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Every Year after our annual exams, our school takes us on a school trip to a small theme park called Wicksteed park. We go there to relax and have fun but our good friend didn’t have the best time at Wicksteed park. She was born with Cerebral Palsy or CP for short which means she struggles with movement and speech but it doesn’t define her. She’s brilliant at Modelling, Maths and communicating using a communication board and lots of things and she loves hanging out with us and having fun but the fact that Wicksteed only had one ride (which was the train transporting people around the park) suitable enough for our friend ignites us with indignation. They might have rides for people with another type of disability but they should have lots of suitable rides for people with all disabilities. And it’s not just Wicksteed park, there’s many theme parks which are lacking in suitable rides for every disability. HOW DARE THEY STRIP PEOPLE WITH A DISABILITY RIGHT OF HAVING FUN? There’s no excuse for theme parks not to have at least half the rides suitable for every disability. They might be smaller theme parks but why do they have disabled toilets but doesn’t have at least a couple of thrilling, enjoyable rides suitable for every disability? Please take the time to sign this petition to ensure that every theme park, we mean every theme park, has lots of rides suitable for everyone. We don’t want any theme parks to shut, we want to change the law so that everyone is able to enjoy the rides in any theme park, no matter the disability. Thank you for reading our petition.

Imogen Rippeth
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Petition to UK Parliament, Northumberland County Council

Urgent demand for effective Special Needs school provision & services and rehaul of EHCP

Nationwide, there is a serious lack of support and school places for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) There simply is not enough school places or specialist support such as talking therapies, teaching strategies and coping mechanisms for the child and family, and appointments to access. The funding is sorely lacking and priority for available funding is given elsewhere. SEND services are terrible and teachers themselves are frustrated and angry due to the lack of response to their requests for help for the children that need it. The process of getting help for your child takes years. Literally years. It is arduous and exhausting for families and the children suffer. There is a complete lack of certain provisions for some children. The schools they need do not exist or are completely overwhelmed and places are like gold dust, with most children waiting a very long time for a place. The process of getting an EHCP takes 20 weeks minimum, but this is just the first step. It is an over complicated application that is designed to block access rather than allow it. There are many obstacles to overcome to be even granted the EHCP needed to get a place in a special school. They deliberately design it so the only students that get granted an EHCP are the ones that are most needy. There are a great number of studebts being rejected that genuinely need the extra help but  places are so few that only the extreme applications are granted first time. Most are rejected and go to tribunal, finally getting granted after that. It is very lengthly and the child in the meantime suffers. If you are lucky enough to ge the EHCP, it is not over. If the schools reply within the 15 days they are meant to according to the SEND code of practice, the family may access a place, some wait months to years. Some receive no response at all from the school and are still waiting for acknowledgement months later. This is just for the school to reply at all. Simply to say yes or no to a place being available. The process is extremely detrimental to the child and family, and makes the childs condition worse. This petition intends to highlight this to parliament, as the system is failing countless families, and the distress and trauma experienced is very real and in no way exaggerated. There is a distinct lack of provision for children with mental health conditions, who may actually be academically able and high attaining, but need support to succeed. These children can function given the right support and are more than capable but cannot fulfil their potential due to the lack of provision. Whilst out of school, children access tutoring through EOTAS, but only cover core subjects, english, maths, and science, and only for a few hours a week. It is a poor substitute for a full curriculum and is mostly one on one so the child has no social contact. Please sign, there are so many children who need help and the funding for it is dire. These children are suffering and their families are in crisis. The services such as CYPS, CAHMS and others are overwhelmed and under funded. Something has to change, funding is badly needed and has been for years.

Rachael Taylor
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