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Petition to U.S. Department of Justice

Demand justice for Wendy!

Wendy Sarai Palacios, an immigrant from El Salvador, made a deal with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). If she agreed to testify against the predatory smuggler who brought her into the country and then tried to rape her while she was four months pregnant, she’d get a pathway to citizenship —a so-called U visa for crime victims who cooperate in criminal investigations. Fearfully she agreed because she so desperately wanted a new life in America for her daughter. But Wendy, who is currently living with family in Memphis, says federal officials reneged on their promise and she now faces deportation. Wendy left her home after she became pregnant. She said she couldn’t raise a child as a single mother in one of the countries with the highest murder rates in the world. Just in 2014, more than 3,912 people, including dozens of police officers and soldiers, were killed in the nation that’s roughly the size of Massachusetts. Wendy was afraid to face the alleged smuggler, Jose Manuel Flores-Patiño but she bravely confronted and helped convict him. Flores-Patiño is now serving a six-year sentence in federal prison. Following her testimony, she moved to Memphis to be near family and began the process to stay legally as was promised. But the CBP, as well as other federal and state agencies involved with the case have not signed the required certification form for her U visa application. After years and numerous attempts by her attorney, Kerry Krauch at the Community Legal Center (CLC), to have the record certified, Wendy has now received notice deportation proceedings will resume within a few months. We at the CLC believe Wendy is being denied justice and would like your help. Please consider signing the petition below, which will be shared with local and federal officials, to have the U.S. Justice Department uphold its end of the bargain and certify Wendy’s papers so she can obtain her visa as promised. Then please help spread the word. Help us help Wendy and her daughter!   Wendy Sarai Palacios, una inmigrante de El Salvador, hizo un trato con la Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza (“CBP). Si ella testificará contra el traficante humano depredador quien la trajo al país y trató de violarla mientras estaba embarazada de cuatro meses, se le abriría un camino para obtener la ciudadanía --  lo que se refiere a una visa U para victimas de crimenes quienes cooperan en las investigaciones criminales. Temerosamente ella aceptó ayudar, desesperada porque quería una vida nueva para su hija en los Estados Unidos. Pero Wendy, quien vive con su familia en Memphis, dice que los oficiales federales no cumplieron con su promesa y ahora ella recibió la orden de deportación. Wendy huyó de su casa al quedar embarazada. Ella dijo que no podía criar un hijo como mamá soltera en unos de los países con el récord más alto en asesinatos de todo el mundo. En solo el año 2014, más de 3,912 personas, incluyendo docenas de miembros de la policía y ejército, fueron asesinados en un país que en tamaño es similar al estado de Massachusetts. Wendy tenía medio enfrentarse con el presunto traficante humano, José Manuel Flores-Patiño, pero ella valientemente lo confronto y ayudó condenarlo. Flores-Patiño fue condenado y está sirviendo seis años en una cárcel federal. Siguiendo su testimonio, Wendy llegó a Memphis para quedar cerca a su familia y para solicitar quedarse legalmente, como se le había prometido. Pero el CBP, y otras agencias del estado y federales que estuvieron involucrados en el caso, no han firmado la certificación requerida para solicitar la U visa aplicación. Después de años y varios intentos por su abogada, Kerry Krauch del Centro Legal Comunitario (CLC), en obtener la certificación, Wendy ha recibido notificación que el proceso de deportación se reanudará en los próximos meses. Nosotros en el CLC creemos que le están negando la justicia a Wendy y necesitamos su ayuda. Por favor piense en firmar esta petición abajo, la cual será enviada a los oficiales locales y federales, para que el Departamento de Justicia Estadounidense cumple con su palabra y le certifiquen los papeles de Wendy para que ella obtenga su visa. ¡Ayúdenos a difundir este anuncio y ayudar a Wendy y su hija!       

Community Legal Center
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Petition to The Mexican President and all Mexican Officials

"BAD HOMBRES" Demand ALTO A LAS DEPORTACIONES and/or dump the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Call for "BAD HOMBRES" to Demand ALTO A LAS DEPORTACIONES  and/or Dump the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo!   Trump has repeatedly identified Mexicans with derogatory stereotypes of "criminals, drug dealers, rapists and bad hombres". Trump has made Mexicans everywhere feel denigrated and excluded. In the past two decades, both countries have significantly strengthened their relations. Trade and cooperation between the countries is now threatened by Trump's divisive politics.   Trump promises to build a wall to keep the "illegals" out of the U.S. The wall has cemented the confrontational and disrespectful attitude toward Mexico. Trump is now proposing to renegotiate  or rescind NAFTA. Trump wants to Renegotiate or Kill the NAFTA Treaty. Time for the "Bad Hombres" to STAND UP and demand RENEGOTIATE OR KILL THE TREATY OF GUADALUPE HIDALGO!   If Trump can rewrite U.S.-Mexico history by rescinding NAFTA, Mexico can respond in kind by rescinding The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, returning Mexico back to its original 1848 boundaries! The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed under duress during an invasion of a sovereign nation, making it null and void. During the Mexican-American War, the U.S. forcibly overtook large areas of land that belonged to Mexico. This includes Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and most of California. Mexicans are native and cannot be deported from their own country!   Now we call upon the "Bad Hombres" to fight back for what is ours! We demand the Mexican government stand up for the people and DEMAND ALTO A LAS DEPORTACIONES, reparations and indemnification! Mexicans cannot be deported from their own land - renegotiate to include the halt of deportations or kill the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and return Mexican territory.   Mexicans are native and cannot be removed from their own country. We, the undersigned petition the Mexican President, all Mexican officials and all with a true knowledge of history and a conscience to intervene to stop the illegal deportation of native Mexican people.

Abogado Juan Manuel Soliz
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Petition to Harvard University

Demand Action on Racist Harvard Deportation Notices

This week, in an attempt to prey upon the fears of minority students, several student groups at Harvard posted fake deportation notices throughout the dormitories, shocking recipients into believing that a fellow student was being “detained indefinitely.”  It is clear their intention was to create panic with the threat of these notices, and that’s exactly what they did. Countless students live every day in fear they may lose an undocumented family member or even the threat of deportation themselves. It’s no wonder many of those Harvard students reported feeling disturbed and terrified.  Further, we are dismayed to see that once again, Israel is unfairly delegitimized and misrepresented in the context of what are otherwise critical issues, forcing Jewish students to defend themselves against inaccurate and misleading lies.  Equally unsettling was the timing of the circulation of the notices: Passover. To pull this kind stunt at a time when a significant population of the Harvard community was in religious observance cannot be overlooked. Given the recent rise of anti-Semitic acts and threats across the country, it is abhorrent that these groups would intentionally choose a Jewish holiday to level these accusations, and shows a severe lack of respect for the Jewish community.  We stand together with the Harvard community in our outrage over this desperate attempt to gain attention, and we condemn this effort to tear us apart. It is a shameful use of deliberate scare tactics meant to score cheap political points at the expense of some of the most marginalized members of the community. The undersigned call upon the Harvard administration to take immediate action to ensure this never happens again so that students campus-wide, regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity, can feel safe and respected.

Avi Weiss
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