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Petition to Hon. Jane Philpott, Hon. Jim Reiter Minister, Hon. Adrian Dix, Hon. Sarah Hoffman, Hon. Kelvin Goertzen, Hon. Eric Hoskins, Hon. John Haggie, Hon. Victor Boudreau, Hon. Leo Glavine, Hon. Robert Henderson, Hon. Gaétan Barrette

Provincial Health Ministries Canada Needs CGM's for all People with Diabetes.

Diabetes is a full time job for all people with diabetes and we never get to have a holiday or get to retire from this full time job. Any help for the many people who have this disease with new technology that can save there life should be covered for all. People with diabetes must poke there finger before and after meals to give them some idea of where there blood sugar levels are at.  But it never really tells you very accurately and only calculates an average glucose level. Making it hard to tell exactly how good your control really is. Some people with onset diabetes  have a hard time detecting when there blood sugar level is dropping and can result in unconsciousness and even death if not treated immediately, New Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems will prevent all of this. Alarms can be set to let a diabetic know in advance when there sugar level is dropping or getting to high, allowing person with diabetes to treat themselves before having to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. This technology needs to be covered for all people with diabetes. It would reduce costly hospital visits and give many a sense of confidence they never had before. And a helping hand in the continuous battle with this horrible disease. It is very essential that this be covered for all people with diabetes. Le diabète est un emploi à temps plein pour toutes les personnes atteintes de diabète, et nous n’arrivons jamais à avoir un jour férié ou arriver à se retirer de ce travail à temps plein. Toute aide pour les nombreuses personnes qui ont cette maladie avec la nouvelle technologie qui permet d’économiser là vie devrait être couverts pour tous. Les personnes diabétiques doivent pousser il doigt avant et après les repas pour leur donner une petite idée d’où il la glycémie courent.  Mais il n’a jamais vraiment vous indique très précisément et uniquement calcule une moyenne de glycémie. Rendant difficile de dire exactement comment votre contrôle vraiment est bon. Certaines personnes atteintes de diabète ont un moment difficile détecter lorsqu’il est en baisse de niveau de sucre dans le sang et peut provoquer l’inconscience et même la mort si ne pas traité immédiatement, systèmes nouvelle surveillance continue du Glucose n’empêchera tout cela. Alarmes peuvent être réglées à un diabétique le faire savoir à l’avance lorsqu’il y a le niveau de sucre une chute ou à défoncer, permettant à la personne atteinte de diabète pour se traiter avant de devoir être emmené à l’hôpital dans une ambulance. Cette technologie doit être couvert pour toutes les personnes atteintes de diabète. Il réduirait les visites à l’hôpital coûteux et beaucoup donnent un sentiment de confiance qu’ils avaient jamais avant. Et un coup de main lors de la bataille continue avec cette terrible maladie. Il est très essentiel que cela être couverts pour toutes les personnes atteintes de diabète.  

Kevin Mathison
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Nova Scotia Legislature: Fund insulin pumps for children

Many families would have difficulty covering the $6500-$9000 cost of a pump for their child. Diabetes is considered a pre-exisitng condition thus in many cases does not qualify for medical insurance. Nova Scotia is one of 2 provinces not to cover these pumps in some form. It's time for us to catch up with the rest of the country. Nova Scotians can't always be the ones lagging behind. It is time! Insulin Pump Coverage for children in Nova Scotia has had many years of discussion. Put aside party affiliations and loyalties and think about why you got involved in politics. As intelligent and compassionate elected members of Nova Scotia please hear this message: Insulin pumps should be covered in Nova Scotia! As taxpayers and voters we understand that a budget has to be balanced. However, is there anything more important than the health and well being of our children? With hard work and determination funds could be found. This is an important issue that has been left on the backburner long enough. It is time. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association research shows that: In the first year of implementation, the net financial cost to Nova Scotia is projected to be approximately $650,000. The net financial savings is projected to grow each year, reaching approximately $1.4 million by 2032.Coverage for children in Nova Scotia needs to and WILL take place. Will you choose to be a part of the success, especially those of you that are not re-offering for another term? What a legacy you could leave, being a part of something so vital. Alone we can do so little, together we can make a change. Health and good wishes to all party members. Now you know what the people want, begin the process of covering insulin pumps for children in our province. It is time.

Tammy MacLaren
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