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Help Stop My Mother's Deportation - She Has Lived In The US Legally For 12+ Years!

I would like to begin with a short poem from my favorite poet: “like flowers crave for spring, my heart craves for my mother more than anything”. My mother, Gulnora Atakhanova, is many things. For most, she is strong, willful, ambitious, generous, and courageous. I find myself struggling to find the perfect words to describe her, except the fact that she is my hero. There are many powerful mother-daughter bonds that I admire deeply, but my relationship with my mother is like no other. My name is Arij Batul Abid and I am a senior pre-med student attending the University of South Florida. My mother, brother and I arrived to the United States approximately 13 years ago. My brother and I were granted residencies recently after a long and difficult journey. However, my mother is currently at risk of deportation despite being married to the love of her life, who is a United States citizen and the father of her 3-year old son. Since the day I was born, she has been my safe haven and has sacrificed so much just so I can live out my dreams. At a very young age, I had to learn to live life without a father figure, however, my mom filled this void and took on the role of not only a mother but also a father and friend. I think back to some of the challenges she faced growing up herself with two young children and I cannot begin to understand how with all the pains the world brought upon her, she managed to make gold out of it. My mother is the most compassionate, kind, respectful and honest woman I have ever met, and she continues to fight this battle to earn the right to call this country her home. After being here for so many years, this country has truly become our home, a place of peace filled with those whom we care and love very much. Tearing me away from my mother would make my world fall apart. My stepfather who deems my mother as his one true love, would be forced to work less and provide for the family all on his own. My brother, Ali, and step-sister, Angelique, would be starting their journey in college without our mother to guide them the way she did for me. My baby brother, a United States citizen would grow up without a mother. My mother has already accomplished so many phenomenal things. After seeing my interest in a phlebotomy program, she was inspired to get her certification as well with the hope of working in the medical field. She dreams of one day attending school and putting her abilities to good use to better society and will do what is right to help those in need because she understands what it means to be a survivor. She has not had the privilege of making many choices, except doing what had to be done to better the lives of her children. After working in the United States for many years, raising brilliant children with extraordinary aspirations, she is at risk of being separated from her family and sent back to a country she no longer recognizes. I ask that you please consider what a wonderful person my mother is and all she has to offer because our lives will not be the same without her. If given the opportunity, she will live out the American dream and continue to make an impact on so many people’s lives as a citizen of the United States of America. 

Arij Batul Abid
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Petition to Donald J. Trump

Help bring my hardworking, tax paying Dad home to the US where he belongs with his family.

My dad, Shahid Qureshi, entered the US via a work Visa years before I was a thought. In 1974 our government issued him a social security number. He has always been a hard working, tax paying God fearing man. My parents married (my mom a local to Georgia) a few years later and eventually had 3 three children together. We lost my older brother 10 years ago, he passed away at 24 after an accident left him quadriplegic at 21. And now I feel like I’ve lost my dad too. In the late 1980s a government official made untrue statements about my father at an immigration hearing. These statements led to an order of deportation against him. My dad's attorney filed via the Freedom of Information Act 3 times to obtain his full file to prove that the testimony had been untruthful against him. Each time his lawyer received these documents, the papers he needed were missing. The office that held these documents closed and they moved the files to another building and for a 4th time my dad's lawyer filed under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the documents to prove the government official was not being truthful. This fourth attempt was successful. But we learned that the statue of limitation was up to prosecute the man for perjury. My father went before the Board of Immigration with this evidence and had the testimony stricken from his record. Next my dad filed via the LIFE Act to get his pathway to citizenship back on track, and when he finally got a response he was denied based off at one point and times there was something unfavorable said at his immigration hearing. My father was a boilermaker by trade and had clearances to work in nuclear facilities. Above that, my father is a wonderful man, a prime example of what a true American is. He has hundreds of letters of character to show his character. There had been an order of deportation issued based off this mans false testimony. My father has always complied with immigration and never missed a check in. He has always maintained a valid work permit and drivers license. He was a contributing member of society. On May 4th, 2018 when my dad went to Atlanta, Ga for his routine check in, he was detained and deported within 12 days. He didn’t even see a judge, even though his assigned ICE agent had seen all the documents pertained to my dad's legal status and the false testimony. My dad (who is NOT a felon) was deported with a 10 year bar from returning to US soil. My dad is a 69-year-old heart patient with stints. He is now in Pakistan where he loses electricity for multiple hours everyday. My children who are 8 and 10 are devastated. Sometimes my son refuses to eat because he misses his Poppa. This was a senseless deportation, my dad should have been a citizen a long time ago. My heart is broken and a fear I will never see my dad again. 44 years he paid US taxes and now our government has turned off his benefits. Deported him and robbed him of his hard earned money. It’s so unfair. Please help bring my father back to where he belongs. I’ve cried everyday for 6 months. We have to have a check and balance system to these mass deportations. Ken Amaro from First Coast News demanded the director in Atlanta of ICE to investigate my father's situation, and instead they quickly deported him. Please help my family. I am a US citizen and was raised to be a proud American. My father Shahid Qureshi deserves an investigation into his situation at the very least.    Please help bring my dad home!    

Zubeda Fahs
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Petition to Governor Gavin Newsom

Ending Threat of Deportation: Urge Governor Newsom to Pardon Saman Pho!

Tell Governor Newsom to pardon Cambodian genocide survivor, Saman Pho, so that Saman can remain with his wife and four young children in Oakland, California. The Governor’s pardon could prevent Saman’s order of deportation.  Saman is a beloved father and Cambodian refugee facing deportation due to a conviction from over two decades ago. Before arriving to the U.S. at the age of six, Saman spent three years with his family in concentration camps under the Khmer Rouge. Saman and his family experienced many atrocities, including the loss of his brother who starved to death. Following their captivity, they stayed at several refugee camps before coming to the United States in 1982.  Saman’s family settled in an impoverished neighborhood in Oakland during a time when many cities experienced tough-on-crime laws. Saman’s parents worked multiple jobs, and spent long hours away from home. Saman did his best to focus on school despite an unstable environment and leaned on friends in the neighborhood for support. In 1995, while at a party with the “wrong” crowd, a group of young men attacked Saman and his friend. While under the influence of alcohol, he fired a weapon towards his attackers. Saman was arrested and immediately accepted responsibility for his actions and charged with attempted murder. With full remorse, he accepted a 12 year prison sentence. Though no lives were lost, Saman was ashamed of his actions, and worked to change his life. While in prison, Saman completed his GED, received a painting certificate, attended other educational trainings, and was a member of the Men’s Advisory Committee. After serving 11 years in prison Saman was immediately arrested by immigration officers on prison grounds and spent 4 months in ICE detention fighting deportation. Inexperienced, vulnerable, and without legal representation, Saman signed an immigration document attesting to his removal from the United States. He was released under conditional status. Upon his release, Saman worked multiple jobs, eventually receiving honors through the Cypress Mandela apprenticeship program, which gives job opportunities to disadvantaged men. In 2014, he was offered a position with McGuire and Hester Construction where he continues to work as a respected employee. Shortly after, the Northern California Cement Masons Apprenticeship Program accepted Saman, and he became a member of the OPCMIA International Organization of Local 300.  Today, Saman has built a life with his wife, Maribel, and four children, Zuheili (14), Tonalli (9), Emanuel (8), and Apsara (1). Saman is not fluent in Khmer, and has no ties to family in Cambodia. If Saman were removed from this country, Saman and his family would face immense emotional pain, financial instability, and other severe consequences from being forcibly separated. Join Saman’s family and advocates to urge Governor Gavin Newsom to pardon Saman so that he can find relief from deportation and remain with his family and community.

Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus
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Petition to Andrew Cuomo

Free SUNY Student Omar Helalat from ICE

Omar Helalat, a Dean's List student of the University at Albany, SUNY, has had his DACA protections revoked and been wrongfully detained by immigration and Customs Enforcement after a faulty court case was brought against him in 2018. He now faces deportation to Jordan, a country he hasn't called home since he was five years old. Governor Andrew Cuomo can pardon Omar, as he has with other immigrants who have, in the governor's own words: "Proved their rehabilitation, but have been unable to gain legal status or fully reenter society due to the stigma of conviction." I went to school with Omar in Rockland County, New York. We grew up just a few blocks from one another, and rode the bus to school together every morning. From the time he joined me in the classroom at age six, I always knew Omar as a warm, friendly, and contributive member to his community. He is a beloved son, brother to three sisters, and friend to countless people. After having difficulties as a student, Omar went to Albany, where he rose to join the ranks of the school's highest academic performers. As his classmate, his neighbor, and a student who knows what it's like to work through difficult personal trials, I am trying to bring my friend home. TO THE HONORABLE GOV. CUOMO: Please help this exceptional young man rejoin the community he has fought so hard to become a part of. We need YOU to pardon Omar so he can go back to being the proud, productive New Yorker he's always been.  Please submit a motion of clemency for Omar Helalat and throw out CASE #: 6:18-cv-06448 immediately.

Noah Daly
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