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Petition to European Parliament, United States Presidency, President of the United States House of Representatives, President of the European Parliament

Sanctions against the State of Israel and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Following the Turkish bombing of a humanitarian convoy in Syria, Europe and the United States plan to impose sanctions on the Turkish Government. Since 1967 (the beginning of the illegal occupation of Palestinian land defined by the UN), the State of Israel has consistently violated all resoultions and judgments of international courts as well as illegally using chemical weapons and bombing of civilian targets such as hospitals, schools. and houses. Doing irreparable damage to the population not only of the Gaza Strip but also of the West Bank. The same is true in Yemen where the civilian population is being deprived of all rights due to the war backed by Saudi Arabia. The Saudi military has repeatedly used chemical weapons and bombs against the unarmed civilian population. Thus causing death and despair among the survivors. Given the fact that both European countries and the United States intend to resort to sanctions and blockade of arms sales to Turkey, this petition serves to impose similar actions against the State of Israel and the State of Saudi Arabia for violations of equal severity. The Palestinian and Yemeni civilian population who have been suffering for a long time cannot be denied justice without the correct sanction being given to the offending countries. That is, Israel and Saudi Arabia.    

Jeanne Christine Fuciarelli
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Petition to Valve, Valve (Source Engine licensing), Valve Education information, Valve Mods and the Software Developer's Kit, Gabe Newell, Dota 2, Dota 2 Support Team

Player Moderators in Dota 2

Dear valve, dota 2 support team/dev, Lord gaben... please read this. The actual report system is broken, game ruiners and toxic players, constantly abuse the Report System, reporting other players that didnt break any rules and and those players go low priority, get lower conduct and banned…. Sending good players to low priority or banned for not breaking any rules. THAT IS WRONG. This is destroying the dota 2 community we need to change this! Here is some solutions: 1- Player Moderators should be added to Dota 2, they should be chosen based on player history, good behavior, or volunteer and then analyzed. 2- Players who got punishment, low priority, muted or banned, should be able to send a appeal , player moderators / admins / dota 2 support team would review this appeals and act in the best way. 3- Player Moderators should be able to punish game ruiners/rule breakers in game, they can mute them and send them to low priority if game ruiners caught feeding intentional or acting to hurt their own team Game ruiners also abuse the report system, so their reports can be removed, to prevent them not reporting players from his team that did nothing wrong. This could be done by sending match id to players moderator, and they would cancel their reports. 4- Vote to kick, should allowed for 4 players to vote and kick 1 player from their team if this player is acting to make their team lose or hurt their own team, toxic, skill hability abuse, refuse to help and afk, feeding intentional, or not respecting their role(mark support and pick carry hero) This should only be allowed at the first 15 minutes of game and for all 5 players on solo match making/no partys.    

Jon Snow
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Started 2 months ago

Petition to Change the world

Make the World a Better Place

We have to change the world, make it a better place, for ourselves and for other people. We can do it with simple things in everyday life, such as helping with housework, picking up trash on the floor, etc.Or we can donate, to help others, an example of a foundation: #thecameronboycefundation , the @thirstproject ,etc. (search about that) •Example of person: @thecameronboyce, Cameron, he was an 20 year old boy who unfortunately left us very early in July 2019. He besides being famous had a golden heart, he just cared about other people and was part of from various foundations.His life story is fabulous and heart touching, and the world needed to know it because he was basically an angel in this world and we need more people like him.He fought hard for human rights and many other things.And his dream, before he died tragically, was to make the world a better place ,because look,the world is so bad right now and we are the guilty.☢️ -> We all go...what you leave should be bigger than you. (Cameron Boyce)  I would very much that people know about his background and who he really was.This young men deserved everything but not death. And we can't let him go into forgetfulness. He was an example of a human because he has done more in 20 years than a person with 100. Look , we have work to do, and we have to enjoy life better, because tomorrow we won't know if we're here or not.⏳In short, we cannot let superior people rule the world, we are all children of God and we are all the ones who have to act to change the place who we lived.All together, we can do it! Don't ignore the fact that we can still save the world and chenged it because it is really sick now. Think, report and make the change!♻️�

Maria Da silva
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