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Petition to Nigel A. Jason, Jose Velez, President of the United States, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Senator Marco Rubio

Urgent: Stop Deportation of Francisco Javier Gonzalez, husband & father of 3 U.S. citizens

First and foremost, Javier and his family (and I) want to THANK EVERYONE who appeared at our rally Monday at Pizza Al Fresco. In these difficult times, I know this meant A LOT to Javier and his family. It also meant a lot to me because these ARE difficult times with so many people facing deportation and separation from their loved ones and family members. The turnout and support was AMAZING and we could not be happier with the support from the Palm Beach community - and people from ALL over the world! I am editing this petition to make sure it is up to date. We have filed our PFR (Petition for Review) with the Eleventh (11th) Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia. We are also seeking a stay and injunction from the Court, so that Javier is not forced to leave the U.S. while our federal court case is pending. Rebeca Sanchez-Roig, Esq. has joined our legal team and has been invaluable in her work with the federal court case. We continue to seek an extension from DHS/ICE Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) in Miramar, Florida, and we continue to ask that everyone support our efforts in seeking such an extension from that DHS/ICE Office.  We will continue to keep this petition updated as this compelling case continues.  Please Sign this petition to stop Francisco from being taken away from his beautiful family.  Francisco came to the United States when he was only 15 in February of 1997. He was alone in this country and worked hard to get an education, graduating from high school and continuing his education in college. Francisco was unable to graduate from college because at the time they required a valid state identification which Francisco was unable to obtain due to his lack of legal status in the United States. Despite this setback, he worked hard and succeeded in the United States. Francisco speaks perfect English and has NO CRIMINAL HISTORY IN THE US or any other country in the world. He obtained his education, works hard, pays his taxes and lives an exemplary life abiding by all US laws. Francisco has never been back to his native country Mexico since his last arrival in January of 2002. He has made the United States of America his home and is now a loving husband and father to three beautiful daughters in Florida. Sign this petition now to stop Francisco’s from being deported. Francisco met his wife in 2005 while both were working in a restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida. They fell in love and were married in 2006. Eleven years later, their love continues to grow. They have three amazing daughters together, ages 10, 7, and 5. The girls’ futures will be seriously compromised if he is removed. Were they to remain in the U.S. without their father, the girls would suffer extreme emotional and psychological damage from the breakup of their solid family dynamic and the absence of their hero—their father. Francisco has been and continues to be a key player in the success of his employer. He manages a prestigious restaurant in Palm Beach, FL. Through his hard work and dedication, the business has grown to three times its size from when Francisco took over. Francisco is loved and respected by everyone, he has made many friends and many of the usual customers have formed bonds and relationships with Francisco and his family. Francisco is a person of good moral character who deserves a chance to present his case before a federal court with counsel. He attends church every Sunday and is very involved in his community. He is the sole economic provider for his family. Sign the petition to respectfully request that Mr. Francisco Javier Gonzalez’s deportation be stopped. Then, please share this petition online - on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al. Please feel free to message, tweet, and contact the following individuals on social media. OR, take a few minutes to call: Nigel A. Jason Assistant Field Office Director U.S. DHS/ICE 2805 SW 145 Ave Miramar, FL 33027 (954) 843-5901   Jose M. Velez Supervisory Detention and Deportation Officer U.S. DHS/ICE 2805 SW 145 Ave Miramar, FL 33027 (954) 843-5906   Vladimir Diaz, DHS/ICE Public Affairs Officer: (954) 236-4909. Honorable Representative Lois Frankel: Toll Free (866) 264-0957 Frankel’s Washington, DC Office – (202) 225-9890 Frankel’s Boca Raton, FL Office – (561) 998-9045/Fax: (561) 998-9048 Bill Nelson, FL Senator - (202) 224-5274 Marco Rubio - 202-224-3041 Hon Rep Brian Mast - 561-530-7778, Phone: 202-225-3026Fax: 202-225-8398 Say: "I am calling to ask that Francisco Javier Gonzalez deportation be stopped, and that he be granted discretion and a stay of deportation. His A number is 078-994-383. Thank you."

Richard Hujber
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Petition to Jerry Brown

Sign and help me to stay with my family, community, here in America.

I am at immediate risk for deportation to Cambodia, a country I have never been to (I was born in Vietnam and have lived in the U.S. 40 out of the 42 years of my life). To prevent my deportation, I am seeking the support and willingness of a Governor's Pardon, which may stop ICE’s efforts to deport me. I feel like I am an ideal candidate for a Governor's Pardon that will grant me permanent residence in the U.S. Today, I legally reside in America under “Order of Supervision.” It just means that I check in with ICE at my appointed schedule.  Over 20 years ago I was in a gang and committed a crime. I plead guilty to second-degree murder in 1994. Being a part of the drive-by shooting that caused the death of another human being is the greatest regret of my life. Since my sentence, I made a decision to leave the gang life and strive to be a better human being. While in the California Youth Authority, I was the leader of a bible study group with the Protestant chapel for 4 years. After my release, I wasted no time and immediately jumped in obtaining a job with a local community benefit organization, Hope Now For Youth. That organization focused solely on empowering young men like myself, that they could succeed once released.  I have also been fortunate to conduct over 100 anti-gang presentations, workshops, and speeches at public schools and community events since my release in 2001. With Hope Now For Youth, I held the title of “Vocational Placement Counselor” and helped lead over 125 young men be placed into a full-time job. During this time, I was able to obtain my Associate of Arts degree from Fresno City College, a Bachelors of Art from Fresno Pacific University and Masters of Art from Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary.  While I was the Executive Director of Jobs of Hope in Greeley, Colorado, I helped Co-found it and watched over 80 young men and women be placed into full-time jobs. That organization continues today, 2 years after I left to care for my ailing mother-in-law in Fresno, CA.  I am currently the Student Ministries pastor at North Fresno Church-Mennonite Brethren denomination, of which I am a licensed minister. I am responsible for the spiritual development of 7-12th graders and young adults up to the age of 29. In addition to my current full-time job, I also volunteer as an assistant flag football coach at a low-income elementary school. My wife and I share a 3 bedroom apartment with our 3 beautiful children and my mother-in-law. They are all United States citizens. For me to get deported would only bring heartache and distress to them and my neighborhood, church community and the student-athletes that I am responsible for.  My hope is to receive a pardon and then work towards getting my deportation order overturned. Thank you for your time. 

Vanna In
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Petition to Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Help to stop the deportation of Syed Ahmed Jamal

Mr. Syed Ahmed Jamal, a well-respected scientist and community leader, was arrested by ICE – on his front lawn, in front of his children. Now he’s at risk of being deported to Bangladesh, where he is an ethnic minority and would be in serious danger. Sign the petition and join our campaign to stop Syed’s deportation. Syed Ahmed Jamal has lived in the United States for 30 years. He works as a molecular biologist and has done significant research with the University of Kansas, Children’s Mercy, and Rockhurst University. When he’s not working, he volunteers regularly at his children’s schools, and is a leader within his faith community. He would leave behind his wife and three children, who are “devastated and fearful.” Add your name to our petition to help him and his family. Below is a letter from Syed’s son. Hello, My name is Taseen Jamal, and my father has recently been arrested, taken to the Morgan County, MO, jail, and is being considered for deportation. My little brother cries every night, my sister can't focus in school, and I cannot sleep at night. My mother is in trauma, and because she is a live organ donor, she only has one kidney, so the stress is very dangerous. She could die if he is deported. If my father is deported, my siblings and I may never get to see him again. He is an older man, and due to the conditions of his home country, he might not be able to survive. My father called us, and he was crying like like a little child because he was thinking about what would happen to us if he got deported. If he gets sent back to Bangladesh, his home country, he will be in grave danger, and people of his kind are persecuted there.  My dad could likely would face persecution or even death at the hands of radical Islamist extremist gangs back in Bangladesh due to his liberal and secular writings and postings on social media platforms and publications.   My dad being a US educated outspoken Western Liberal Secular Muslim, he could face a similar fate as those faced by many US educated Bangladeshi bloggers in the recent time.  He has been in the US for 30 years, and the law has kept him from gaining citizenship. He has helped throughout our community, and has a lot breakthroughs in science, many of which are still being researched. If he is deported, that research may never be finished, making a great loss to the field is science. We are the children of Syed Ahmed Jamal, and we are requesting on behalf of our family for your kind help to get back our father. A home is not a home without a father. Taseen Jamal

Marci Leuschen
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