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Petition to Hon. Mr Peter Dutton


  My aged mother (80 years) FLORENCE ALLEN and my autistic sister (50 years) SHERYIL ALLEN have been living in Melbourne since February 2012. My three brothers and myself along with our spouses and children are responsible, lawful Australian citizens, some of us since 1991. Since my father’s passing, my mother and autistic sister lived in India with my youngest brother up and until he migrated to Australia in 2012.   As the entire family lives in Melbourne, I applied for permanent residency for my aged mother and autistic sister. This would enable us to care for our mother and sister. We also have extensive family of Uncle, Aunts, cousins and community groups who have always provided support. All my brothers and myself, including our spouses have substantial jobs and contribute to the Australian economy. Given the fact that we could fund the living expenses, day centre fees and medical insurance for our aged mother and autistic sister I applied to sponsor them for their permanent residency in Australia.  The application was progressively rejected and eventually was referred to the Hon Minister Peter Dutton, Minister of Immigration and Border Protection for Ministerial Intervention on compassionate grounds. On 30 August 2017 we were sadly informed that the Assistant Minister decided that it would not be in public interest to intervene.  Returning to India would mean my Mum has no relatives who would be capable of caring for her and my autistic sister on a long term basis. My autistic sister will require to be institutionalised. This would cause her great trauma, despair and inconsolable grief as she has never lived a life without her family and has no understanding of any other language other than English (being the language always spoken at home even in India).  Hon Mr Dutton, my autistic sister is 50 years old and comes with absolutely no cost to the government.  She has been attending a day centre in Melbourne, the fees of which were fully funded by the family. We are so glad Sheryil has the opportunity to enjoy the humanitarian concept Australia adopts of engaging disability within the community enabling mainstream society see  ‘perfection’ in the imperfection.  Well done Australia!  My autistic sister has very simple needs which the family can easily provide. A walk in the park, a drive down the countryside, playing with her dolls and most importantly to be surrounded by her family. She loves her nieces and nephews immensely. Having an autistic aunt in our children’s midst has etched their characters enabling them to be true value driven Australian citizens.  My autistic sister is a true blessing in our lives and in her own way wants the family and society to be happy and live a life with no judgement. Please, please  Hon. Mr. Dutton do not judge her based on her disability. We will be forever grateful if you just consider her case a without the disability lens and give her permanent residency without access to disability benefits.  As for my Mother she is 80 years old. God willing she may have another decade on earth.  Her life has been immensely hard, besides raising an autistic daughter, she lost a young son of 24 years to cancer and my Dad passed away quite soon to a heart condition. My three brothers and I along with our spouses and children, want our Mother to just have few of life’s simple and natural pleasures as she the joy of grandchildren, the love and care of children,time to relax and to eventually be content knowing that her autistic daughter is being safely cared for in the hands of none other than her children. This will not be possible if my Mother has to leave this beautiful country as all her children and grandchildren are in Australia. The failure to recognise unity and care of a family that has considered disability as blessing is likely to result in serious  irreversible harm and continuing hardship, not only to my Mum and my sister but also to our Australian family unit.    Please sign and plead with the Honourable Minister Mr. Peter Dutton to let my aged mother and autistic sister stay on compassionate grounds.    

Jackie Vanderholt
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Petition to Daniel Andrews, Dannii Dekretser, Colleen Hartland, Tim Bull, Gavin Jennings, Fiona Patten, Martin Foley

Defend the rights of people with disabilities to decide who supports us

The Victorian government is planning to bring in a Registration and Accreditation Scheme where some of the options being considered will remove our right to choice and hand the decision making power over to a “regulator”. Public consultation is now open for only a short period of time so please stand up for our right to decide who supports us. Please speak up if you want to choose a worker based on their attitudes and values. Please take action so that the government will understand how much you value choice and control. Please spread the word to protect the right of people with disabilities and our families to make the crucial decision about who provides our support. You don’t have very long to respond, and please, it is important that you have your say if you want to continue to have choice over who provides your support. Please lend your support, all you need to do is sign and share this Petition. If this is personally important to you please also email and tell them why you think choice and control is important and why good workers who may not have disability qualifications should be allowed to continue to work as support workers. You can even copy any of the statements below that you agree with and email it with your personal experience. If a scheme is introduced, we support a voluntary scheme so that people with disabilities can access a qualified and regulated worker if they choose. People’s with disabilities are diverse, and the need and preference for workers with qualifications applies to some but not all of us. For many of us, an individual’s attitudes and values are far more important than a qualification or accreditation. Formal disability qualifications can take many months or years to complete and cost thousands of dollars. There are many excellent support workers who will leave because they cannot afford the time or money to undertake a formal disability qualification. We need to double the workforce to meet demand under the NDIS, it is hard enough to find good workers, we don’t need the government to make it even harder for us to find and keep support workers. Thank you, your voice and support is important and will make a difference!

Action for Choice and Control
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Petition to mum, Dad

Let Elliot Game During the School Week

For many years, I have been unable to unleash my true gaming potential. My beast of a gaming rig has slowly sat in the study, gathering dust, when it could be powered on; fueling my gaming needs. I hear many of you ask, "Elliot you absolute idiot, why don't you just go downstairs right now, power up your PC and fuel your passion as a pro gamer?!!"  You are not the first, nor the last to be asking this question my friend. Others may also ask "Elliot, why not just have a reasonable conversation with your parents? You could bring up your relevant points and come to a compromise!"  Shut up. You see, for many years now, my ability to game during the week has been shackled and restrained. The source of this control? An extremist group known as The Parents. The Parents show no mercy to my cause when keeping me and my PC apart, like two long-distanced lovers. They don't understand the connection I have with her, the relationship that I have built over so many years. For decades I have tried to reason with The Parents, but they choose to filter out my cries. As a last resort, I have crawled to; a place for the people. With your support I can return to the world of gaming! With your support I will bring power back to my mighty gaming PC. With your support, I will conquer all those that stand in my way. If you are not willing to do it for me, do it for my PC........    

Elliot Garnett
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