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Petition to Justin Bieber, Danna Paola

Justin Bieber, please remix "Agüita"

As it's being mentioned, remixing "Despacito" was an idea by Justin Bieber himself (1). The remix went on to become the first Spanish-language song to lead the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time in 20 years. "Despacito" became a bridge that united a long-lasting gap between languages. It knocked down frontiers and created a common feeling between English and Spanish speakers. Uniting people is the very essence of pop. For a few minutes, it doesn't matter who you are or where you came from, the song becomes you and you become the song. Currently, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is in talks of being renegotiated or even abandoned, the relationship between the three countries that compose North America is more troubled than ever. This is why I come to you today, Mr. Bieber, asking you to go one step further. "Agüita" is a song released in 2013 by Mexican recording artist and actress Danna Paola, written and produced by chilean singer Javiera Mena and producer Cristián Heyne. "Agüita" is considered the pinnacle of Mexican pop, it's cherished and beloved by thousand - if not millions - of people all around Mexico and Latin America. "Agüita" unites people and celebrates life, a feeling much alike "Despacito (Remix)". Remixing "Agüita" would bring the people from North America together regardless of language, status and background. Something we so desperately need in these difficult times. Moreover, remixing "Agüita" would further develop your career in Spanish-speaking countries, Mr. Bieber, and, without a doubt in my mind, would be another brick in the foundation that supports your status as the most important performer in contemporary pop music. You can view "Agüita" on the following link:  "Agüita" can also be streamed on Spotify and purchased on iTunes. Please purchase "Agüita" and finance the Latin American arts. This is my plea, Mr. Bieber: remix "Agüita". Save North America.

Carlos F
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Petition to Paul Marr, KEN BARKER, EA SPORTS, ANDREW WILSON, PETER MOORE, CHRIS BRUZZO, BLAKE JORGENSEN, JOEL LINZNER, Adidas, LAURA MIELE, KEN MOSS, John Reseburg, Colin Macrae, Shirley Chu, Brad Hilderbrand, Chris Evenden, Melissa Ojeda, Katharine Sawchuk, Kaitlin Keith, Tammy Levine, Jino Talens, Nicole Fodran, Danica Stanczak, Carmen Pearson, Nicole Frodan


People with intellectual disabilities face from the moment they are born to a society that excludes them that leaves them with less possibilities. So we want to make a great act of equality, including some of our best athletes of Special Olympics Colombia within video games, so users can align them in their ideal equipments, and show that they have the same or better capabilities than a normal person.   We need to demonstrate that they also can be THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Join this initiative. Sign and share the biggest act of equality in the digital world.   ______   Las personas con discapacidad intelectual se enfrentan desde que nacen a una sociedad que los excluye, que los deja con menos posibilidades. Por eso queremos hacer un gran acto de igualdad, incluyendo algunos de nuestros mejores atletas de Special Olympics Colombia dentro de los videojuegos, para que los usuarios puedan alinearlos en sus equipos ideales, y demostrar que tienen las mismas o mejor capacidades que una persona normal. Necesitamos demostrar que ellos también pueden llegar a ser THE MAN OF THE MATCH / El Jugador del Partido.  ¡Únete a esta iniciativa. Firma y comparte el acto más grande de igualdad en el mundo digital. Entra en  

Special Olympics Colombia
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Petition to President Mauricio Macri of Argentina

Give Jimmy Carter the Order of the Liberator General San Martín

Under pressure from the Trump Administration, the government of Argentina withdrew the honor of the Order of the Liberator General San Martín — the maximum distinction that the country can give to a foreign personality. The official tribute, which had already been approved by the foreign ministry and was published in the Official Gazette, was cancelled after receiving a specific request by the US government, which would have suggested it would be better to delay it. Carter was to be given the award for his work in promoting human rights during Argentina’s last military dictatorship. After being informed about the decision, the foreign ministry had again requested that President Macri give the award in spite of the rejection by Trump’s government since it had been made official, according to an anonymous foreign ministry official consulted by CNN’s David Cox. While another former Argentine official attributed the delay of the award to Carter as based on a problem due to the President’s tight schedule, since his trip to Washington DC would be very short, lasting only two days from April 26 to April 27. Former Argentine ambassador to the United States Martín Lousteau had proposed awarding Carter the San Martín Order of Liberator. At that time, it had been discussed whether Lousteau would be the one to lead the event or whether they would wait until the president travelled to Washington DC. It was finally decided that Macri would give the award. But former President Carter’s communications director also confirmed to CNN that they hadn’t received any details about the award ceremony. An anonymous Let’s Change government official. On the other hand, informed CNN that the decision not to give Carter an official award was to “avoid conflicts” and so they can speak about issues of mutual interest shared between Trump’s and Macri’s administration. The Council that reviews potential recipients of the Order of the Liberator General San Martin had said that Carter merited the distinction for his record in defending human rights. It highlighted how he had demanded the last military dictatorship for the location of thousands of forced-disappeared victims, had condemned the human rights violations being carried then, and that he had been instrumental in getting the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights to visit the country in 1979. It is also recognised his decision to create an Under-Secretary in charge of Human Rights at the State Department, and the creation of the Carter Center in 1982, in which the former president continued to involve himself in the defence of human rights and democracies throughout Latin America. President Macri met Trump yesterday in the White House. It is our responsibility as decent human beings to promote peace and kind treatment of fellow human beings.  The attempt to block this award is petty and contradictory to our evolution.  Please sign the petition and let the people of Argentina know how you feel. Thank you for your time...

kurt springer
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Petition to Suprema Corte de Justicia de Guatemala

Justicia para #LasNiñasDeGuatemala // Justice for the #GirlsOfGuatemala

Este 8 de marzo, mientras millones de mujeres en 57 países del mundo marchábamos en reclamo de nuestros derechos, 40 jóvenes de Guatemala murieron carbonizadas en el Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción. Donde estaban no era un centro de acogida, era un centro de violación y torturas denunciado repetidas veces pero las autoridades hicieron oídos sordos a los reclamos. Las niñas estaban encerradas en una habitación con incluso las ventanas selladas, no se sabe cómo se inició el fuego y la ayuda llegó una hora después de haberse iniciado el incendio. Estos hechos no son sólo una tragedia, sino atentados contra la vida digna de las mujeres y niñas. Denunciamos al Estado femicida de Guatemala y exigimos verdad y justicia, que se investiguen en profundidad los hechos ocurridos y que se juzgue y castigue a todos los responsables.Acordamos con la captura de los funcionarios directivos de Bienestar Social pero exigimos que el resto de los responsables también sean procesados legalmente. Exigimos: 1. Que el proceso legal de los ahora capturados sea público y rápido.2. Que los demás responsables sean capturados y procesados.3. Que se salvaguarde a las sobrevivientes y al resto de niños y niñas del lugar.4. Que se reestructure totalmente el sistema de Bienestar Social y se haga de forma pública y transparente.5. Ayuda económica y reparación integral (tratamiento sicológico como parte de esta reparación) a las sobrevivientes y a los familiares.6. Acceso a los medios 24x7 los 365 días del año en todos los Hogares Seguros en Guatemala.   Estas terribles violaciones a los derechos de niñas y mujeres, ante la indiferencia de la sociedad, son algunas de las razones por las que hoy estamos unidas internacionalmente. Nos duele profundamente vivir en un mundo donde niñas son masacradas por denunciar abusos.   El 8 de marzo sólo fue el comienzo. No nos callarán. No nos detendrán. La solidaridad es nuestra arma. #MujeresEnHuelga   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This March 8th, while millions of women in 57 countries of the world marched in claim of our rights, 40 young women of Guatemala died carbonized in Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción (Safe Home Virgin of the Assumption. Where they were, was not a shelter, it was a centre of rape and torture repeatedly denounced, but the authorities turned a deaf ear to the claims. The girls were locked in a room with even the windows sealed, it is not known how the fire started but the help came an hour after it did. These events are not just a tragedy, but an attack against the dignified lives of women and girls. We denounce the femicide State of Guatemala and demand truth and justice, an in depth investigation of the events that have occurred and that all those responsible be tried and punished. We acknowledge the capture of officers in charge of the Direction of Social Welfare, we also demand the capture of more responsible parties to be legally processed. We demand: 1. That the legal process remains public and is fast.2. That the ones responsible are captured and legally processed.3. That the survivors and the rest of the children are protected, respected and treated with dignity.4. That the Social Welfare system is completely restructured in a way that is public and transparent.5. Economic aid and complete repair of damages (psychological treatment being part of this reparation) for the survivors and the families of the victims.6. Access to the media, 24x6 the 365 days of the year in all Safe Homes in Guatemala These terrible violations of the rights of girls and women, in the face of the indifference of society, are some of the reasons why we are united internationally today. It hurts us deeply to live in a world where girls are massacred for reporting abuse. This March 8th was only the beginning. We won't be silenced. We won't be stopped. Solidarity is our weapon #WomensStrike

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