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Petition to Chris Hall, Jackie Smith, Joni Ernst, Chuck Grassley, Joseph R. Biden, Ashley Hinson, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Cynthia Axne, Randy Feenstra, Kim Reynolds, Jim Carlin, Jack Whitver, Thomas Miller

Mandate Insulin Cap in Iowa

Type 1 Diabetes, which affects nearly 1.6 million Americans, is an chronic (life long) autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks and destroys cells in the pacers that produce insulin. Type 1 Diabetes is treated using Insulin, a hormone that helps glucose get into your cells to give them energy.  This sounds very simple right? You just go to the drug store, purchase Insulin, and you get to live another day right? Unfortunately, this is so far from the truth. In the late '90s, a vial of insulin in the United States cost $25 without insurance. Ten years later, the cost increased to $125. Jump to 2021, It costs me $380 without insurance for one Insulin pen, which lasts me maybe 2 weeks. With insurance, it still costs me $150 for TWO weeks. This is also after I have used the manufacturers coupon. Keep in mind - this is just the cost of the medication I need to survive. This doesn't take into account the supplies needed to administer this medication.  In March of 2020, the House of Representatives of Iowa passed House File 2138, a bill stating that there shall be a cap on the "total amount of cost-sharing that a covered person is required to pay per prescription filled to an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars for up to a thirty-one day supply..." This was passed and later titled House file 263 and to be reviewed/renewed in 2021 with new Presidency.  In January of 2021, the bill was brought back to office again and passed by the House of Representatives and sent to the Senate in February/March. Since then, there has been no discussion or progression of this bill. It has essentially become lost.  This petition is to bring back this bill to the Senate. If this bill was passed, it would save diabetics roughly $10,000-$15,000 a year on the cost of Insulin. This medication is not a luxury or something to make life easier. This medication is mandatory for survival. At the very least, it should be affordable.  Diabetics are constantly fighting with Big-Pharma to solely survive. Join me in this fight to mandate an insulin cap of $100 per 31-day supply of Insulin. Everyone deserves a chance to live. 

Lexi Gerry
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Petition to Food and Drug Administration

Carbohydrate Count on Restaurant Menus

Carbohydrate counting is an everyday issue for millions of people in the United States. I am one of those people. In the past year, I was diagnosed with type one diabetes and while all food packages contain a carb count, restaurants are not required to list carbohydrates on their menus. Because of this, every time I go out to eat, I have to research and estimate the number of carbs I’m being served. This can be a lot harder than it sounds when the carbohydrate count is not coming directly from the restaurant and when you receive a wide range of estimates. This can make going out to eat an unenjoyable outing when I can’t find the carb count for what I would like to consume. For example, when searching for the carb count of a side of corn at a steakhouse many sources said that it was eighteen carbs…. for a ⅓ cup of corn.  That was very inaccurate and it caused me to take too much insulin. For those unfamiliar with diabetes, this could’ve caused hypoglycemia which is incredibly dangerous. If low blood sugar is not detected fast enough, seizures can occur and can be fatal. All because a carbohydrate count was inaccurate and too much insulin was given.  I’m only fourteen and the last thing I need is the stress of wondering if I’m counting my carbs correctly or if these sites accurately depict the carbs I consume.  About 34.2 million Americans suffer from diabetes: type one and type two. Type two diabetics can recover with the right diet and carbohydrate count, so listing the number of carbs in a menu can greatly benefit their road to recovery. Unfortunately, type one diabetics are stuck with calculating their carbs for the rest of their life, which is very frightening and makes us diabetics feel hopeless at times.  A small act like this can ultimately make it a lot easier for people suffering from this illness. It would be a giant weight lifted off our backs knowing that we will be getting the most accurate carb count possible, and knowing that these restaurant chains are thinking about all people, including those with disabilities. People on diets also tend to keep track of their carbs. One of the most recently popular diets, Keto, revolves around counting carbs as well. The FDA requires many restaurants to list the calories on menus, in hope that the consumers realize just how many calories they’re eating, possibly setting them up to make smarter decisions. This requirement was also in place to help with the obesity rate in the United States. Do you know what else contributes to obesity? Carbohydrate intake. Knowing how many calories you are consuming is good, but it might not always be enough. Carb count is useful, not only to diabetics, but to many different kinds of people. Even if you don’t realize it, many people that you are close to struggle with this problem every day. It's just simply not talked about because we diabetics have learned to “deal with it”. However, I, and others, strongly believe that we shouldn’t have to just deal with it. This isn’t something small that just a couple hundred or thousand people have to deal with. This is huge and over 30 million Americans have to suffer, and, unfortunately, that number is only growing day by day. My hope is to make the lives of diabetics everywhere easier with this petition. So, please take a moment to sign your name and show your support for diabetics and others all across the United States. Thank you so much!  Much love, Beth Conover

Beth Conover
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Petition to Bill Lee, Mark Green, Marsha Blackburn, Bill Powers, Jason Hodges, Jay D. Reedy, Richard Briggs, Curtis G. Johnson, Katrina Robinson

Make Life Saving Insulin More Affordable

It's time for all Tennesseeans to have affordable insulin! My son, Trevon was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 4. We are fortunate enough to have good health insurance to cover the expensive cost of insulin and other diabetic related supplies.  Diabetics that are unable to afford their insulin run the risk of many health problems: Blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, limb loss, depression, and death. Although diabetes has been around for centuries along with insulin, drug manufactures continue to raise the costs for this medicine versus developing a cure. I believe that families shouldn't have to worry about how they will buy life-sustaining medication while giant pharmaceutical companies rake in record-setting profits. This petition is not asking for free insulin. It is asking for fair pricing for medications that are needed to sustain life. Only we, the people of the United States of America can change things. Only we, are able to make our voices heard, raise awareness, and put a cap on what a diabetic has to spend monthly on a medication that they need to live and be a functional member of society.  Canada’s price for insulin is $90, and Colorado recently passed an insulin price cap of $100 per month. It's time for Tennessee to join Colorado in passing a price cap on this life-saving drug. The insulin price cap in Colorado has shown that it’s possible for states to take control of outrageous insulin pricing and as a result, to save lives. It’s time for Tennessee to join them in protecting Tennesseans with diabetes from avoidable health risks. I urge you to look into the legislation that Colorado passed as a potential example for Tennessee to follow.

Richard Garrett
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Started 1 year ago

Petition to Coca-Cola, PepsiCo

Alarming Deaths Due to Added Sugar

This is something important no one really talks about so let's bring it to the table. It's the concerns we face with added sugar. Over the past century sugar consumption has risen by astounding amounts, specifically from 2 major corporations Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo. Directly correlated with this, is a large number of deaths due to the consumption of the sugary & addictive drinks they produce. These companies play with us, they control us, making us think we want their drink when really its more of an addiction we are trying to fulfill that they had caused. Over 184,000 deaths per year are correlated and rising! Each one had suffered from diabetes, heart disease, and even more from fatty liver disease. Diabetes is the most known, as we all probably have someone who suffers from such a horrible disease. The CDC reported that over 100 million Americans suffer from diabetes or have prediabetic symptoms, and 1/4 of them didn't even know they had it! This means the number could be far higher than expected. Maybe the adults don't mind, since who doesn't love a can of coke? But what about the children? In 2018, over 210,000 Children were diagnosed with diabetes, and one study had even found that roughly 18-25% of adolescents & young adults have prediabetic symptoms. Why is it that the FDA recommends only 50 grams of added sugar per day, yet a single can of coke has 39 grams? This isn't something anyone should put behind them. It's horrifying that these corporations are feeding off of our lives, our children, for their own gains. This is why we must work together, to make these companies be held accountable for the lives they have taken and put warning labels on their drinks so no one else will fall for their death trap.

Honest Leaf
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