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Help the people to know that depression is not a joke.

  I was one of them, them who felt like they want to end their lives. Sometimes, when i saw cars in the highway, the thought that i wanna get hit will suddenly came up, or i will be so preoccupied walking across the streets and then someone will pull me because i didn't know that i almost got killed, or at the train station, when the train is arriving, i just wanna jump off the railway to end all the misery. I always harm myself, i don't eat a lot, i cut my wrist and scars different part of my body. But the worst part of depression is losing the ones you love because they already gave up on you.  People will often tell you that "you're being too dramatic" but no! Depression is never a drama. It is a serious case that several person have been dealing of throughout the year and some depressed people are solving their own problem by killing their selves.  By being aware of what depression really is, and by opening your eyes and heart widely to these kind of people, the number of suicide case will decrease. Especially when your friend is suffering from this, you need to stay by his side throughout the stage, even though he thinks that no one is there for him, suddenly he will realize that someone cares for him, and with that, he will step by step be feel loved again. I am a proud survivor of depression. I hope more people who suffered from this will getover it. Because depression is never a joke.

Ash Molina
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Help reduce teen suicide rates

My son Jacob was only 15 when he lost his battle with depression and died by suicide. As parents, we tried everything to help him get a handle on his mental health, but faced roadblocks from insurance companies that prevented Jacob from getting the treatment he needed. We believe it may have cost our son his life. In a two month span, Jacob was hospitalized twice and it was always the same thing: he was put on medication and then he would be released after five days. This is often the experience for teens facing suicidal ideation. But five days is not enough time. Experts say it can often take as long as 6-8 weeks until the therapeutic effects of medications and other treatments are felt. There are also many side effects, especially in teens, with these medications. They can often lead to more suicidal thoughts or other issues, meaning it is all the more important for them to get the type of supervision and care that comes with hospitalization. With suicide being the 2nd leading cause of death for teens in the US, and the benefits of longer hospitalization so clear, why are so many hospitals keeping kids like Jacob hospitalized for such a short period? Insurance companies, not doctors and nurses, are determining how long they can stay. New York has one of the lowest suicide rates in the country in part because of Timothy’s Law. The law prevents insurance companies from limiting coverage for mental illness, allowing people to be hospitalized as long as needed. I want to bring the same reforms to the state of Arizona where we live, and our son took his life. Please join me in asking the Arizona legislature and governor to pass legislation requiring insurance companies to cover stays of 60-90 days for teens that are hospitalized for suicidal ideation/depression and put on medication, or have had a change in their meds. We owe it to our youth to protect them, and make sure it is the doctors and nurses making decisions for our kids, not the insurance companies. Tell Arizona to put our kids first! The more states that do so, the fewer families that will have to feel the pain of losing a child to suicide. For more information on teen suicide and prevention:

Denise Denslow
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