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Petition to Marise Payne, Marise Payne

Prevent the extradition of Hakeem Al-Araibi to Bahrain

Soccer player, Hakeem Al-Araibi needs urgent action from the Australian government to prevent him from being deported to Bahrain where he faces imprisonment and torture. While on his honeymoon in Thailand with his wife, Hakeem was arrested by Thai authorities who plan to deport him to Bahrain. However, he was granted refugee status by Australia in 2017 and should be protected by the Australian government. Al-Araibi fears political persecution and torture if he returns to Bahrain. He says that before leaving Bahrain he was tortured for his involvement in political protest there. The Australian government recognised that these fears were real when they granted Al-Araibi refugee status in 2017. Bahrain has a poor human rights record with many documented instances of persecution and suppression of political dissidents. Now the Bahrain government is abusing the Interpol red notice system to have Al-Araibi returned to Bahrain. Interpol rules prohibit a red notice for a person to be returned to a country where they fear persecution. Red notices are non binding and the red notice for Al-Araibi has now been lifted, yet the Thai government still seems to be prepared to return Al-Araibi to Bahrain. Minister Marise Payne needs to immediately intervene to prevent the deportation of Al-Araibi by Thai officials to Bahrain were he faces imprisonment and torture.  'Now, only Australia can help us': footballer's relative pleads for help: 'Extradition of Bahraini Football Player Moves AheadAt Risk of Torture If Returned From Thailand':  

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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Barbara Lee, Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Libby Schaaf

Urge congress to return ICE deported oncology nurse Maria Mendoza Sanchez to U.S. (S.1763)

Maria Mendoza Sanchez started as a nursing home housekeeper and became a respected oncology nurse serving underprivileged patients at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA.  She and her husband have lived in the U.S. over 20 years, raised their 4 children here, bought a house and had been good members of the community with no criminal records.  After 15 years of attempting to achieve permanent resident status, on August 17, 2017, ICE  deported Maria to Mexico with her husband, Eusebio, a truck driver.   Maria was forced to break up her family, leaving her 16-year-old daughter in the U.S. to finish high school in the care of her 23-year-old daughter.  Too young to not be in the care of his parents, her 12-year-old son, who is a U.S. citizen and has only ever known California as his home, had to move to Mexico with Maria.   12/21/17 UPDATE:  Maria’s 12-year-old son returned to Oakland, CA as he was unable to adjust to life in rural Mexico. He has returned to his family home and the care of his sisters. Heartbreaking.  This is a travesty of justice and should never happen in the United States of America. What happened to only deporting criminals? Dianne Feinstein has introduced a Senate Bill, S.1763 and Barbara Lee has introduced a House Bill, H.R.3818, to grant Maria, her husband and oldest daughter permanent residency.  Signing this petition shows your support for these bills Maria’s family is very proud and reluctant to ask for help, but these heartless immigration policies have broken up their family and decimated their ability to support this once thriving family of 6. If you can help with a donation to their GoFundMe account, it is desperately needed. Thank you. 12/14/18 UPDATE:  Maria will be home this weekend and this fund is to help her get back on her feet after all these months away, please help if you can:   Facebook page:  

Nancy MacKinnon
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Petition to Donald J. Trump

Help bring my hardworking, tax paying Dad home to the US where he belongs with his family.

My dad, Shahid Qureshi, entered the US via a work Visa years before I was a thought. In 1974 our government issued him a social security number. He has always been a hard working, tax paying God fearing man. My parents married (my mom a local to Georgia) a few years later and eventually had 3 three children together. We lost my older brother 10 years ago, he passed away at 24 after an accident left him quadriplegic at 21. And now I feel like I’ve lost my dad too. In the late 1980s a government official made untrue statements about my father at an immigration hearing. These statements led to an order of deportation against him. My dad's attorney filed via the Freedom of Information Act 3 times to obtain his full file to prove that the testimony had been untruthful against him. Each time his lawyer received these documents, the papers he needed were missing. The office that held these documents closed and they moved the files to another building and for a 4th time my dad's lawyer filed under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the documents to prove the government official was not being truthful. This fourth attempt was successful. But we learned that the statue of limitation was up to prosecute the man for perjury. My father went before the Board of Immigration with this evidence and had the testimony stricken from his record. Next my dad filed via the LIFE Act to get his pathway to citizenship back on track, and when he finally got a response he was denied based off at one point and times there was something unfavorable said at his immigration hearing. My father was a boilermaker by trade and had clearances to work in nuclear facilities. Above that, my father is a wonderful man, a prime example of what a true American is. He has hundreds of letters of character to show his character. There had been an order of deportation issued based off this mans false testimony. My father has always complied with immigration and never missed a check in. He has always maintained a valid work permit and drivers license. He was a contributing member of society. On May 4th, 2018 when my dad went to Atlanta, Ga for his routine check in, he was detained and deported within 12 days. He didn’t even see a judge, even though his assigned ICE agent had seen all the documents pertained to my dad's legal status and the false testimony. My dad (who is NOT a felon) was deported with a 10 year bar from returning to US soil. My dad is a 69-year-old heart patient with stints. He is now in Pakistan where he loses electricity for multiple hours everyday. My children who are 8 and 10 are devastated. Sometimes my son refuses to eat because he misses his Poppa. This was a senseless deportation, my dad should have been a citizen a long time ago. My heart is broken and a fear I will never see my dad again. 44 years he paid US taxes and now our government has turned off his benefits. Deported him and robbed him of his hard earned money. It’s so unfair. Please help bring my father back to where he belongs. I’ve cried everyday for 6 months. We have to have a check and balance system to these mass deportations. Ken Amaro from First Coast News demanded the director in Atlanta of ICE to investigate my father's situation, and instead they quickly deported him. Please help my family. I am a US citizen and was raised to be a proud American. My father Shahid Qureshi deserves an investigation into his situation at the very least. 

Zubeda Fahs
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Petition to Representative Henry C. Hank Johnson Jr., Senator Johnny Isakson, Rick W. Allen

Stop the deportation of Djenebou Sissoko and release her immediately from ICE custody!

This is to present an emergency request to stop the deportation and to demand the release of Djenebou Sissoko, a 56 year old woman from West Africa, who lived in the US for 20 years. Djenebou has been in the custody of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation since October 3rd, 2018. She is the mother of Joseph Ishmel Lowery, an 11 year old non-verbal autistic boy. Ishmel is a US citizen who needs your help. He has started a complex medical treatment not available in West Africa, where his mother is scheduled to be deported.  Separating him from his mother is seriously compromising all cognitive progresses he has made thus far and even endangering his fragile life. Djenebou is Ishmel sole caregiver; his father, a US Army Veteran, passed away earlier this year. Please join us in asking ICE to immediately release Djenebou so she can continue to take care of her son Ishmel. Ishmel has been through a lot already. Sending him and his mother to West Africa will put an end to the treatment he could get and keep him in this cognitive condition for the rest of his life. According to Dr Roger Bruce Bessey, Joseph Ishmel’s primary physician, “Joseph’s medical history is salient for a severe autistic disorder- a neurodevelopment entity that presents with problems in social communication and interaction, restricted repetitive pattern of behavior activities and global developmental delay. Parental training and education is very important component of comprehensive intervention for children with autism.” Moreover, Dr. George Katsitadze, Joseph’s autism specialist, stated that “the therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder is very intensive and […] includes extensive parent participation. […] it is my professional opinion that joseph’s mother be allowed to remain in the United States to support the ongoing treatment plan.” Please sign and share! Thank you! #IshysVoICE 

Ramata Cisse
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