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Petition to Hon. Kelvin Goertzen

Petition for Preventative Health Services in Manitoba

The background for this petition is as follows: 1.      Preventative Health Services are an integral part of our healthcare system and are essential to creating a healthy community. 2.      Preventive care to optimize health and decrease sickness is as important as treatment after a disease or sickness is identified. 3.      Increasing evidence now supports the fact that well designed investments in prevention can improve health and decrease health care costs starting in the first year.  In the long term effective preventive measures can continue to improve population health while reducing downstream costs. 4.      The lack of a focused and comprehensive provincial approach to prevention under the previous NDP government and under the present Pallister government has resulted in steadily increasing rates of diabetes, HIV, and Methamphetamine addictions province wide. 5.      The recent provincial proposal to develop clinical services plan does not include any mention of a plan to develop a  comprehensive Preventative Health Services Plan. 6.      When prevention services are only a small part of a clinical services plan, acute-care services invariably monopolize attention, money and other resources. 7.      The need to dedicate and focus resources used in prevention requires a comprehensive stand-alone preventive health services plan. We petition the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba as follows: We urge government of Manitoba to immediately develop and release a Preventative Health Services Plan, which would provide the necessary direction and resources to improve the health and well-being of Manitobans

Jon Gerrard, MLA for River Heights
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Petition to Human Rights Campaign, Jane Philpott, CBC/Radio-Canada, Justin Trudeau

Bring Diabetic Insulin Pump Coverage to ALL Canadian Provinces for ALL ages!

Please support my petition for national medical coverage for Insulin Pump Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes of ALL ages. About Type 1 Diabetes Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that enables people to get energy from food. People with type 1 diabetes are dependent on daily insulin injections for their survival.  Over time, Type 1 Diabetes complications can affect major organs in your body, including heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and kidneys. Maintaining a normal blood sugar level can dramatically reduce the risk of many complications. Infact, 70% Of all amputations are from complications of uncontrilled diabetes. Diabetes complications can lead to lessor quality of life or are even be life-threatening. Without access to an insulin pump this greatly increases the odds of complications. Persons with Type 1 Diabetes are often not insurable by private drug companies and many provinces do not offer provincial coverage for an Insulin pumps or related supplies for adults. This makes owning a life sustaining medical device complicated and simply out of reach for many Canadians in provinces with age restrictions for coverage. The right to insulin pump provincial coverage should be available in all provinces to persons of all ages. Having accessibility to receive insulin therapy is critical for management of Type 1 diabetes in most cases and often require pump therapy to avoid the high risk of complications from the disease.   800,000 People in Canada have Type 1 diabetes, many of which live in provinces without government financial coverage for adults with Type 1 Diabetes.  The price for medical supplies is $300-$1000 per month for out of pocket medical expenses in most provinces with restriction on medical coverage for Insulin Pump therapy for adults. My name is Allison Myers. I am a type 1 Diabetic for 21 years and currently I reside in Quebec, Canada.  The link below shows a news article by CTV in Manatoba about the same subject: Thank you for taking the time to read my petition. I'm hoping to be a voice for the thousands of people that can relate. Yours truly, Allison Myers- Montreal, Canada

Allison Myers
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Petition to Dave Wilson, Denise Peterson-Rafuse, Leonard Preyra, Gary Ramey, Michelle Raymond, Brian Skabar, Maurice Smith, Graham Steele, Mat Whynott, Lenora Zann, PC Party, Stephen McNeil, Howard Epstein, Sid Prest, Trevor Zinck, Percy Paris, Jamie Baillie, Charlie Parker, Jim Morton, Sterling Belliveau, Pam Birdsall, Jim Boudreau, Gary Burrill, Vicki Conrad, Frank Corbett, Darrell Dexter, Bill Estabrooks, Gordie Gosse, Ramona Jennex, Becky Kent, Ross Landry, Maureen MacDonald, John MacDonell, Clarrie MacKinnon, Marilyn More, Kevin McNamara

Nova Scotia Legislature: Fund insulin pumps for children

Many families would have difficulty covering the $6500-$9000 cost of a pump for their child. Diabetes is considered a pre-exisitng condition thus in many cases does not qualify for medical insurance. Nova Scotia is one of 2 provinces not to cover these pumps in some form. It's time for us to catch up with the rest of the country. Nova Scotians can't always be the ones lagging behind. It is time! Insulin Pump Coverage for children in Nova Scotia has had many years of discussion. Put aside party affiliations and loyalties and think about why you got involved in politics. As intelligent and compassionate elected members of Nova Scotia please hear this message: Insulin pumps should be covered in Nova Scotia! As taxpayers and voters we understand that a budget has to be balanced. However, is there anything more important than the health and well being of our children? With hard work and determination funds could be found. This is an important issue that has been left on the backburner long enough. It is time. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association research shows that: In the first year of implementation, the net financial cost to Nova Scotia is projected to be approximately $650,000. The net financial savings is projected to grow each year, reaching approximately $1.4 million by 2032.Coverage for children in Nova Scotia needs to and WILL take place. Will you choose to be a part of the success, especially those of you that are not re-offering for another term? What a legacy you could leave, being a part of something so vital. Alone we can do so little, together we can make a change. Health and good wishes to all party members. Now you know what the people want, begin the process of covering insulin pumps for children in our province. It is time.

Tammy MacLaren
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