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Petition to Moto, Welcome Break, Roadchef

Have accessible changing facilities at every motorway service station in the UK

My name is Zack and I’m 21 years old. That's me in the picture above. I have cerebral palsy which affects the use of all my four limbs and my speech. I am tube fed, use a touch screen speech machine to communicate and an electric wheelchair to get around. I am campaigning to get accessible changing room facilities installed at all UK motorway service stations. There are many disabled children and adults who, like me are wheelchair users and require suitable spaces and the assistance of a carer when needing toilet and changing facilities during long journeys. At the moment there are very few appropriate facilities on UK motorway routes. I cannot use a regular toilet so when I need to be changed my parents or carers need to hoist me on to a bed. A changing places room needs to be large enough, have a height adjustable bed and a hoist which can be used to lift me out of my wheelchair. There are many times when my parents have to resort to changing me on a cramped and often dirty toilet floor or in a baby changing room. I’m not the only one in this situation, there are a quarter of a million disabled people across the country, many of who, are in need of these services too. Over 1000 facilities are now in operation at tourist attractions, restaurants, museums and leisure centres in the UK, but hardly any exist on major travel routes and so far, all of them are in the Midlands or south of England. Moto are the largest operator of service stations in the U.K. with 60 stations, but so far they only have 5 with changing place rooms with a further 2 planned in 2018. Welcome Break also have 6 such changing rooms. The operators at Moto claim to be "committed to the cause of providing accessible changing rooms", but in reality they say that the cost of installing such facilities is prohibitive and compared to the popularity of coffee shop and food outlets, it is not justified for the number of people who would use them. It would mean a lot of to me if they led the way by introducing accessible changing places in all their service stations and readdressed the balance in providing accessible facilities for all travellers regardless of their needs and abilities. Please support my campaign to improve these basic needs for all disabled travellers. Thank you

Zack Kerr
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Petition to Director of Adult Social care Highlands of Scotland


We have a son, Samuel who is 26 yrs. old and has microcephaly.  He lives at home with his parents who are his carers and legal guardians.   Eight years ago his dad left his job to be Sam's full time paid carer as social services were unable to offer any assistance with his challenging behaviour and care needs.  Since then, he is now happy, well looked after and secure.   When he does display outbursts of frustration or anger we have strategies to diffuse the situation.  Sadly, social services find it anathema that he is looked after by his parents, and are trying to disrupt his care, despite the fact that they know nothing about his condition or how it affects him.  The social worker has had meetings behind our backs to discuss his care with people who have never even met him.  Now they plan a so called review, again with people who have no idea about Sam, how his condition affects him, or importantly what he actually wants.  To give an example of the ignorance of our social worker, she keeps referring to Autism and giving us information about autistic funding groups.  Sam functions on the level of a two and half to three-year-old.  You can imagine the distress that would be caused to him, if strangers try to take over his care, who know nothing about him or worse if social services try to put him in some kind of residential arrangement.  He doesn't like being around other people with learning difficulties. At the moment he is getting 24/7 two to one care, and social services are funding for one carer for 45 hrs.  That's got to be good value for money.  More importantly he is happy and content where he is. All we ask is that we are allowed to continue with Sam's care without the constant threat of it being removed.  If they want to support us, more respite would be a good start and no more behind our backs meetings.  Social services will not listen to us.  They don't even include us in their secret meetings. But if more people were to speak up for Samuel, maybe they would listen to you. We would be very grateful for your support. Thank you for your time. Hannah and Tony Lavers    

Hannah Lavers
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Petition to lorraine belmonte, fibromyalgia organisation, doctors

Recognise fibromyalgia as a disbilitating illness

We fibro suffers are unable to find jobs due to our illness we are NOT faking it and (i know personally) can not find employment as we can not be trusted to get to work every day whether part time or full time...  But at the same time are unable to claim any disabilty rewards or proper health care and medication   I myself am a 42 year old woman with two small children and it tugs badly at my heart that I can not be the same parent for them as most small children have   5 mins of running around and thats me out for the rest of the day may even several ...picking my son up from school always tires me out and i just collapse once home    I hardly sleep due to the pain im in at night  which makes me groggy the next day My short term memory has just disappeared to the point i am now having to write EVERYTHING down so as not to forget...and yes sometimes i even forget where that book has gone to...   I wish to go to work as sitting around in doors can sometimes be a lil bit boring  and get out and make new freinds...but as soon as you tell employers about your illness they politley say NO and who can blame them..   I just want more help with my medication I want it to be recognised as an actual illness and disibilty I want help to make my live better to live in for ME but most of all my FAMILY    Please sign this potition for me and 10's of other sufferes in the UK  help give us a voice   help us to be heard a little lOUDER xx   We need this to be seen as bad as it is like they do in AMERICA 

lorraine belmonte
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Petition to Irish Health Service, Health Service Official, Mr. Simon Harris, Minister for Health, Ballina Training Centre

Stop Health Service cruel hare coursing project!

This petition calls on Ireland’s National Health Service to please END a shameful project involving people with severe intellectual disabilities in HARE COURSING! The project is underway at a training centre in Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland. The centre provides therapeutic programmes and services for people with intellectual disabilities. In the recent “Mayo Mental Health News" newsletter, the cruel blood sport was described as “the interesting new pastime offered by the Centre.” The project involves both helping to train greyhounds for hare coursing AND encouraging patients to attend and support hare coursing events. The Health Service Executive (HSE), which funds and runs the Ballina Training Centre, has confirmed that the service has been supporting the activity for clients. A local politician, Councilor Gerry Ginty has spoken out strongly against the HSE funded centre's facilitation of coursing, saying "it’s regrettable that this would be considered an appropriate past-time for service users" and expressed support for a ban on the blood sport. It is shocking beyond words that Ireland’s Health Service is condoning and facilitating a project that promotes one of the cruelest blood sports in the world. Most civilized human beings would recoil in horror from the idea of bringing vulnerable people to live coursing events, where hares are mauled; get tossed about like rag dolls, and have their bones crushed- and greyhounds also suffer appalling injuries. Please sign this petition and let the Irish Health Service know that this CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE. (Tony O’Brien, Director General of the Health Service, can be contacted by phone at 00 353 1 635 2000) ·         Here is footage from hare coursing fixtures held in the present season: This is the kind of activity the HSE thinks is an appropriate experience for people with serious intellectual disabilities:  

John Fitzgerald
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