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Petition to Manchester City Council

Demanding the scrapping & rewriting of Portland Street/ Gay Village SRF development plans

This petition demands the rewrite of the recently released inadequate Portland Street and Gay Village Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) due to close for consultation feedback next month by Friday 23rd February, as detailed here. The document is not of a high enough quality to consult on effectively for such a significant development of this world famous area. It does not properly recognise the role of the LGBTQ community. Therefore this SRF must not only be improved, but the approach must significantly change. Further details: Signing this petition supports: A demand for community focused collaborative engagement with key stakeholders, businesses, residents and patrons of the area. By adding my signature, I request the document is withdrawn and a new approach sought. If it is not, I support a complaint against Manchester City Council. The community context: The document was not launched effectively. Therefore, the closing date does not allow enough time to gather a genuine representation of the needs or opinions of the area, let alone representing or allowing a discussion on the evolution of the area. The document is full of errors and omits details of the demographics of the LGBTQ community. This follows a long-term failure in representation for the world-famous area locally. The document seeks to re-brand the Gay Village as Portland Village, and by omission seeks the blandification and erosion of an important neighbourhood’s identity. Therefore, this petition seeks the closing date to be scrapped for feedback and the entire document to be rewritten through collaborative efforts with widespread participation. We demand this SRF is scrapped and a new approach taken to the Portland Street area and Gay Village as a whole. (Petition by Adam Prince & Loz Kaye)

Manchester Shield
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Petition to Gateway Housing, Gateway Housing Association

Prevent Pat Shaw Residential Home from clousure

Pat Shaw House is a lovely registered residential care home with 38 bedroom and flat style living spaces  It is facing closure and will leave the residents uprooted and unsettled. I felt compelled to fight against the establishment because I truly believe the community will suffer from this closure. I have written to Gateway Housing Assocoation,  the owners of the property of Pat Shaw House voicing my concerns, but so far have been ignored. The home is less than 10 mins away from Mile End Hospital which provides outside care to residents who get discharged due to the nature of their illness, Pat Shaw House provides an excellent location for patients who fall ill.   Due to illness and the need for 24 hour care, My mother has had to be recommended for residential care. She has recently taken  residence here after a long stay in hospital, she found it very difficult to settle due to the state of care in other residential homes. At Pat Shaw House, the staff treat residents like members of their own family. In previous residential homes, I used to receive calls from my mum crying as she was terrified of how the staff treated her and other residents. But at Pat Shaw House her life has drastically  improved to a remarkable state which I thought I would never see in my mother again. My mother is so much happier and is no longer scared to sleep.  Visiting regularly I am met by friendly staff who always have the time to talk to me about my mums condition. But it’s not just the staff which speak volumes, when I speak to other residents I see healthy and alert people. Unlike past care homes, I felt fear and neglect, but at Pat Shaw House the atmosphere is happy and most of all safe. I cannot tell you how surprised I have been to witness that not all care homes are frightening places. My fear is that, all these vulnerable residents including my mother will suffer the consequences of the clousure of Pat Shaw House. We need to stand up for these people, because they have rights too, but they just don’t have a voice. And so therefore are treated like their lives do not matter to society. But they do matter. We all too will become vulnerable one day, and I just hope that someone will also fight for my existence. Please help me keep Pat Shaw House open and sign the petition, for the present residents but also for the residents of the future. Thank you so much 

Felicity Erebeguono
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Petition to Devendra Fadnavis, Mahendra Kalyankar (IAS), Narendar Modi, Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari

Ulhasnagar Development Plan is Disaster For Common Man

Development plan for Ulhasnagar have listed present residential and commercial properties as road cutting, green zone & recreation zone. Development Plan is unjust, unethical & unplanned. It is a CATASTROPHE resulting into 5000 families landless, 1000 shops landless bringing poverty, commercial setback , raise in slums & crime. Green zone : Various buildings, barracks & bungalows are in green zone effecting atleast 5000 families, expected returns are 2.5 times the stamp duty value of property, presently stamp duty value is not even 20% of market price. Unplanned : Selection of green zones is improper for example in a particular area there is temple with xx area and adjoin to temple there are buildings, houses comprising same area with 150 families & town-planner thinks it is easy to shift 125 families then a temple . Entire housing is listed as garden. Unjust : What we will do from so many gardens if you are not leaving people to live in city? how are properties selected by some lottery? the ones in green zone lost everything and one in residential zone just multiplied there wealth. Unethical : Biggest blunder VTC ground office displays different plan and UMC office has a different one. Same places are residential and green zone in respective plans. PLANS ARE NOT EASILY AVAILABLE TO COMMON MAN 8000 is charge to get a copy. not even on website of UMC website never loads. Road Cutting : Shops in Entire Market road are loosing there property, previously same happened in 2015 more than 500 shops demolished promised to receive compensation got nothing till date. At the same time there were floods in Chennai they received 1000 CRORE relief fund, development is more disastrous with no relief.  That was huge economic breakdown in Ulhasnagar   A relief is needed, This DP plan will bring under development, poverty, slums, people will loose trust on Government, raise in crime rate for the city, we as a citizens too need a well planned town but it should not be loss for some and gain for some it should be EQUAL for everyone a win-win.

Sunny Shivlani
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Petition to David Hayward, Planning Office Havant, Kenneth Smith, David guest

Full infrastructure review in area of 40 Acre Farm prior to planning submissions.

David Wilson and Barrett homes are planning to develop 322 houses plus a 60 bed home on the land currently know as 40 Acre Farm ( Strawberry Fields ) Bedhampton Hants . This is one of the last remaining green gaps between Portsmouth and Havant and supports a variety of wildlife  Please support this petition to prevent Planning permission being given ahead of the Local Plan 2036 submission   Planning permission being considered before all applicable sections Schedule 4 of the Town and Country planning act have been rigorously carried out and published for public consultation Development of land classified as high suitability roosting sites for Brent geese and other wading birds prior to the Coastal Partnership report on flood defence  impact on coastal wildlife The loss of a strategic gap adding to the   continuous development from the Sussex border to Southampton Please support this petition to impress upon the key decision makers in the local Council the strength of feeling and concerns over the deterioration of our green spaces . Whilst we agree that more local housing is required any housing development should be appropriate and affordable. We demand that a full Infrastructure review be carried out to truly assess the suitability of this site for housing and community living.   more information    

West Bedhampton and Havant
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