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Petition to Rep. Manuel T. Sagarbarria

Authorship of Bill for the Establishment of Fully-Equipped Hospital & Fund Appropriation!

Tanjay City as an urban locale is in need of a fully-equipped, modest hospital to cater to the proper medical attention and remedies of its citizens and those in the adjacent areas with services from critical surgeries to therapeutics and laboratory analysis, among others. However, the present Urgent Care clinic lacked the essentials and required facilities, and even on that condition, they rendered medical treatment by the shot in the arm to the people in Pamplona and Amlan. Dismally, there are some instances where patients on emergency cases were brought to the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) but succumbed to death due to distance. Whereas, the City of Tanjay is strategically situated that could accommodate patients in the 2nd District like Amlan, Pamplona, Bais and Mabinay, and other areas in the North. That while Dumaguete is crowded with public and private hospitals, like Silliman University Medical Center (SUMC), Holy Child, Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) along with others, almost all areas in the province were deprived of the opportunity and privilege to establish their own. Also, Tanjay City is 30 Kilometers (1-hour travel) from Dumaguete where the nearest fully-equipped hospital is settled, and that Bais City Medical Center is only good for minor issues and in fact, in most cases their patients were transferred to Dumaguete City for appropriate care, aside from complaints from Baisanons on inferior equipment and incompetence of the medical staff (please see comments, below).  Therefore, WE PETITION to the Honorable Representative of the 2nd District of Oriental Negros, Manuel T. Sagarbarria who is also a Committee Member on Appropriations, to author a bill for the Establishment of a Fully-Equipped Hospital in the City of Tanjay and Appropriate Funds for the purpose. ON PRESENTATION TO THE APPROPRIATE AGENCIES, THIS PETITION WILL BECOME A PUBLIC DOCUMENT.        

Eliseo Joselito Monroy
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Petition to DR. PAULYN JEAN B. ROSELL-UBIAL, MPH, CESO II, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo

Stop the Department Of Health's Planned Distribution of condoms to Senior High Students.

We at AKB Organization (Ang Kristiyano, Bow) call the attention of the Department Of Health, we would like to voice out our concern on the planned ‘free condom distribution’ to senior high students (aged 16-18).  We believe that this move is wrong for the following reasons; The giving of condoms to students is inappropriate, We believe this ‘encourages’ teens to ‘have sex’ at a wrong age and out of marriage. Marriage is a ‘holy’ bond between man and woman by God and ‘sex’ should only be done only when married this is according to the holy scripture,  We believe that the proper way in order to stop the spread of HIV-AIDS is by “Waiting for the right one, and at the right time.” Meaning to wait for the right person, at the right age, and when married. By giving condoms to students is like telling them that it’s okay to have sex while they’re young and out of marriage with whoever they want. This proposed act of the Department Of Health is inappropriate and we call on the department to stop this action, we at AKB Organization call on the people to sign this petition calling on the DOH to stop this proposed act and call on everyone to pray for this cause. We pray that whoever read this may support us and uphold what is right in God’s sight.

Ang Kristiyano, Bow
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