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Petition to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali

Ask Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to stand with the Eritrean People against dictatorship!!!

Dear Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, PhD Amazed by your determination to break the status quo by taking huge, historical, and unprecedented steps in such a short period of time in office, including the most recent rare, unimaginable conciliatory gestures you took to release political prisoners,  Witnessing that your thoughtful strategy to defeat hatred and animosity through love and dialogue is yielding such an unprecedented result, Convinced that encouraging countries in our region to adopt your thoughtful strategy for peace and unity may help to transform the region for peace and regional security at a faster pace, Encouraged by the unprecedented and growing intimate relationship with the main players of the region and the president of the state of Eritrea, Mr. Isayas Afeworki, Concerned with the fact that Eritrea still hosts the largest number of prisoners in our continent, that include teen age children, Disappointed by the fact that Mr. Isayas Afeworki has not yet shown any sign of conciliatory gestures that would give some sort of relief to the people of Eritrea, Alarmed by the president's intent to establish a monarchy system and elevate his son, Abraham Afeworki, as his successor and Motivated by the Presidents' trust on you, including, his public endorsement for you to lead the two countries and that you already have started assuming the role by calling the UN to lift the sanction against the regime, We, at the EriMedia Watch Group, and the signatories of this petition would like to ask you to seize on the opportunity and help to quick-start the reconciliation process between the Eritrean Government and its people as soon as possible, with main focus on the following catalog of human rights abuses labeled by the UN as "Crimes Against Humanity": 1. Release political prisoners, 2. Implement Constitution, 3. Respect Freedom of Movement and Religion, 4. Allow Human Right Groups to review the human rights situation in Eritrea, 5. Put Human rights treaties into effect 6. Allow descent and freedom of Press and Media   EriMedia Watch Group, United States

EriMediaWatch Group
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Petition to Boulder City Council

Allow ONLINE petitioning for ballot initiatives!

(Technical details below the petition) Whereas: 1. A great deal of what makes Boulder great was accomplished by ballot initiative, including the nation's first voter-approved open space tax, height limits, slow growth, the nation's first gay rights law and public campaign financing. 2. Use of Boulder's initiative process has fallen off, with only 3 initiatives on the ballot in 20 years, public campaign financing in 1999 and Council term limits and the sugary drink tax in 2016, while Colorado has outdone itself in the same period with 13 important initiatives, including  Amendment 27, one of the country's strictest campaign finance limits, Initiative 37, the country's first renewable energy mandate, Amendment 41, the country's strongest Ethics in Government law, and Amendment 64, the country's first legal marijuana and hemp. 3. Boulder's ballot initiative signature requirements are much higher proportionately than Colorado's or Denver's and a more difficult process favors those with more time or money. This is unfair to, among others, Boulder's most important "product": college graduates saddled with debt and paying Boulder rent. Why should anybody spend our time begging for signatures in hot parking lots in the 21st century? 4. It takes only 25 signatures to qualify as a City Council candidate, compared to signatures of 5% of registered city voters to qualify an Initiative for the Boulder ballot. As John Adams said, we want a "government of laws and not of men." A government of ideas, not dominated by personalities. 5. The Deputy City Attorney presented this statement to City Council April 17th (video): "The 11 members of the City of Boulder's Campaign Finance and Elections working group unanimously support establishing a mechanism for municipal ballot initiatives that allows for online access to read the petition and allows for online "signing" (via electronic identity verification). The clear benefits of online access and signing include:* access to and by a broader population of voters* heightened integrity of the petition "signing" process and greater security than current physical signing process* the opportunity to read the the full text of petition language before signing* improved efficiency, and reduced burden on administrative staff* the ability to sign at any time from any place* the ability to un-sign prior to the petition signing deadline" We would add that online petitioning will mean much fewer paid petitioners, with less problems with petitioners misrepresenting petitions, harassing people to make more money, or outright forging signatures as happened in Boulder in 2016.  6. Plan Boulder, which spearheaded the first 2 Boulder initiatives listed in number 1., has endorsed online petitioning as has the Rocky Mountain Peace  and Justice Center and our Revolution Boulder. We solicit your organization's endorsement too! You can contact organizer Evan Ravitz at  THEREFORE, The signers of this petition request that Boulder City Council submit a City Charter Amendment to the voters this November allowing Council to implement online petitioning by ordinance.  City Council is holding a public hearing on this and other proposed Charter Amendments August 14th, time to be determined. Please come and speak for up to 3 minutes or raise your hand in support. 1777 Broadway at Canyon upstairs. If you sign the petition we'll send you updates.  *****************************************Background: Boulder is a high-tech town and its citizens want to know why online petitioning will be more secure than the current system of having temporary workers hired by the city clerk examine physical signatures: With old petitions such as Boulder's 2016 initiative petitions available online, anyone can find names, addresses and signatures to copy for forgery on paper petitions. Our model is the Secretary of State's (SOS) website, which lets you look at anyone's registration using their name, zip code and birthdate. You can change your own party or address by also giving your Colorado ID or last 4 digits of your SSN. This is comparable to how you ID yourself for financial transactions. If the current SOS ID system is good enough to register to vote, or to change your party or address, it's good enough to sign a petition. Many people think that signing petitions online is like online voting, which most experts believe is insecure with the internet as it is. The difference is that voting is secret ballot, while petitions are public record, as the link to old petitions above shows. Signing a petition is much more like a financial transaction, with the parties identified. Our proposal is more secure and also fail-safe: You would be able to view which petitions you signed, just like you can view your party and address. In the database, there'd be a column for every petition, just like there are now columns for name, address, party, etc. You could change your 'yes' or 'no' anytime before the deadline. The Secretary of State's website could be augmented to implement this, or the City website could host our subset of the State's registration database, synchronized to the State database regularly. Denver's app that lets petition passers hand you an iPad to sign is similarly synchronized to the State database. Our proposal lets anyone use any device anywhere and no signature is necessary, just like none is necessary to open an online bank account, etc. Please forward this petition to Boulder groups, and other groups with an interest in better direct democracy. You can also email Boulder City Council and tell them why you support online petitioning: Democratic candidates for Secretary of State Jenna Griswold says she'll work for this on the state level if elected.  16 of the 24 States with ballot initiatives also have online voter registration, so this could quickly expand from Boulder and bring direct democracy into the 21st century across the country, finally!

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Petition to Sean Forey, Brewster Cesear, Deborah Jerome, Vanessa Angell, Katie Gill, Allen Williams, Chris Wolfe, Tina Francone, Libby Szabo, Casey Tighe, Adam Paul, Ramey Johnson, Charley Able, Sharon Vincent, Pete Roybal, Dave Skilling, Barb Franks, Karen Harrison, Dana Gutwein, Testing , Testing

STOP Over-Development in Rooney Valley NOW

With an urgent agenda and closed-door meetings, the Town of Morrison is caving in to a developer’s plans for a residential development that will forever blight a pristine and prime section of the Rooney Valley. The judgment and wisdom of the Mayor and Trustees is brought into question.  Just north of Morrison Road, 300 acres of Valley land within the borders of the Town of Morrison is slated for rezoning and then vesting (to prevent more appropriate rezoning in the future) before being disconnected and reverting to control by Jefferson County.  Ventana Capital is being given a “blank check” by Morrison officials to construct a community of 1100+ residential units, many high-density, without appropriate infrastructure. The combination of rezoning and the lack of citizen recourse to the County sets the stage for unhindered development that will benefit the developer at the expense of the residents and the County. We advocate for remediation of the impacts of the following issues: ·     Traffic Congestion along Indiana and Morrison Roads, as well as C470 and the entrance and exit ramps – an estimated 30,000 new vehicle trips per day! ·     School Crowding – even if the developer agrees to provide land for a school, there is no money to build it! And, even if JeffCo issues bonds, the money would not nearly be enough for all the neighborhoods in line for a new school ahead of RRR. ·     Water has been “guaranteed” by the Town of Morrison, but practical as well as legal challenges remain·     Sanitation/Sewer service is a considerable challenge given the significant water run-off and historical flooding in the proposed development area.·     Recreation Areas– can our already crowded hiking and biking trails accommodate thousands of new residents?·     Parks - no playgrounds, recreation centers or libraries are planned·     Police and Fire Services, as well as ongoing infrastructure expenses, will have to come from the County – at what cost to taxpayers? Morrison, Lakewood and Jefferson County officials have an obligation to the people who elected them to ensure that inappropriate development is stopped - and plans for sustainable development and quality of life are fully explored. "SMART" development will actually provide value to the Valley, its residents, Jefferson County, and the state of Colorado. TODAY, PLEASE WRITE TO YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS DEMANDING "SMART" DEVELOPMENT IN THE ROONEY VALLEY. Visit our website -    for more information and email addresses.

Rooney Valley Alliance, LLC
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Petition to Filipino People

Remove President Rodrigo Duterte From Office And Suspend The Constitution

We Are Asking People To Start A Revolution To Remove President Rodrigo Roa Duterte From Office And Suspend The Constitution To Prevent Another Dictatorship In The Country. With The Extrajudicial Killing Of Innocent Civilians, The Possible Declaration Of A Nationwide Martial Law And Federalism. We Are Urging Everyone To Start A Uprising To Remove President Rodrigo Roa Duterte From Office And Suspend The 1987 Freedom Constitution To Prevent Another Dictatorship In The Country. As The President Of The Republic Of The Philippines, He Cannot Rule 106,170,711 Filipinos On 7,107 Islands Effectively Without The Support Of Your 498,250 Soldiers Who Could Implement His Own Orders, The Threat To National Security Of A Breakdown Of Law And Order Amidst Threats From Terrorists, Criminals, Communist Rebels, And Foreign Countries, And Harm To Your National And Economic Interests That Would Be Brought About By The Destruction Of Institutions It Took Your Taxpayers And Public Servants Decades To Build. If Despite Sound Advice, President Duterte Still Chooses To Declare A Nationwide Martial Law And A Federal System In The Country, We Ask Your Soldiers In The Armed Forces To Suspend The 1987 Freedom Constitution And Immediately Support Of A 'Nonpartisan Government' In The Country, There Must Be Almost No Gap Between These Events Above To Prevent The Breakdown Of Law And Order, A Civil War, The Repeat Of Violent Dictatorship And Plunder, Or The Invasion Of Your Country By Foreign Elements That Would Exploit Such A Leviathan Economic, Social And Political Crisis. Please Sign This Petition To Remove President Rodrigo Duterte From Office And Suspend The Constitution Once And For All.

People's Union Against Dictatorship And Tyranny
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