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Petition to Jared Polis, Julie Gonzales

Pardon and Stop the Unfair Deportation of a Husband and GrandFather

On September 12, 2018, my Stepdad, Henry Javier Cruz-Moreno was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It was one of the worst days of our lives.  No family should be ripped apart solely because of a person's place of birth, but our family is very small and Henry or "Dappy" as my daughters (pictured with my Mom and Henry) call their grandpa, has become the staple in our little family and in our community for that matter. My Mom, Priscilla Cruz-Moreno and Henry have been married for almost 20 years. In 2000, still considered "Newlyweds," my parents had an argument in which the police had been called and charges were filed by the DA. Because my stepdad took an ill-advised plea by the courts and our attorney at the time, our lives would be forever unknowingly and unfairly haunted because of the fact that Henry is a native of Honduras.  Since that night, 19 years ago my parents have grown a loving marriage that most people dream of.  They began counseling and started going to church, Henry building a food pantry for the needy in their front yard. They have built a successful (tax paying) carpet cleaning business, which has 5 star ratings across the internet, it was solely run by Henry. We've had to close down the business since Henry has been detained by ICE.  At the age of 19, I became a single mother to my daughter, Cilla.  I was in college and working, so I was living with my parents. They helped me raise my daughter (now 16); Cilla growing an especially strong bond with her grandpa (calling him Dappy). I later became involved with a man, who would become the father of my second daughter 7 years later.  It was ultimately a long-term, abusive relationship.  We left on Christmas day 2009, after he destroyed our house that day and hit me several times in front of my daughters - leaving me with a concussion, bruises and partially blind in my left eye.  My girls and I would not have got out safely if it hadn't been for Henry and my mom. 10 years later I have earned my Graduate Degree, and bought a house 10 minutes away from them, which I would not have been able to do without the love and support from Henry and my Mom helping me with my girls. My oldest daughter has been diagnosed with PTSD.  In 2017 she attempted suicide, in which she spent a week in Intensive Care. When she began to come into a coherent state, she found comfort in being near her Dappy. Her therapist has written letters to the courts, detailing the harm that would be done to her mental state if he is to be deported, but all pleas have been ignored. My mom is not in well health, suffering from Congestive Heart Failure and possible uterine cancer. Henry was taking care of her before he was detained by ICE.  I have also recently been diagnosed with Auto-Immune deficiency and two pituitary tumors, causing severe migraines. Without Henry being here we have struggled, physically, emotionally and financially since he has been gone.  I am putting the house I've worked so hard for up for sale because we can no longer afford all of our medical, legal and living expenses. I grew up as the only child of a single mother who worked 3 jobs to take care of me. When she met Henry I saw her become happier than she'd ever been before. Their love and happiness has only grown stronger over the last 20 years; not many people can say that about their marriages. My parents should not lose the love of their lives because of a mistake and bad attorney's advice from 19 years ago.  We need Henry home, our lives have been shattered since he was taken from us.  My 9 year old said to me "Mama, if I had known the Sunday before Dappy was taken by ICE was going to be our last hug, I would have hugged him harder. Why won't my eyes stop crying mama?" Please sign our petition in support of a pardon from Governor Jared Polis and to STOP the deportation of our beloved Dappy. We have had many kind people ask to help with legal and medical bills. We have created a  GoFundMe account to help with our many bills.  We appreciate any help, but your signature on our petition is also more appreciated than you know. 

Farah Broomandi
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Petition to President of the United States, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Mitch McConnell, Bryan Steil

Common Sense Illegal Immigration Reform Bill and Restitution For Relocation Bill

This will eliminate the gray area for those associated with DACA, and all forms of illegal entry into the United States. We hereby petition Congress to establish the Common Sense Illegal Immigration Reform Bill, Which apon passing will be valid only for those who are CURRENTLY in the country. All other individuals found illegally entering into the United States will be barred from entry and if found within the US shall he deported to their country of origin immediately. •Any individual with a pattern of criminal activity shall be deported immediately, with a permanent denial of citizenship. •If the individual was ten years of age or under and entered the US, they have to either be in grade school, have graduated grade school and are continuing their education, or be employed. One calendar year will be given to bring proof of the above to the nearest immigration office, at which time the individual will be given conditional residency. •The individual is then placed in a 10 year probationary period.If the individual is found to show a pattern of criminal activity, their residency status shall be revoked and they shall be deported immediately, at which time their path to citizenship is permanently eliminated. •Current address, contact information and place of employment must be kept up to date during the probationary period.If any information changes, a 30 day grace period is given to update the records.Any effort to evade this system will place the individual into a status of evaluation for deportation with a permanent denial of citizenship. •No individual in the probationary period shall be on any federally funded programs. •If a job is held, the individual must pay taxes under a probationary social security number. •No association of any kind is to be made with individuals or organizations showing a pattern of criminal activity. •The individual must learn English. •The individual shall not vote in any federal election. •The individual shall not hold any federal government office. •At the end of the ten year probationary period the individual will then be provided with the naturalization test, which apon passing will grant citizenship status. Failure to pass this test will put the individual into a status of evaluation for deportation with a permanent denial if citizenship. • Individuals over the age limit without a pattern of criminal activity will be given a one year grace period to voluntarily exit the US. Once proof of exit has been verified, the individual will be placed into a conditional evaluation to legally re enter the US after waiting a minimum of ten years and paying a penalty fee. Each individual wanting to re enter the country will be processed through a merit-based system.The individual must NOT enter the US within the evaluation period and have no pattern of criminal activity during the evaluation period. We hereby also petition Congress to establish the Restitution For Relocation Bill, Which will create a fine to be charged to the country of origin for every individual deported, to be deducted from any standing debt with said country. If no standing debt is held or the country will not honor this arrangement, the total amount accrued from all individuals found to originate from said country will be added as an import tax on all goods sold within the US.

Alisha Jetty
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Petition to Marise Payne, Marise Payne

Prevent the extradition of Hakeem Al-Araibi to Bahrain

Soccer player, Hakeem Al-Araibi needs urgent action from the Australian government to prevent him from being deported to Bahrain where he faces imprisonment and torture. While on his honeymoon in Thailand with his wife, Hakeem was arrested by Thai authorities who plan to deport him to Bahrain. However, he was granted refugee status by Australia in 2017 and should be protected by the Australian government. Al-Araibi fears political persecution and torture if he returns to Bahrain. He says that before leaving Bahrain he was tortured for his involvement in political protest there. The Australian government recognised that these fears were real when they granted Al-Araibi refugee status in 2017. Bahrain has a poor human rights record with many documented instances of persecution and suppression of political dissidents. Now the Bahrain government is abusing the Interpol red notice system to have Al-Araibi returned to Bahrain. Interpol rules prohibit a red notice for a person to be returned to a country where they fear persecution. Red notices are non binding and the red notice for Al-Araibi has now been lifted, yet the Thai government still seems to be prepared to return Al-Araibi to Bahrain. Minister Marise Payne needs to immediately intervene to prevent the deportation of Al-Araibi by Thai officials to Bahrain were he faces imprisonment and torture.  'Now, only Australia can help us': footballer's relative pleads for help: 'Extradition of Bahraini Football Player Moves AheadAt Risk of Torture If Returned From Thailand':  

Carl Harris
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Petition to Ron DeSantis

Help Tin Huu Pham stay with his family in USA. Deportation would be a travesty.

I am writing to ask you to help Tin Huu Pham and his family. We cannot take away from the reality of the devastating fear, pain, and suffering that the Pham family is experiencing during this traumatic time as is true for 9,000 Southeast Asian community members facing deportation. Knowing that the trauma of separation is real, with your help we want to hold this beautiful and loving example of what an American family should be together. We, as a community see the treatment of Tin Huu Pham and his family as unjust . Tin Huu Pham and his family have been rooted in this community for 15 years. He has become a very productive and prominent member of the Bradenton community with a thriving business that supports 9 employees and their families. His wife, Cindy, is an educator for the Manatee School district where she coaches and supports classroom teachers. Tin pays taxes, donates to various Manatee Community fundraisers, belongs to his church and some small group ministries, works to feed the homeless, and just recently volunteered to clean up our waterways during the Red Tide crisis. Please sir, we ask for your consideration in this critical life-saving matter for Tin, his wife and his 4-year old daughter. We trust in your leadership and judgement to make the right decision that will impact not just the Pham family but their extended families, friends and communities that love and support them. This is our impassioned hopeful plea to your Heart; Faith; Love of man; and kindness. It is obvious Tin has paid his dues. Deportation would be a travesty. Thank you for your time and consideration.  

Cindy Oanh
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