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No más visados / No more visas

Simple and easy: In the year 2019, any animal with the exception of the human being, and even any inanimate object has more right to enter countries that require visas than people who wish to prosper in the country they choose. It is time to recognize that a bureaucratic and ideological apparatus has been created tearing people apart on our planet, increasing social, economic and cultural differences between different countries, especially between countries with a "colonizing" tradition and the former "colonized" countries. The desire to progress beyond the limits of our own countries has always been an element that has pushed human beings to progress and do our best in order to achieve our dreams. It is not necessary to be an expert to realize that since the more developed countries have sought to "protect" their borders with increasingly harsh migration policies, humanity has experienced a total distaste and frustration when consider to emigrate for having Better opportunities. The effort must be joint. This is not a request for anyone to leave their country and launch to any place without any defined plan. On the contrary, it is about not frustrating the dreams of people seeking a better future and promoting a global culture of mutual understanding. And this is something for which many multicultural and peaceful groups are fighting around the world, it is also something that has been denied by government entities without any kind of consultation to their population. Please consider to discuss this request with your family, with your partner, at work, with your friends and carefully analyze if you believe that a fair and equitable world can be achieved with current immigration laws. After analyzing the request and if you agree, I invite you to signing and promoting it. Thank you very much. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Simple y sencillo: En el año 2019 cualquier animal a excepción del ser humano, e incluso cualquier objeto inanimado tiene más derecho de ingresar a los países que exigen visados que las personas con deseos de prosperar en el país que eligen. Es hora de reconocer que se ha creado un aparato burocrático e ideológico que ha separado más que nunca a las personas en nuestro planeta, aumentando las diferencias sociales, económicas y culturales entre los diferentes países, especialmente entre los países con tradición "colonizadora" y los países tradicionalmente "colonizados". El deseo de progresar más allá de los límites de nuestros países ha sido siempre un elemento que ha empujado a los seres humanos a progresar y dar lo mejor de sí para alcanzar nuestros sueños. No es necesario ser ningún experto para darse cuenta que desde que los países más desarrollados han buscado "proteger" sus fronteras con exigencias migratorias cada vez más duras, la humanidad toda ha experimentado un total desagrado y frustración ante la posibilidad de buscar emigrar hacia lugares con mejores oportunidades. El esfuerzo debe ser conjunto. Esto no es un pedido para que cualquier persona abandone su país y se lance en busca de nuevos rumbos sin ningún plan definido. Por el contrario, se trata de no frustrar los sueños de las personas que buscan un futuro mejor y promover una cultura mundial de entendimiento mutuo. Y esto es algo por lo que vienen luchando innumerables colectivos multiculturales y pacíficos en todo el mundo, asimismo es algo que ha sido negado por entidades gubernamentales sin ningún tipo de consulta a su población. Lo invito a discutir esta petición con su familia, con su pareja, en su trabajo, con sus amigos y analizar concienzudamente si considera que un mundo justo y equitativo puede lograrse con las leyes migratorias actuales. Luego de analizar la petición y si está de acuerdo, le pido que considere firmarla y promoverla. Muchas gracias.

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The world shouldn't look outside and pretend it isn't happening. #Syria Save Them please.

Bismillah Good Evening,To whom it may concern, I have a few questions about the #Horror in Syria.The world shouldn't look outside and pretend it isn't happening because it's happening. I  can't pretend that now the war is over and over again, will be not plain above the heads of unarm kids... Is this possible to happening any sooner? Please take at least the kids out of that Zone for the coming wars. I have to dedicate myself to be happy with my life knowing, What I Think I know, but I will be never sure ... to study English Grammar, so this text didn't take me so long .. lol...There is no more fun on Facebook anymore...Señores, por favour we the voice for the Unvoice and is getting darker. Please look at the future of these kids. They don't have to be terrorists... IF YOU TREAT THEM WITH DIGNITY TODAY, WHY WOULDN'T THEY are REVOLUTIONARIES Tomorrow!! In this new project, i want to dedicate my time to Syria because I believe we people can change things and remind you all of what is important, Don`t you agree?SYRIA, has become and will always be an important issue in my life and should be a priority to all of us and the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO Do is to "HELP PEOPLE If AND WHEN YOU CAN".People around me sometimes doesn't see it the way I do and ask me: Why I have to care so much for SYRIA, but I have done it 9 years ago and i will continue. I want an end to the problems of SYRIA (PEOPLE SUFFERING IN ALL INIMAGINABLE Ways).Every time I OPEN Facebook, it's always visible and the whole world sees. AND WHEN YOU HAVE A BREACH OF HOPE, THE IS MORE HORROR. These words come from the bottom of my heart and all those images and Videos that i see must make all of us care enough to look and share them, to wake up consciousness every day, is not an easy thing to do, but when you post just blood and horror. please, help me to document SYRIA WAR, AND ITS PEOPLE, we all should learn from WHAT´S GOING ON IN SYRIA, AND EVERY SINGLE KID COUNT. HOW WILL YOU FEEL IF THIS HORROR, OCCURS TO YOU YOU OR TO YOUR FAMILY.I AM LEARNING ABOUT LANGUAGES, ENGLISH, SWEEDISH, GERMAN, AND SPANISH I AM OPEN TO LEARN AND HELP WITH THE LEARNING PATHS, BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT IS THE ISSUE, NEVER FORGET, WHAT´S GOING ON IN SYRIA. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND PLEASE SHARE.MARIA

Maria Yolanda GARCIA Olave
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