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Petition to Estado de Israel, ONU, Tribunal Internacional de Justiça

Against Israel's violation of the rights of Palestinian children

According to United Nations General Assembly Resolution 44/25 adopted on 20 November 1989, the International Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted. It is a treaty that aims to protect children and adolescents around the world. In view of the fact that the State of Israel, as a member country, undertook to ratify the agreement to protect children and teenagers under the following conditions: - Protection of the child and teenagers against aggression (physical or psychological), emphasizing in its article 19 the fight against sevice, exploitation and sexual violence. - Participation of children and adolescents as subjects of law, and their opinion respected. - Survival and development of the children's lives giving them so that there is harmony in the physical, spiritual, psychological, moral and social aspects, considering their abilities and talents. - the best interest of the child by the public bodies of the Member States in order to ensure maximum welfare. - Non-discrimination of children, none of which should be prejudiced in any way due to race, creed, color, gender, language, caste, birth situation or suffering from any physical disability. Today, the Palestinian Territories are under illegal and abusive occupation by the State of Israel for more than 50 years, which violates the norms of international law, as well as what has been determined in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child by subjecting Palestinian children to series of violations of that agreement. In the face of the countless crimes against the human rights of Palestinian children, it is the present petition to request steps to the International Tribunal and UN with due opening of denunciation against the State of Israel.

Jeanne Christine Fuciarelli
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Petition to Comitê Norueguês do Nobel Presidenta Berit Reiss-Andersen, Nobel Prize, The Nobel Fundation

NOBEL DA PAZ para os Bombeiros de Brumadinho.

NOBEL DA PAZ - PARA BOMBEIROS DE BRUMADINHO Aos Senhores do: COMITÊ NORUEGUÊS DO NOBEL Ao Senhor Presidente: BERIT REISS-ANDERSEN Aos Membros: THORBJøRN JAGLAND,ANNE ENGER and ASLE TOJE. As corporações de Corpos de Bombeiros Militares, tem como principal missão executar atividades de Defesa Civil, Prevenção e Combate a Incêndios, Buscas, Salvamentos e Socorros Públicos no âmbito de sua respectivas Unidades Federativas. Desde 1915 são considerados Força Auxiliar e Reserva do Exército Brasileiro, e integram o Sistema de Segurança Pública e Defesa Social do Brasil. No Brasil, a primeira Corporação de Bombeiros foi criada pelo Imperador Pedro II em 1856, e tem o mesmo por patrono. SALVAMENTO NA QUEDA DE BARRAGEM DA VALE EM BRUMADINHO. Em 25 de Janeiro de 2019 exatamente ás 12:29, a população Brasileira ficou ESTARRECIDAMENTE CHOCADA!!! Com a tragédia que se COMINAVA!!! Com o rompimento da barragem na VALE em Brumadinho. Onde passa a ser considerada então um dos maiores desastres com rejeitos de mineração no Brasil. O rompimento resultou em um desastre de grandes proporções, considerado como um desastre industrial, humanitário e ambiental, onde até o momento da publicação dessa matéria apontam 134 mortos e 199 desaparecidos, gerando uma calamidade pública. E pode ser considerado o segundo maior desastre industrial do século e o maior acidente de trabalho do Brasil. O dano humano é maior em Brumadinho, diferente do rompimento da barragem de Bento Rodrigues, em Mariana. A tragédia de Mariana, de 2015, é até então, o mais grave desastre ambiental da história provocado por vazamento de minério. O geólogo Alex Cardoso Bastos, afirmou que “a tragédia em Brumadinho estará, certamente, no topo dos maiores desastres com rompimento de barragem de minério do mundo. O Brasil agora é destaque na lista de tragédias do gênero, por ser o país com o maior número de mortes, somando até agora três acidentes com perda humana ou grave dano ambiental desde 2014. PRÊMIO NOBEL DA PAZ PARA OS BOMBEIROS DE BRUMADINHO E mesmo com pagamento salários atrasados, desde 2016, quando o estado declarou calamidade financeira, e o 13º salário atrasado. Esses homens, do Corpo de Bombeiros não mediram esforços para deixarem seus lares e família e conforto para resgatar outras famílias, resgatar sobreviventes e retirar corpos de familiares da terrível lama espalhada pelo vale. Colocaram-se frente a terríveis adversidades, sob o risco com a própria saúde diretamente e indiretamente, sujos! Com fome! Cansados! Mas com determinação de salvar o próximo custe o que custar! Mesmo que custe a própria vida da corporação! Venho através desse pedido, solicitar que o PRÊMIO NOBEL DA PAZ, seja direcionado a esses bravos e corajosos homens e mulheres que trabalharam e trabalham incansavelmente no salvamento de vitimas do acidente em Brumadinho! E também fizeram parte do salvamento no acidente de Mariana! >>PRÊMIO NOBEL DA PAZ PARA OS BOMBEIROS DE BRUMADINHO<< ENGLISH In Brazil, the first Fire Company was created by Emperor Pedro II in 1856, and has the same by patron. RESCUE IN THE FALL OF THE VALLEY DAM IN BRUMADINHO.On January 25, 2019, exactly at 12:29, the Brazilian population was STUNNINGLY SHOCKED !!! With the tragedy that was COMEDY !!! With the dam breaking at VALE in Brumadinho. Where it happens to be considered then one of the biggest disasters with mining tailings in Brazil. The disruption resulted in a major disaster, considered as an industrial, humanitarian and environmental disaster, where at the time of publication of this article 134 dead and 199 disappeared, generating a public calamity. And it can be considered the second biggest industrial disaster of the century and the biggest labor accident in Brazil. The human damage is greater in Brumadinho, different from the rupture of the Bento Rodrigues dam in Mariana. The tragedy of Mariana, from 2015, is until then, the most serious environmental disaster in history caused by the leakage of ore. Geologist Alex Cardoso Bastos said that "the tragedy in Brumadinho will certainly be at the top of the biggest disasters with ore dam rupture in the world. Brazil is now highlighted in the list of tragedies of the genre, being the country with the highest number of deaths, adding up to now three accidents with human loss or severe environmental damage since 2014. NOBEL PEACE AWARD FOR BRUMADINHO FIRE FIGHTERSAnd even with late payment wages, since 2016, when the state declared financial calamity, and the 13th salary late. These men from the Fire Department have made no effort to leave their homes and family and comfort to rescue other families, rescue survivors and remove bodies of relatives from the terrible mud scattered throughout the valley.They were faced with terrible adversities, under the risk with their own health directly and indirectly, dirty! Hungry! Tired! But with determination to save the next cost what it costs! Even if it costs the very life of the corporation!I hereby request that the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE be directed to these brave and courageous men and women who have worked and work tirelessly to rescue victims of the Brumadinho accident! And they were also part of the rescue in Mariana's accident!

enthon man
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Petition to , , info(at) , info.geneve.internationale[at] , ,

My name is Alice. I'm victim of international traffiking human.

@diariodedeumatraficada Slavery sexual My name is Alice. I'm a real victim of the people traffiking and I need hep for survive.In 2016, I was to train comparative accounting and improve French in Switzerland, and I ended up locked after a meeting by one of the traffic bosses. After much difficulty, I managed to return and became a victim of my own country, Brazil. In the State of Pernambuco I suffered more than 40 state crimes and I came across a system that revitalized me. The process was terminated in an unconstitutional and fraudulent manner. After the last assassination attempt, I saw that either I was completely isolated or I would die in a next attack. Today I live in a place without leaving for a long time.I acquired a progressive disease called neuropathy and I can not treat myself because of my isolation state. I live in a state of torture and I do not get a reply from my State; Pernambuco and Country; Brazil. So, I decided through the people to push for the minimum, the shelter of my life since, justice is no longer a belief, today I need health and life guarantees, which I do not have. I hope to get support for my cause and live. I just want to live. Whether by refuge, asylum or Brazilian coverage. I have one page in instagram @diariodeumatraficada and there memealert, protest and divide on the real conditions of human trafficking in the world. One cellphone don't save or...just no me. Please, Hepl me! Im so tired and just more, just live. An Français dessous  Il a une fille nommée Alice qui a été victime du trafic international de personnes en Suisse, une brasielira formée dans 3 collèges qu'étaient allés étudier et ils ont fini par être arrêtés par un trafiquant. Aujourd'hui, il peut mourir à tout moment et demander de l'aide au monde à travers une pétition et un compte pour l'aider. Les trafiquants suisses sont au Brésil pour la tuer. Appelez les autorités si vous le pouvez aussi. C'est absurde. Elle lune il y a 2 ans et est isolée pour plus d'un ne pas mourir. Signe, s'il vous plaît.

Alice LiBrazil
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