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Petition to Bill Lee, Mark Green, Marsha Blackburn, Bill Powers, Jason Hodges, Jay D. Reedy, Richard Briggs, Curtis G. Johnson, Katrina Robinson

Make Life Saving Insulin More Affordable

It's time for all Tennesseeans to have affordable insulin! My son, Trevon was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 4. We are fortunate enough to have good health insurance to cover the expensive cost of insulin and other diabetic related supplies.  Diabetics that are unable to afford their insulin run the risk of many health problems: Blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, limb loss, depression, and death. Although diabetes has been around for centuries along with insulin, drug manufactures continue to raise the costs for this medicine versus developing a cure. I believe that families shouldn't have to worry about how they will buy life-sustaining medication while giant pharmaceutical companies rake in record-setting profits. This petition is not asking for free insulin. It is asking for fair pricing for medications that are needed to sustain life. Only we, the people of the United States of America can change things. Only we, are able to make our voices heard, raise awareness, and put a cap on what a diabetic has to spend monthly on a medication that they need to live and be a functional member of society.  Canada’s price for insulin is $90, and Colorado recently passed an insulin price cap of $100 per month. It's time for Tennessee to join Colorado in passing a price cap on this life-saving drug. The insulin price cap in Colorado has shown that it’s possible for states to take control of outrageous insulin pricing and as a result, to save lives. It’s time for Tennessee to join them in protecting Tennesseans with diabetes from avoidable health risks. I urge you to look into the legislation that Colorado passed as a potential example for Tennessee to follow.

Richard Garrett
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Petition to Coca-Cola, PepsiCo

Alarming Deaths Due to Added Sugar

This is something important no one really talks about so let's bring it to the table. It's the concerns we face with added sugar. Over the past century sugar consumption has risen by astounding amounts, specifically from 2 major corporations Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo. Directly correlated with this, is a large number of deaths due to the consumption of the sugary & addictive drinks they produce. These companies play with us, they control us, making us think we want their drink when really its more of an addiction we are trying to fulfill that they had caused. Over 184,000 deaths per year are correlated and rising! Each one had suffered from diabetes, heart disease, and even more from fatty liver disease. Diabetes is the most known, as we all probably have someone who suffers from such a horrible disease. The CDC reported that over 100 million Americans suffer from diabetes or have prediabetic symptoms, and 1/4 of them didn't even know they had it! This means the number could be far higher than expected. Maybe the adults don't mind, since who doesn't love a can of coke? But what about the children? In 2018, over 210,000 Children were diagnosed with diabetes, and one study had even found that roughly 18-25% of adolescents & young adults have prediabetic symptoms. Why is it that the FDA recommends only 50 grams of added sugar per day, yet a single can of coke has 39 grams? This isn't something anyone should put behind them. It's horrifying that these corporations are feeding off of our lives, our children, for their own gains. This is why we must work together, to make these companies be held accountable for the lives they have taken and put warning labels on their drinks so no one else will fall for their death trap.

Honest Leaf
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Petition to Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, U.S. Senate, Donald J. Trump

Make insulin affordable for all diabetics

As a type 1 diabetic, injecting insulin is a necessary and indispensable process that I undergo numerous times a day. I personally use about two 300-unit pens each and every week. Each insulin pen costs upwards to more than $100. Without an insurance plan, this means that I would have to pay almost $1000 each month just for insulin. Insulin has been easier and cheaper to produce than ever before thanks to new and improved medical technology and research, but every year, insulin prices has only climbed higher and higher. According to a 2016 study by the medical journal JAMA, insulin prices have tripled from 2002 to 2013. Some diabetics simply cannot afford to pay for that price. Because of this outrageous price, many diabetics have been forced to illegally smuggle in insulin from outside the United States or buy unauthorized or under-the-counter insulin. Some diabetics have even lost their lives due to insufficient insulin. Just as no two humans are exactly the same, insulin needs vary from person to person. Everyone needs carbohydrates, even diabetics. Diabetics should not be punished by paying such a high price for medicine that they use to stay alive. Several states have started capping off insulin prices, but we need to make this nationwide. With a reduced and more manageable  price on insulin, wealthier diabetics won’t have to unnecessarily spend about a new phone’s worth of money each month and less wealthier diabetics won’t have to lose their lives.

Jana Chiang
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