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Petition to Jane Philpott, Medical Insurance Plan, BCPharmacare

Have CGM's covered in Canada For Type 1 Diabetics as they save lives

I am starting this petition to open the eyes of many what the daily life of a T1D parent is like. Olivia was diagnosed back in December 2014 at the age of 5. She has been through a lot in her life with ER visits due to high blood sugars with keytones which does damage to her organs and body and turns her blood acidic and she's been extremely low at 1.7 just decorating the Christmas Tree with me. Our goal is to have her at 7.5 and we are blessed to have an insulin pump that saves her from being poked and prodded to only every 3 days besides the continuous finger pokes that she gets a day that easily reach over 10. Our mornings we wake up and test sugars and pray it's a great number and feed her breaky and give her that required insulin. A around 10:30 we test again for snack, noon for lunch, 3pm for snack, 5pm for dinner, 7pm for bedtime, 9pm, 11pm and 2 am. Now these aren't covering if she is having a low that can happen at any time where we need to get sugar into her and retest after 15 minutes to make sure her sugars are going up. Having low blood sugars can cause you to have a seizure and even worse cause death. It's a parents night mare putting your baby to sleep and not knowing if she will wake up the next morning. I remember the days when we couldn't wait to put the girls to bed so we could have some couple time and wake up and enjoy the sunrises, or even sleep in and watch movies with the family until someone was hungry and we made a big family breakfast. Now we panic if Liv isn't awake and sneak in to test her hoping we don't wake her up, or if she's dangerously low we try to sneak in a juice box while she is asleep and if you can imagine it's not an easy task. My heart aches that she can't just go for a play date, to an afterschool camp, a birthday party without me being there. She constantly has someone around her to monitor her as its so quick she goes from "being normal" to having lows. Her diabetic team is stumped as well. Why is this poor girl all over the board? With the CGM it connects to her and monitors her blood sugars every 5 minutes. It can be connected to your iPhone as well thanks to come parents who invented NightScout It will alarm and notify you if the sugars are dangerously high or dangerously low. Sounds amazing right? So of course I quickly called up Animas to find out they are extremely pricey. A receiver is $700 and lasts about a year, the transmitters are $800 and last only 6 months then the actual sensors that last a week are $85 each. I got on the phone with my private insurance company and no coverage, BCPharmacare doesn't cover it either. This needs to change, this saves lives, will save future hospital visits costs, kidney damage costs and every other horrible thing that this disease does to damage people's lives. Please sign this to have this device covered as I don't want to be one of the statistic to find my baby In bed no longer with us.

Danielle Poole
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Petition to Dave Wilson, Denise Peterson-Rafuse, Leonard Preyra, Gary Ramey, Michelle Raymond, Brian Skabar, Maurice Smith, Graham Steele, Mat Whynott, Lenora Zann, PC Party, Stephen McNeil, Howard Epstein, Sid Prest, Trevor Zinck, Percy Paris, Jamie Baillie, Charlie Parker, Jim Morton, Sterling Belliveau, Pam Birdsall, Jim Boudreau, Gary Burrill, Vicki Conrad, Frank Corbett, Darrell Dexter, Bill Estabrooks, Gordie Gosse, Ramona Jennex, Becky Kent, Ross Landry, Maureen MacDonald, John MacDonell, Clarrie MacKinnon, Marilyn More, Kevin McNamara

Nova Scotia Legislature: Fund insulin pumps for children

Many families would have difficulty covering the $6500-$9000 cost of a pump for their child. Diabetes is considered a pre-exisitng condition thus in many cases does not qualify for medical insurance. Nova Scotia is one of 2 provinces not to cover these pumps in some form. It's time for us to catch up with the rest of the country. Nova Scotians can't always be the ones lagging behind. It is time! Insulin Pump Coverage for children in Nova Scotia has had many years of discussion. Put aside party affiliations and loyalties and think about why you got involved in politics. As intelligent and compassionate elected members of Nova Scotia please hear this message: Insulin pumps should be covered in Nova Scotia! As taxpayers and voters we understand that a budget has to be balanced. However, is there anything more important than the health and well being of our children? With hard work and determination funds could be found. This is an important issue that has been left on the backburner long enough. It is time. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association research shows that: In the first year of implementation, the net financial cost to Nova Scotia is projected to be approximately $650,000. The net financial savings is projected to grow each year, reaching approximately $1.4 million by 2032.Coverage for children in Nova Scotia needs to and WILL take place. Will you choose to be a part of the success, especially those of you that are not re-offering for another term? What a legacy you could leave, being a part of something so vital. Alone we can do so little, together we can make a change. Health and good wishes to all party members. Now you know what the people want, begin the process of covering insulin pumps for children in our province. It is time.

Tammy MacLaren
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