small Cart for Whole Foods, One Giant Step for Special Needs

Your signature can make big changes for special needs families. Take the plunge and sign! Dear Whole Foods Decision Makers,So many families who have loved ones with special needs love your stores, but...It's hard for us to go to them. You don't universally offer Caroline's Carts  - in fact, it looks like just one of your stores does.  From gluten-free to casein-free to vegan to wonderful vitamins, etc -- our family and so many families just like ours spend a lot of money in your aisles. Personally, our son is getting bigger and I don't think we'll be able to continue shopping at your store for much longer if these carts aren't offered...getting my son into and out of your carts is hurting my husband's back :( I know we aren't the only ones who will have to say goodbye to Whole Foods without more accessibility...I think the ROI $ is there for you to offer these. I'm speaking up, but I know not everyone can or will.Let me level with you: it's 2017 and you are a progressive company. So, please ensure that each Whole Foods location will offer at least one Caroline's Cart to families like mine who want to spend our money at your stores.Sincerely,a mom who knows you can do better (and will love you for it)P.S: In addition to Caroline's Carts, even just one sensory-friendly shopping hour a month at an off-time would be AMAZING. It would help us feel more comfortable and raise awareness. 

Hannah Ash
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President of the United States, Department of Justice

Stop wheelchair "access aisle" blocking of van accessible parking spots!

People in wheelchairs who have lift/ramp access are constantly getting blocked from being able to get back inside their vehicles while parked in "van accessible" handicapped parking spots.  Almost everyone knows by now that those diagonal lines in the area next to (usually on the passenger side of) the vehicle are there so people who use wheelchairs have room to lower a wheelchair lift/ramp and get in and out.  That common knowledge aside, time and again, even in the year 2017, people in wheelchairs go out for work, recreation, grocery shopping, and all the other things normal, every day people do, but when they try to leave, someone has parked on top of the diagonal-striped lift/ramp lowering area (access aisle)...and they are stuck.   When this area - referred to as the access aisle in the ADA - is parked on, there's no space for the wheelchair and/or the lift/ramp to fit. Hence, wheelchair users are trapped outside their vehicles until either a) they find the person that blocked them and get them to move their vehicle; or b) they call the police and wait for the bad-parking-job vehicle to be towed.  This is silly and unnecessary.  No one wants to sit around and wait for either option when they're ready to go...especially if they have other things they are in a hurry to do!  The solution is easy - one or two poles, otherwise known as bollards, strategically placed toward the front, center of the access aisle that will make it impossible for a vehicle to park there, but will still allow a ramp to lower and the wheelchair user to enter/exit their vehicle and maneuver around the bollard(s).  (This portion of the petition was edited from the original idea of having 4 poles/bollards - see February 1st update). As an even more cost effective solution, 2 van accessible spots could be placed beside one another with one access aisle for both accessible spots between them, and the van accessible parking SIGN could be strategically placed at the front center of the access aisle with a cement sleeve at the base of it.  The sign would achieve the same, desired effect - making it impossible for a vehicle to park on top of it. - click here to see image of this idea. Changing the existing ADA van accessible parking spot law is only fair.  I use a wheelchair. My boyfriend uses a wheelchair. Lots of my friends use wheelchairs. And we've ALL probably had this happen AT LEAST once in our lives.  Since I've started this petition, people all over the COUNTRY have commented that they, or loved ones, experience this problem all the time and how frustrating it is. I've had it happen several times and it has really ruined my day and plans on more than one occasion. We are all tired of it! But there's no need for it - change the ADA requirement for van accessible parking spots' "access aisles" to include bollards, a sign in the center (or something similar) that would make it physically impossible to NOT "mind the lines"! It's time to face the music that no matter how many ads we posts, or "NO PARKING" lettering we put in the access aisles, people are still going to park there until they are physically blocked from doing so. The benefits are for everyone, as I explained in my February 1st update. Making places of business more accessible for people with disabilities has enormous appeal to them, and people with disabilities love to spend money where they feel welcome.  Plus, small business owners can take advantage of tax incentives for making their businesses more accessible - We need to spread this petition far and wide.  Make it a reality by making sure all your friends see it and you ask them to sign! After only 1 week it had 170 signatures. I know that number can increase exponentially if we continue to share it by any means available. Thank you so much for your support!!      

Kristen Milefchik
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