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Petition to Brian Cheripka, Asbury Park City Council

Save Asbury's Waterfront

URGENT!  SAVE ASBURY'S WATERFRONT!  MAJOR construction is ongoing right now on the North end of Asbury Park, NJ. We seek to foster and encourage appropriate development along Asbury Park's Waterfront. That development will: 1. Maximize social inclusion and provide access for all residents and visitors2. Recognize current coastal development guidelines and practices 3. Be sensitive to endangered species, pollution and other environmental concerns4. Be transparent during all phases of planning and implementation We are residents who want to SAVE ASBURY'S WATERFRONT (SAW). We want iStar to immediately stop its ongoing construction that is based on outdated plans approved in 2004.  Asbury Park has undergone tremendous change in 15 years and iStar's current development initiatives on the North End no longer suit our City.   Instead of developing one of the LARGEST REMAINING COASTAL OPEN SPACES IN MONMOUTH COUNTY, We want iStar to use its innovation and vast resources to develop an appropriate, forward-looking plan for Asbury's Waterfront.   CONSTRUCTION HAPPENING NOW: ·     Boardwalk from 6th Ave north to Deal Lake Drive is completely gone.  ·     At 7th Avenue, iStar’s new boardwalk will ABRUPTLY go from 64 FEET WIDE down to a 15 FOOT WIDE PATHWAY  ·     Some existing dunes are scheduled to be relocated.·     Fisherman’s Lot will be paved with impervious, non-porous asphalt which could cause flooding during frequent storms. FUTURE CONSTRUCTION:·     iStar plans to also build a MEMBERSHIP-BASED POOL CLUB WITH AN EXCLUSIVE ATMOSPHERE (it is being sold this way to prospective buyers of 1101 Ocean)·     The pool club will be LOCATED EAST OF OCEAN AVENUE, on the lot between 6th and 7th Avenues, with an entryway to the beach WE MUST FIGHT THIS DEVELOPMENT PLAN BECAUSE IT: -       Does not promote diversity and social inclusion-       Discourages public enjoyment of the boardwalk and beach-       Affects our fragile, changing coastal environment-       Will develop one of the largest remaining coastal open spaces in Monmouth County SUPPORTING FACTS:1.     THE PLAN WILL DISCOURAGE PUBLIC ENJOYMENT OF THE BOARDWALK AND BEACH.·       iStar is currently demolishing and removing the existing boardwalk on North Beach, and REPLACING IT WITH A VERY NARROW BOARDED PATHWAY ON THE BEACH FROM 7THAve to Deal Lake Drive. ·       iStar also plans to build a PRIVATE POOL CLUBeast of Ocean Avenue between 6thand 7thAvenues with an entryway to the beach. THIS WILL SEVERELY DISCOURAGE PUBLIC ACCESSfor walking, bike riding, surfing, and beach entry. ·       The final phase of iStar’s plan is to construct luxury townhomes in Bradley Cove, with access to the newly-created “exclusive” beach areas. 2.     THE PLAN WILL NEGATIVELY AFFECT OUR FRAGILE, CHANGING COASTAL ENVIRONMENT.·       The CAFRA development permit issued to iStar by NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection is from 2004 -before Hurricane Sandy. ·       In the face of devastating climate change, THE PROPOSED PLAN IS NOT SUITABLE FOR POST-SANDY ASBURY PARK,but was “grandfathered” into an outdated 2004 permit for Coastal Area. ·       The plan to pave the Fisherman’s Lot (between the Ocean and Deal Lake) with impervious cover could create flooding ·       There are endangered animal and plant-life species that will be destroyed. 3.     THE PLAN DOES NOT PROMOTE DIVERSITY, INCLUSION AND PUBLIC USE AND ENJOYMENT OF OUR BEACH AREAS·       The private pool club will be an expensive, membership-only club. MOST OF ASBURY’S POPULATION WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD A MEMBERSHIPbecause it will likely cost thousands of dollars each year. ·       The pool club is being advertised as a FREE BENEFIT FOR PEOPLE WHO WILL BUY UNITS IN THE VERY EXPENSIVE, OCEAN CLUB CONDOMINIUMS that iStar is building at 1100 Ocean Avenue. ·       THE REPLACEMENT OF OUR BOARDWALK WITH A NARROW BOARDED PATHWAY AND POOL CLUB WILL CREATE SEGREGATED BEACH AREAS IN THE CITY OF ASBURY PARK, BASED ON ECONOMIC FACTORS, which is directly contrary to the vision for an inclusive and diverse city. If we use our foresight to preserve our natural resources, and restore and promote our city’s historic and cultural treasures, Asbury will anchor its status as a model city – a diverse environmental, social, cultural and economic hub.  Conversely, if we stick to outdated plans, even in the face of the many drastic, unforeseen changes the City and our planet have experienced in the last 15 years, we will mature into a cookie-cutter, overdeveloped, city stuck in economic doldrums, in a constant battle with Mother Nature’s wrath. PLEASE ATTEND THE ASBURY PARK CITY COUNCIL MEETINGON NOVEMBER 8TH;  iStar will present its plans to the Council at 6:00 PM SHARP!!! (opportunity for public comment will follow)   

Save Asbury's Waterfront
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Petition to Bellevue City Council, Bellevue Planning Commission

Save Our Neighborhoods

We have chosen to live in Bellevue because it provides the perfect balance between economic vibrancy and great neighborhoods. As Bellevue and the region grow, our neighborhoods are threatened by deep-pocket developers. We need a buffer from development with appropriate density and land use to protect our quality of life. Without careful management, we will experience ever increasing traffic congestion, loss of flora and fauna, over-crowded schools and open up our single family neighborhoods to high-density development. Currently, two deep-pocket developers have submitted applications to amend Bellevue’s long-term comprehensive plan. These applications are seeking development that would introduce densities inappropriate for the neighborhoods the subject sites are located in (scroll down or watch the video for more info). If approved, they would pave the way for developers to make similar requests across every neighborhood in Bellevue. We need to send a message to Bellevue City Council and the Planning Commission that this type of growth in our neighborhoods is unsustainable and unacceptable. We are supportive of the comprehensive plan that targets growth in specific areas in the city, thus managing density and ensuring there are buffers between the urban and the residential areas to protect the livability of our great neighborhoods. Sign this petition urging the City to honor its long-term plan and vision to protect our City in a Park. This is your opportunity to express your opposition to the developers’ applications to change Bellevue’s long-term comprehensive plan (Projects #19-104146-AC and #19-104143-AC).  We want to show that residents across Bellevue care about this issue, so please note your neighborhood in the comments section with #yourneighborhoodname. You can also email the City Planner, Nicholas Matz (, to express your concerns and request to become a party of record.                          ************************************************* More information on the pending applications: The City has a long-term Comprehensive Plan that targets 6 neighborhoods for growth. However, developers are not always working within this strategic Plan and are filing requests that serve primarily their financial interests at the expense of residents. Currently, two deep-pocket developers have submitted applications to amend the Comprehensive Plan. These applications are seeking to introduce densities inappropriate for the neighborhoods the subject sites are located in: • The Park in Bellevue: 9 acres of medium-density apartments in 17 two-story buildings in NW Bellevue. Request: increase density up to R-110 (i.e. 110 dwellings per acre) and building heights up to 75 feet. • Bellevue Technology Center (fka the Unigard site): 46 acres governed by a Planned Unit Development that protects the natural elements of this former horse farm and limits development to office space in NE Bellevue. The site is fully built out. Request: remove restrictions which could result in triple the square footage allowed on the site by adding multi-family residential, senior housing, commercial and office development. If approved, these changes would pave the way for developers to make similar requests across every neighborhood in Bellevue.

Save our Neighborhoods - Say Yes to MANAGED growth!
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Petition to Jimmy Buffett, Keisha Lance Bottoms, Stephen Holmes, J. Patrick Lowe, Shamim Lodin

Save the South’s first-ever music recording studio!

Plans for a Margaritaville restaurant in Downtown Atlanta which first surfaced in 2016 have expanded exponentially and now involve a 21-story Margaritaville Vacation Club hotel. Demolition for the Margaritaville hotel will completely remove a rather unassuming brick building at 152 Nassau Street which held the first music recording sessions in the South. In June 1923, Ralph Peer and engineers from Okeh Records came down from New York to Atlanta to record southern musicians – black and white. This was the first time vernacular musicians had ever been recorded on “location” – before New Orleans (1924), Memphis (1927), Bristol (1927), or Nashville (1928).Fiddlin’ John Carson recorded “The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane” which became the yet-to-be-named country music genre’s first hit record. Okeh’s recording sessions also included African-American blues musicians Lucille Bogan, Fannie Mae Goosby, and Eddie Heywood along with local jazz bands and the Morehouse College Quartet. Songs from the recording sessions were released in the US, UK, and Germany. Located next to major concert venues like The Tabernacle, Centennial Olympic Park, and State Farm Arena, preserving this building and telling its story provides a unique opportunity to connect Atlanta’s music history with the city’s on-going role in the industry today. A similar project to celebrate a historic makeshift recording studio is currently underway in Dallas, Texas at 508 Park. Learn more: Nassau Street Sessions Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Resort Could Erase Atlanta Music Site Fight to save recording studio Parrot Heads Will Soon Waste Away at Margaritaville in Downtown Atlanta ‘Birthplace of country music’ to be torn down to make way for Margaritaville “The Nashville of Its Day”: Recalling the Origins of Recorded Country Music in 1920s Atlanta

Kyle Kessler
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