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Petition to The Commissioner Of Police - Greater Chennai

Arrest who encroaches, not the activists who fight against illegal encroachments

To The Commissioner Of Police - Greater ChennaiChennai, Tamil Nadu. Sir, We understand that Mr Nakkeeran from Arappor Iyakkam has been arrested on 11/1/2017 around 4:30 AM from his residence at Rayala Nagar Police, taken to Central Crime Branch, and after producing before the Judicial Magistrate, Poonamallee, later been remanded to Puzhal Central Prison. The FIR states that he was arrested for Crime No. 1439 of 2017 dated 28.10.2017 FIR offices under section (u/s) 143, 147, 149, 504, 294(b), 323, 506(1) IPC. Having closely followed his social works in the recent past and the purpose of the specific public meeting that resulted in his arrest, it is both shocking and disappointing to see this act of the esteemed Tamil Nadu Police. As Non Resident Indians interested in the welfare of TamilNadu, we have been very closely watching the progress & social issues in our state of Tamil Nadu. We hope you would agree that, amidst of all chaos, it is these selfless people who have been legally fighting corruptions & anti-social elements, that keep up our hopes for a better tomorrow. We understand that Mr Nakkeeran has been in social work for long and has been instrumental in working with and help police on traffic awareness drives for more than 5 years now. He has been recently instrumental in bringing out Corruption in Government Hospitals, irregularity in laying of roads and illegal encroachments. Following which this meeting was gathered in an intent to have a healthy conversation with the MLA of the constituency and the public. We understand that the Arappor team obtained permission to host the meeting on 28th Oct at Ramapuram but has been charged with unlawful assembly. The public gathering was to create awareness and let the common mass understand that we the people are empowered to question unlawful encroachment, in a democratic nation. We happened to watch entire recorded event of the “Vaanga Kaetpom” , the specific speech by Mr Nakkeeran and chaos created by the politically motivated strangers. Evidently anyone can affirm that there were no act of what has been complained against Mr Nakkeeran. Even yet arresting Mr Nakkeeran clearly indicates that this has been politically motivated, as the intent of the event was to raise awareness on poor roads in the area and encroachment & illegal construction of Kalasathi Amman temple by different political wings. We understand that the Corporation has given lock and seal notice to the said encroachment and tehsildhar has already confirmed in a letter to Arappor Iyakkam that the temple has encroached on to the road. Given the series of events that lead to the arrest of Mr Nakkeeran and false charges filed against him, we request your intervention immediately. We the NRIs living in various countries would like to urge you to immediately drop all charges against Mr. Nakkeeran and release him with immediate effect. Sincerely, Non Resident Indians    

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Petition to United Nations, European Parliament, European Commission, Council of the European Union, Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker

International Support and recognition of the Newborn Catalan Republic

Catalan Leaders have declared independence with a real support from the streets. While the Catalan Government has opted for negotiation all the time Spanish Government has decided to erase catalan autonomy and set up false and biased elections on the 21st of December. We should mention that some of the Spanish government members are children of Franco Ministers and friends, if they tell you that Franco dictatorship disappeared, it is false, if yes why the Spanish Government is paying the foundation Francisco Franco with public resources?  Catalan people voted on 2015 giving absolute majority to pro independence parties, this is the real catalonia: Catalan Parliament 2015 election outcome . There is not a silent majority because the unionists are not majority and the real majority goes to the streets to defend their political views. We don't hate Spain, but they do hate Catalunya: in the last 10 years we've suffered boycotts from Spain politicians, chants like "a por ellos" (let's get them) or "Catalunya should be bombed each 50 years". We are nationalists, we believe in the power of an Independent Catalonia and they are afraid it might happen. things have changed, on 2006 we asked the constitution to be updated and we voted on a legal approved referendum a new Estatut de Catalunya (catalan constitution) it was approved on the Spanish congress (on that time with PSOE majority) and the senate. The then opposition party PP (founded by a late minister and close friend of Franco) started a campaign of boycott against Catalonia and they got signatures from the rest of Spain to ask the Constitutional Court to make it illegal. The constitutional court then made a big cut of the Estatut. We asked kindly, we got a positive response from the then prime minister Zapatero who defended the proposal in his addresses to the congress and senate that led to the acceptance in both houses. But  PP ( formally prosecuted by courts for bribery as an entire entity, with more than 900 officials accused and being processed for corruption and bribery and with their entire headquarters being paid by illegal money...) embraced on a 300-year-old fight against Catalonia. we are sure that spain's people, or most of them have no issue with Catalonia but the elites represented by PP do, as Catalonia is a very important and strategic part of Spain's economic engine. the PP government currently funds the foundation called Francisco Franco which defends the dictatorship and tries to make publicity of it, with public money. Spain has never condemned Franco's dictatorship and the children of those who he and his dictatorship killed cannot even give their deceased a funeral because it is illegal to fund a research to find the bodies and determinate the DNA of the bones.  12 people died before going to court, even the original judge of the case Gürtel All them except the judge of course, died just before testifying, how ludicrous! The PP was founded and is controlled by Francoists, you don't need to have a PhD to see it, it was founded by a Franco Minister, and now most of the actual ministers are sons and daughters of Franco related politicians. We don't know why but PP does not stand Catalonia at all. To continue, the leader of PP in Catalunya has sympathy to the dictatorship and has been accused of institutional racism. He was mayor of Badalona when on the last election his main issue to display on the campaign was immigration, his campaign was called "limpiemos Badalona" Clean Badalona (from the immigrants). after the last elections he was put away after several left parties on the town hall unified their votes to elect a different mayor. He then said that as he got the biggest amount of votes had to be mayor and that the action of putting him away was a coup d'état. Now he says that PP, that on the last catalan elections in 2015 that only got 8,5% of the votes has to govern in catalonia. How is that possible? To finish to all those who say that there is no majority in favor of independence and referendum here comes the official numbers: Parties in favor of Referendum: 59,19% parties against: 39,17% it's not a fantasy, it is the reality, unionists represent only 39% of catalan society, which is not either a majority nor silent. On the 59,19 you might find some who are against independence by all defend the chance to vote. So yes, majority of Catalan people wants to vote and Yes it can be possible that the majority of catalans are in favor of independence. While at this moment there is no chance that the silent majority could be a majority. In Catalunya 4 million people are able to vote at this moment: from this 5 million, with a 77% participation: 1.957.348 voted for parties with a clear pro independence position, 469.364 who are in favor of the referendum (with some in favor of the independence and some against or other proposals such as a federal approach to the issue) and 1.605.563 voted for parties against independence. If you make numbers it is Very very easy that there is a majority of voters in favor of independence while is statistically very difficult that all those votes from the voters in favor of the referendum but with mixed opinions on independence go to the Not to the independence option. Remember that the Yes could have majority with less than 60,000 votes while the No would need all the votes to surpass the Yes, option that we all know is very difficult as it is known that on that group are more that 60,000 in favor of independence. So: with maths and not my opinion we get the conclusion that the only reality now is that there might truly be a majority of catalans in favor of independence. There is no silent majority and PP has only 8,5% of the votes so they basically represent less than 350.000 people, all this is real, from the votes on the catalan elections, not referendum nor 9N, only "legal" elections. We ask you to support the real democracy and recognise Catalonia as a new Democratic Republic.   Thank You    

Republic of Catalonia Foreign Promotion and Affairs Association
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