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Petition to YouTube

SuperMarioLogan:Stop Age-Restriction

Super Mario Logan is a YouTube channel that has been around for 10 years. The YouTube channel and it’s crew have worked very hard and have put time,money,effort,and love into this channel and in the making of their videos. It hurts me to say that their videos are now being demonitized, (not making income from the videos), and also Age-restricted. Now you might say,”Well he is only doing the channel for the money.” But you are wrong. As you may know, making videos for YouTube is a long and hard process. It also takes money to run the channel, as there are people that must be paid to work for the channel and money spent into props/setup. So when they are putting that money into making the videos and getting repayed like this, it is very demotivating. Next, when being Age-restricted, kids are not allowed to watch the video, and that also decreases the channels views and profit as well. Some people believe that it is a good thing that this channel is being age- restricted because they think the channels content is not suitable for younger children. Now, The SML crew and I understand wanting our kids to be watching g-rated things,(from a parents perspective), but here is our argument. As a parent, it is important to be monitoring what your child is watching. I watched some R-rated things very young, and I was allowed to watch tv/video games/youtube etc. And this was okay for me to watch, because I lived in a household where this was taught to not repeat what you see on these things. I played killing games and racing games, and I never would do that now in real life because I know that killing would get me to jail, and racing would also make me go to jail, and that is why I ONLY do those things in a virtual world. So if people can do all that and grow up to do good, than why is there a need to not watch these things? That is why YouTube is made, and for people to WATCH and be ENTERTAINED and not to be REPEATED In real life. If we do make a difference and be noticed, SML can go back to doing amazing videos and doing the things we and they love!  I just wanted to give a big thanks to the whole SML crew, and all the work they do! (And also Chilly for doing the vlogs! I love you Chilly!❤️) So please, as fans, we LOVE these people with all our hearts and it hurts us to see the SML crew have to stress over this. Respectfully, Tris and SML fans     

Tris Baldwin
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Petition to Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Make it mandatory for all Political Donations to be Cashless

The Demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rupee notes on November 8th, 2016, by the Prime Minister of India was hailed as a bold step in the fight against black money, supposedly expected to give the hoarders of unaccounted cash sleepless nights. While the common man has been forced to stand in line for hours everyday for more than 5 weeks, the Political Parties have conveniently escaped the inconvenience. As per current rules, Indian Political Parties are not required to declare the donor details if the donation received is less than 20,000 Rupees, and they are 100% tax-exempt. So, the parties can deposit infinite amount of cash in old notes, by saying that it was received in parts, with each part less than 20,000 and can escape any consequence.I have explained how political parties can exploit this loophole in detail here - Currently, there are more than 1900 political parties in India, and they are using this loophole to convert all their black money to white. This concern has also been raised by the Chief Election Commissioner of India. ( the common man has to face so many restrictions on deposits and withdrawals, why should the Political Parties be exempt ?( Dear Mr. Prime Minister, if according to you, these days beggars are also using Swipe Machines, and you are forcing everyone to go Cashless, why should the political parties not be forced to go cashless. We therefore urge you to 1. Make it mandatory for any donation above 100 rupee to any political party to be cashless2. Bring Political Parties under RTI, as per the CIC order #BringPoliticalPartiesUnderRTI#MakePoliticalDonationsCashless

Nishank Varshney
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