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Petition to UNICEF, United Nations, Nana Akufo-Addo, Faure Gnassingbé, Patrice Talon, United Nations Development Program

Governments of Togo, Ghana and Benin to introduce education programs to stop Trokosi.

Trokosi is a 300 year old religious practice, which is practiced in Ghana, Togo and Benin. It involves young girls being taken from their family to shrines, to be owned by a priest to be one of hundreds of his female slaves. They will be cut off from society, forced to work long days from dawn until late at night and are beaten to submit. After puberty, the girls are forced to carry the priest's children and will remain a slave in the shrine for the rest of their lives. After she is dead, her family must condemn another girl to take her place. Although the practice is illegal, the government have made next to no effort to monitor and prevent it, as many former Trokosi cases are not investigated or given fair trial. This is not an attempt to rip apart an ancient culture, however these girls deserve not be violated mentally and physically and deprived of basic human rights.  This is why the Ghanaian, Togolese and Beninese governments should start community education programs, focussed on preserving culture, but respecting rights. These are our sisters being sentenced for someone else's crime that took a matter of minutes for eternity. It takes the community to send a girl to the shrine. Educate communities from within, so we can liberate women and children and end Trokosi. If you have the time, this video showed me why this was a cause worth fighting for

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Petition to Manchester City Council

Demanding the scrapping & rewriting of Portland Street/ Gay Village SRF development plans

This petition demands the rewrite of the recently released inadequate Portland Street and Gay Village Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) due to close for consultation feedback next month by Friday 22nd March, as detailed here. The document is not of a high enough quality to consult on effectively for such a significant development of this world famous area. It does not properly recognise the role of the LGBTQ community. Therefore this SRF must not only be improved, but the approach must significantly change. Further details: Signing this petition supports: A demand for community focused collaborative engagement with key stakeholders, businesses, residents and patrons of the area. By adding my signature, I request the document is withdrawn and a new approach sought. If it is not, I support a complaint against Manchester City Council. The community context: The document was not launched effectively. Therefore, the closing date does not allow enough time to gather a genuine representation of the needs or opinions of the area, let alone representing or allowing a discussion on the evolution of the area. The document is full of errors and omits details of the demographics of the LGBTQ community. This follows a long-term failure in representation for the world-famous area locally. The document seeks to re-brand the Gay Village as Portland Village, and by omission seeks the blandification and erosion of an important neighbourhood’s identity. Therefore, this petition seeks the closing date to be scrapped for feedback and the entire document to be rewritten through collaborative efforts with widespread participation. We demand this SRF is scrapped and a new approach taken to the Portland Street area and Gay Village as a whole. (Petition by Adam Prince & Loz Kaye)

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Petition to David Hayward, Planning Office Havant, Kenneth Smith, David guest

Full infrastructure review in area of 40 Acre Farm prior to planning submissions.

David Wilson and Barrett homes are planning to develop 322 houses plus a 60 bed home on the land currently know as 40 Acre Farm ( Strawberry Fields ) Bedhampton Hants . This is one of the last remaining green gaps between Portsmouth and Havant and supports a variety of wildlife  Please support this petition to prevent Planning permission being given ahead of the Local Plan 2036 submission   Planning permission being considered before all applicable sections Schedule 4 of the Town and Country planning act have been rigorously carried out and published for public consultation Development of land classified as high suitability roosting sites for Brent geese and other wading birds prior to the Coastal Partnership report on flood defence  impact on coastal wildlife The loss of a strategic gap adding to the   continuous development from the Sussex border to Southampton Please support this petition to impress upon the key decision makers in the local Council the strength of feeling and concerns over the deterioration of our green spaces . Whilst we agree that more local housing is required any housing development should be appropriate and affordable. We demand that a full Infrastructure review be carried out to truly assess the suitability of this site for housing and community living.   more information    

West Bedhampton and Havant
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