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Petition to Google, Inc

Honor Chester Bennington With One Billion YouTube Views for Touching Song "Numb"

Chester Bennington was the lead singer for the rock band Linkin Park, the biggest band on YouTube.  The band's songs have touched millions of souls and changed lives, helping fans to better understand their own internal strife.  However, Bennington was dealing with some demons of his own; he was suffering from depression and struggling with alcoholism. During this time, on May 18, 2017, his good friend Chris Cornell committed suicide by hanging himself.  Bennington was so distraught, as he tweeted in a letter to his deceased friend, "I can't imagine a world without you in it."  Less than two months later, just as his depression seemed to be taking a turn for the better, he broke his six-month streak of sobriety and gave into his alcoholism.  This mistake cost him his life.  On July 20 that same year, on what would have been Cornell's 53rd birthday, Bennington followed in Cornell's footsteps and hung himself while under the influence of alcohol. Yes, this story may sound like that of just another alcoholic rockstar, but Chester is more than that, since his music has inspired countless lives and continues to inspire others even after his tragic death.  Thousands of Linkin Park fans grieved when they heard the news.  Their hero had taken his life and was now gone from this world.  And their despair was nothing compared to that of Bennington's friends, wife, six children, brothers, and band mates; the many people close to him who never got to say goodbye.  Overnight, without warning, this father, husband, brother, friend, and legend vanished from existence. Because of the impact Bennington has had on countless lives, he deserves a special honor so those lives can start healing and so his memory can live on and continue touching lives.  One fan tried to gather all the other fans together to bring the music video for "Numb," one of Bennington's most moving songs, to one billion views on YouTube by the end of 2017.  Unfortunately, the video only received around 700M views by that time, but now, the loyal Linkin Park fans are more determined than ever to get the video to one billion views by the end of 2018. To reach this goal, we must spread awareness about the song and the legacy Bennington left behind.  He deserves a spotlight on July 20, 2018, on the Google and YouTube homepages, showcasing his "Numb" music video in memory of the life he left behind.  If you want to help, first, please sign this petition so we can send our idea straight to Google headquarters.  Second, please follow this link and watch at least 30 seconds of the music video to give it another view count:  Finally, please send this music video to your friends and share this petition on social media. Despacito has 4.4 billion views, and its message is not nearly as powerful as that of Chester Bennington's "Numb."  Let's make it our New Years resolution to bring this song to one billion views before 2019! If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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Petition to T/E Adolescent Sleep Committee

Request T/E School Board to study how to implement later start times in our schools!

The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, and Centers for Disease Control all recommend middle and high school start times of no earlier than 8:30  AM. Schools that have met this standard are already enjoying the benefits of decreased rates of teen car accidents, substance abuse, obesity, depression, anxiety, athletic injury, and an array of other high-risk health behaviors – and better academic performance. The health and wellbeing of our children is paramount. The T/E Adolescent Sleep Committee is encouraging the school board and administration to study how to delay school start times for the health of our students.   Please sign this petition to show your support for delaying school start times to 8:30 or later.  The more interested parents and community members, the faster this change will happen. More information on the subject: While solutions to getting more sleep include adhering to a regular sleeping schedule and turning off electronic devices, it is also important to note the natural biological shift that occurs during adolescence. Due to a delay in the release of melatonin, a hormone involved in regulating sleep cycles and circadian rhythms, teenagers often do not feel the need to sleep until much later at night. This means that while early waking times may be suitable for adults and young children, the same does not go for adolescents. Pushing the start time in high schools to 8:30 AM gives students the chance to get their needed sleep; it may even motivate students to develop better sleeping habits. With enough time to sleep at night, students falling asleep in class would be replaced with those who are focused, alert, and ready to learn. There are plenty of additional benefits that come with a later starting time: - Higher attendance rates, less truancy and tardiness - Healthier students who can perform better in after-school activities and sports- Awake and alert students who are better able to comprehend, process, and retain information- Drop in number of students developing high-risk health behaviors- Drop in number of students experiencing depression and anxiety- Schools with later starting times have shown increases in test scores and grades and decreases in dropout rates and disciplinary actions/delinquency It is also important to recognize the logistical and budgetary concerns that come along with moving school times.   Hundreds of districts across the country have found solutions to the challenges of transportation, after school activities, sports schedules, students' jobs, and childcare needs that later start times may initially create.   We are confident that TESD can do so as well, especially as several other districts in our area, including Radnor, Lower Merion, and Phoenixville, are moving forward on the issue this school year. The adjustments and expenses that may come with later starting times should be made to give our students the best possible opportunities to learn and succeed each day.   For more information on the topic, visit:   Let's take the initiative to ask the T/E School District to make the study of implementing later start times a goal for the 2018-2019 school year. This petition has the potential for positive impact on thousands of T/E students and their families. If you believe in a school system that supports both the health and education of our students, please add your name!

T/E Adolescent Sleep Committee
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