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Petition to John Kerry (United States Secretary of State), Council of the European Union, António Guterres, European Parliament, European Commission

Demand the immediate release of human rights defender Hasan Safadi

Israeli occupation forces arrested Journalist, human rights defender and Addameer Media Coordinator Hasan Safadi while he was crossing Al Karameh Bridge on 01/05/2016, where he was on his way home back from an Arab Youth Conference in Tunisia, which tackled various human rights and social issues in the region. During interrogation, Hasan Safadi was subjected to sleep deprivation, long interrogation sessions, being placed into stress positions with hands tied throughout the interrogation, threats, shouting, and lack of adequate food. Additionally, he was denied access to an attorney for 10 days (12 – 22 May 2016) as well as family visitation.  Occupation authorities issued a gag order against the case of Safadi and conducted closed hearing sessions. The prosecution inflated accusations against Safadi, despite the fact that it was evident there was no adequate evidence to keep him detained. Safadi was set to be released on 10 June 2016 based on a decision from the Magistrate Court in Jerusalem, on a bail of 2500 NIS and third-party guarantees. Later on the same day, Israeli Minister Avigdor Lieberman signed a 6-month administrative detention order against Safadi, which effectively overrode the court’s decision for his release. The public prosecution claimed that Safadi is affiliated with an illegal organization and has visited an enemy state (Lebanon) more than one time. It also claimed that he has illegal activities without specifying the details of these activities, in addition to claiming that he is affiliated with other detainees without identifying the names of these detainees.  Safadi was initially ordered to six months detention without charge or trial on 10 June 2016, and the order was set to end on 8 December 2016. However, the order was renewed for an additional six months (ending on 08 June 2017).  On 8 June 2017, occupation authorities renewed Safadi's detention for an additional 6 months for the second time. The new order is from 09 June - 08 December 2017.  We strongly urge you to take an immediate action against continued detention of Safadi, which is part of the continued attack on Palestinian journalists and media activists, some of whom are held under administrative detention without charge or trial. We urge international action to pressure Israel to release Hasan Safadi, who is being held as a political hostage by the Israeli government.

Addameer Prisoner Support & Human Rights Association
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Petition to Marco Rubio, Brian Mast, Department of Homeland Security, Bill Nelson

Urgent: Stop the deportation of Anibal Mazariegos, single father of 4 US citizen kids.

We may only have 24 hours to stop the deportation of Anibal Mazariegos, [ A# 070-569-023]. Anibal is the single father and breadwinner of 4 US citizen children -- some with pressing medical conditions -- who need him to stay in the United States. Anibal Mazariegos could be deported back to Guatemala as soon as early next week. He came to the United States more than 25 years ago, when he was only 17 years old, escaping from war in Guatemala. Since then, he has not returned to Guatemala. He has made the USA his home and is now a single father of 4 US citizen children and the grandfather of a 1 year old boy.  Mr. Mazariegos is the biological father of four (4) U.S. citizen children: Jacqueline, Jordy, Janet, and Julieta.  His youngest daughter, Julieta, has a heart condition that requires doctor’s supervision.  In addition, Mr. Mazariegos also acts as an adoptive father to another U.S. citizen child, Henry Gonzales. If Mr. Mazariegos is deported back to Guatemala this would be absolutely devastating for his family. Anibal applied for asylum years ago, when he first arrived to United States, but was late by a few minutes to his immigration hearing. When he arrived a few minutes after the time, they had already issued a deportation order in his absence! Anibal was granted a work permit but it was to expire next year ‘18.  He followed ICE request to show up in court for a yearly checkup. At the checkup, last week, he was asked to surrender his passport. The next morning Anibal’s boss, the owner of a small landscaping business called home wondering if he was going to show up to work. Anibal’s son informed his fathers boss about the news and because Anibal was the only driver, the owner had to shut down his business for the day.  Anibal is a person of good moral character who deserves a chance to present his immigration case before Immigration Court with a council. He attends church every Sunday and volunteers his time to clean up his community. He is the sole economic provider for his family.  Sign the petition to respectfully request that Mr. Anibal Mazariego's deportation be stopped, according to the guidelines for prosecutorial discretion. Anibal should be released so that he may tend to his U.S. citizen children while he and his attorney seek avenues of immigration relief. Then, please take a few minutes to Call. *Important* Please call Vladimir Diaz, DHS/ICE Public Affairs Officer: (954)-236-4909. Say, "I am a community member of Anibal Mazaerigos,and I am calling to ask that Anibal Mazariego's (#A 070-569-023) deportation be stopped and that he be granted discretion. Thank you." Brian Mast (Anibal’s Congressman), # (202-225-3026) Bill Nelson FL Senator # (202-224-5274) Say: "I am calling to ask that Anibal Mazariego's deportation be stopped and that he be granted discretion. His A number is 070-569-023. Thank you."

Kuisman Mazariegos
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Petition to Embassy of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, U.S. Department of State

Call for Immediate Release of Sudanese Social Media Activists Qasim Sid-Ahmed/Waleed Taha

On December 21, 2016, the Saudi Arabian secret police detained two Sudanese nationals who were residing and working legally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Qasim Mohamed Sid-Ahmed and Waleed Imam Hassan Taha, have been held without charge or representation by the KSA since their detention. Their supposed crime? Posting messages of solidarity on social media for the current, non-violent opposition of the dictatorial regime in Sudan. Neither man is a member of any political party or organization, they simply saw what was happening in their home country and began to voice their opinion online. The current mass movement in Sudan is demanding the return of democracy and rule of law. Since the call for countrywide civil disobedience in Sudan last November, the Sudanese National Intelligence Security Service (NISS) has cracked down viciously on popular opposition, arbitrarily arresting and detaining hundreds of Sudanese nationals and banning/shuttering several independent daily newspapers. Torture, imprisonment without charge, and other violations in NISS custody have been widely documented by international human rights groups. Human Rights Watch have called for the U.N. Human Rights Council to send an investigation team to Sudan, noting: “Across Sudan, the rights to freedom of association and assembly are severely restricted, as the security forces repeatedly used excessive, including lethal, force against peaceful protesters. The National Intelligence and Security Service has sweeping powers of arrest and detention, and routinely tortures and otherwise ill-treats detainees.” Qasim and Waleed’s families and their attorneys have not been permitted any contact with them nor do they know their whereabouts.  Since it is known that the Sudanese regime has been extending their reach beyond its national boarders, their families feel strongly that the KSA detained them at the behest of the NISS and may be being pressured to deport them to Sudan. If this occurs, they feel certain that they would face imprisonment, torture or worse for their social media activism. Join us the families and friends of Qasim and Waleed to call for: The immediate release of the Sudanese activists detained by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at behest of Sudanese government and facing torture The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to assure that under no circumstance will these detainees be deported to Sudan which we believe would put them in great peril And, that both detainees are protected from any ill-treatment and granted immediate and regular access to their families and attorneys 

Free Qasim & Waleed
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Petition to Sarah Saldana (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), Zoe Lofgren

Stop the unfair deportation of a minor

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) seems to be at war with Central American kids seeking refuge from the murderous gangs and daily violence in their home countries. Thousands of juveniles are being forced to face the broken U.S. immigration system, many without any legal representation, which often results in deportation back to the unimaginable horrors they bravely fled. Darwin Mejia is one of the minors facing this nightmare, unless ICE does the right thing. Darwin Mejia’s story is heartbreaking. Before he was even born in El Salvador, Darwin’s dad abandoned his mother. A few years later, his mother also left him. His saving grace was his Uncle Jose, who sent him money and supported him from the U.S. In 1984, Jose fled the civil war in El Salvador for the United States, and eventually became a U.S. citizen. Afraid for his life because of the brutal, escalating gang violence that reigns in El Salvador today, Darwin decided to follow in his uncle’s footsteps. But Darwin didn’t receive the welcome his uncle did. Instead, he was detained at the U.S.-Mexico border. When his uncle learned of Darwin’s detention, he filed for and was granted guardianship by the state of New York. This enabled Darwin to apply for a green card under Special Immigration Juvenile Status, which is available to minors like Darwin who have been neglected or abandoned. ICE has the discretion to release Darwin to his uncle and allow the green card application process to run its course. Instead, they say they plan on deporting Darwin back to El Salvador to wait out the approval process there. ICE would rather return Darwin to the violence of El Salvador than allow him to stay and be cared for by the only family he has. This is wrong and it must be stopped. While Darwin awaits his fate, he has reported being held in a small confinement cell with other people, with no place to sleep but the floor, no blankets, and frigid temperatures. At night, he says the lights are left on so people struggle to sleep. Even worse, his uncle learned from Darwin that he was recently driven to the airport to be deported, but was then returned to the detention facility because the consulate hadn’t issued travel papers. Darwin is being treated like a criminal for his bravery. He deserves a chance at a future without fear and violence -- It’s a universal hope we have for all our children. ICE has the ability to make that happen. Please support this petition asking ICE to release Darwin to be with his family while his green card application is being processed.   Please share on social media using #FreeDarwin. 

Amy Maldonado
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