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Petition to Blue Mammoth Games, Brawlhalla

African Server - Brawlhalla AFR

Brawlhalla is becoming a world-wide game, and in that I believe it is fair to create a server for people who play in Africa. Africa would give a greater diversity within the game and significantly increasing its number of players due to its vast territory and the African goal to be a better continent... Also that there are more than 1,600,000,000 people in Africa, which are not few people... In addition, in eSports we would have significantly more countries and competitors capable of being world revelations, taking the chance to Africans to be world champions. Also that Brawlhalla for being a light fighting game and quite accessible even for the weakest computers, more players would have access to the game. That's why the main objective of the petition is precisely to see if it's possible to have a server in Africa, because I've noticed MANY PLAYERS request servers for that specific region, so that players can develop, new players can to play Brawlhalla, and even create new tournaments in those respective regions. There are many talents in this region that I believe can be explored. I understand that it is possible that Africa has problems beyond what we know about servers, this includes host country situation, or for high fees. That's why it would be good to try to "find a solution" to these possible problems that a server in Africa could give, but yes, I believe that a server in Africa would be a good return. Whoever has finished reading this far, I humbly ask you to tag @fodakahn, @brawlhalla and @MattWoomer on twitter so they can see if it is possible to develop this idea for the near future, and if possible sign this petition for them to can see the amount of players who want to see this region grow. Thank you!

Nik Mattos
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