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Make votes matter in general elections - we want proportional representation

This General Election must be the last one to use our archaic First Past the Post voting system. I was 16 years old at the 2015 general election. I couldn’t vote but I was frustrated that the election results didn’t reflect how people voted, so I started this petition for a fairer voting system. Two years on and I voted for the first time - but my vote didn’t matter. I want to be able to vote for whichever party I believe in. I don’t want to be scared of ‘wasting’ my vote or ‘letting the other side in’. I want a vote that counts. The only fair and democratic system of electing MPs is one that matches seats in Parliament to how people voted - Proportional Representation. Our weak and wobbly voting system has given us a coalition of chaos - the DUP and Conservatives - formed without the support of most voters. Strong and stable majority coalitions are the norm in most developed democracies. Coalitions can mean collaboration and cooperation, working together to solve problems. But they only work if they are based on majority support from the population. At this general election, the Green Party, Liberal Democrats and UKIP won 11% of the votes but now make up just 2% of MPs. A vote for the Scottish National Party was worth 18 times as much as a vote for the Green Party. UKIP won half a million votes but no MPs. The First Past the Post voting system is undemocratic and dramatically distorts the results of our elections. First Past the Post is clearly broken. Labour is on the verge of committing to reform. All the other opposition parties are already in favour. And yet some in the Conservative Party are intent on blocking any attempts to change the system. Worse still, their manifesto even committed to extending First Past the Post to the London Assembly. This is a cynical attempt to rig the system in their favour. We have to act now to save our democracy. Please sign and share this petition to send a message to the new government - we want proportional representation. Together we can keep this issue at the top of the agenda. If you’d like to join thousands of us all over the country who are taking action to make votes matter, sign up at

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Petition to Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan MP, Tony Lloyd MP, Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, Rt Hon Emily Thornberry MP, Fabian Hamilton MP, Jeremy Corby

UK Government: Support Honduras’ People against Election Fraud

The UK's political leaders must stand by us in expressing our great concern regarding current events in Honduras around its national elections on November 26th, since when the country has been wracked with protest and repression. The atrocious handling of the vote count by the state Supreme Electoral Tribunal appears to indicate a flagrant attempt to falsely maintain the right-wing authoritarian Juan Orlando Hernandez's National Party in power. The country has erupted in protest and Hernandez has responded by suspending civil rights and unleashing police and military violence, and the killing of protesters. Despite the Election Tribunal being staffed by National Party stooges, and pre-election reports of the party planning to steal the election, early results showed a lead for his centre-left opponent Nasralla. 2 members of the Tribunal said this statistical trend could not be reversed. Then, unprecedented delays and computer failures slowed the counting. Suddenly the new votes inexplicably reversed the trend, favouring Hernandez. The final count was read on Monday and gave him a lead by 1.59% margin over Nasralla. The huge irregularities and inexplicable reversal of voting trends led to an outspilling of anger and popular protest across Honduras, which goes on now. On Friday 1st Hernandez suspended normal civil rights and declared a curfew for 10 days between 6pm and 6am. This led to a night of violent clashes between protester and authorities, including multiple videos tagged on Youtube as the “noche negra Honduras” (“black night Honduras”). UK newspapers reported on the killing of a 19 year old girl on Saturday morning, reports suggest at least 14 people have been killed to date. But this may just be the tip of the ice berg of injuries and death, with reports of state torture and mass detention. Nasralla's Opposition Alliance has called for a total recount, or a run off re-vote between Nasralla and Hernandez. On Monday units of the national police started releasing statements that they would no longer obey the government and attack protesters. That even the police are rejecting Hernandez's attempt to take the election suggests that Honduras may finally be on the cusp of change. Honduras' people are, en masse, refusing to accept the Electoral Tribunal's count. Whatever measures are taken, it is clear that a more transparent process is needed, without interference from the current Honduran Election Tribunal. We demand the UK government & political parties highlight instead of ignoring the violence in Honduras. That the UK puts pressure on the Honduran government to enact a fully transparent recount or re-election in accordance with the will of the opposition. That we stop our support of the Honduran government's years of authoritarianism and corruption, and pressurise the US to do the same. Read the full article and sources here:

ENCA - the Environmental Network for Central America
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