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Petition to Pedro Sanchez, Pablo Iglesias, Sergio García Torres

For the end of dolphin parks in our country #noesPaísparaDelfines

(Español) Blau, Tumay and Nuik, were the last three dolphins that were being held in a zoo in our country, although unfortunately they were only transferred to another place where these cetaceans are still forced to perform in shows. In 2018, Barcelona declared itself a cetacean free city, however just a few weeks ago, these three dolphins are no longer being exploited in our country, but in another country, in the Attica Zoological Park in Athens, Greece. Now is the moment to act. My name is Olivia Mandle, I’m only 13 years old, and I dream that in our country, there will be no dolphin parks (or dolphinariums) where these animals continue to be used for the benefit of a corporation. Whatever their objective may be, it is not normal to lock these animals in small pools day and night for the rest of their lives. Countries like Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, Costa Rica, Chile or India, have banned this type of dolphin park. They have recognized that dolphins and other animals such as orcas are animals endowed with high social intelligence, in need of their community to develop. They are autonomous and self-conscient beings, who want to make their own decisions about what they do, and where they go, and that they also suffer from psychological disorders when locked up. In Spain however, unlike in those countries, this is not the case. Today, there are up to 11 dolphin parks on the mainland and the islands, which is just cruel and inhumane. In fact, our country, has the highest number of captive cetaceans, something that we should not be proud of. That is why I believe that our country should begin to take urgent steps to end dolphin parks. You can start, as other countries have done, by prohibiting the breeding and purchase of dolphins in captivity, to later become a dolphin-free country. Mr. Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government, Mr. Pablo Iglesias as Vice President, Mr. Sergio García Torres, as General Director of Animal Rights: ban dolphin parks in Spain at once. The mistake that has been made in Barcelona and the suffering of these dolphins could have been avoided: what has been done is to move a “problem” from one zoo to another; When they could have brought these animals to a marine sanctuary, they chose so that these cetaceans continue to live in captivity. These dolphins do not deserve such a life, they deserve to go to a marine sanctuary where they can be helped to regain their instincts, recover actions such as searching for food, etc. They, like any animal in captivity, deserve to get as close as possible to freedom, which of course, they will never totally or completely have, but at least, they deserve a good end of life. Something that allows them to end their days with dignity and like animals that they are, in freedom and in their natural habitat, or the closest thing to what that habitat could be: a marine sanctuary. Please sign this petition now to ask Spain to prohibit the breeding and purchase of dolphins, in order to end this outrage.

Olivia Mandle
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