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Petition to Jim Hagedorn

Letter to Jim Hagedorn - A Request for Dialogue

Jim Hagedorn has been elected to the 1st Congressional District of Minnesota (CD1). Below is the letter requesting a meeting and ongoing dialogue with Mr. Hagedorn regarding his anti-Muslim statements. Showing your support for this effort by attaching your name will make the message even stronger and, hopefully, encourage Mr. Hagedorn to listen to our concerns in person. Dear Mr. Hagedorn, Congratulations on your election to Congress for the 1st Congressional District of Minnesota. I would like to arrange a meeting with you in person to discuss concerns many of your Muslim constituents share regarding your statements on Islam and Muslims. The goal of this meeting is to create open communication between your Congressional role and the Muslim community of CD1. Your campaign website contains many statements that use fear-mongering tactics against the Minnesota Muslim community, such as “Minnesota has a terrorist recruiting problem from East African refugees brought into the United States under the current immigration and screening process.” You have also referred to Minnesota Muslims as “Islamic supremacists”.  These statements are problematic because they portray all Somalis, indeed all Muslims, living in Minnesota as potential terrorists and threats to our safety. We are not terrorists. We are your constituents. The use of misconceptions and stereotypes on Islam have potentially harmful consequences for ALL of Southern Minnesota. Perpetrating false information of an entire group of Minnesotans conjures fear, hatred, and even acts of violence such as, the bombing of the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington in August of 2017. During this past summer, our mosque here in Rochester was desecrated with bacon. In the aftermath of the Tree of Life Synagogue terrorist attack that claimed the lives of eleven Jewish Americans and wounded several others, I am sure you can recognize the consequences of fear and hatred in our country. As a mother of two young children, I want nothing more than their safety and freedom to practice their religion without fear. I wish the same for all of our children, no matter their religion. Far too often opinions of Islam and Muslims are sought from those whom are openly against the religion. That is why I want to offer you a chance to hear directly from the Muslim community you represent. I, Regina Mustafa, along with the individuals and organizations attached to this letter, kindly request a reply so we can arrange a time for a meeting. True understanding begins with conversation. Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response. Sincerely, Regina Mustafa Founder Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam (CIDI) 612-986-7724

Regina Mustafa
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Petition to Politicians, politics, Government

Hacking Politics! End of Debate. Rise of Dialogue.

Politics influences your life. We all complain about the political system, we are tired of the game, fed up with the election circus and we feel powerless. But what if you create a movement that gives brith to new politics? Politics that creates understanding and effective solutions for social issues. Politics that supports, represents and accelerates the evolution of human consciousness. Politics that serves the oneness of humanity.  Lack of our current political system  The current political system - in your country, and around the world - is built on debate. The power of words is used to make differences bigger, to battle and fight each other, based on a scarcity mindset to win or lose. The way politicians communicate with each other determines the political game and beyond. It determines how social issues are (not) solved. Now more than ever we have to admit, there's a severe lack of human connection in politics and therefore, in our daily lives. It's time to change this. It's time to introduce, rediscover and embrace our true nature as human beings. It's time for dialogue - and to share the message of dialogue! Support dialogue  Dialogue means human connection. Dialogue means listening beyond the ears, thinking beyond thoughts and speaking while consciously knowing the power of words. Choosing dialogue means creating a new system of thought - a new paradigm. No political system in the world has ever changed (only) from inside out, it always happens through movement. People - like you - stand up and appeal to their leaders by demanding the leadership they need and deserve. Freedom to be you Dialogue creates an opportunity for you to be authentic, stay true to your core values and be the best version of you. Dialogue means freedom to be you. Dialogue also allows you to be more intuitive and therefore more creative. And dialogue enables you to be compassionate. Support and sign this petition. And invite others by sharing it on social media! #HackingPolitics  End debate and start dialogue!  3 Easy and simple guidelines to start dialogue Do you know any politician? Or are you one? These are 3 easy and simple guidelines to start dialogue in the political arena: 1. Seek understanding and embrace learning. Disrupt political opponents by opening your statement with an intention and invitation to dialogue - by exchanging ideas and not attacking people for who they are or what they value.2. Be a genuine listener. Prove you are listening to political opponents and show that you understand their input by responding with sincere substantive compliments. 3. Focus on similarities and create solutions. There are only winners. Address similarities between you and political opponents, and seek to accept their proposal publicly. Dialogue is the key to achieve your utmost potential as the leader that humanity needs you to be. End of Debate. Rise of Dialogue. Initiators, conscious creators and rebels:Lukas Zillmer, Tobias Pieper, Wesley Tax, Wassila Hachchi, Machiel Monninkhof, Bianca de Jong, Natasha de Jong, Areeq Chowdhurry, Bart Mijland, Kitty Knibbe, Sandra de Gelder, Aida Kruize, Catherine Bournival, Bart van der Meer, Martijn Deijl  LEARN MORE Powered by Dialogue Digital Foundation

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Petition to Excellency Secretary General, United Nations Organization New York, USA

Establish a UN Universal Center for Dialogue and Conflict Resolution in Lebanon

This petition to establish a UN universal center for dialogue and conflict resolution in Lebanon is addressed to His/Her Excellency the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization in New York, USA. This is a civil society effort.  In his address to the UN General Assembly on the Dialogue between Cultures and Religions (Item 45: Culture and Peace) on November 12th, 2008, His Excellency, President Michel Sleiman, stated that “the philosophy of the Lebanese entity is based on dialogue, reconciliation and coexistence”. He declared that the Lebanese people would like Lebanon to “become an international center for the management of the dialogue of civilizations and cultures and consequently a global laboratory for that inter-entity dialogue”.St. Pope John Paul II, Ayatollah Muhammad Mahdi Shamseddine, the Muslim-Christian Summit at the Maronite Patriarchate in Lebanon and hundreds of thousands of people in Lebanon and around the world, we believe that Lebanon is more than a country it is a message of freedom, a model of pluralism and a special space for dialogue and coexistence of different cultures, ethnicities and religions. We also believe that Lebanon’s vocation is to embody this message and to strive to live it and to promote it despite all the challenges and the obstacles faced.  We started this petition to capitalize on the call by former President Michel Suleiman to the UN to designate Lebanon as “an international center for the management of the dialogue of civilizations and cultures and consequently a global laboratory for that inter-entity dialogue”. Your signature will make a difference because the world needs a place where dialogue takes place not on the macro levels but also on the micro levels – on the levels of people in their daily lives as it is the situation in Lebanon. Your signature will give people hope and strengthen their resilience not only in the Middle East, but also around the world for an alternative to disputes, conflicts and wars. The Middle East needs Lebanon to be this space and your signature will make it happen. The Initiative is Notre Dame University project using civil society track to achieve its objectives. It is supported by Lebanese people, friends of Lebanon, people of good will, civil society advocates and organizations who believe that Lebanon is a land of dialogue and needs to be internationally acknowledged as such by the UN and its member states. My name is Dr. Guita Hourani. I am the Director of the Lebanese Emigration Research Center, member of the Initiative's Steering Committee and the Petition Campaign Coordinator of the Initiative. On behalf of Notre Dame University, the Steering Committee, the Executing Director and the Advisory Committee of the Initiative thank you in advance for supporting this initiative and for signing the petition. "Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will not themselves be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die, but long after we are gone be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistence." Architect Daniel Hudson Burnham (1846 – 1912).

Guita Hourani
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