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Petition to City of Langford, Sooke School District

We can do better: Rezoning in South Langford

On July 8th, 2019, the City of Langford Planning, Zoning and Housing Committee recommended rezoning a 70+ acre parcel of greenspace in South Langford to create a large, high-density development.The land on these parcels is currently steep, undeveloped forest. A developer is proposing to rezone this land from RR2 (Rural Residential) to brand new, high density zone R5 (One Family Residential). This zoning will allow the developer to build 450 homes, including 100 townhouses on this ecologically important land. View the full proposal and see our summary of the proposal and its implications. We are asking that: 1. The City of Langford delay first reading of the proposed rezoning of 950 Worrall Dr. and 804 Latoria, until more public review and consultation can take place. We need to better understand the implications of this unique, radical zoning change and the potential impact on the sensitive ecosystems and species at risk in the parcels. 2. The City of Langford amend the proposal to require the developer to leave a large, contiguous portion of forested greenspace as a park. The community has demonstrated that they want more natural, undeveloped greenspace in the South Langford - alongside other amenities like affordable housing and schools. We don't need to choose.  3. The Sooke School District (SD62) delay signing any land deal until these other conditions are met. Our growing region needs more schools, but not at the price of overdevelopment. SD62 should make sure that they get a deal that's good for everyone in the community, for the environment and for the future.  For more information on this proposal and other ways you can take action, visit

Citizens of South Langford for Sustainable Development (CSLSD)
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Petition to Linda Annis, Doug McCallum, Laurie Guerra, Brenda Locke, Allison Patton, Misty Jorgensen, Doug Elford, Jack Hundial, Mandeep Nagra, Steven Pettigrew, Ron Gill


PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT DETERIORATING NEIGHBOURHOODS IN ANNIEDALE-TYNEHEAD. Every year, residents in the Anniedale-Tynehead area pay millions of dollars in taxes. But despite that, most residents don’t have access to city supplied water and sewers, sidewalks and streetlights, or convenient public transit.  Anniedale-Tynehead is one of the last remaining areas in Surrey without proper infrastructure. A development plan, called a Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP), was started by the City of Surrey in 2008. After four long years of community feedback and taxpayer investment, it was finally approved by the City in 2012. Yet nothing has been done to execute that plan. In the meantime, Anniedale-Tynehead has seen many false starts to development over the years. Residents have had their hopes raised by developer interest, but due to the City’s inaction, delays, and poor planning, nothing has been actualized. The uncertainty has resulted in the rampant deterioration of our neighbourhoods: Homeowners don’t invest in their properties because they’re unsure how long they will continue living there. Speculative investors buy properties for land value and leave the houses to deteriorate. Crime increases as houses are left vacant or rented to transients.  Ironically, despite the deterioration and lack of infrastructure, taxes increase as property assessments are driven up by speculation. But now, after many failed attempts, we finally have a developer who has both the financial and operational capability to turn the NCP into a reality. This petition urges the City of Surrey to proceed with development which will enable: Improved infrastructure (city water, city sewers, schools, roads, public transit). Increased amenities (community centres, restaurants, shops). Decreased crime as neighbourhoods are improved (streetlights, sidewalks, fewer vacant houses). Higher land values for existing property owners (rezoning for higher density use). Affordable housing for new residents as density increases (townhouses, condominiums, subdivisions). We need you. We need your voice. We need your support. Please sign and share this petition to protect property values in Anniedale-Tynehead.

Residents of Anniedale-Tynehead
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