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Petition to John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Dan Crenshaw, Van Taylor, Pat Fallon, Lance Gooden, Lizzie Fletcher, Kevin Brady, Al Green, Michael T. McCaul, August Pfluger, Kay Granger, Ronny Jackson, Randy Weber, Vicente González, Veronica Escobar, Pete Sessions, Sheila Jackson Lee, Jodey Arrington, Joaquín Castro, Chip Roy, Troy Nehls, Tony Gonzales, Beth Van Duyne, Roger Williams, Michael Burgess, Michael Cloud, Henry Cuellar, Sylvia Garcia, Eddie Bernice Johnson, John Carter, Colin Allred, Marc Veasey, Filemon Vela, Lloyd Doggett, Brian Babin

Texans For Filibuster Reform!

¡También escrito en español!What is the filibuster? And why is it important? The filibuster is a procedural rule that allows a simple minority to block, delay, or impede a formal closing vote on legislation. This allows for a small group of Senators to hold legislation hostage. Although Democrats have the majority in the U.S. Senate, they will not be able to pass needed reforms that would protect, empower, and strengthen the working class because it takes a majority vote of 60 senators to end a filibuster. Can we end the filibuster? Legally? Yes! Because it is a procedural rule, Democrats have the ability to re-write the rule, limit its use, or do away with it. EVEN THE MOST WELL-INTENTIONED REPS ARE MISSING THE SOLUTIONS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. “ faces an uncertain fate in the Senate, where it would need to attract the support of 10 Republicans to overcome a filibuster. A solution must be found; LGBTQ people have waited long enough for comprehensive anti-discrimination protections,” said TX-35 Congressman Lloyd Doggett on February 19, 2021. HERE IS YOUR SOLUTION. Texans For Filibuster Reform I am calling upon all my Texas Congressional Representatives to apply pressure to your Senate colleagues demanding that filibuster reform take place NOW. The American people cannot afford a single more day without the promises you all made to us when we voted you into office. I am calling upon Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John Cornyn to do what is right by the American people and call for filibuster reform. Stop playing games with people’s lives. ¡En español! ¿Qué es el “filibuster”? ¿Y por qué es importante? El obstruccionismo es una regla de procedimiento que permite a una minoría simple bloquear, retrasar o impedir una votación formal de cierre de la legislación. Esto permite que un pequeño grupo de senadores mantenga la legislación como rehén. Aunque los demócratas tienen la mayoría en el Senado de los Estados Unidos, no podrán aprobar las reformas necesarias que protegerían, empoderarían y fortalecerían a la clase trabajadora porque se necesita una mayoría de votos de 60 senadores para poner fin a un obstruccionismo. ¿Podemos acabar con el obstruccionismo? ¿Legalmente? ¡Sí! Debido a que es una regla de procedimiento, los demócratas tienen la capacidad de reescribir la regla, limitar su uso o eliminarla. Hago un llamado a todos mis Representantes del Congreso de Texas para que presionen a sus colegas del Senado exigiendo que la reforma obstruccionista se lleve a cabo AHORA. El pueblo estadounidense no puede permitirse ni un solo día más sin las promesas que nos hicieron cuando lo votamos para el cargo. Hago un llamado al senador Ted Cruz y al senador John Cornyn para que hagan lo correcto por parte del pueblo estadounidense y pidan una reforma obstruccionista. Deja de jugar con la vida de las personas.

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Petition to Joe Biden, Donald J. Trump

We Want Presidential Candidates to Publicly Commit to Respecting Election Results

COMMIT TO THE ELECTION RESULTS!!  GIVEN the rising level of tension In America, I believe it’s important for all American voters to see a public commitment from each Presidential candidate that they will respect the upcoming Presidential election results in November 2020.  Americans want to obtain a commitment from all candidates.  Having worked in the promotion of democracy on three continents in nearly twenty countries, I have witnessed first hand the damaging, destructive, and deadly impact of failed elections.   It’s not hard to see carnage unleashed by competing factions whose leaders refuse to accept election results - America is not immune.   We’ve witnessed, enjoyed, fought for, and enjoyed peaceful transitions of power in America for centuries.  Let’s take action now by demanding that all Presidential candidates commit to respecting the will of the people. Americans created an amazing, diverse, adventurous, and empowering country for millions on the basis of freedom anchored by the rule of law.  Regardless of race, party, favorite TV channel, or orientation, I & all of us remain Americans.  Our Presidential candidates are American. Let’s remind them we, the people, are in charge and demand an immediate public commitment to respect the results of the upcoming Presidential elections.  Why now?  The best time to commit to an electoral outcome is when candidates don’t know who will win or lose.   A public commitment to an essential principle of democracy ahead of the results will reassure all Americans and encourage their participation.   I absolutely love America.  Let’s keep a good thing going by joining forces & requiring that whoever loses the Presidential election in November respects the final outcome. Sign this petition today ... vote in November & make sure we continue to enjoy the fruits of our hard-fought democracy in January.              

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, United States Department of the Treasury, United States Postal Service, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Make Your Vote Count in 2020, Help USPS Deliver Timely Election Mail

We petition that 3rd class mail, aka junk mail get left behind during the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. This will ensure that the majority of citizens that use mail-in ballots will have their votes counted, instead of rejected for being sent in late, no fault of the voter, but the mailing system. The Postal Service warned "there is a significant risk that the voter will not have sufficient time to complete and mail the completed ballot ... in time for it to arrive by the state's return deadline."  Petition the USPS to leave 3rd class mail behind to ensure timely delivery of election-related mail. In anticipation of millions of Americans voting by mail for the 2020 Presidential Election, because of the rise of Covid-19, it is imperative that your vote counts! More than 80 million voters are expected to vote by mail to avoid polling places and the risk of catching the Covid-19 virus. Whether you're Democrat, or Republican, your vote should count! The upcoming Presidential Election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will be historic because it is expected to have the highest vote by mail ballots ever. Every vote should count, mail-in ballots should not be rejected because they were not received in time, especially if it is no fault of the voter. It is important for the USPS to make mail-in voting a priority during the election, contact your representatives to voice your support and make sure your vote counts. Latest USPS News on Mail Delivery Issues: USPS Mail Delays Still Persisting, Workers Say, Despite DeJoy Pausing Some Changes - Forbes USPS crisis: Why mail is delayed, how it may affect the election and what's being done about it - CNET Since June, USPS have seen on-time deliveries plummet, collection boxes carted away, and high-speed equipment yanked out of mail sorting facilities in key swing states and junked. - Rolling Stones USPS delaying the shipment of vital medicine, benefit checks, and even killing livestock like chicks entrusted to USPS. - Rolling Stones Buy USPS stamps  HERE Check your voter registration How to Vote by Mail Share this petition ----------------------

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