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Petition to Councilman Daniel Valenzuela, Vice Mayor Kate Gallego, Councilwoman Laura Pastor, Councilwoman Thelda Williams, Councilman Sal DiCiccio, Councilman Jim Waring, Councilman Michael Nowakowski, Councilman Bill Gates, Mayor Greg Stanton, Deputy City Manager Paul Blue, City Manager Ed Zuercher, Phoenix Community Economic Director Christine Mackay

City of Phoenix - New Ordinance for Demolition Permits Needed Now

We've lost many iconic buildings in downtown Phoenix, the latest being perhaps the biggest slap in the face to the community yet -- the 1947 Stewart Motor Company building, also known as the Circles building for its' most recent use. Though the community and city were in discussions with the Empire Group over the fate of the building and its possible preservation, this developer chose to end these discussions by razing a large part of the building last week. This developer may wish to still seek a GPLET (General Property Lease Excise Tax) incentive, but we the community are adamantly opposed to rewarding such unscrupulous behavior. Not now, or ever.  It is time for solutions, and we believe the following solution is the best course of action for Phoenix to take immediately. We are seeking an ordinance (or amendment to an ordinance) surrounding the demolition permit process. This will add a layer of transparency to this process, will prevent similar outcomes from happening in the future, and will hopefully help this City understand the important role that buildings can play in our neighborhoods and sense of place. We ask the City of Phoenix to adopt a similar ordinance to that of Los Angeles which was passed in December, 2014: "Notification of Demolition. The Department shall not issue a building permit for demolition of a building or structure for which the original building permit was issued more than 45 years prior to the date of submittal of the application for demolition preinspection, or where information submitted with the application indicates that the building or structure is more than 45 years old based on the date the application is submitted, without having first done the following at least 30 days prior to issuance of the demolition of building or structure permit:"  You may read the full text of the ordinance HERE. This ordinance was enacted because of similar tear down shenanigans in Los Angeles.  We believe this solution is fair for everyone,  should be accomplished swiftly and will be publicly supported by good community developers, as well as the general public.  Please help us protect what remaining history we have left in this city, do not reward terrible behavior with any incentives, and add this layer of transparency to support the character of Phoenix.

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Petition to President of the United States, City of Philadelphia, Mayor James Kenney, Councilman Bobby Henon, Councilman Al Taubenberger, Brendan Boyle, Kevin Boyle, Pennsylvania Governor, Councilman Brian O'Neill

Save Lower Dublin Academy and Raise Philadelphia's Historic Preservation Budget

Philadelphia is the most historic City in America, yet it has the lowest budget for historic preservation in the country. (Less than $500,000 per year!) The issues surrounding the City’s diminishing commitment to historic preservation is not just a locally recognized concern. The State Historic Preservation Office, known as the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission’s Bureau for Historic Preservation, recently conducted a review of Philadelphia’s Certified Local Government Program. The report, addressed to Mayor Jim Kenney, identifies key issues related to the problems facing historic preservation in Philadelphia. The primary conclusion of the study was predictable: the Philadelphia Historical Commission is inadequately staffed and insufficiently funded. The report urged the city to undertake a comprehensive, citywide survey. The main issues with historic preservation are the following: The designation process is tedious and difficult The City doesn’t put applications on the calendar immediately Demolition permits are effective immediately Grammar and style errors (quite silly) cause delays in applications Filing nominations cost historians tons of time and money Applications are rejected often and without explaining why In an earlier article: “To Preserve and Protect: Preservation at a Crossroads in Philadelphia”, preservationist Oscar Beisert detailed what drives his passion for saving Philadelphia’s built history.  Almost a year has passed since that article was published, and during that time he and other preservationists such as Joseph Menkevich, Fred Moore, Kenneth Milano, and Debbie Klak further discovered that the problems surrounding historic preservation in the city are stifling and manifold. The best tool to ensure that a property is preserved is local designation, of course. While this is not the only part of the preservation process, it does ensure that important buildings will not be demolished without legal oversight.   Unfortunately, without a higher budget for historic preservation, Philadelphia is doomed to succumb to more demolitions.  The worst part is, when a historic building is demolished, an atrocious building built with cheap materials takes its place.   Not only that, we risk the potential loss of hundreds of thousands or even millions of important documents, maps, photographs, and much more in our unprotected, non-digitized City archives that date back to the 1600s. Finally, William Penn's Surveyor General: Thomas Holme left money in his will to create The Lower Dublin Academy, which was built in 1798 and is still standing.  It is in dire need of historic restoration and preservation.  You can visit it at 3322 Willits Rd Philadelphia, PA 19136 which is in Historic Holmesburg.  We need to save this building!! We feature this building and many others in the upcoming historical documentary The King's Highway, which is a film to help spread awareness and preserve these magnificent structures. Let's help raise awareness for this important issue and get our City to raise the budget to at least come little closer to New York's $5 million annual budget!

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