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Petition to Addressed to President of the Supreme Court of Spain Carlos Lesmes


Remember my story? I will remember something that weighs heavily on me, even if the time has passed to be exact 9 years ... I am still here, living or surviving, wanting justice to be interested in my case. I do not even know how I am alive after everything I went through and the suffering of my family. I was raped just after I was 20 years old. Full of illusions that cleared in a matter of seconds. I was still a virgin, yes, it ist possible to be with 20 years just fulfilled, and with more. I always thought that my first time would be with someone special, a love that could show me as I am, teach my naked soul, my essence, because we all know that the first time is something new and a unique feeling. This time was for me a nightmare, with (I do not know how to describe it) a kind of NOT PERSON who is supposed to be prince, but not my dreams, but my nightmares. He is the prince of Saudi Arabia, the one that leaves in planes lined of gold ... the decadence of the morality. They wove a spider web one known, girlfriends thought, but called "princesses". They took me to a disco. I was drugged. I was transferred to a yacht. I've been raped. They threatened me after they raped. And yes, I am still alive, others have passed the same and are dead. Sometimes I wonder how I came out alive, but I can only say that living with it every day and the damage it has done to me is irreparable. Neither psychologists, nor painkillers, when the symptoms of dreaded anxiety appear, how can I explain to my family everything that goes through my mind? That damage I can not explain, but I do cry and want to forget it. How can I explain to my friends that I am sad when in truth, I am torn to pieces ...? Not an afternoon of laughter can fix the damage I feel inside me! Easy is to judge me, as many have done without knowing everything I've been through and living with it, what has happened and what happens to my family. No one has the right to judge me, but I have the right to be tried by justice. I continue here because despite all the sadness that I carry inside, I do not lose hope that someday, that NO PERSON will get what he deserved, and do not rape anyone else. He's still free since then, we talk about years from that and surely there will be more girls who have gone through my experience, terrible and disgusting experience. I am still alive but not silent, I am still here with more force than ever and I will wait for JUSTICE to be done! To all those who think that we had the luck of having the King of Spain (emeritus today) you are wrong, was the first to worry about closing my case. The case is again closed thanks to judges who are supposed to "watch" for justice in Spain. I appeal to you to help me reopen my case.  

Penelope Heilmann
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Petition to Gobierno de la República del Uruguay, Poder Judicial de Uruguay

Libertad para joven en Rivera

Una mujer joven fue procesada con prisión por homicidio culposo en la ciudad de Rivera, tras haber tenido sola el parto en el baño de su casa desconociendo que llevaba un embarazo a término. El 31 de marzo en la página web del Poder Judicial se publica el procesamiento con prisión por homicidio culposo dictaminado por el juez Darwin Rampoldi en un caso caratulado al principio como “aborto”. Las circunstancias están narradas en la sentencia judicial de forma magistralmente misógina en un nuevo fallo de la justicia uruguaya que desnuda, una vez más, su nula perspectiva de género. Las instituciones del Estado, en este caso desde el Poder Judicial, intervienen desde un paradigma inquisitivo, condenatorio y particularmente perverso con las mujeres pobres. Exigimos la inmediata libertad de esta joven y la efectiva intervención de todas las instituciones involucradas para que esto ocurra. Ver el comunicado institucional: A nivel internacional, esta campaña cuenta con la colaboración de International Campaign for Women´s Right to Safe Abortion.  A young woman has been sentenced to a term in prison for homicide in the city of Rivera in Uruguay. She gave birth in the bathroom of her house unaware that she was even pregnant. On March 31st the Judiciary's website published the sentence by which she was accused of manslaughter. The Judge, Darwin Rampoldi, used to sentence her for having "aborted" the pregnancy. The circumstances, as narrated in the judgment, are masterfully misogynistic. State Institutions, this time as shown by the Judiciary, intervene from a inquisitive and damning paradigm, especially perverse towards poor women. We demand the immediate release of this young woman and the effective intervention of all the State institutions that are involved, to ensure her release. Read the statement: On a international level, this campaign has the collaboration of International Campaign for Women´s Right to Safe Abortion.

Mujer y Salud en Uruguay
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Petition to Sara Hernández Barroso, Mariano Rajoy, Janusz KORWIN-MIKKE, Antonio TAJANI, Oficina del Parlamento Europeo en España, Socialistas españoles en el Parlamento Europeo

Dimisión eurodiputado misógino

Escribo esta carta porque me siento insultada por las palabras del eurodiputado  polaco Janusz Korwin-Mikke. Y me siento insultada, por un representante que tiene como objetivo defender los intereses de la ciudadanía europea, entre las que, obviamente, nos encontramos las mujeres, a las que el eurodiputado nos considera "más débiles y menos inteligentes" que cualquier hombre. Pronto celebraremos el 8 de marzo, el Día Internacional de la Mujer, y no puedo más que condenar sus palabras abyectas, utilizando toda mi fuerza y toda la inteligencia de las mujeres para condenar enérgicamente sus palabras y solicitar su dimisión. Y lo hago con una fuerza muy poderosa: la fuerza de las mujeres feministas que han venido, venimos y seguiremos luchando para alcanzar una sociedad plenamente justa e igualitaria en las que todas y todos tengamos los mismos derechos, obligaciones y oportunidades. Porque la lucha del feminismo es la lucha por la igualdad, un valor humano y europeo que el eurodiputado pisotea sin ninguna de manera impune, intentando relegarlos con sus palabras a un lugar meramente testimonial en la sociedad. Las mujeres -y los hombres feministas que luchan por la igualdad- no podemos consentir que un eurodiputado  insulte y degrade a las mujeres de todo el mundo. No podemos consentir que un representante de la ciudadanía europea insulte a la mitad de la población a la que -le guste o no- también representa: las mujeres. Su actitud y sus palabras son la muestra de machismo retrógrado y opresor que vulnera los derechos básicos de Igualdad. Como feminista exijo la dimisión de eurodiputado polaco, y exijo a las instituciones locales, nacionales y europeas que condenen y soliciten la dimisión de un eurodiputado que insulta a quien está representando. Porque no estaremos todos representados hasta que no nos representen a todas I have started this petition because I feel insulted by the words of the Polish Member of the European Parliament, Janusz Korwin-Mikke. I am insulted that a representative charged with defending the interests of European citizens, which would obviously include women, considers women as ‘weaker and less intelligent’ than any man.Soon, on the 8th of March, we will celebrate International Women’s Day, and I can only condemn his despicable words, utilizing all my strength and all the intelligence of women to forcefully condemn what he has said and demand his resignation. And I do so from a position of great strength – the force of feminists who have come to fight for a just and egalitarian society in which we all have the same rights, obligations and opportunities. This is because the struggle of feminism is the struggle for equality – a human value that this Member of the European Parliament tramples on with impunity, as he attempts to relegate women to a nominal position within their own society.We as women and the male feminists who fight for equality, cannot allow a Member of the European Parliament to insult and degrade women all over the world. We cannot allow someone whose job it is to represent European citizens to insult not only half of the world’s population, but –like it or not – half of his own constituents.His attitude and his words reflect antiquated machismo and pursue an oppression that violates the basic rights of equality. As a feminist, I demand the resignation of this Polish MEP, and I demand that local institutions, national and European, similarly condemn him and request his resignation. I demand that we all request the resignation of an MEP who insults the very people who he is supposed to represent. Because we are not all represented until we represent every person.

Montse Sampere
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Petition to European Parliament, European Ombudsman, Věra Jourová, Monika Ladmanová, Simona Constantin, European Commissioner of Justice and Gender Equalityy, European Institute for Gender Equality

Expulsion of Janusz Korwin-Mikke for declared misogyny

These were the words of Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke on Thursday in Brussels: "Do you know which was the place of the first woman in the Polish theoretical physics olimpiad? The first woman, I tell you, was 800. Do you know how many women there are among the first hundred chess players? I will tell you: none. Of course, women should earn less than men because they are weaker, smaller, less intelligent. " Let's not be deluded. This is not about freedom of expression. This is a direct insult to the 3.65 billion women in the world. Women have come a long way in the last few decades to allow for steps back. MYSOGYNINSTS DO NOT REPRESENT US. We, therefore encourage you to sign this initiative, in which we propose the immediate expulsion of Janusz Korwin-Mikke from the European Parliament for three reasons: 1. Because we pay our representatives in the European Parliament to work for us, not against us. This gentleman has humiliated and disavowed 250 million European women with his remarks. 2. Because we can not allow people that disrespect half of humanity to be in this position of power. Sexist discrimination should not be tolerated in an institution as influential as the European Parliament, where the future of the European Union is decided. 3. Because his statements violate articles 1, 2 and 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, concerning equality. Equality between women and men is one of the European Union's founding values. It goes back to 1957 when the principle of equal pay for equal work became part of the Treaty of Rome. We can not let the rights of women, fought for throughout history, to be thrown away by this supposedly public representative. This is no time to step back. Let us expel this misogynist from the European Parliament. It's easier together.

Javier Cuadrado Corz
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