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Petition to Pru Goward, Jane Prentice, Ray williams, Gladys Berejiklian, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Rob de Luca

Don't let the NDIS leave 1000 kids homeless!

The rollout of the NDIS was meant to be the start of a new age. Like medicare before it, this was meant to change the way Australia funds disability support services. One system, for the whole country, no one left behind. Unfortunately the system has been plagued with mismanagement and as the rollout has extended across the country, we are now finding that some children may be evicted from their homes due to a fight between the State and Federal Governments over who is responsible for their care. About 1000 kids are currently accessing out-of-home care across NSW (including overnight respite services and residential placements) according to the ABC. This is due to their high support needs and the challenges in caring for them at home. As one father puts it:  "You don't just wake up one morning and say it's a bit hard, I think I'll just put my kid in care, "The reality we confront is we can't keep Henry safe at home. "These are only decisions that you reach when you've thrown everything at it and you've failed and you've hit rock bottom. "And you've found a way to pick yourself up and you've failed again." Now the State and Federal government are at war over who is responsible for ensuring the continuing care and support for 1000 kids like Henry and these families are caught in the crossfire. The State is pointing to NDIS and declaring the National Disability Insurance Agency responsible, while the NDIA has told the ABC: "the NDIS is not responsible for funding out-of-home care placements for children and it is outside of the Act to do so. As such the state retains responsibility for out-of-home care arrangements for children," The NDIA has also passed responsibility to parent's, stating "Where participants are under the age of 18, it is expected that parents who retain parental responsibility for their children will contribute financially to their day to day living costs, including accommodation and everyday living expenses like utilities, food and clothing." It is unfortunate both that the NDIA believes this to be an appropriate statement to make about parental responsibility and that is also no longer surprising that the NDIA would make such an offensive statement Ultimately, this decision impacts 1000 of families and their communities all across the State. Right now, there are providers who are carrying the cost of care with no funding or support from either government, but their kindness and generosity can only stretch so far. We need our politicians to sought this outIt is not acceptable to leave 1000 kids homeless and make these families collateral damage for the sake of cost shifting and a political turf war. Blaming parents and each other is not acceptable. We need a real solution that ensures these kids are safe and have appropriate care Join this petition calling on our politicians to put politics aside and create a real solution for these families.
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Petition to Irish Health Service, Health Service Official, Mr. Simon Harris, Minister for Health, Ballina Training Centre

Stop Health Service cruel hare coursing project!

This petition calls on Ireland’s National Health Service to please END a shameful project involving people with severe intellectual disabilities in HARE COURSING! The project is underway at a training centre in Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland. The centre provides therapeutic programmes and services for people with intellectual disabilities. In the recent “Mayo Mental Health News" newsletter, the cruel blood sport was described as “the interesting new pastime offered by the Centre.” The project involves both helping to train greyhounds for hare coursing AND encouraging patients to attend and support hare coursing events. The Health Service Executive (HSE), which funds and runs the Ballina Training Centre, has confirmed that the service has been supporting the activity for clients. A local politician, Councilor Gerry Ginty has spoken out strongly against the HSE funded centre's facilitation of coursing, saying "it’s regrettable that this would be considered an appropriate past-time for service users" and expressed support for a ban on the blood sport. It is shocking beyond words that Ireland’s Health Service is condoning and facilitating a project that promotes one of the cruelest blood sports in the world. Most civilized human beings would recoil in horror from the idea of bringing vulnerable people to live coursing events, where hares are mauled; get tossed about like rag dolls, and have their bones crushed- and greyhounds also suffer appalling injuries. Please sign this petition and let the Irish Health Service know that this CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE. (Tony O’Brien, Director General of the Health Service, can be contacted by phone at 00 353 1 635 2000) ·         Here is footage from hare coursing fixtures held in the present season: This is the kind of activity the HSE thinks is an appropriate experience for people with serious intellectual disabilities:  

John Fitzgerald
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Petition to BBC Director General

Stammering is not funny

The mimicking of stammering in the BBC sit-com "Still Open All Hours" is offensive and misleading   I am not against stammering or any other disability being used in fiction in the correct context.  On the contrary, it can raise awareness.  However, it is wrong to use what is at best an impediment, at worst a disability, purely to make people laugh, as it is any disability. I complained to the BBC complaints department and ultimately to Ofcom and - as I expected - my appeal was not upheld.  However, there were a number of questions I asked that did not get answered, For example, does the BBC consider it acceptable for disabilities to be used purely to make people laugh?  I also used examples of the mimicking of other disabilities asking if they would be considered acceptable.  As they did not answer, I told them  I took it as a "no." and suggested the reality is that it would not be dared to be done because of the outcry there would be. Others who stammer and those close to them know what a distressing thing stammering is for many and the devastating effect it can have on your life, affecting such things as career prospects, social life and even relationships.  It caused one person to commit suicide.  The British Stammering Association gets phone calls from many in distress, including mothers' of children who stammer in tears because they feel they are to blame for their child's condition. Most importantly, with regard how stammering is portrayed in the sit-com is the fact that because of widespread public ignorance about stammering, many see it as funny so people who stammer get made fun of and in particular children get bullied. The sit-com is confirming that misguided perception. The BBC's defence was that the mimicking of the stammering by the character Granville of the character Arkwright, from the original series, "Open All Hours," is not making fun but a sign of affection as they were close.  Any decent person who was that close to someone who stammered would not do it because they would realise the distress it caused.  The reality is that it is being included to make people laugh -  at a disability!.  The BBC also argued that it is not Arkwright who is being made fun of but the other characters as Arkwright is putting one over on them.  Again, the fact is it is to make people laugh and in that context it is sending the false message that stammering is nothing. That type of mimicking is just the sort of thing a child who stammers might be getting at school, which would be extremely distressing for him/her.  Indeed, one person who wrote in the British Stammering Association's magazine explained that as a teenager he found the original "Open All Hours" too distressing to watch.  Also, putting across stammering as funny is going to encourage bullies.  Of course not all children and teenagers are bullies and some as a result of watching might in innocence interpret stammering as funny, thus try to joke with a child or teenager who stammers meaning no harm but causing distress, which is unfair on both.  The BBC's abysmal response was that they could not agree because it is not a children's programme.  The fact is that it is a family type programme on before the watershed and the BBC confirmed viewer figures indicate some children and teenagers watch it.  It would particularly have the wrong effect if they are watching with their parents, also laughing at stammering. The BBC's general justification was that the sit-com is not satirising stammering but merely continuing on from the popular original series.  I did not complain about the original, "Open All Hours" because I am not normally a great comedy viewer so was not aware of it until watching it by chance ironically shortly before the late Ronnie Barker passed away.  However, having seen it I made a point of watching "Still Open All Hours," to see if the stammering continued.  Yes, the stammering in the original series was wrong for basically all the same reasons. I feel strongly about this not just because I stammer myself but because I run a support group and I see people in all sorts of difficulties because of stammering, from not being able to form relationships, being held back in their careers, including through prejudice, lacking a social life and girlfriends/boyfriends because of fears of how people will react to them, and doing everyday things like talking to bank staff, solicitors, making public transport enquiries, avoiding phone calls, even buying a round at  I also have dealings with the Dominic Barker Trust, a charity set up by the parents of Dominic Barker, who committed suicide at the age of 26 because of his stammer. I hope you will sign the petition        

John Thompson
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Petition to Welsh Government, Julie Morgan, Councillor Huw Thomas, Councillor Graham Hinchley

Keep funding organisations that support families of children with disabilities and ALN.

Families with children with disabilities and additional learning needs face many struggles. We have to fight for the support that our children need constantly. We fight to get appropriate help within schools. We fight to access the health and social services our children need. We fight to ensure that our children are able to access the benefits that they are entitled to. Families First, a Welsh Government initiative to support vulnerable families, is removing its funding to Snap Cymru and Diverse Cymru. Snap Cymru assist families to access appropriate support in education. Diverse Cymru advise and advocate for families trying to access disability benefits for their children. It will become even more stressful and difficult for us to get appropriate support for our children.  The system is already stacked against families with disabled children, statutory services are thin on the ground and we are now going to see a drastic reduction in the support offered by two organisations which provide essential advice and advocacy. There has been little or no consultation with the carers and families that this decision will affect. Both of these organisations have been a lifeline for many of us during extremely difficult circumstances. We want the Welsh Government, Cardiff Council and Families First to review the Families First funding decision and prevent the loss of yet more services for disabled children and their families.

Sharon Ross
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