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Petition to Hero Forge Custom Miniatures

Help make Hero Forge Custom Miniatures better

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures is a website that makes it possible to easily design custom miniatures. You can edit the proportions of the body, clothes, a base, items, mounts, and so much more. There are even dozens of poses you can do for your character. From there, you can order a 3D-printed model of them, or download for personal use. Hero Forge is the best website of its kind. It is high enough quality to be used for personal or professional projects. The models are highly adaptable, and can be used in game design, animation, and even sculptures. The only problem is that none of this can be done accurately without a lot of external editing. What do a mean by this? I mean that the models are never symmetrical. They require a lot of editing in order to be used accurately. However, this has a very simple fix. All Hero Forge has to do is create a symmetrical pose. Just so long as the character is symmetrical, so it is possible to incorporate it into personal projects or externally pose it so that it is even more customizable. If you have or are thinking about a hobby or job in computer design, game design, animation, 3D printing, or other related areas, please, sign this petition. It would make it so much easier for people like you to learn their trade, and to practice sculpting and animating. We need you. It will take a lot of signatures to get Hero Forge to add this feature. But just think how many people this will affect. Thank you.

Gage Howe
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Petition to Andrei Iancu, William G. Barber, Lisa Dunner, Anne Gilson LaLonde

Change US Trademark filing requirements to follow the "spirit" of TM law.

THE PROBLEM: Over the last few years, it has become clear that many people and companies are not following the spirit of US trademark law when filing for new trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office.  They are trademarking common, everyday words and phrases, such as "what" and "best mom" without any intent on actually building a brand around that word or phrase. This problem is particular to trademark use in the Trademark Class 25: Clothing category but is sure to exist in other categories as well.    Furthermore, trademark "trolls" will trademark a word for the express purpose of "owning" that word or phrase and being able to shut down their competition.  This is both unfair and unethical and goes against the spirit and intent of both US and International copyright and trademark law.  THE SOLUTION:  We, as signers of this petition, request that: (1) The US Patent and Trademark Office review and modify their requirements for filing new trademarks (2) Make it possible to file objections to already filed trademarks that are in clear violation of the spirit of trademark law. (3) Create a requirement for anyone filing a new trademark to prove, through use in commerce and first-right-of-use that they have a legitimate claim to the word, phrase or graphic that new trademark applies to.  This would also apply to already registered trademarks that clearly violate the spirit of trademark law and that are being challenged as mentioned in part 2 of this section. The above are suggestions on what could be done to create a more business-friendly trademark process that will still allow people and businesses to create real, trustworthy and protectable trademarks that follow the spirit of the law without creating an uncompetitive, small business-hostile environment. It is up to the USPTO and lawmakers to come up with an actionable solution if any of the above cannot be met or are unrealistic.  WHY WE CARE We, as signers of this petition, represent a large group of men, women, and small businesses that make our living, or portions of our living, by the creation of artwork for use in commerce. Trademark law, as applied to new and existing trademarks, is uncompetitive and monopolistic, and currently gives an unfair advantage to anyone who is willing to abuse the system.  We simply ask that the USPTO stop allowing this abuse of the spirit and rule of trademark law.  It is part of the USPTOs job to review new trademark filings for such misuse of the system but it is clear this is not being accomplished.   

Justin Richey
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